Oh my God.. they sacked Kenny!

I have no idea whether the rumours around Kenny Burns losing his job at Forest are true or not, but couldn’t resist the South Park inspired pun.  If they are true, then I suppose openly criticising your employers in the local media is questionable conduct – but it would be a real shame.  I’ve been lucky enough to meet Kenny a few times, and he’s a charming and entertaining fellow – and bona fide Forest legend to boot.

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  1. Having had run ins with certain members of the Forest heirarchy in the past (including the CEO in America), it doesn’t surprise me.

    Whilst everyone has their own opinion on Kenny, and his lifestyle, you cannot fault his service to the club.

  2. The board just don’t seem to want to help themselves at all at the moment. KB said nothing that Reid and others hadn’t already said. Are they seeing how unpopular it is possible to become?

  3. Following Forest is like watching an episode of “Dad’s Army”- everything starts off well, then the calamitous plot unveils itself and just when you think it can’t get worse….it does. Maybe we should change our signature song to the theme song from the show?
    Only problem is, just like “Dad’s Army”, it isn’t funny.

  4. Its firkin obvious to me that Lord bloody hawhaw just doesn’t like ANY criticism at all!! How did he get to be so successful in business when he sorrounds himself with sycophants and brown nosers?

  5. I understand he was only voicing the opinions of most fans, and after all, he is a big fan. I’m working in Drabby at the moment, so please spare me a thought…what a nightmare day that was, I’m glad to get back to the right side of the A52. The only retort I could have was that I was disgusted that we lost to a very poor Drabby side (no West Ham) and that we will still be above them at the end of the season.

    One good thing, at least that twat on the mike has stopped rolling his rrrrrs when introducing the team…one plus at the CG.

    Credit to Tyson, I think he still wants to be a red.

  6. yes well done Nathan. Conducted himself with decorum, seldom on display at football grounds.

    As for Kenny getting the boot..who knows? If this is fact, I fear the message this portrays to the supporters of a total

  7. Sacking Kenny is disgraceful. The Dictator at the top can’t face honest opinions from a hero who loves our club !!
    YOUR TIME IS NOW UP !!!!!!

  8. What a disgrace if true.What is happening to our once great club?Don’t come on here to often these days (read what people say but choose not to comment),partly because I cant be arsed and am not into all that twitter business.I have heard there is going to be protests before tonight,s game.Again if this is true it saddens me deeply that it is coming to that.But then again after 12 years of Doughty who can blame supporters who spend a lot of cash following the Reds for doing just that (protest). I have never been one to say Doughty Out but like so many fans that point has now come, DOUGHTY OUT PLEASE. This has to be the worst part of the clubs history that I can remember in 23 years as a Reds supporter apart from the League 1 days (which Doughty was to blame for.Ok rant over.

  9. hi all …ive just arrived from italy .. where i live…. to see my team Nottingham Forest .. i post here a lot ..its a great site all credit due…anyway .im amazed that everyone involved at the club but more to the people like myself at great costs ..(and im working class ..ryanair cheap flights are a godsend) SUPPORTERS …can see that the club is heading for disaster ….the DOUGHNUTY MARTHUR must be in comas !!! Billy davies was a great manager for Forest …they will never find another ..wolly brolly is uselless ….he will go ..ASAP …but un fortunately because of the shite system the club has adopted…we are gonna pay a big price ….i wont be surprised if we are battling for safety this season …i dont know what to say anymore ……VIVA FOREST ..VIVA JIM BAXTER …MI DISPIACE PER KENNY …PEROT LA SITUAZIONE PER NOTTINGHAM FOREST E TUTTO MERDER !!! DA LA ULTRAS LAZIO INSIEME CON NOTTINGHAM FOREST …ANOI !!!!

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