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Well, if I can’t get myself motivated for this one there’s something seriously wrong.  It’s the fixture we all looked out for first, and here it is!  Certainly there’s a bit more nervousness than perhaps we’ve felt of late – but as we know, form doesn’t mean a jot in these fixtures.

Certainly the numerous Derby fans of my acquaintance haven’t come across as over-confident in the run-up to this game.

Having said that, they’ve all joined the clamour to get tickets though, and will be ensconced in the away end hoping to see them turn us over in our own back yard.  Given how long it took me to finally see us register a win at Pride Park, it’s an understandable impulse – and it’s not like the Rams haven’t been able to do that to us on our pitch in fairly recent history.

I suspect they’re quietly confident but laying the psychological groundwork to minimise office-based ribaldry come Monday morning should the Reds triumph.  I’d be lying if I said I’d not been meticulously downplaying our own chances of winning in the same manner.

We’ve just sent David McGoldrick out on loan to Sheffield Wednesday so that – with all due respect Dave – is one less sigh for me to make upon seeing what line-up Steve McClaren opts for.  Hopefully that means that Ishmael Miller and Robbie Findley are fit for this – the official site is claiming doubts for Anderson, Tudgay, Findley and Boateng – as well, of course, as Blackstock and McCleary.

Could the loaning out of one of our strikers be a sign of an incoming emergency loan in the run up to this most crucial of games?  Hmm. I wouldn’t like to bet much cash on it, but who knows?

As for our Sheepy neighbours – the big news for them is the long-awaited return to fitness of Nathan Tyson, who is highly likely to make his league debut for the Rams following his summer switch from the nice end of the A5-2.  Whether Nigel Clough opts to start with him (I think he will), or perhaps utilise him as an impact sub remains to be seen – it will be interesting to see the kind of reaction he gets.

Personally I don’t hold much of a grudge against him – a committed and hard-working lad in his time at Forest, with fairly limited ability and certainly past his prime given pace is his main asset.  And of course, as Derby have already discovered, incredibly injury-prone!  Certainly he’ll be on the end of some banter from the crowd but I’d hope not with any real malice.

Derby have obviously enjoyed a much better start to the season than us – indeed, their best start since 1905 I think – although that 100% start has inevitably started to look like a tail-off, and you have to be a bit disappointed with a defeat against Coventry.  As for us, going forward at times we’ve looked sublime – in defence we’ve looked less experience than an under-12s team.

If, and it’s a big if, we can take the game to Derby and keep the emphasis on attacking then we have a chance – but if we let Derby attack us, unless our defensive coaching has somehow miraculously more effective then we could find ourselves in trouble.  A tough game to predict at the best of times – but certainly I would hope that McClaren and co will realise the potency of a win here in lifting the mood of the supporters.

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It’s going to be a tense afternoon, I fear – and after an early start to give myself a suitable mental blanket of alcohol – I’m hoping that the fans play their part in getting behind the boys.  We worked hard to win and retain the Brian Clough Trophy last season – let’s do all we can to keep hold of it, by winning too – not by drawing.

We definitely shouldn’t lose though.  I wouldn’t like that very much at all.

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  1. Think losing Chicken to the Ginger Whinger ia a big boost to the whole team !

  2. We may have only signed Matt last month, but we have owned Derbyshire since 29th December 2010!!!

  3. I really hope those comments on Tyson dont come back to haunt you NFFC! Yes he is a sick note but if he is fit and fired up we know he has the pace and workrate to give any defence the run around.

    I’m praying that Macca sees some sense and puts Lynch at left back and Cohen in midfield but I wont hold my breath!

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  5. Tyson is surely going to score. If our luck doesn’t change then its almost inevitable. I’m personally hoping for a Gary Charles like performance from him though. Is an own goal to the chants of Nathan Tyson is a Forest Fan too much to hope for?

    We can’t lose this one though. Its a really big game not just because its Derby but in terms of morale for the team. What better way to register our first home win of the season against the team we love to beat more than anyone else? I know its early days still but this could be a real season turner.

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  7. I can see the script now ” tyson haunts reds ” Im not that confident for this one our form has been crap and I think they will be quietly confident of turning us over.

  8. I hear their top scorer steve Davies has a back injury and may be rested. Can only hope!!

  9. Anybody know of any decent streams that might have the match on ?

  10. Abject; how can any justification be found for sacking Billy when we have to watch such a spineless display from those selected by his replacement who continues to make management look almost impossible…

  11. I’ve tried really hard to give smc a chance. This was a perfect opportunity to win over fans and get our season on track. But completely agree with Graham. How can BD’s defence be so bad. Because thats what it is. It’s clearly coaching deficiencies. It also, as Graham says, makes a complete mockery of getting rid of Billy. Smc can’t actually have many more games at this rate.

  12. I agree lads I am glad this has happened because wee billy has been vindicated after all the things he used to bang his drum about.Its simple the Forest board let him down and have been consistent in making appalling decisions regarding development we are in a mess.

    As an ex player I worked it out 4 or 5 games ago the players are not playing for this current regime.Billy held things together and the players had passion and were a strong unit that has gone now ND & MA have made a right mess of things this time I fear for us big time we are heading for Div 1 again and its constant snakes and ladders I dont know the answer I feel lost.

  13. Nigel Doughty, Mark Arthur and Kerb-crawler Pleat have managed to brain-wash some fans. I have never been fooled. I respect ND for his input into the club but he has done little else for OUR club. My view is that Forest is just his play thing – I mean who wouldn’t want to won the club they support, I know if I had the money it would be the first thing on my shopping list. If anyone was fooled by his “Finacial Fair Play” excuses then they need to take their blinkers off.

  14. It was a terrible result. Derby are poor and they did very little. It was just self destruction. SMC just has no control on the pitch. I watch England Home and Away and it was the same there! In that last game against Croatia he might well have been stood on the moon and we only needed a draw! He also had a half decent team then and made them shit! he is probably a good coach and has an eye for a player but doesnt know how to get his teams to do what he wants.

  15. kenny burns has been sacked………………what next ??? clowns outfit

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