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The Reds go for what seems like an outlandish second win on the bounce on their travels, with a midweek trip to Turf Moor tomorrow evening.  After the hardly-scintillating smash-and-grab against Watford at Vicarage Road, Steve McClaren will be hoping no doubt that renewed confidence at the back coupled perhaps with a little more intent going forward might see us sneak away from Burnley – who have yet to win at home – with all three points.

Indeed, Burnley haven’t had the most auspicious of starts this season either – registering just one win so far, against Derby.  Having said that, a credible draw at home against table-toppers Southampton in their last outing would suggest that they have more about them than their early form suggests.  Hopefully the same can be said about us on that score!

Perhaps McClaren’s many viewing angles of the game at the weekend will have given him ideas about the formation he may opt for.  Personally I thought that our clean-sheet was as much down to poor finishing from Watford and some excellent goalkeeping from Lee Camp as it was an extra defender – I also thought sacrificing a midfielder left Lewis and the two strikers with little to work with, and our goal came from good fortune (and good chasing from Miller).

So was 5-3-2 a success?  I’m not sure – Lynch stood out again, but I’m not convinced the change in emphasis gave Gunter much benefit, and whilst Hill was commanding and impressive on his debut, were the other two centrebacks?  Unsure.  If it were me, ignoring my lack of training ground exposure of course, I’d be throwing down the gauntlet to Chambers and Morgan to make a case to keep their place and reverting to a back four.

One success at Vicarage Road was no new injuries – so it’s just five injuries (just!) we contend with – Cohen, Anderson, McCleary, Boateng and Blackstock remain sidelined.  Our hosts are missing Brian Jensen, but could well have winger Treacy available after he missed the weekend’s game.  Treacy is a potentially tricky customer – particularly against a team like us with little width.

Last time we played Burnley a brace of late goals from David McGoldrick (yes, you read that right!) saw us run out 2-0 winners against a dogged Burnley side who’d been reduced to ten men in the first half.  At the very start of last season at Turf Moor despite putting in a decent performance, a solitary goal from Chris Iwelumo was sufficient to settle the game in favour of the Lancashire side.

Tough one to predict, neither side have had impressive starts to the season and both would have aspirations of being considerably higher up the table sooner rather than later.  I fear this might prove to be another Watford-esque affair, which – let’s face it – was a game between two pretty poor sides decided by luck.  It could have gone either way – I suspect this will be the same.

So the question is, are you feeling lucky?

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  1. Have to say I agree with your views nffc this looks like another sluggish affair all quite boring if you ask me.If we get a draw its a huge step forward thats how sad we have become under the current regime but my gut instinct is we will get turned over by better finishing.

    I feel myself slipping into Megson ala Smoulderwood hopelessness not good really for a passionate red.

  2. That is good drawing of McClaren, but must be based on an old picture, because you have given him far too much hair. As for the game, if we play as poorly Saturday It would not surprise me if we receive a thrashing. If we play like in the second half on Saturday, where for about ten to fifteen minutes we played football, we could be dishing out the thrashing. My forecast therefore is a score draw, but I would not put my money on it.

  3. wolly the wally out ! and all the rest of the drabble ….quick before its too late !

  4. I reckon this could be a massive turning point for the Macca regime if he gets a good result at Burnley. A win could really get the team believing in his vision. It has been a rocky beginning and he has taken too long imo to assess the squad. Lynch should have been on the left from the start of the season. He must really under-perform in training or something to not get any recognition until he is the last resort. I’m not saying he is the new Psycho or owt, though!

  5. Unfortunately midweek night games away at the likes of Burnley don’t tend to go well for us. Probably the best we can hope for here is to stick with the same team formation and nick another 1 – 0. It won’t be pretty again though!

  6. Agree that 5-3-2 didn’t quite cut it for us, and I too would make chambo and wes up their game. It would also be nice to try hill, a recognised left back, at…. err…. Left back? Lynch did well at centre back v nufc.

    Prob with 5-3-2 was Gunter had no wide player to link with (but probably academic til ando is fit).

    Secondly, if we are playing 3 at the back there is surely less need for 2 of the 3 midfielders to be defensive. Radi, Lewis plus one of moussi / greening would be a better balanced team.

    Personally would be content with a point at burnley. Three would be an unexpected bonus. I live in hope!!

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  8. I’d be satisfied with another clean sheet, however we arrive at it. I thought there were shoots of hope in Camp’s performance, had a little luck and saved exceptionally well twice. The bravado and arrogance that characterised his first 18 months at the club looked partially restored.

    Equally, I think anyone countenancing the omission of Joel Lynch should start judging on performances not reputations. He is the most ambitious left back I’ve seen at the club for some considerable time and he is also a good athlete and a presence in both boxes.

    My key disappointments with the Watford performances were the contribution of Findley who looked disinterested and McGugan who frankly looked like a hologram, sort of there, but not in a way that anyone could notice.

    Irrespective of system both of those talented players should contribute far more than they did. Hiding behind the lack of ball they were given is shallow. Get involved, influence the game.

    Hill certainly added some meat to the potatoes of Chambers and Morgan and the former will be reinvigorated by another organiser and vocal partner in the middle. The captaincy has laid heavy on him.

    If Forest are to blossom this year, they first need to find the key ingredients of self-belief and stubbornness; the process of rebirth on these two facets was begun against Watford it must continue against Burnley who will play possession football and try and use the pace of Treacy on the flanks.

    Eddie Howe is a shrewd guy who has been frustrated in the transfer market like Steve McClaren but Burnley and Howe will stick to a philosophy of playing football, which may afford more time to ball players when we get possession than the direct, physicality of Sean Dyche’s team did.

    Despite that, I think I’d be inclined to retreat to a 5-4-1 away from home, and I’d sacrifice Findley for Majewski in the hope he can connect the midfield with Miller through a more proximal route than the one we currently employ, i.e. Camp to Miller.

    I firmly believe Forest are not as far away as it would seem results and performances place us.

    Although, as my lifelong Red supporting father commented after the weekend fixture. “Its hard to be behind a man who doesn’t know where to stand”.

  9. Out of interest, why is there a picture of Lulu on the mast-head?

  10. THE LAST TIME DIREBY WAS AS GOOD AS THIS WAS UNDER ..BILLY DAVIES …..if we lose this evening …and the next 4 games ..it will be a blessing in disguise …dont kid yourselfes that the wolly wally is the man to lead our team ..hes not ..it takes a disaster to waken this club up ..rather it be now at the beginning of the season rather than at the end ..fighting to stay up !!….this team lacks confidence and leadership on and off the field …something has to break ….let it be asap ……the pain is too much to bare !!! wally wolly an marthur and the dribble …TAXI !!!!!!

  11. I am listening to Forest player with 2 minutes of the first half to go and we are 4-0 down. This is the first time I have done this in years but I am going to stop listening as it is so depressing……Ah. Ah ..Ah.

  12. there you go,… 4-0 down at half time. another newcastle comeback?? 😛

  13. not a clue top to bottem

  14. This is becoming a disaster zone I hope ND & MA are thoroughly ashamed of the mess they are making of our great club.

    Another spanking ?????

    Where on earth do we go from here ?????

  15. come back billy

  16. Whos in Div 1 now days?

  17. Get rid of McLaren and do it now!!!

    we cannot wait till December.

    WTF happened to this club 2 years we were looking good or better than reasonable chance to get to the Premier League for the last 2 . I honestly cannot see Forest getting in a position for another 10 years…..

  18. We have to start with Mcgugan and Chambers is NOT a captain !!!!!!!!
    We all know that,so why doesn’t Steve and his team ???? I’m afraid Steve has got to go NOW !!!!!!

  19. Sell up Doughty NOW !!
    What a disaster !
    You should have kept Billy and sacked arthur and Pleat !!

    Steve said The only thing he knew about the championship was the fact they had good attendances ! He came in to improve on Billy ?????
    Sisco,You are right !
    I hope the manager and players are fined,and that refunds are made to our travelling supporters,as Arsenal did !!

  20. This couldn’t be much worse could it? Ive wanted to give him a chance but Smc has took this club back 6-7 years, it’s like kineer’s in charge. He can piss and moan all he wants about not getting the right players in but the nucleus of this squad got to two playoffs, playing on the whole, good football based on a sound defence. What have we got now? Shit defence and a plodding midfield because our best player is being overlooked. I don’t understand how it can go so wrong. ND & co. have got a lot to answer for.

  21. Where do we go from this low point? It is hard to wonder, but I would point to Paul Jewell at Ipswich who took his team to West Ham last night and won 1-0, a month ago they go beat about 7-1 by Peterborough.

    From the ashes great things can be achieved.

    This notion of lost dressing room disturbs me, permitting as it does, the apathy of players earning large amounts of money taken from our pockets.

    It is inexcusable for them to have an agenda that doesn’t involve the best advancement of their paymasters, which is the club, not Steve McClaren.

    It seems incredulous that such a harmonious ship, in which all players were of comparable age, aspiration and wage worked so hard to get promoted. There was a plan, a strategy for the evolution of the club. The acquisitions panel pursued young, upwardly mobile, hungry players.

    Now under McClaren’s behest we’ve added supposedly much needed experience. I don’t quite understand that phenomenon myself. If you’re old enough you’re good enough.

    That said, if players like Reid are not committed to the cause why did he resign? Forest have a squad capable of reaching the top six, even now. The blend isn’t right and the motivation isn’t right. We can blame Steve Mc for a lot of that, we can blame the board for being overly cautious and frugal in the transfer market but ultimately the 11 players put on the pitch last night, irrespective of tactics or formation should have been far more competitive than they proved to be.

    And that fact shouldn’t be lost on fans, the players deserve a lot of flak for their efforts thus far.

    And as for sacking McClaren, with the intention of appointing who? Remember, you need a guy willing to work with what he has, willing to be subservient to an acquisitions panel and out of work. Not to mention capable for demanding respect and motivating a fractured collection of players.

    Talk of Martin O’Neil is ludicrous considering the forthcoming opportunity at Sunderland and the terms of employment NFFC offer.

    More likely you’d be shopping in the basket containing Peter Reid, O’Driscoll and Mark Robins.

    When in truth it probably requires someone of the apparent calibre of Lee Clark, in truth, what it needs is a time machine and £5million for Paul Hart to build on his top six finish years ago.

  22. ……………like ive said ..its got to happen now ..this club cant jingle jangle …marthur , wally and crew must go ….then from the ashes ..we have to start again ..at least have people involved who know a little about our great game…………Doughty for FK SAKE …GET A MOVE ON !!

  23. Taxi for absolutely everyone (apart from Lewis McGugan).

  24. cant believe our clubs mentality.! theyve all agreed to keep faith in the wally !! its like poison with milk !! we have to demonstrate on saturday …our voice must be heard ! if doughty dont want to show strength ..PUT THE FKIN CLUB UP FOR SALE …..!!!!

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