You’re an embarrassment..

Nottingham Forest – 1
Derby County – 2

As my brain slowly recovers from an alcoholic fug it’s quite difficult to imagine how a game against Derby could start any better.  It’s customary in City Ground matches against them these days to have a good start for us – but could it really be any better than their goalkeeper getting sent off whilst conceding a penalty.  A penalty Andy Reid did an excellent job of striking into the net?  It can’t really.

So, pretty much a full game against ten men and already a goal to the good – as far as starts go, Steve McClaren could not have dared hope for better in a game that could win him a lot of favour from a set of fans already questioning his ability to shape his squad into anything other than hapless bunch of goons.  But of course, Forest can plumb unexpectedly capacious depths when in search of the ultimate expression of haplessness – and they exceeded themselves yesterday.

Steve persisted with the myth that Chris Cohen is a left back and that Joel Lynch doesn’t exist, lining up with the same side that he picked to face Southampton last weekend:

Gunter   Morgan   Chambers   Cohen
Majewski   Moussi    Greening    Reid
Derbyshire    Miller

As already noted, a great start – a Miller knock down found Derbyshire in the area.  Miller carried on his run, Derbyshire found him – he ball was past fielding who absolutely body-slammed the big striker to prevent him applying the finishing touch.  The referee immediately pointed to the spot and sent Fielding off.  It was the right decision, but a pretty brave one considering it was so early in the game.

Derby withdrew Cywka to be replaced by substitute keeper Legzdins – it took a while, but eventually the kick was taken by Andy Reid, struck confidently and sending the keeper the wrong way.  Forest enjoyed a lot of possession, the official site suggests that Forest pushed forward and put Derby under pressure but the fact is we passed the ball sideways a lot in the middle third of the pitch, with Derby content to let us and limit our opportunities to get forward.

It’s true that Lee Camp had little to do – but we were painfully bad at trying to test out Derby’s reserve keeper too.  After around half an hour Chris Cohen went down pretty much under his own momentum, looking seriously hurt.  The referee didn’t stop play – and by the book, he shouldn’t as it wasn’t a head injury.  Derby didn’t have the ball in a threatening position, and could’ve kicked it out – but again, if the boot was on the other foot, I’d have been screaming to play on.

Why Ismael Miller decided to spend the entire build-up to the goal standing over the prone midfielder-cum-leftback, why our players kept appealing to the referee instead of dealing with Derby who were moving forward, why Jamie Ward was able to stroll past Majewski (who put in a spectacularly appalling challenge that thankfully didn’t make contact!), Chris Gunter and then managed to put a frankly awful shot through the increasingly invisible Lee Camp at his near post to send the Derby fans into raptures.

An absolutely disgusting goal to concede on any measure you care to name.  Our players must play to the whistle and the lack of professionalism all over the pitch was an absolute travesty.  That’s before we get on to the goalkeeping merits of letting such a feeble shot in at your near post – a real blunder from start to finish.  Cohen in the meantime hobbled off, refusing to use the stretcher that was brought on, to be replaced by Joel Lynch.

Derby were now looking much more confident – realising that despite their lack of numbers, they were actually playing against a team that was a lot less than the sum of its’ parts.  They didn’t commit too much forward understandably though, and Forest did manage the occasional break forward – Miller was threatening if a little directionless at times – he teed up a good chance for Wes at one point but the big defender squandered the opportunity.

Lynch clipped in a dangerous ball which Legzdins flapped at jumping with Miller, the referee was perhaps a little over-lenient, there was no foul play but as the keeper realised he’d made a mess of it he went to ground and got the freekick.  Shortly after a crowd-shout for handball won us a freekick for what looked anything but, it was put into the box by Reid (an unusually good delivery from him) and was handled in the box, but this time it wasn’t spotted by the officials.  Probably just desserts really.

So, half time and we’re drawing one-all against ten men having enjoyed the lead from pretty much the first attack.  People muttered about playing against Swansea with ten men and how that went, people pointed out Derby aren’t as good as Swansea were – others painfully pointed out that we weren’t as good as we were last season.  People were contemplating the embarrassment of merely drawing against ten man Derby.  Oh if only that were all we’d have to contend with!

The second half saw Forest again enjoying a lot of possession, but creating very little by way of direct goal-threat.  Majewski was looking more involved and set up a chance for Reid whose shot was just over.  Probably the first meaningful threat on goal we’d mustered since the penalty (aside from the Miller-keeper challenge which was called as a foul).  Miller hit a tame effort from the edge of the area which represented our first shot on target since the penalty.

A freekick from 25 yards or so had us wishing McGugan was on the pitch – as Reidy lined it up we speculated whether it would hit the wall or knock out an unfortunate fan in the Trent End, as it turns out he struck it well towards the top corner – but the ‘keeper was equal to it and palmed it out for a corner.  A corner which, predictably, posed no threat at all upon the opponent goal and was cleared.  We might as well just get referees to give our opponents a goal kick when we get a corner – it would save time.

Findley replaced the ineffective Greening with half an hour remaining, and certainly provided a bit of much needed pace to our side.  Lynch, putting in an impressive performance at left-back that I hope McClaren took note of, put in a few excellent crosses – the latest cleared well by O’Brien.  Derby had their moments too – indeed, they should’ve taken the lead when an excellent cross found Hendrick unmarked at the back post four-yards out, he conspired to head wide with three-quarters of the away end celebrating a goal.

There are few things as entertaining as that moment a section of the ground thinks they’ve scored then realise they haven’t – we enjoyed it, of course, it would be the away end that would have the last laugh.  In the meantime though Findley was causing some problems – a nice ball to the back post almost found Derbyshire, but he couldn’t quite apply the killer touch to it to give the reds the lead.  McGugan was introduced for Reid, whilst Nathan Tyson was introduced for Derby.

Lewis improved our corner-taking, but a decent delivery was headed wide.  Then disaster – defending a corner we did the usual keystone cops routine, falling nicely for Hendrick on the edge of the area – and, in fairness to him, a cracking finish to sweep the ball into the bottom corner of the net.  It’s hard to say it, but they deserved it too – admittedly as much down to our own incompetence as their merit.

The goal at least gave a hint of urgency from some of our players – a cross from Gunter was headed goalward by Derbyshire but it was an easy save for the keeper.  Derby defending in numbers, as you would – even when they had corners there’d be one or two white shirts in the box.  Lynch had a good chance, chesting the ball down and blasting goalward but the keeper was equal to it – Lynchy perhaps could have looked to square to one of two or three of our lads in the six yard box.

Derby defended well though, and whilst the Reds did lay siege to their penalty area at times, our chances were well limited.  Lynch again was provider and Derbyshire had a good chance that was well blocked by Anderson.  The final chance fell to Chambers – who struck a volley well from ten yards, but – well, he’s a centre half, it was off target.  Camp joined the last attack but it made no difference and it was game over.

Steve McClaren has said it wasn’t acceptable – that’s a bloody understatement.  He’s turned an opportunity to galvanise the fans into an almost unbelievable story of incompetence and buffoonery that heaps yet more pressure on to his side.  There were protests against the board – or specifically Mark Arthur – in the second half, but frankly on the pitch is McClaren’s bag – and with the squad at his disposal he should have been able to mastermind a much better performance than that.

As I noted on Twitter yesterday in the throes of a marathon drinking session – I can take losing, I can even take losing to Derby, but what I cannot stomach is losing without putting up a fight.  That is what was embarrassing here.  This goes right up there with the Oldham aways, Plymouth at home, Chester away type games – those games were portents of some of the lowest times this football club has ever experienced.  I really hope that I’m jumping the gun a bit in categorising this latest embarrassment with those types of game.

With rumours of Kenny Burns being relieved of match-hosting duties because of comments he’s made in his Evening Post column it would seem that either the club are determined to alienate and annoy fans in every way possible – or, of course, that people who are making such claims are doing so to stir more bad feeling towards certain people whom they clearly have an issue already.  Whichever is true it doesn’t change the fact that such things are symptomatic of things being a mess.

If nothing else this game has made me absolutely certain that I won’t be attending Tuesday’s game against Newcastle United on Tuesday.  I imagine that many will feel the same, and who can blame us?  Somebody made the analogy of Forest being run like a game of Snakes and Ladders – and they’re right, and yesterday we landed on a fucking massive snake – and there aren’t many potential ladders in sight…

Completely irrelevant to the game but worth pointing out that Nathan Tyson conducted himself pretty well – the half-time warming up saw him booed with each touch, so he cheekily raised his foot to miss the ball.  After the game he didn’t initially join the celebrations, he picked up Raddy who’d dropped to sit on the pitch, and went round our squad before subtly applauding the Derby fans once most of our fans had cleared.  Shows a bit of class, does that.  Well done Nathan.

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  1. Nothing to add to that, pretty much summed us up. Disgraceful.

  2. Great summary of a horrid day. Living in the US now was excited to have the game on live. Nursing a sore head from Friday night sat down early Saturday morning to watch the game. What a start!!! Words cannot justify the rest. What is wrong with McGugan and Findley that they are not in the starting 11? This is crazy to me. The saddest part is I don’t know how they can turn this around. Even with no new additions we should be able to beat 10 men with a one goal head start. Come on you reds let’s get it started!!!

  3. It was an utter embarrassment. That first goal we conceded i think has to be up their with the worst goal Nottingham Forest have conceded.

    The blame has to be 50/50.

    The players need to work for the shirt and show a bit of heart if not intelligence when it comes to defending.
    McClaren needs to play lynch at left back or go out and loan a left back. im sick of saying it! Also im sick of hearing him say he doesnt know whats wrong in his interviews. And then Chipperfield makes a potential excuse up and McClaren agrees with it.

    Now that cohen is injured his hand has been forced and he will have to play lynch.

  4. Ive had some lows as a Forest fan over the years and this is really up there with some of the worst. Yes of course it hurts even more that its our Sheepshagging friends from down the A52 and that there were only 10 of them on the pitch for 88 minutes but I’m really more concerned generally about the team.

    We seemed to lack passion, ideas, creativeness and a general desire to get stuck in. Now given that is THE home game of season, if the players can’t raise themselves for this one, then we really are in trouble.

    Now I’m not one usually for selecting individual players for critism as all players have bad runs of form but I’m deperately worried about the mindset of Reid, Greening, Miller and Chambers who all looked to me as if they didn’t want to be there yesterday. Only Moussi and Lynch appeared to have the application.

    All my pre season optimism has gone and I’m more worried about the state of my club than I have been for a very long time. Yes, I know all the cliches like its only one game and its a long old season, but I feel an apathy at the club which really worries me.

    Whilst I’m not advocating the removal of SMc, perhaps if and when he does depart, Forest ought to seek out some young ambitious hungry young manager from the lower divisions, with a fire in his belly, to try and turn our once great club round.

    After yesterday’s debacle, what have we got to lose???

  5. I have done my fair share of slagging off the chairman and the rest of the wankers that run this club,like many others i invested 800+ quid to renew season tickets ,after yesterday i will not put one more penny into the clubs coffers,i will attend games,not cup games ,i will not buy from the club shop,food out lets ect,if the same people are still in charge next season i will not be buying season tickets,the people who keep telling me the club would have gone to the wall if ND had not kept pumping cash in can get fucked,do they not think this club could not get a cash injection from anyone in the big wide world,12 years this man has held this club back,1 top 3 finish,3 seasons in Div 3 ,any one who speaks out gets sacked,the latest one Kenny Burns for saying what we all no the club has no ambition…….

  6. Oh Dear.

    Brian Clough: If a chairman sacks the manager he appointed, he should go himself.

    Me: Or at least have the balls to admit the mistake.

    I don’t think SMc will last until Christmas. Which is a shame, because I like him and I think he had terrible abuse in the press when he was England manager. However, sympathy doesn’t win football matches.

    For me (watching on a stream) Derby’s first goal showed the difference between the sides: Our players wanted any excuse to stop (even if out of concern for an injured player), theirs wanted to make the most of an opportunity. Basic schoolboy football says “play to the whistle” – at least Raddy tried to make the Ref whistle by hacking at Ward. However, he missed him from half a yard away, which is kind of ironic, don’t you think!

    I’m with you, nffc, if we had lost having played with passion and commitment then I can take that, even against Derby. To whimper out with no clue and no heart is inconceivable. Plenty have said it – SMc himself, even – if you can’t get yourself up for this game, then you can’t get up for anything.

    Also, who was the stuffed dummy in the number 1 shirt? ‘Cos is sure as hell wasn’t Lee Camp. Beaten at your near post from damn near the goal line? Yeah, right. Lee Camp would have saved that in his sleep last year. And he wasn’t the only one. Underperformance has 2 gold stars on its heart.

  7. The only bright point in the shambles of yesterday was the incisive chants from A Block – ‘we want Arthur out … we want Arthur out !’
    his cold death hand is on every thing wrong at this club —- CEO on the door means Arthur must take responsibility next for the serial failure at the club …TAXI FOR MARTHUR ….Nigel you know its time to act .

  8. Very good summary, I was rather excited after they went down to 10 men but did we try and keep the ball and use it sensibly, no Camp to Morgan, Morgan punts it forward. Cracking. There was no heart no nothing. Chambers should be stripped of the armband. I was along the line in the second half, M block and I didn’t once see him encourage, lead or well do anything.

    I’d suggest never playing the Moose and Greening together and stick Lewis in. Take Derbyshire and leave Findley up front. Reidy far too slow.

    Finally, to the chap in M block row 14, seat 168 or 169, shut up with your moaning for 90 mins if your going to be like that don’t bother going. My ears still hurt!!

  9. Abysmal performance in every sense. I was watching this and just couldn’t believe my eyes. Only positives: the Moose is back (and was one of the “least worst”, excuse my english but I think you get the point), and now Joel Lynch will at last play at left back (IMHO he did a good job when he came in, we started really threatening from his side plus he created -and unfortunately missed- his own chance). Sorry Chris, but maybe this was the only way!

    I was also happy to hear that Wes had a go at Camp in the dressing room after the game. Lee has always been one of my favourites, but he does need a huge kick in the backside to wake up. I don’t care if it was Swansea’s or Worthington’s fault, but he has developed an attitude that cannot be tolerated anymore, at least in my eyes.

    And I agree: the fact that Nigel (no surname for him anymore, he’s definitely not worth it) proved once more that he has NO CLASS AT ALL does not mean that we can forget about the ball being played. That was PATHETIC from the whole team, from the keeper to the front striker.

    Back to my traditional optimism, I still believe things will change.
    Maybe they will change earlier if Steve starts distributing some spanking here and there. We’re not “a young team” anymore, and the sooner everyone’s got the message that ALL positions are subject to competition, the better.

    • And having seen all possible combinations by now, this would be my team:
      Smith (for some games until Camp remembers he’s a professional)
      Gunter Chambers Morgan Lynch
      Moussi Majewski
      Derbyshire Miller Findley
      (Matt has started several times on the right for Olympiakos).

  10. For once I feel lost as to what the answer is to the saga of ” snakes and ladders ” it was me who used the analogy and your right it fits so well.

    I said last week that we are a mess and I am pleased for Billy Davis as he has been totally vindicated in his quest to expose an incompetent and very bizarre board.WELL DONE BILLY ……..

    The players are not playing for the current regime and it shows we have lost the plot and sorry to say ND & MA are the culprits for shocking decisions made over the last 3 yrs.

    And like you nffc I have lost the passion for a regime that is NOT Nottingham Forest it is a shambles and we are heading for Div 1 at this rate.They have sacked Kenny Burns a true Forest LEGEND and there will be a massive fans backlash now it started on Saturday with the chants it is so disappointing as a Forest fan of 33yrs.

    Im lost sorry Nigel whats your plan ???????????????????????????

  11. Peter Reid anyone?

  12. UNACCEPTABLE ! Is the fact that Cohen was at left back instead of Lynch.
    UNACCEPTABLE is the incredible fact that our most dangerous player Mcgugan was not in the team !!!
    Mcgugan is labelled by the press as our most dangerous player,the one oppnants fear most !!
    When he has the ball,there are immediately 3 players around him,which means 3 players less for our forwards to deal with !!
    Our team should be built around him!!!.
    Which Forest pupporter would play Reid and leave Mcgugan on the bench ?????????????
    Against Newcastle now we know Lynch will start as left back,and hopefully Reid will need to be rested after his exertions on saturday !
    What happened with Bridge?? Did arthur say we could only pay 10 per cent of his wages,or has the player decided he doesn’t want to play a season in a relegation fight ..
    Even so,.I’ve a feeling a win is on the cards on tuesday !!

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  14. The blame lies with Doughty, anybody who thinks Marthur makes decisions is completely wrong he is a message boy and will do what is told. Doughty sacked Billy Davies and he has now taken us backwards big time, I am sorry but Mclaren is useless, it is a myth he is a good coach, he has acquired 5 players 4 of which are not adding anything.
    he cannot motivate and where are all these hidden gems from the Dutch and German leagues???
    Its obvious we will not got Billy back, the only manager who could turn us round is Martin O Neil, otherwise this season will be a relegation fight and we will have lost all the good work over past 2 years.
    The sacking of Kenny Burns is an absolute disgrace, it sums up the arrogance of Doughty, he answers to no one at Forest and he deserves a mass fans protest. It could get very messy.
    Finally I sincerely hope whoever suggested Peter Reid is some kind of sick joker.

  15. Vassilis, That would be my team too !!!

  16. Watched the game here in Naxos Greece – couldn’t make up the start, being one up against ten though had a doubt in stomach that we would win. No fire in the team, mc sat on his ass throughout. Even the Greek barman offered me some tissues at final whistle!

  17. I understand people’s anger with the chairman and the chief executive but yesterday’s result was all about the manager and the players. The most worrying aspect of it all for me is a clear problem that McClaren seems to have with motivating the team. That’s not the kind of thing that improves over a season.

    Defending at both goals was dismal. The first one was so bad it’s easy to forget how crap the second one was too: Chambers half-asleep for the umpteenth time already this season.

    I keep hoping that one good result will get our season going and the red card yesterday seemed to be a golden opportunity. It’s hard to account for what happened but you have to give some credit to Derby I guess. Clough’s done a good job (with a patient chairman, let’s not forget).

    Whatever happens next, we’ve got to try and give the players as much support as possible. Otherwise it just gets worse..

  18. All of you having a go at the board are well off the mark. Steve McLaren picks the team, chooses the tactics and training, This club’s squad is better than most of the clubs we’ve played this season, it’s up to the boss to get them playing, and if he can’t, then goodbye.
    It’s not that long ago that all tems feared a visit to the City ground, and now the team can’t put in a shift against ten men. That my friends is down to the manager, no-one else.

    • ND picked McClaren when arguably no change was necessary because to quote him “we couldn’t miss this opportunity to make a change to bring in a coach of such proven experience”. If that’s not working out because of that managers failings then the buck stops with ND. He is also guilty of Platt, Megson & Kinnear as well as failing to back Hart & Billy at key moments! MA is just a slimy version of Smithers!

  19. “Will no one rid me of this troublesome clown?”

    To misquote Henry II

  20. Vassilis, Alan,

    I also agree with Vassilis’s suggested side.


    Thank you.

  21. Over thirty years watching the Reds, over thirty years purchasing a season ticket & I’m now seriously considering staying away as those who are charged with running the club appear to have a disdain for supporters and are beginning to lack anykind of credibility.

    We were told Billy had taken the club as far as he could and yet he had provided the club with it’s greatest period of success under Nigel Doughty. After years of obscurity and under-performance, Billy in a very short period of time had provided us with a team to be proud of. Yet within three months, McClaren apparently the man to take us to the next level, is dismantling all the progress made (admittedly with no help from the club & it’s paralysis in the transfer market) and we are spiralling towards relegation rather than promotion.

    Nigel Doughty maybe, Mark Arthur definitely; supporters have had enough!!! As much as it pains me I along with many other’s will begin by

  22. boycotting the Newcastle match… before you think up your own ending!!! Up the Reds

  23. No, one affects the other. The lack of communication from the board unsettled the players as well as the fans. Reid has pretty much said it already and it shows in the performances of the likes of Greening. He is clearly not up for it at Forest and must be wondering what he’s got himself into. Not even Cloughie himself could manage these circumstances, not that he would stand for it at all. It appears that the rot has set in at the top and is spreading downwards fast. I have never felt so ambivalent towards Forest as I did yesterday. I fear things could get a lot worse yet.

  24. There seems to be no one taking responsibility. I agree the events on the pitch are purely down to smc. Its his job to get the best out of what he’s got yet all we hear is the teams not strong enough. IT IS! On paper the starting 11 is as good as last season. It’s just that smc is completely fucking it up.

    Coupled to this we have a board he’ll bent on keeping Forest held back. They have not learnt from any mistakes they’ve made in the past, they continue to treat fans like shit and stumble from one mismanaged blunder to the next. The club is just run so badly on every level at the moment.

    I hope the rumours that fc twente want smc back are true. I think what we’ll achieve with him in charge is mid table at best, with plenty of frustration along the way.

  25. Board to blame. Arthur and Pleat – idiots. Plan was to build the club by getting in a top Manager that could develop players both from younger players coming through & getting hold of the right players “that want to pay for Forest”. So what happened?? ND has been spending a fortune / overpaying a lot of average has beens (some notable exceptions). We can’t compete for class premiership players or rated up and coming players in our league, they’ve never joined us, but we’ve carried on sticking with the same plan, ending up at some botched half way house solution with a lot of late arrivals so we’re not ready at the start of the season. When we’ve had a bit of a mini crisis, we have a policy according to MA of not talking to the fans, what a clown! The lessons are there, but we keep with the same regardless. What should we do differently, well talking to the fans is a good start, secondly, drop this idea inspired by Pleat that we can get in quality premiership players, get some from the lower leagues or our league that we can develop, look at the recently promoted sides. Let the fans know we’re going to do that, and it would have been a good idea to let the new Manager that that is expected as well. What we want is the backs to the wall, 110% fight for everything approach inspired as we were by our former Manager of the last few years.
    Same plan for the next 10 years?? more snakes and ladders.

  26. I know i will be repeating myself from last season but the fault lies with the Management of the Club ND, Pelling and especially MA
    it is 11 years since the so called CEO came from Notts CC to the Forest ground. He was universally disliked by everyone there and i know some past Notts CC players there who will back this up. He has achieved nothing at Forest plus he knows bugger all about the game as i am beginning to believe ND doesn’t either.
    Apparently when Megson (huge spit) was manager MA asked at a post match executive meeting why the crowd was so low, everyone else knew around the table he didn’t
    Managers come and go, Davies was an itch ND could no longer stand, he should have done and backed him. I think he hid from Davies as he was at very few matches last season from Christmas onwards
    The alledged sacking of Kenny is a disgace but not surprising, the management think they are above us all, they treat us very poorly especiall Senior Season ticket holders (prices up over 20% over two seasons)
    I fully appreciate ND financial input and he may be one of the best financial minds in the country plus the largest backer of the Labour Party but has poor judgement over football matters:
    Bad Manager choice- Platt – no experience given loads of cash
    Kinnear -Who
    Megson- crap crap crap crap etc
    Calderwood -no back chat nice bloke and safe
    Davies- great motivator, good tacics (at times) nasty little scots bugger but no backing from Management
    Hart- no backing had great squad to build on
    McClaren- questionable, good coach but does not seem to be a motivator but not backed
    Why also get rid of the defensive coach (Chris Fairclough) when he obviously was a key figure last year
    I think the time has come for ND to sell the club to some one with real ambition, not just to be a safe club, if you go into football and be risk adverse you are kidding yourself
    Thank you Nigel but goodnight, the buck stops with you, and please take the baggage with you, you know who i mean
    Beeston red

  27. Can’t be bothered any more, I really can’t.

  28. For those people who believe it is not Doughty’s fault can they explain why HE sacked a manager who took us from 4th from bottom to top 6 in 2 consecutive years and replaced him with a manager who cannot motivate this team (i also hope the rumors about him going back to Holland are true). It is totally Doughtys fault!! They even tried to get Billy on dismissal for not spending enough time at the club, potentially complete constructive dismissal.
    Why oh why do people believe Mclaren is a good coach, its a complete myth, ask the Boro fans, look at England it was a shambles, he would not have lasted 5 mins at Man Utd if Ferguson wasn’t there.
    Mclaren may be a nice guy but he is useless and clueless listen to his after match answers on radio Nottingham he continually says ‘i don’t know’!!
    This is Doughty’s fault he sacked a very good manager and replaced him with a very poor one. His track record of appointing managers is woeful, he needs to get out and take Arthur with him now, we are a shambles.

  29. One huge advantage McLaren had over other candidates for the job was his experiences and connections in Holland and Germany. One would therefore have naturally assumed an influx of young, raw talent on loan to bolster the squad. But squat. What a surprise. It is hard to imagine anyone else but he having such a shambolic start to a tenure. Get rid of him and the Board.

  30. I agree with so so much of the above – we are in deep shit and the fans need to wake up. McClaren is showing Megsonesque levels of motivational ability and is doing everything possible to live up to his tag of ‘Wally with the Brolly’ despite being given time to disprove the doubters. Yesterday he showed me that he had NO idea of how to change the game or ability to motivate the players. His formations & tactics do not hint at anything like the ‘great coach’ that some are saying he is. Of course, it is not just the manager at fault and his supporting coaches must take some of the blame but he is the man who picked these so must carry the can if they are not producing the results. He had the poorest of pre-season preps but that does excuse the abysmal showing yesterday. In a similar vein, it is ND that is entirely responsible for creating the current environment at the Club along with Martha and yet both seems oblivious or hostile to any perceived criticism. I do not see Forest progressing this season with this triad in charge and can only hope they do not drag us back down to Lge1; sadly, based upon what I have seen so far that is a very real risk! I suspect Billy is having more than a quiet chuckle to himself.

  31. Ten minutes in, despite being a goal up against 10 men, I had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. And then in struck me: Mac had turned the experience of watching Forest into the same as that of watching England – even when things are going well you are just waiting for them to cock things up!

    Three points, in addition to all the well justified rants of others……

    1) Really worried by seeing McClaren shouting to the players in the second half and nobody paying him any attention. A bad bad sign. (At least when Billy whistled the players responded)

    2) How the heck are we supposed to keep hold of the midfield player who was second only to Tarabt last season for midfield player of the year? Not only 13 goals but almost 20 assists… And he was promised that the team would be built around him this year. Now he is marginalised. Why would he stay in January?

    3) Selection. I was at Southampton, and it is true that, inept defence aside, the rest of the squad did pretty well. Mac kept an unchanged team because he decided to send what should be a very important message to the squad: “play well and you keep your place”. Something Billy almost never did. I think that is a good message. Except for one thing: The 2 opposition teams were totally different. Southampton, a good footballing passing team who allow space. A blood-n-guts home derby against fierce rivals. WRONG CALL ENTIRELY. We needed McGugan, not the excellent but lightweight Majewski. We needed the guile of Findley not the honest endeavour of Derbyshire. And we needed to learn from the southampton game that if we play Reid in front of Cohen, the opposition tear us open at will from their right hand side. We needed a midfield with an engine room. And we needed the pace of someone like anderson, who was reportedly fit again.

    I am one of the few who WILL be there on Tuesday- simply because I can’t bear the most recent images of the city ground in my mind to be that debacle.

    I really hope that Mac sends a similar message to his team as he intended after southampton…. Play well and you keep your place? Play poorly over and over again, and you’re dropped. Chambers can take his paternity leave for Lynch. Freeman should get his chance. Camp should get some time for reflection on his recent performances. Reid should get time to go to the gym. And Lewis should get his chance – the first of many – to live up to the promises he has been given. Lasceilles, Bamford and Meadows a slot on the bench, and a few minutes unless the game is on a knife edge. Time to create some competition.

  32. Deeping spot on fella the message is crystal clear for me there has to be regime change at the top and the fans must instigate the change or boycott the games.

    U reds

  33. Well as far as I’m concerned ND & MA can stick any tickets or merchandise I was going to buy for myself or my 5 kids (all Forest supporters) up their collective arse’s.
    The club currently does not represent the one I’ve supported since a boy or the club my father or his father supported.
    I’m sickened with the way supporters and staff have been lied to and then dismissed for expressing their concern about the obvious failings of ND & MA.
    After my fathers death (Nottingham born & bred) when he was 42 & I was 15 this club was one of the few things that has linked the past 4 generations of my family. It was always a family club, one with pride, passion and integrity. With the current regime this has been eroded and so has my passion for the club.
    I hope that the club will rise again and be one to be proud of (win or loose) but without a major change in policy or board members I can’t see this happening!

  34. Can someone explain to me why, when we’re 2-1 down at home to Derby and the fans are singing sack the board, Nigel Doughty’s on his feet and smiling and having a laugh with someone. I can assure you Doughty, and the rest of your poisoned board, that this is no laughing matter.

    I totally agree with the comments on here about Camp and other players having no fight, they aren’t playing for the manager and i think they’re not playing for the club in general. They’ve had enough of it all just like the rest of us, Something’s got to change but will it? Whos’s going to make the change? Burns gets sacked for voicing his concerns. It seems like they’re ina position of power to run the club and ruin it, and whoever stands in their way gets taken out of the equation.

    The fans have to do more than sing a couple of chants and write on forums. A petition or protest has to be organised, you see things like this at other clubs but never at Forest and it needs to be done instead of idly watching it all happen. Something’s got to change and soon or we’ll end up going down. This has been going on for years and its finally starting to surface. We as fans need to stand up and show we won’t lie down and just take it.

    • that is true ND was laughing because he can unfortunately MA looked away
      we are treated like scum
      beeston red

  35. I’ve just figured it out. I can only assume that ND and MA are Derby fans undercover. How else could you explain the way they run our great club? They sack the best manager we’ve had since Paul Hart. They ‘lack’ ambition to progress despite what they say twice per year in interviews. And they put us into hoc for an eye watering sum of money. It all makes perfect sense….mission accomplished gentlemen. Now go back to Derby please.

  36. touche right side trentend;
    forest v cardiff april 1976/77 first game lost 1 0 taken by dad forest till i die.forest program 12p feature j mcgovern promotion,champions,mist rolling in for the first time.european cups,league cups brian clough forest liverpool the rest dont matter.Mid 80s 14000 crowds forest till i die.frank clark stan the man lars coops and stone 3rd in league.Bassett shafted, dolldrums .Daughtey whos who of crap managers PRATT Kinnear its just another game Megson crap Heart shafted calderwood defend defend defend some more’Davis results football tell it like it is SACKED.Clough; chairman needs to get one thing right pick the manager .wrong wrong wrong .Daughtey auther no football knoledge Pleat 10 years kut of touch ‘I tell my boy its forest not man u chelsea liverpool never.all the money in the world my club is dying.17/9/11 i cried a sad day.Forest belongs to the fans not the puperteers.heer before daughtey here when hes gone.Do i stand alone.I am red my boy is red,i live for forest .Dont kill my love Nigel.

  37. On the bright side they only let in 2 goals.

  38. I see Mcgoldrick took ten minutes before he scored his first goal for Wednesday..followed by their left back,a Julian Bennett !!!!
    There must be a protest backing Kenny Burns ,on tuesday…if anyone is going …

  39. Really excellent report – thank you. Ihave heard rumours that some of the squad aren’t happy with McClaren and remain very much Billy’s team. Just the sort of unsubstantiated stuff that gets aired at times like this of course, however all observers who were there on Saturday would recognise that the most disturbing issue was the apparent lack of spirit. You have to say it would never have happened under Billy. It’s very early days but the start McClaren has made is about as bad as it could be, at this moment I have to say that something just doesn’t feel right. Somehow he doesn’t seem to suit the club, a square peg. I saw him walking along Central Avenue in Bridgford yesterday afternoon, brave stuff after Saturday, wonder how much longer he’ll be prepared to show his face in public?

  40. Right now we need a manager who is a leader and has the heart of a lion…… Roy Keane for me!!!!!

  41. It’s clear and evident that even at this early stage of the season, McClaren has lost the dressing room.
    I would certainly advise the higher power to remove this cancer right now.

    Letting it fester is not an option. One good thing to note (if we can…..)

    Its came very early, This is a warning shot from the players that all is not well.

    Thanks Steve, but this is what happens when you allow yourself to criticise the team and club.

    Doughty, next time you appoint a manager, a least portray the facts to the naive little sods….

  42. Who will we get next Martin? I agree that Keane has the heart of a lion luffers but he would be no better. The only ‘name manager’ I’d want is O’Neill but that will never happen.

    It seems that with the appointment of smc we’ve not only lost a good manager in BD but also a good back room staff. Chris Fairclough knew about Forest, knew how it worked and from the last two years evidence did a pretty good job of coaching the defence. I know Billy got rid of him but John Pemberton was another great coach. He’s gone on to do well with Sheff Utd Youth team. (Youth FA Cup finalists) They also have Frank Barlow who along with Charlie McP nearly got us promoted from no where after Megson’s dismal reign.

    Billy’s radio silence is deafening. He really must of signed some kind of tight legal document that allows him to not even mention Forest. I wonder who will be the first club to take a punt on him? I could see him at Leeds or Sheff Wed. if things don’t go well for their managers. I’m pretty sure he’ll come back to make ND rue the day he decided to get rid.

    Its clear who ever comes in, whether it be sooner or later, better know how to work with what he’s got, cos after this we will not be spending any money for a good few years.

  43. We are almost entering a new “platt” era aren’t we?
    McClaren.. seemingly good reputation, wanting to prove his worth in management. Big hearted, but very naive chairman appoints in the hope, like all of us, that McClaren is true to his word.

    The reality, whether we like it or not, is that a very large mistake has happened at our club. By rectifying this mistake now, the Chairman will be able to save face.

    If he’s unable to do that (obviously £ speaks, paying this idiot out of his contract is a non starter) then he needs a fall guy, a man big enough to take that bullet.

    Who then, is advising our long suffering supporter who digs in deep every year to keep this club financially viable?

    Mr Arthurs, Mr Pleat. Look no further

  44. anyone wanting to know the real reason as to why lewis has not been playing ???…and to why camp has been in poor form …the reason why is because mcGugan has been shagging camps mrs…FACT

  45. hi all …ive just arrived from italy .. where i live…. to see my team Nottingham Forest .. i post here a lot ..its a great site all credit due…anyway .im amazed that everyone involved at the club but more to the people like myself at great costs ..(and im working class ..ryanair cheap flights are a godsend) SUPPORTERS …can see that the club is heading for disaster ….the DOUGHNUTY MARTHUR must be in comas !!! Billy davies was a great manager for Forest …they will never find another ..wolly brolly is uselless ….he will go ..ASAP …but un fortunately because of the shite system the club has adopted…we are gonna pay a big price ….i wont be surprised if we are battling for safety this season …i dont know what to say anymore ……VIVA FOREST ..VIVA JIM BAXTER …MI DISPIACE PER KENNY …PEROT LA SITUAZIONE PER NOTTINGHAM FOREST E TUTTO MERDER !!! DA LA ULTRAS LAZIO INSIEME CON NOTTINGHAM FOREST …ANOI !!!!

  46. […] the kind of open advocation of regime change that would make even Steve Kean blush. The excellent Through the Seasons Before Us devoted much of its match report to berating the players with Ishmael Miller in particular […]

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