We only whispered to ourselves, and the walls came tumbling down..

Nottingham Forest – 1
Birmingham City – 3

We can make this match report quite easy, I’m short on time on my lunch-break, and have no wish to re-live the details of the match.

Before the game there was a bit of a gathering outside the ticket office, there were also a lot of people milling around as usual – so difficult to get numbers.  Chants were audible, and mixed in target (Mark Arthur, the board, Doughty etc).  The stall opposite the souvenir shop was selling Celtic scarves, and appeared to still have plenty left in stock with kick-off fast approaching.

Chambers    Morgan    Lynch    Hill
Majewski    Moussi    McGugan
Derbyshire   Tudgay   Miller 

Another strange selection – Chambers to right back, Hill at left back, Lynch as a centre-half.  Greening on the bench.  Chambers aside, it looked almost promising.  Forest were doing alright, not brilliantly, but alright.  We’d got a fortunate goal that Miller looked to be claiming but was blatantly an own goal.  We continued to control the game without excelling, we looked pretty comfortable.

Then McClaren made the changes.  Majewski – probably the better of the players on the pitch – taken off, Greening on.  Some boos from the home fans (more from the away end, owing to his West Brom associations).  Things go a bit pear-shaped.  Three preventable goals conceded.  A banner is unfurled in the Clough Upper stand – I never agree with that during a game, but why wait ’til we’re losing if you have the courage of your convictions?

Having said that, watching the banner move along the stand to evade the stewards was probably the most amusing thing about the afternoon at the City Ground.

The protest of 100-300 (depending whose description you read) fans before and after the game is a red herring for me, clearly the decision of McClaren to go was made already, and I don’t think a man like Nigel Doughty would have made a snap decision to ‘fall on his brolly’ like that either.  The fact a number of people were prepared to protest visibly and audibly is perhaps a useful wake up call to the club – red herring or not.

Interestingly the supposedly most popular ‘target’ of Forest fans demanding change – Mark Arthur – now finds himself in total charge, with a chairman who has resigned the responsibility of finding a manager now falls solely upon him.  I’m sure I’ll have more to say when the dust settles a little (and when I’m not stuck at work with limited time to post), but for now this song by New Model Army resonates strongly with me (I posted a snippet on Facebook/Twitter earlier).

Take away our history
Take away our heroes
Take away our values
And leave us here with nothing
We were in the garden of Eden
Just as children mess around
We only leant against the tree
And the apple came tumbling down 
You gave us what we asked for
But never what we wanted
We were only children
How could you have been so stupid
We went up to the steel walls
That guard the sacred town
We only whispered to ourselves
And the walls came tumbling down 
We didn't want a victory
We just wanted to fight
But you wouldn't fight
You just gave in
You went and spoiled every game
You broke an everlasting chain
And nobody respects you for your weakness 
Take away our idols
Take away our faith
Take away our hatred
And put us in this vacuum
Then say be yourself, please yourself
Express yourself some more
It's your right to do what you like
Because we can't really be bothered with you at all 
We didn't want a victory
We just wanted to fight
But you wouldn't fight
You said it isn't nice to fight
You went and spoiled every game
You broke an everlasting chain
And nobody respects you for your weakness

Where do we go from here? Who knows, but for some fans they’ve been granted what they asked for – let’s see if they like what we’re all going to get.