We only whispered to ourselves, and the walls came tumbling down..

Nottingham Forest – 1
Birmingham City – 3

We can make this match report quite easy, I’m short on time on my lunch-break, and have no wish to re-live the details of the match.

Before the game there was a bit of a gathering outside the ticket office, there were also a lot of people milling around as usual – so difficult to get numbers.  Chants were audible, and mixed in target (Mark Arthur, the board, Doughty etc).  The stall opposite the souvenir shop was selling Celtic scarves, and appeared to still have plenty left in stock with kick-off fast approaching.

Chambers    Morgan    Lynch    Hill
Majewski    Moussi    McGugan
Derbyshire   Tudgay   Miller 

Another strange selection – Chambers to right back, Hill at left back, Lynch as a centre-half.  Greening on the bench.  Chambers aside, it looked almost promising.  Forest were doing alright, not brilliantly, but alright.  We’d got a fortunate goal that Miller looked to be claiming but was blatantly an own goal.  We continued to control the game without excelling, we looked pretty comfortable.

Then McClaren made the changes.  Majewski – probably the better of the players on the pitch – taken off, Greening on.  Some boos from the home fans (more from the away end, owing to his West Brom associations).  Things go a bit pear-shaped.  Three preventable goals conceded.  A banner is unfurled in the Clough Upper stand – I never agree with that during a game, but why wait ’til we’re losing if you have the courage of your convictions?

Having said that, watching the banner move along the stand to evade the stewards was probably the most amusing thing about the afternoon at the City Ground.

The protest of 100-300 (depending whose description you read) fans before and after the game is a red herring for me, clearly the decision of McClaren to go was made already, and I don’t think a man like Nigel Doughty would have made a snap decision to ‘fall on his brolly’ like that either.  The fact a number of people were prepared to protest visibly and audibly is perhaps a useful wake up call to the club – red herring or not.

Interestingly the supposedly most popular ‘target’ of Forest fans demanding change – Mark Arthur – now finds himself in total charge, with a chairman who has resigned the responsibility of finding a manager now falls solely upon him.  I’m sure I’ll have more to say when the dust settles a little (and when I’m not stuck at work with limited time to post), but for now this song by New Model Army resonates strongly with me (I posted a snippet on Facebook/Twitter earlier).

Take away our history
Take away our heroes
Take away our values
And leave us here with nothing
We were in the garden of Eden
Just as children mess around
We only leant against the tree
And the apple came tumbling down 
You gave us what we asked for
But never what we wanted
We were only children
How could you have been so stupid
We went up to the steel walls
That guard the sacred town
We only whispered to ourselves
And the walls came tumbling down 
We didn't want a victory
We just wanted to fight
But you wouldn't fight
You just gave in
You went and spoiled every game
You broke an everlasting chain
And nobody respects you for your weakness 
Take away our idols
Take away our faith
Take away our hatred
And put us in this vacuum
Then say be yourself, please yourself
Express yourself some more
It's your right to do what you like
Because we can't really be bothered with you at all 
We didn't want a victory
We just wanted to fight
But you wouldn't fight
You said it isn't nice to fight
You went and spoiled every game
You broke an everlasting chain
And nobody respects you for your weakness

Where do we go from here? Who knows, but for some fans they’ve been granted what they asked for – let’s see if they like what we’re all going to get.

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  1. Calling “Board out” without takeover hopefuls exactly queuing round the corner plus the state we’re in means in simple words say hello to administration.
    Some fans got what they wanted. We the rest were left worrying.
    Hope I’m not proven wrong.
    FTID always.

  2. Nice thoughts in the song its a mess and i am kind of lost as to where we go from here.One thing is for sure there has been consistent mismanagement of our development as a club over the last 10 years total snakes and ladders.

    I listened to NDs interview and he seems to be quite broken by his decision to sack BD and appoint Shteve and he has probably had enough .thus he has fallen on his sword.

    As you say MA is now pulling all the strings I fear for us more now than before we could end up in a free fall scenario ala Plymouth.Any person with half a brain and has been involved in Football can see where we are going wrong but the they the board CANT ?????

    We need football people at the club in the future we need Forest people who have passion and love for the club will they come ?????/

    Goodness Knows ………??

    U reds

    • Can we see what’s going wrong? What is it? What is the solution? I don’t think it’s at all obvious. All I’ve seen fans and protests do is complain of how things are – not proffer alternatives or solutions.

  3. The chairman came on the radio to explain his reasons for the days events(that made a nice change)he takes the rap for Maclarens appointment,fair enough.What about Platt,Megson,Caulderwood,Kinnear to name but a few.This club has been around for a 100+ years and just because one man says he is stepping down panic,how many clubs the size of ours has gone tits up not that many i would say,the PR machine at forest has fed the fans nothing but shite over the last 12 years,conned us into buying season tickets,charged top dollar for those not daft enough to get a season ticket,one more thing remains get that wanker Marthur out and lets move on 36 years a RED and for the first time in ages a happy RED…………

    • so what exactly are you happy about?

      • For the first time in years i see change it might be good it might get worse but its change,the people that come in will bring fresh ideas this might be better i dont no,but after years of being fed bollox by the current set up me myself is ready for change…………..

  4. What is the answer now? An experienced manager or a young ambitious no fear approach ?

    Karl Robinson has been mooted , his mk dons team play the best football in the division but the guy is 31. Lee Clark is another up and coming manager and his record reminds me of Billy Davies at forest. good football, unbeaten run of 20 odd games, draws a lot but also win. lost in playoffs.

    or do we go the experience route with Martin O’Neill(although i think thats a dream) or Dave Jones(dear god no!).

    I personally would go for someone young, but whoever the board appoint some people will always find cause to MOAN! Its boring, back the football club!

    • With financial fair play high the clubs agenda I would say the priority is somebody who can work on a shoe-string.

    • i don’t think getting karl robinson would be a good idea. he might have done wonders with mk dons in league one, but the championship is a much higher level. caulderwood won auto promotion to the championship for forest, but did he do well IN the championship?

  5. I answered my own question in my comment nffc ” we need people running the club who Know football ” .And I would like to point out I wasnt one of those Forest fans calling for people to be sacked with no contingency plan.

    I dont think ND and MA are football people it literally is that simple look at the decisions they have made. If they were they would have seen billy for what he was and given him the added players and support to get us over the line THEY ARE BUSINESS MEN WHO HAVE HAD THERE FINGERS BURNT BIG TIME.

  6. I’m deeply worried fellow Reds fans, our house is coming down around us at the moment with no real sensible alternative solution rearing its head. I know it is early days but if you consider the fact that we are just not an attractive company to work for then who in their right mind is going to want to come here (Chairman or Manager)? They would have to have some pretty big balls & thick skin for a start. I’d have been happier if Mclaren had left but ND remained, after all he is our benefactor to the tune of millions. If I were in ND’s position I would be eating humble pie & trying to talk Billy into coming back – not going to happen I know & can you imagine the power trip that wee Scottish bugger would be on. Here’s really hoping the future gets brighter, COYR’s forever.

  7. Ihttp://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/m/milton_keynes_dons/9605360.stm

    I urge forest fans to listen to the above link. Its Karl Robinson post match against notts county, he sounds the kind of manager i think forest need. Honest, Ability to change things, no fear, and ambitious!

    I would go for Karl Robinson. Young , ambitious, and hearing his interview against Notts County Post match he says a lot of good things.

    He said as soon as Notts went down to 10 men he changed it as he knew it would be difficult. Something Billy Davies should of done.

    He plays good football, is a relaxed character and he says his team shouldnt fear no-one in this division. He instills confidence into them.

    Forest need stability and a young, enthusiastic manager who would work on a shoe string i think is the way forward.


    • i don’t think getting karl robinson would be a good idea. he might have done wonders with mk dons in league one, but the championship is a much higher level. caulderwood won auto promotion to the championship for forest, but did he do well IN the championship?

  8. Interesting to hear Doughty get 15 minutes to explain himself on the radio. Ironically, if he’d only done the same thing on a slightly more regular basis, he could have probably spared himself a lot of grief.

    I know there have been a lot of ugly disappointments and extremely bleak times while he’s been chairman and McClaren wasn’t the only bad decision he’s made but some fans really need to come back to the real world. Did Forest’s troubles begin with Doughty? Have Forest not been one of the biggest Championship spenders in the last three years? Did we all know when he hired Calderwood/Davies/McClaren exactly how it would pan out? Does anybody actually know what went on behind the scenes in Billy’s last season? Is Financial Fair Play just a piece of bullshit that Doughty and Arthur dreamed up? Did we not see a Premier League club go into administration only last year? Are there hordes of wealthy Forest supporters shacked up in West Bridgford B&Bs waiting to shower love and cash all over the City Ground?

    McClaren was a bad appointment. He’s gone. Get the new man in and everyone get behind the team ffs.

  9. When the board sacked Billy they had a contingency plan in place to bring in Steve that worked well,lets see what pans out over the coming weeks,as regards intrest from any people willing to invest in the club,i think leaving Marthur in charge to pick the next gaffer just shows what these people no about football,me thinks he will go for Steve Keane from Blackburn that should go down well………………..

  10. Vassils
    No need to panic. The cracks have been papered over for the last few years. Schteve was an appointment to far. ND has resigned a chairman he is still on the board and still majority shareholder. How could he go on appointing the wrong manager and when he does get it righr he get rid of him because he dare to speak his mind. ND likes to surround himself with yes men not people who will fight their corner.

    According to skysports we have 4 suitors for a takeover -thats within 24 hours.

    “whats going wrong?” REALLY!!!!

    Transfers not happening in a timely manner offerng players a wage then changing the amount on the contract. When in the last 12 years have we signed anyone with speed? picking the wrong manager constantly. PR does is it exist at the club? Lies when does £60m become £100m? Promising a manager backing then NOT doing it. No left back for 2/3 seasons. Fans that are prepared not to rock the boat because ND is a Forest fan!!!!!

    Fans don’t have to have the answers, but we can see whats going wrong and ON the pitch NOTHING has been right this season.


    Young or old fart as a manager. I’d be tempted to go young and hungry. Dickinson perhaps. WMD would be funny and you’d lift the place……cn’t see it happening. MON & psycho ain’t going to happen is it

    I’ll put my hand up here I booed when Madge was replaced yesterday. I wasn’t booing greenum (although he is a complete wasre of money) but Schteve because for someone who was rumoured to be a good coach he didn’t have a scooby doh! We have a chance to survive and “nothing becomes the man as his departiure” and for that I am grateful to him for going.

    Bit of a rant but enough is enough, IF the worst happens and we disappear from the football world the sun will still come up in the morning and life will go on it might hurt but life will go on.

  11. No experienced manager will come here with mark arthur in charge,whatever Nigel says about him,so it will be a young enthusiastic manager who can motivate our boys.
    We certainly have one of the best squads in the championship,which is why I am not worried !
    As an experienced manager I presume Rob Kelly will be taking over as caretaker manager until someone else is appointed.
    Playoffs still possible !!!

  12. Arthur to pick the manager the gloom goes on.Is he made of teflon

  13. That ND interview was a pretty frank admission that he’s made mistakes with the club and he’s done what would be expected of any chairman in a similar situation. It is a bit confusing to us as how do you own a club and not have anything to do with it? Well, like he says, he owns lots of companies and doesn’t have anything to do with the day to day operations. I do feel a bit sorry for him as you can’t say he hasn’t tried or he doesn’t care its just that he made a catalogue of bad decisions culminating in the appointment of smc. And its for those reasons he’s stepped down. It doesn’t matter how much money you have if the structure and day to day running of the club is a joke. Like Mishi says if only we had that kind of feedback more regularly we could understand the situation better and probably be a lot more lenient.

    Whoever we get in charge would it be too much to ask that he gets told the truth with regards to what he’s got in terms of £’s (if anything) and just let him get on with it? I also hope we see a reaction from the players similar to that of when Megson left. If its anything like that then there is still a chance of playoffs.

  14. If the news is true and Billy wants back in until the end of the season, it’s a no brainer. We won’t go down and who knows what we could do if he gels this team. I thought we looked ok on Sunday, passed the ball well and looked threatening. With Billy’s experience, I’m sure we’d have won the three points. When all said and done we were only a competant LB short of a Championship winning team last year!

  15. Hasn’t Doughty left and said he’s only financing the club short term? The club is running up huge losses which he said he’s not going to finance beyond this year. I think this is clearing the way for a new “Chairman” who will strip things back, no contract renewals, lower league manager and players. Clubs for sale sure, but as he also said who is going to buy something that makes heavy losses? or what Manager is going to join if that is the plan? I think people are dis-illusioned if it’s business as usual with a change of Manager.

    • he is staying as chairman till end of season and continuing as owner after that. If the financial fair play comes in he wont be allowed to do what he’s done for years and prop up the club financially from his own pocket. the club needs to generate its own money through the usual business channels not through having a rich owner

  16. Cloughie said it and Doughty did it: “If a chairman sacks the manager he appointed he should go himself”. At last, a bit of pride and honesty. With both SMC and ND standing down and recognising that it wasn’t working, we had a decent end to this sorry saga.

    NOW there is a choice: either get in someone who you believe can get us close to the playoffs this season, and build the squad for a promotion push next year; or decide to build long term, with a real 5 year plan, lose all the high earners and start from scratch. Whatever the choice, honesty is required. I would rather hear MA (or, preferably his replacement) say “We’ve ballsed it up and now we have to build slowly and carefully, and we won’t be in the promotion hunt for 5 years” than have the lies and half-truths that we’ve been fed since “We’re serious about promotion”.

    Personally I think the first option is possible. With a bit of belief, and 4 loan/new players we can still rescue the season. I don’t know how much there is in the Billy rumours – but a fiery little Glaswegian shit like him is what we need – passion, talent, management all in one. Let’s not forget he wasn’t perfect – some squad stability would be good right about now. But I’m convinced he would have made the team win on Sunday, had he been in charge. When Dex, Ando and Chris Cohen are back we have a very talented attacking side – they are a big loss.

    If the latter, we can expect Camp, Gunter, McGugan et al to depart in January, and then we really are in for the long haul, and finishing the season where we are now will be a victory of sorts.

  17. check out pat murphy’s article on bbc sport, one of the much better sport journalists summing us up pretty accurately i feel.

  18. Listened to Doughty’s interview on radio nottm and he sounded like a broken man admitting to the mistake he made over appointing Smac.I have to admit to feeling a tad sorry for him (apologies to him for saying Doughty out recently).It leaves the club in a precarious situation with fans now wondering if he will pull out altogether.One thing that we should all take note of from his interview is as he said the amount of clubs not only in the championship but the premier league as well that are looking for investors (up for sale) pretty much without the fans even knowing about it.What also was evident was that the financial constraints that all championship clubs will soon be under and that he had spoken to alot of other chairmen/owners who had asked for tighter controls than previously set out by the FA.What can be drawn from this is that football clubs in general are looking at very hard times indeed probably with a few going bust,that is just my opinion anyway.Would be interested to know if anyone else has any thoughts on this.Just heard that Billy has offered his services to the club.Hope this is true cause at least under Billy we were heading in the right direction.

  19. Troubling times all round. No manager, a squad that’s totally devoid of confidence or leadership and now a chairmen forced out by the minority. Its hard to see how it could be worse, the money that was available this season has been spent and any new manager will have even less to spend.

  20. siggsy

    Routledge deal was agreed verbally but when on paper MA had a different figure, he didn’t sign. Pratley and Whittingham desperate to sign for us? Serious about promotion? Paint the town Red? Communication with the fans non exisistant. How do you sack someone who isn’t even employed then make him an associate director?The dutch winger left on his own in a strange city on the night of riots! House him with a senior player problem solved.

    The chairman wasn’t forced out by the minority he was forced out by his constant mistakes ……that happen to be called managers.When he had someone who was prepared to stand his ground he sacked him.

    Chambers called schteve a brilliant coach yesterday in an interview…..!!!!!! where was even a good coach?

    Money isn’t the answer to everything is it? We have spent money what we didn’t have for 111 days was a motivator ,a man who’d make tough calls, a man for a crises. Instead we got an eight year old boy pretending to be a 50 year old man, witness the petulance at Burnley at halftime and the throwing of water bottles on Sunday.The next man in needs to be a motivator a street fighter answers on a postcard please!

    • there’s no doubt mistakes have been made at all levels, as they have at every football club up and down the country and far beyond
      mistakes in the boardroom and in the dug out, Maclaren is clearly lacking in many aspects but no amount of coaching can explain why mistakes like Chambo’s on sunday.
      whilst Davies did a good job, he also wasted money, good money, on the likes of McGoldrick, who has since allowed out on loan even given the tiny size of our squad, becuase he’s not upto it.
      I for one have never heard that routledge was done verbally, why would he come to us ahead of a prem club anyway?
      We clearly need more clarity form the club as to whats happening, but I find it hard to lay much blame at Doughty’s feet, why would he continue to invest if he didnt want us to succeed?

      • Minor point: not saying he wasn’t shite but I think McGoldrick was eventually shipped out for misbehaviour with a team-mate’s wife.

  21. …theres still one more to go ..MARTHUR ! ..just like to remind the doubters …weve had this crap running our club for years..we came as close as we were gonna get last season ..and as i keep saying ..IF .. we had the right people at the helm pratley and whittingham would have come..and what an investment that would have been 4.5 million the deal was …and in football terms its peanuts …what would the return had been if we had got promoted ? 80 million ? and if not last season …this season definate ! its a big picture you have to look at ..we had a great manager in Billy davies ..a man who roused the players ..and supporters..he was sacked by a group of muppets that know FA about the game !!!!..they have put us in this shite ..!!!.and to DOUGHTY ..if hes a TRUE RED ..HE WOULD NEVER HAVE STEPPED DOWN ANYWAY !!! ..WOULD YOU IN HIS POSITION ??????…AND WOULD YOU EVER HAVE HAD SIGNED UP THE LIKES OF MARTHUR AND HIS MUPPETS ?? NO WAY ..IT STINKS ..AND MAYBE ITS TIME TO BURN …BUT FROM THE ASHES …WE WILL RISE AGAIN ……!!

    • I’m sorry, are you seriously saying that Doughty stepping down proves that he was never a supporter anyway? The facts are that he was hounded out by a vocal number of half-wits who don’t understand football finance. *exasperation*

      Billy was a good manager, the best we’ve had for some time. However, we were a weaker team last year than the year before (the football we played) and still spent a shed-load of cash. He brought his sacking upon himself by constantly pandering to the vocal minority (see above) whilst failing to gain promotion. Did the three promoted teams last year really use hugh cash reserves, over and above ours, to gain promotion, or were they playing a better brand of football (much like we were playing 2 years ago?). I remain unconvinced.

      I hope to christ we don’t end up regretting this in 12 months, when Doughty’s cash (which we very much need to survive) starts to dwindle. Ho hum, here’s to a young manager with ambition.

  22. A question for you all: Is all the talk about FFP a load of crock? As far as I’m aware NOTHING has been agreed……lots of talk but NO implementation or have I missed something?

    • In order to meet the objectives of Financial Fair Play, Championship clubs have agreed to work towards the introduction of new regulations to be developed and approved by the beginning of the 2012/13 season. These will most likely fall into line with the UEFA guidelines of 70% wage/revenue turnover. I think I’m right in saying League One and Two have already set limits near 60%?

  23. so Tim ..you saying he was ..and still is ? the club has been run as a business with business being good …give me a break ..if you had the finance like doughty has and a real supporter for the club …wake up ..you would never have had a system like weve had ! look at the history ..they tell supporters one thing …and do exactly the opposite ..the club being run as a business does not work ..doughty was right when he said you have to put money in a club and be prepared to lose it …and you say been hounded out by half-wits who dont know nothing about finance !!!! omg ..how much has it cost the club for doughtys mad decisions ..the cost of sacking Billy( BECAUSE HE SPOKE THE TRUTH THE WAY IT WAS ..AND NOT HAVING A BROWN TOUNGUE !!! ..the cost of Mclaren ? appointing a panel that was total ….TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY ! THE COST TO TRUE SUPPORTERS WHO FOLLOW FOREST HOME AND AWAY !….and Tim ..dont forget ..if we wasnt there ..there would be nothing anyway ! so dont call people half -wits for voicing their feelings…we who voiced our opinions are NOT SHEEP !! ….down the A52 for that Tim…

  24. Taxi for absolutely everyone: even the kit-man, stadium manager, etc.

  25. Useful info. from Tim.

    My simple maths …. that’s a wage cut of 33% (103% according to Pelling, 70% FFP) or, 1 in 3 players out the door. Squads thin already, new “experienced” players are on higher wages.

    Has the penny dropped with any Forest fans yet?

  26. Get rid of Marthur and his muffins and you could probably save the necessary finance as their wages must also be included in costs to the club.

    M O’Neill would be awesome but I fear Forest would not share his ambition though at least we would be back to playing some resemblance of decent football again. As much as I would love it, I can’t see it happening. Honour, loyalty and love for a team you used to play for sadly doesn’t mean that much.

    K Robinson could be a good move. Personally I think Mark Robbins could do a job. Forest must have a bit more cash than Barnsley and in spite of their consistently lowely position in the league, they play decent football. What could he do with players with a little more quality.

    Alan Shearer would be the last person. Another one who wants to manage a Champions League team, seeing Forest as an opportunity to build a career, not a club.

    But this is all hearsay. There are problems behind that scenes that we mere mortals cannot hope to understand. Exciting times ahead. I just hope we can stay in the division.
    U reeeeeds!

  27. These FFP measures are the same for every club. The clubs spazzing it on wages now are going to be in the same boat when they come in.

    Lets look at who we’ve got in the side.
    — Boatang is on a year contract so won’t so be hear next season. How much is he on?
    — Greening and Reid need to pull their finger out or they will be moved on for an undisclosed fee. Perhaps move them on anyway.

    There are 3 players who are probably the top 3 earners at the club given there was no transfer fee and smc is used to splashing out premier league wages. Are we going to be pissed off if McGoldrick, Lynch and maybe one more goes?

    Those lot probably won’t get us down to %70 of turnover but it has to take out a good chunk. Not only have we reduced the wage bill but we may receive a couple hundred grand to add to turnover with player sales.

    So that leaves us with no other choice but to use the talent at youth level. This is risky but what is the point of all that investment if we aren’t going to use it. Is it just going to be more of ND’s money wasted or could this be his actual legacy? There are going to be be 2-3 that step up to the plate. Hart was forced to play them when he was in charge and some blossomed more than others. For every Dawson there was a Foy but we have to start doing this. Given the reports there are more than 1-2 that are ready now. This is not the end of the world and if we get in someone like Frank Clark as chairman then we can start to feel a lot better on the direction of the club and really start to look ahead again.

  28. well said AD_BC….and looking back ..who in the right mind would have signed boatang ? should have kept Earnie …he didnt want to leave anyway..and as far as the FFP goes …..nothing has been agreed yet !!! I do realise though that one day it will have to come in because clubs will never be able to compete against each other fairly !! but it will end up like capitalism ..it will always be the money clubs who will succeed .. like for many years our club has had bloodsuckers involved in the running…. ..jobs for boys who know FA about football ….thats why all this has happened …difference is, money is harder to come by for most of us ..and spending hard earned cash and seeing our club get abused is just not on,,, ,Billy was always telling the board what was needed to keep their so called ambitions alive and getting totally pushed aside …our voices have made a change ..MARTHUR MUST GO TOO …..then we have hope, lets see what happens ..doughty wil get it right …only if he appoints people who know what is football …and what is Nottingham Forest, and its supporters..and if he doesnt want nothing to do with the club ..publicly announce its sale..sorry for the people that didnt want this all to happen ..but i didnt see you counter demonstrating ….our club needs change , and this is the beginning ……WHATEVER IT TAKES ! ………….also didnt like the celtic scarf stunt ..whats all that about ?? FOLLOW…FOLLOW ……!!

  29. well said …MICK F ..

    • The change looks like it might be starting to happen,future investors linked with a 30 million pound bid in todays press,fingers crossed…………

  30. Collymore pretty much saying he wants the manager’s job at Forest on Talk Sport!

  31. Tim
    Thanks for your reply on FFP the most telling thing you said was “new regulations TO BE developed and approved by the beginning of the 2012/13 season” in other words it might not happen???????? NOTHING was mentioned about FFP until after season ticket renewal and the transfer deadline.

    Frank Clarke as chairman and Hart as Technical Director would be sound appointments!


  33. I will second that Reg Forest people who know football and have a working knowledge of Nottingham Forest and the fans.Whoever comes in as the manager will really have to shake the place up as the players are at a very low ebb.

    However for young men who most of them are on £10.000 plus a week they should be ashamed of themselves for the effort they have been putting in for the last 2 months regardless of who the manager was.Hard working fans paying good money to travel and bring there kids to the games sometimes costing 150 a time they should hang there heads in shame.

    U reds

  34. Robinson..Yes !! Keane …No !
    I can’t see arthur wanting to face Keane over issues,especially when Keane realises what an idiot Arthur is.
    It would be reassuring to see Clarke and Hart back,for our long term plans and our acadamy !!

  35. Clark for Chairman. Hart as technical director acting as a conduit between youth development and the manager and John Pemberton as manager. A man who knows the set up at Forest and the players abilities right down to youth level. He will work with what he has and bring through the talent that he feels is able to step up.

    With this set up there will be a good chance that Freeman will come in as left back and Lascelles will be pushing Chambers for a first team place. The rest of the squad is pretty strong (on paper!) and just needs working on to find the right balance rather than trying to force them into a system they are uncomfortable with (like smc tried).

    Marther is still there yes but IF he can get in those people and let them do the job of running the football side of things then I think the future looks pretty exciting. We shouldn’t be paying over the odds for premier league cast offs. We should be picking up bargains from nowhere. Look at what we used to do. All the Forest legends baring a few were unearthed gems. The biggest being Roberston, Pearce, Walker and Keane. This can be done with the right infrastructure in place. Lets get back to the skill of talent spotting and nurturing a culture of bringing through good players rather than just trying to buy our way into the prem. This hasn’t worked for the last 12 years and is what BD and smc tried to do. Surely the measure of a good manager is working within and adapting to his surroundings, not spitting his dummy out cos he’s not aloud to spaz 2M on a premier league cast off.

  36. How is it that no-one else has picked up on the news stories that there is a potential take over, it’s quite hard to find on the web. If what I read is correct, the new consortium already have a foreign manager lined up. If this is the case, the board should be looking to see if this is actually viable, before we consider any other appointments at the club. If, for example, we get Robinson, we pay compo to MK Dons, he comes in, new consortium is agreed in take over. Robinson then sacked, compo paid, cash wasted all over the place! Isn’t it time that the talking remains at board level and decide whether we sell or not. If not, then we should persue a new Chairman, manager, players etc.

  37. Jon Collins will be chairman.

    He’s got his fingers in loads of pies already and the council owns the ground. It would be perfect dovetail with his job as police authority chairman and city council leader.

    Watch this space.

  38. I hope it’s Paul Hart and Pembo !
    As you know,I have been on about Pembo coming in for the last few months !
    The players like him and know he is a winner !
    Yes I read the stupid sun article on the internet…The chinese are coming with 30 million ,Ridsdale applied for chaimans position and the new consortium are bringing in their own coach,,,As you say, Bullshit !I suppose it sells a few papers…

  39. So we can’t afford Paul Hart !! Thanks Arthur !
    Let’s hope we get Clarke,who wants to come,and Pembo !!!
    Are we all scanning Newsnow a few times a day ??
    It’s tough being a Forest fan,but the play offs with our squad ,is still a possibility !!! Keep the Faith !!!!!!

  40. …….oh ..no ..!! can we afford him ? with the amount of money thats already been wasted in the last 6 months…of course we can ….or is it that there is a stumbling block ..called MARTHUR …WISH HE WOULD just FIK OFF !!

  41. Not sure if anyone heard Robbo on Radio Nottingham but he didn’t dismiss talk of a return Trentside. When asked about Martin O’Neill being interested in the manager’s role he advised that the Club would never find out until they picked up the phone… Perhaps I’m dreaming but if they pitch it as a project and perhaps heavily incentivise the job if a return to the Premier League is acheived you never know; but then again we are talking about Mark Arthur!!

  42. There seems to be a lot of Forest fans on these websites in complete denial that our main financial backer has pulled the plug.

    In a short period of time Forest are going to have to cut their costs by a third, in any walk of life or business this is catastrophic.

    Terms of reference Martur called it .. why do you think he said that? That means financially we’re goin to be in the shite, players are not going to be happy when they want contract renewals. Smc’s staff haning around cus we can’t afford to pay em off.

    So far we have a dream team of Marthur, Chinkytakeover and a complete twat from the Council who’s driving jobs out of the red city.

  43. well ……………if hes a fan ..the financial backer …he would do best for the club ….wouldnt he ???????????????????????????????…..and publicly put it up for sale ????????????????????????????????? ask yourself if you were in his position ..with millions to lose..would you hang on to something you love and wring its neck ?????MARTHUR MUST GO …..HE WOULD HAVE GONE LONG AGO AT ANY OTHER CLUB …MAYBE HE KNOWS TOO MUCH !!! … MARTHUR OUT !!

  44. I can’t say I’m too surprised that Hart hasn’t been recruited. If Charlton want 500k for him then that should be turned down. I doubt there are many of Charlton’s playing staff that are worth more than that so why should we pay it for what is still essentially a league 1 coach? That kind of compensation is taking the piss. 100k fair enough. I’m not condoning marthur but why would you pay out that much?

    If we aren’t prepared to pay that then we can dismiss the talk of Clough as we won’t pay his compensation either. Besides, its unrealistic to think he’d come to Forest and do we really want him anyway? Derby are in a far better position than we are and he has the backing of his owners. He’d be mad to leave.

    So that leaves Keane, O’Neil and Pemberton plus whoever else the papers have thrown up. Keane is totally the wrong appointment but would have no compensation figure attached. O’Neil would be amazing but completely unrealistic. We’re talking about one of the top 8 coaches in the country, why the hell would he take on the shambles at Forest unless they actually gave him a percentage of the club and he became a part owner. Pemberton is not only the most logical choice but the one that would probably work the best with whats available. He knows the club so will be under no allusions. Just give him the job and let him get on with it.

  45. Clarke and Pemberton both want to come ,and would make a good team !
    For christ’s sake Arthur,get you finger out and do something positive for a change !!
    Obviously any contract would include good bonuses for achieving promotion,but hopefully arthur will be kicked out before that !
    He has held us back long enough !

  46. well sais Alan !

  47. ..and very well said Alan !!!

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