Forest find the bottom of the barrel, and keep digging..

McClaren is running out of ideas, if you make the charitable assumption he had any in the first place!

Burnley – 5
Nottingham Forest – 1

You’ll understand I’m sure my reluctance to get around to writing this, what a disastrous development in the spectacularly underwhelming reign of Steve McClaren.  If I were a betting man then I’d certainly be starting to think about looking at what odds he were to be next in the sack race (as well as the usual “shall I just have a think about betting against Forest” ponder).

Five goals against, five defensive errors – certainly credit to Burnley for punishing, but well, we didn’t exactly make life difficult for them did we?  The most disappointing thing is listening to how absolutely clueless the manager sounds in his post-match comments about how to go about resolving our problems – cluelessness that perhaps is hinted at in the team selection:

Gunter  Chambers  Morgan  Hill  Lynch
Greening  Moussi  Reid
Derbyshire  Miller

I’m not going to dwell too much on the game.  The early signs weren’t good.  Even before the early concession a clearance from Hill got in the way of Burnley’s first chance.  Shortly after a cross came in, Charlie Austin put it back across goal and Rodriguez put it in.

Another chance, another defensive fuck-up – another cross, a header by Rodriguez, a goal.  A rare Reds chance created by Lynch was missed by Miller, meanwhile the home side continued to threaten – a cross by Wallace caused consternation in defence, but Rodriguez this time missed the target when the ball fell to him.

Realising how inept we were, Burnley – who’d been struggling at home – piled pressure on, Austin got a good chance from a corner which Camp saved well.  McClaren obviously spotted things weren’t quite going right on the pitch and made an early tactical switch, taking off Gunter and putting on Findley to try to shift the emphasis from defence to attack for us.

It didn’t really work – we were soon three down, this time a corner wasn’t cleared leaving McCann free to fire in from close range.  At the other end Miller tried to create an opportunity for Derbyshire who couldn’t get on the end of the cross.  Shortly after this Reid and Derbyshire combined to create a chance that resultied in a corner.  Miller missed from close range from a Findley cross too.

A brief respite for the long-suffering Reds fans, though – it was four just before half time, a poor pass from Wes to Lynch let Wallace nip in and take the ball into the D and put a curling shot into the bottom corner past Camp just to compound our misery.

Half time was odd, the team were out early, McClaren just sat there looking bereft of inspiration or ideas.  One idea he did have was to take off Andy Reid and replace him with Majewski.  The early signs were more positive, a more energetic start from the Reds, and this paid back with a goal for Miller – he got away from Edgar and Grant perhaps should’ve done better in the Burnley goal – he was probably shocked we had a shot on target!

It didn’t last for Forest though, Burnley got back into their stride – Bartley strolled away from Majewski and missed the target from the edge of the area, at the other end Findley hit a decent effort but he struck the outside of the post.  With 20 minutes left it was Greening who gave the ball away, Burnley broke quickly and crossed to give Austin the chance to put a looped header past Camp, Morgan almost cleared it off the line but it was ruled in.

A disgraceful performance.  McClaren had no excuses after the game, but still alas does his best to justify the hapless/useless figure that the media paint of him.

I’m not one for knee-jerking but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that there are serious issues at Forest.  You only have to read the message boards (if you can bare it) to see the disharmony amongst the fans, indeed, I’ve been texted to alert me to non-specific protests about “the way things are being run” that will take place before the Birmingham game.

It isn’t that surprising, there’s a disconnect between the promise of pre-season, the disappointment in the transfer market at the end of pre-season followed by the hapless performances as the season begins.  The idea of appointing a coach like McClaren then not quite delivering the squad he needs or talking about financial fair play a lot seems at odds.

Whether the traditionally slow-acting Forest board have a plan remains to be seen, but for peace-loving folk who just like to go and support their team, times like this are both demotivating and quite stressful.

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  1. cant believe our clubs mentality.! theyve all agreed to keep faith in the wally !! its like poison with milk !! we have to demonstrate on saturday …our voice must be heard ! if doughty dont want to show strength ..PUT THE FKIN CLUB UP FOR SALE …..!!!! …..time is not on our side.the rot has set in..DOUGHNUTY HAS MADE THE MISTAKE OF LETTING MARTHUR AND THE DRIBBLE RID THE CLUB OF ONE OF THE BEST MANAGERS WE HAVE HAD IN YEARS ..BILLY DAVIES ..NO ONE LIKES THE TRUTH ..BUT ITS BILLYS WAY ..JUST IMAGINE ..BEGINNING OF LAST SEASON IF WE HAD SIGNED PRATLEY AND WHITTINGHAM …KING BILLY KNEW…..NO WE ARE FKED !!!

  2. Things are a mess nffc and the decision to sack billy has bitten ND & MA on the bum McClaren is not the right man for the job the players are not playing for him because of Billy and all these silly systems.

    I suspect that the guys who have been brought in by Shteve are on better money than the Davis players this is also a huge factor in our fractured dressing room we are going down guys it must be stemmed.

    Stan the man has tweeted some spot on Forest analysis I urge all reds to read his tweets the fans have to voice there feelings now or boycott games its that simple.

    The only consistent thing that ND & MA have done is make shocking decisions that create the ” snakes and ladders effect ” and leave us the fans totally bewildered.

    Will the real Nottingham Forest please stand up ?????? cos i dont know where you have gone .

  3. I think the only thing Doughty can do now to repair the relationship with Forest fans is to sack McClaren, Arthur and Pleat. Then do absolutely everything and anything to convince Martin O’Neill to come in and salvage this season, mid table would be fine. Next summer give him £20 million to spend on a serious promotion push next year. If it works then everyone is happy and if it doesn’t nobody could accuse Doughty of not showing ambition.

    But none of that is ever going to happen.

  4. Joe you would be lucky now to get 2 million as an incoming manager thats the reality ……!

    • Yeah, and with the financial fair play rules coming in (that Doughty is using as a reason why McClaren hasn’t had a lot of money) there’s no way any of what I wrote will happen.

      I haven’t a clue what needs to be done, I know people want Doughty out, but who is going to buy Forest? Doughty doesn’t want to pay off more staff so soon after Davies so it looks like McClaren is staying too.

      If the performances were good, I’d be all for giving McClaren more time, after all both full seasons under Billy took a while to get going, but we just look so clueless out there. It doesn’t look like we’re going to hit a winning run or decent form any time soon.

  5. Something is seriously wrong now. This isnt just about poor form or tactics. Theres an underlying problem at the club and it would appear it is to do with SMc. But what or how?

    I can’t see the Chairman making any quick decisions though because, after all the hype about nabbing a great manager, hes going to look like a complete dickhead if he sacks him now.

    I’m at a loss what to make of it. We’ve had some shit times at Forest but this is heading towards an all time low.

  6. The CEO of this once great football club is in charge and has to stand down immediately in my view. It is totally unacceptable that he remains in charge despite years after years of unmitigated disaster.

    Based on the latest fiasco we now face – we will need to ‘gird our loins’ to stay up to be sure – and we the fans will be vital yet the inaction and silence form Marthur means we are getting totally alienated

    Doughty at the very least ….please give us an experienced competent professional as CEO who has the skills to reach out and communicate with the long suffering fans – we need leadership form the front to get behind the team and Steve —- Marthur is silent at the helm , I for one can t see how the fans can be galvanized .


  7. Hot news! Pleat has been axed. Few will mourn his loss.

    Did I hear right that Gunter and Reid sat with the travelling Forest fans in the second half? Really?

    Trouble is building. 3,000 empty seats for the Derby Game. If we see similar drop off in the coming home games Mr D will be staring at close to a £ million hole in the budget.

    I doubt Mac will go just yet. 4 weeks time maybe different. O’Driscoll, Curbishley, someone of that ilk. O’Neil is fantasy – he wouldn’t touch the set up with a barge pole. Personally, if the price of getting a certain wee scottish fella was the loss of the chief exec, as the owner I’d be seriously considering it. With Miller, Derbyshire and a fit again Findley, I think the glaswegian has enough about him to get us to a more successful playoff outcome this time.

  8. Hear, Hear, Husky Red! It won’t happen, but if it did…

  9. Thanks for the report. I didn’t go to the game but I listened to the radio long enough to hear Colin Fray describe it as the most embarrassing Forest performance he’d ever commentated on (I guess he must have missed Big Ron’s 8-1 special against United) . So I’m glad I missed it.

    I was gutted when Davies was sacked and it didn’t make me feel much better when they hired McClaren, but I thought at least with all his experience he’d do a solid professional job. Instead we get this clueless shambles. And bizarre behaviour from the manager. And then he talks as if he inherited this mess.

    I’d usually say we still have a job to do as fans to go along and support the team but right now I just want rid of McClaren. You don’t make money like Doughty has without being a ruthless bastard – and I can’t see him holding back for long if this situation continues.

  10. David Pleat gone, whilst good news, affects nothing of real import at Forest.  Whilst I have been worried about apparent discord amongst the hierarchy at Forest, the events recently have convinced me that the reality is far worse and far deeper.  Anyone who has watched McBrolly recently cannot but be struck by his increasing agitation.  His performance last night plumbed new depths; his tactics were woeful, his response (Chambo as RB) a joke, and his body language and manner at half time indicative of one who has lost the dressing room! This is serious JuJu; despite all his spats with the board, Billy ran a harmonious dressing room and players worked for and respected him.  Nothing, NOTHING, in Dutch Stcheve’s tenure hints at anything approaching respect from the players.  Without this vial fact there is no team, there is no improvement; forget challenge, this is a relegation scrap. I wouldn’t bank on him being here by Christmas!

  11. After supporting Forest for 55 years,I have never seen a good manager not being supported by the board ,sacked,and replaced by an inept manager who admitted he knew nothing about the championship apart from decent attendances.
    He has destroyed our team spirit,has no clue about man management
    Chambers is not a captain !!
    We all know that ! Why doesn’t he see it ??
    plays Reid instead of Mcgugan
    At least Pleat has gone,and arthur has to go too,because no decent manager will come with these clowns in charge
    I said before that Doughty now has to put the club up for sale while we are still in the championship
    Steve has to go,or we will lose all our decent players at Christmas…err Mcgugan ,Camp,Miller and finley.
    I could never have believed Billy’s team could drop to these levels! Who is going to motivate them ???

  12. Deeping Red gone by christmas he never feckin arrived!!!!!! He is awful, his lack of desire is appalling. Rabbitt in the headlights! If he cant see what the problem then god help him!
    Pleat is gloss, macartur is the problem.

    Alan asks who is going to motivate the players? Well it ain’t going to be schteve is it? No leaders on the pitch and no leadership OFF IT!

    Lord doughty how did you become a millionaire? It beggers belief!!!!!!

  13. I went to the Derby game a few weeks back, watched the game on TV against Watford, and via internet saw us go 3-0 down, and turned it off. One common factor is that we don’t play as a team, and nor do they seem bothered to play for Forest. What has the wally with the brolley done to team morale.

    Agree Chambers is not captain material, give it someone with experience.

  14. Holy mixed metaphors, Batman!

  15. Faaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr …..K
    How can a team that just missed promotion do so poorly! I can’t see the games here in Australia but as anyone with a brain knows, if the team doesn’t perform you sack the coach. What’s Billy doing these days?

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