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It’s been a frustrating time for Reds fans of late, indeed, the lack of information has driven many on Twitter and messageboards into meltdown.  After endless rumours, betting being suspended and ‘nailed on’ claims from all and sundry, Forest have – rather than addressing the managerial vacancy – taken the sensible step of replacing Nigel Doughty in his role as chairman.

Frankly (ha!) they couldn’t have picked a better candidate for me.  Let’s put aside for a moment the fact he played for us – indeed, he played for us in our best ever era.  He managed us, and let’s face it – we ain’t gonna see a newly promoted team finish third in the Premier League any time soon.  It only got you a UEFA spot then – in which we reached the quarter final.

Okay, let’s not put it aside – but let’s also consider the fact that Frank Clark is highly regarded amongst the leadership in the game, the League Managers Association with which he’s been associated for years, and – best of all – is an absolute an utter gentleman.  I can’t put across how absolutely thrilled I am at this development after a spell of irritation.

The cherry on the top of all this is that the decision on the managerial appointment that is becoming increasingly urgent rests with Frank.  A football man, a man who knows the club and the sport – and probably a hell of a lot more about all the candidates than we do.

That feels better, doesn’t it?  Welcome back, Frank – it’s bloody great to have you on board!

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  1. Just heard this on 5live and came straight here, crikey you got this up quick NFFC!

    Welcome back Frank, a great Red!

  2. A great appointment. It feels right and the hope is we’ll see a bit more in the way of communication from the club thus ending this frustrating phoney war of the last few seasons. Frank will be frank!

  3. Finally….WE’VE SIGNED A LEFT BACK!!!

    Welcome back Frank, get yer boots clean you’ll need ’em for saturday!

  4. At last a little bit of dignity, respect and a lot of footballing knowledge returns Trentside- Welcome back Frank!!!

  5. I agree, a great appointment and someone who clearly understands the history, ambition and aspirations of the club and its fans.

    Not only has he remained as a fan, having settled in the Nottingham area, but he is highly respected throughout the ‘game’. Although I am sure that no-one will thank me for saying this, we probably now have one of the strongest and most respected Chairman/CEO combinations in the League – both FC and MA are very highly regarded and networked throughout the game and will hopefully be able to utilise their contacts to the benefit of the new Manager, Club and us, the fans.

    I guess that with this announcement, we can anticipate a managerial appointment very soon?

  6. +1 from me…great decision for once from the board!!

  7. Frank Clarke= football. For this appointment alone is worth the poor results and walking of McClaren, than
    ks Schteve!

  8. For days…..Nay, weeks….Nay, months, Forest fans have had nothing to be cheery about but in one fell swoop (with great thanks to ND), the clouds are starting to lift, with this brilliant appointment. We now have someone at the top who we can TRUST to make the right decision when it comes to the next manager. I’ll definitely go into work tomorrow with a skip in my step…….

  9. On a side-topic, Frank’s book, ‘kicking with both feet’ is v.good & worth a read

  10. Wecome back Frank !! Good decisions and no more bullshit…I’m so relieved he is in place to interview our next manager !!
    He knows our players,and I’m sure he will be meeting them as soon as possible to give them a lift .
    Maybe Kenny Burns will get his job back now !!!
    I’ll sleep better tonight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. tick…………….

  12. Here here to your piece nffc you couldnt have written that any better.He is a Forest man and I have very fond memories of Frank can Frank put Forest back on the map I really hope so .

    A word of caution though the man has tough circumstances to work with lets give him time and may the phoenix rise again.

    Great to have you back Frank you are a Forest legend …..

    U reds

  13. At last good news welcome back Frank ..great times watching you as a player and then as the man in charge……….

  14. Great appointment,put a smile on my face.Welcome back Frank and good look.

  15. If Clark signs Paul Ince, what do we do?

    A great move Trentside, another good move by Doughty et al. His 3 years at Forest really got me into supporting the club properly and dragged me away from my D**by supporting granddad and my west-midlands loving mates. (I was only 11 at the time, lived in Stafford, and was from a family where football was treated with extreme indifference).

  16. Welcome back Frank. A likeable and well respected man. We could have done a lot worse.

  17. On another note the reserves beat the sheep last night 4-3.More reasons to be happy this morning.

  18. ……….hail Frank Clark ! a move forward …but dont let us get carried away …he has position ..but no power ..sorry for being realistic .but thats how it is ..he can only put forward it is and what he feels could be done ..and still ND will say yes or no ..!!……but a good PR move on behalf of the club …and yes your all correct in saying ..Sisco is never happy !! but i hope… i opinion on behalf of a lot of Forest supporters…..we need new investors ..we have to remove MARTHUR ! ..then slowly we can rebuild a team for the best part of Nottingham ..East midlands ..England !!…someone meet me stansted airport tomorrow car hire available ..bus yes .£23 one way ! broad marsh …oh well see you at coventry ..questa situazione merder !!! viva forest !! uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuureds

  19. Frank doesnt srike me as a puppet sisco who will just sit there and nod Nigel Doughty has stepped away from day to day running .This isnt a PR stunt Frank Clark isnt that shallow or fickle, however the man has a tough job on his hands and with regards to Football decisions will be in control otherwise its back to square one ……

    U reds

  20. Welcome back Frank….. at last a football man in charge of our club!

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  22. Lascelles had another blinder last night ! He must be given the chance to replace Chambers in our defence !

  23. great move – first job is to boot out the CEO

  24. […] Frank Clark had already been helping the board to make the decision about appointing a new manager, before his own appointment as chairman had been confirmed. Incidentally, I cannot remember the last time that a signing at Forest had been so universally welcomed, and we would like to endorse NFFCblog’s excellent précis. […]

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