Forest are Hammered..

Nottingham Forest – 1
West Ham United – 4

Where to start.  Going forward we actually created some chances, but another home game of concerted and dedicated defensive suicide meant that our visitors didn’t really have to get out of second gear to register an impressive looking scoreline.  A really frustrating afternoon – particularly after a promising start.  The Forest website calls it a rare poor defensive performance from Forest.  Did they not see the Leicester game either?  Or the Notts County one?  I could go on…

Despite seemingly finding a side with balance and the right blend of attacking and defending at Wycombe, McClaren opted to fiddle and put Cohen back to left back to accommodate George Boateng in midfield, leaving Joel Lynch on the bench.  Interestingly his first substitution early in the second half would restore the team to how it should have started, but it was too little too late.

Any visiting West Ham fans, this might well end up a whole lot of navel-gazing and general reflections on our woes rather than a detailed match report, you’ve been warned!  Here’s how we started:

Gunter   Morgan    Chambers    Cohen
Majewski    Greening    Boateng    McGugan
Miller    Findley

The opening exchanges were fairly timid from both sides, with no real end product from either side.  With twelve minutes on the clock a McGugan corner found the run of Findley at the near post, but the American striker couldn’t get a decent connection and it appeared to bounce off his shoulder and into the West Ham fans in the lower Bridgford end.

There was promising stuff building from the Reds though – some lovely skills from Lewis saw him jink he way past a couple of defenders into the West Ham area but put his shot over the crossbar.  Shortly after an inswinging Cohen freekick was expertly dealt with by Robert Green, having to wait ’til what looked like the last second in case anybody headed the ball back across him.

So we were holding our own, and sure enough the inevitable occurred – a quick break forward culminated in a Matt Taylor cross which Luke Chambers conspired to put into his own net.  This of course woke up the visiting fans, but also the visiting side – a few minutes later a corner found an unmarked Tomkins, who headed it back across to an unmarked Nolan who had the easy task of heading it in.

Again, Forest had moments going forward – a lovely pass from Majewski set Miller free in the box, his shot getting round Green but just wide of the post too as the ‘keeper seemed to have his angles spot on.  Moments later an excellent cross from Gunter was met by McGugan with a powerful left-footed volley that Green turned onto the post before saving the rebound.

The Hammers were threatening to extend their lead too, though – a deflected attempt by Faubert went only just wide before Carlton Cole took advantage of further clown defending from the Reds with a goal closely resembling their second.  A cross from O’Brien found the unmarked Reid, who headed it on to the unmarked Cole who headed it into the goal past Lee Camp.

It should really have been four too, a hesitant Lee Camp didn’t get out to the striker quick enough and but for Wes Morgan on the line he would’ve had his second.  Nolan too should’ve netted his second goal after good work from Cole found him around six yards out with not a marker in sight, but he put his shot wide.

Another good run from Miller was found by Majewski, as the powerful striker burst into the box he lofted the ball over the advancing Green but just over the goal too – meaning we went in at the break three goals down.  In a way it was harsh, but if you defend like that you get what you might not deserve on balance – coupled with the excellence of Robert Green in the West Ham goal.

The second half saw the Reds labouring to look like they were attacking, and West Ham content to sit back and let them.  With twelve minutes of the second half gone, Steve opted to change the side to the one he should have started with, he released Cohen into midfield, and withdrew Boateng to bring Joel Lynch on to cover the problematic left back position.

Not long later he threw on Derbyshire and Reid for Majewski and McGugan.  Raddy had been our best player by far so I was pissed off to see him withdrawn.  Findley moved to the right, Derbyshire joined Miller up front and Reidy waddled around on the left.  Chants of ‘You Fat Bastard!” by A-Block toward Allardyce were unfortunately timed in this regard!

We snagged a goal finally when Cohen and Lynch did well on he left hand side, culminating in a cracking delivery from Lynch to Robbie Findley who made no mistake from close range.  Why oh why the club put the ‘goal music’ on is beyond me – and why oh why did so many Forest fans dance to it?  Dear me.  Completely embarrassing, and on national television too!

Unfortunately there was some more idiotic defending to come for the Reds – a fairly routine ball into the box was missed by Greening, and hen found its way to Winston Reid at the back post, guess what, unmarked, enabling him to pop the ball seemingly through the seemingly translucent and not-particularly-interested Lee Camp.

Forest did – to their credit – continue to labour forward, but it was increasingly like watching a fly trying to piss off a slumbering lion.  West Ham only really deigning to react when they really needed to – indeed, it was the snoozing big cat that came closest to adding to their lead, an effort from Nolan deflecting off Morgan and ending up just wide with Camp wrong-footed.

As less principled fans streamed out to cries of “Is there a fire drill?” from the West Ham fans, those of us who remained really wanted the final whistle to end our misery – it came just after Robbie Findley had beaten his man and put the ball past Rob Green, only to find a defender on the line to calmly prevent us from getting a second consolation effort.

A disappointing afternoon indeed, and it given our problem is with a zone comprising 80% the same players we’ve used for the last couple of seasons it points to a change in training emphasis – certainly Chris Fairclough moving on as coach could be a factor, as well as perhaps expecting footballers to ‘play from the back’ who aren’t capable of it might be problematic.

The result is a ‘Bermuda triangle’ zone between Camp, Chambers and Morgan that – whenever the ball goes into it – causes all manner of chaos for us.  The captain’s armband weighs heavily on Luke Chambers, who is generally more highly thought of by Forest fans than he has ability anyway, and Lee Camp seems to have lost all of his powers of organisation and vocalising.

Whether the ‘keeper really did fancy that move to the Premier League, whether he’s sulking that he was overlooked for the captaincy and is leaving the shouting to the also-increasingly-muted Chambers is unclear – but certainly he’s looking a shadow of his former self.  Coupled with Cohen at left back who works hard but is often out of position, and it’s no wonder we’re so shaky.

If McClaren can’t see these problems then we could be in trouble – because our defensive bedrock has been the foundation of our recent successes.  Expecting the likes of Wes and Luke to be ball-playing centre halves is silly, but also expecting our fullbacks to provide our width leaves them too far apart when we’re caught on the break and prone to leaving a massive gap in the middle – one that Boateng and/or Greening aren’t filling.

We are seeing the difference between Billy and Steve’s ideals here – Billy had his defence well drilled to ‘do a job’ – he also had Paul McKenna on hand to patrol infront of them to remind them what their job was.  McClaren’s more open style allows players to have a bit more autonomy, unfortunately in the case of some of our players, they need to be given uncomplicated jobs.

Otherwise we end up with defensive displays like yesterday.

Having said all that – there are positives to be taken – we created good chances today and we won’t come up against a ‘keeper of Green’s calibre again this season barring at the Boleyn Ground.  Give Lynch a chance at left back and simplify our defensive players coaching and we could plug these issues at the back.

I would like to see us attempting to recruit players capable of playing to Steve’s template at the back – Gunter certainly can, and there’s possibly room for Morgan or Chambers, but not both.  I would certainly be tempted to divest Chambers of the captain’s armband, and Lee Camp needs a massive kick up the arse.  Sounds simple when you write it down, doesn’t it?

The most important lesson of yesterday was, though, to stop playing Chelsea Dagger when we score a goal.  Please.

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  1. Oh dear: Schteve has (like Billy) had SO MUCH SUPPORT and we now appear to have gone backwards. He has brought in Miller, D*rbyshire, the Boat, Sideways and Reid – and it’s turned into a shambles. We can’t buy even more players, it’s just silly.
    Why did Schteve tinker with the side that beat Wycombe? What is the point of Joel Lynch if he is not going to start? Why are poor Radi and Lewis being shunted to the wings to accommodate the Boat and Sideways?
    Bring back Billy, all is forgiven!
    Will Schteve get the boot by Xmas if this malaise continues?
    What IS Billy doing now!!? His Wikipedia entry is all quiet.

    • He is out of a job, that’s what he does. The page is turned. The sooner we all realise it, the better for the Club.

  2. I watched the whole game on internet live streaming.

    I like the goal music… (always starting with the positives!) And Forest fans dancing to it was an indication they still believed in the team reversing the score, I don’t see anything wrong with that mate. Certainly enjoyed dancing to it after “that” Morgan goal! And they had a reason to believe, because this time around, we were REALLY dangerous up front, against a defensive 5 bound to collect many clean sheets this season. So from this point of view we are moving to the right direction and that’s encouraging.

    Completely agree about the defence though. If people are still wondering what would Calderwood’s job have been if we had signed him, well, there you have it. The team badly needs defensive coaching, as I had also pointed out after the Barnsley and County games. Unfortunately SMC did not dare starting with Lynch, which would give us one more big body at the back (as we all noticed, the 2nd and 3rd West Ham goals came after them playing head volleyball in our area). Poor Wes was all over the place but could not cover for everyone, while Chambo was absolutely nowhere, and surely Camp is not that commanding figure anymore. If he keeps acting childishly and holding his breath about either not going to Swansea or not being made captain, I, one of his biggest admirers, would urge the gaffer either to kick his butt real good (by trying Smith for some games) or to sell him. I have always been negative towards uninterested players in the Club I support. Can he prove me wrong? Here’s the challenge. I want that Camp with his fists up in the air when Forest scored a goal or when he had made a good save. This season’s Camp is not good enough, for me, for Forest or for himself if he really wants to make a name and a career.

    That said, we are now at the same point we were last season (5 pts in 5 games) and even better off than we were in 2009-10 (3 pts in 5 games). We all know what happened next. Come on Steve, be braver, I’m sure you can. Always positive and always keeping the faith. FOREST TIL I DIE.

  3. We have a problem looming – Yesterday after the shambles
    Schteve seemed very downbeat about the fact he knew what he’d got when he came here etc …..
    I’m puzzled by this – because so did we – we had a very capable side that had just missed out in the play offs ! – now we’ve got a shambles

    So what has happened since Schteve arrived is surely the issue – and its not the new arrivals (although most were unfit journey men from the Prem who arrived late due to Marthurs usual incompetence )

    The issue is whats he’s done to the confidence of the players we already had – most look a shadow of last year in terms of confidence ( the only exception is Radi )

    Schteve ,- get a grip – we all know you are not going to get more players – and need to get focused on motivating the players you have first .

    Billy did this very well in my view…… then started moaning about the need for more players – this seems the right approach to me….

  4. Lets hope this was just one of those days but I fear we’ll be watching a few repeats of this game throughout the season but just perhaps with not quite the same scoreline.

    One thing I did notice was that we lack what McKenna used to give us and that is someone to keep talking to the referee. Kevin Nolan was non-stop in his face moaning, trying to win favour, questioning every decision against West Ham and applauding all things given – how he didn’t get booked sooner for going OTT though I’ll never know but not at any point were any of our players saying to the ref how many times are you gonna let him get away with it, with telling him to f-off etc, etc.

    The good thing was that we were getting forward better and attacking with a little more gusto than in all the games prior to the Wycombe cup win.

    But even so we weren’t able to managed more than one goal. I think we are improving however and the goals will come and when they do we’ll benefit from everyone playing more confidently which comes from knowing we can/will score or that we have scored and we’re in control of a game.

    The defence was very poor although Lynch impressed when he came on – more so with effort and in the more advanced positions because he was at fault for not covering the left back area for one of West Hams goals.

    Its a shame we don’t have a dedicated left back, putting Cohen there only to move him late on in all the matches where he’s started at left back just seems strange. Listening to SMC after the match though we’re not going to be addressing that area before the other areas.

    Even though you could argue that we’ve “managed” for the last two seasons lets remember that we’ve had Shorey, Bertrand, and Konchesky filling in during much of that time so to go without this time will really be a test.

    Obviously after a bad defeat its hard to gauge what SMC really thinks with regard to signings, the board, etc but his comments aren’t the most comforting at the moment. I do wonder why for both Billy and Steve we’ve had two people almost seem as though they don’t understand why we’ve not got one player or the other, or what constraints MA and JP are working under.

    We’ve bought in 5 players with lots a experience from the Prem and elsewhere, we’ve resigned Moussi, it now surely can’t be a case of wanting that many more – there are never any guarantees – spend big and they might not live up to it, recruit from the lower leagues and they might not make the step up.

    I think its time we heard more fighting talk and talk that SMC is going to get the best out of the players we’ve got rather than try and buy our way out of it.

    At the moment we’re still only 6 games in under SMC and it’ll take time for us to play to the same levels we reached under Billy Davies who got half a season to see what the players were all about before having two successful seasons. Sure the first half season was under difficult circumstances but he knew the league, he saw the players he had in the league – Steve hasn’t had that chance and is still discovering what it’ll all be about.

    Least he’s two weeks to get them playing the way he wants before two tricky games! God as if the Forest Derby games don’t mean enough as it is, in this one we’ll be looking for our first home victory in the league!!!!


  5. This game was a “wake-up call” for everyone at the club. If the current team face any side that clinically put away their chances they will be punished. The last time I saw such clinic finishing was when the Dalglish Blackburn team beat Forest 4-0 after having only five shots – Sutton and Shearer were amazing that day. McClaren, Marthur and ND need to take a good long hard look at this game and sort things out! I said to my mate that we had been “Allardyced” at half-time.

    The back five (or even seven) are not working and something is seriously wrong. We are missing a leader (sorry Chambo), an organiser (hello Campy?) and a left-back with aerial presence and the ability to do the simple things (this isn’t Cohen). Finally, playing Boateng and ‘Jesus’ in the same team simply doesn’t work as they are too similar. My son is jokingly saying that we should write to George Boateng and take him up on his offer of a season-ticket refund!

    Lynch came on and looked one of our best players and even set up our goal, yet he cannot get into a team that doesn’t have a specialist left-back! Camp has obviously converted to Catholicism over the summer and taken a vow of silence! And giving Chambers the Captaincy appears to have been a massive mistake – the weight of responsibility is clearly affecting the lad’s performances. Meanwhile Wes and Gunts run-around like headless chickens filling all the gaps!

    Going forwards we are starting to look like we mean business, but we MUST put our chances away otherwise teams will just roll us over… The stats paint a rather worrying picture, because without the scoreline a casual observer would say that Forest would’ve edged it:

    Poss’n: NFFC 57% WH 43%
    Shots on: NFFC 9 WH 6
    Shots off: NFFC 6 WH 4
    Corners: NFFC 10 WH 9
    Offsides: NFFC 2 WH 0
    Fouls: NFFC 5 WH 10

    It is time for McClaren to show all of that “world-class” coaching expertise and drill these lads into the well-oiled machine that the Forest faithful became used to seeing under WM Davies. This is your time Schteve to show us that you ARE a good manager…

  6. Camp
    Gunter Chambers Morgan Lynch

    Mcgugan Majewski Cohen Reid

    Findley Miller

    That should be the team. Greening and Boateng need to sit on the bench until they pull their finger out and show the experience they have. in the mean time this team has more balance about it and more energy!

    I dont see why McClaren isnt playing lynch at left back. We created chances and albeit a joke of a penalty against wycombe we looked solid.

    Chambers defending was embarrassing and I agree Camp instead of being assertive is fannying about!

    Pending if we dont get any more players in Id like to see forest play this team…..

    • If you allow me

      Gunter Chambers Morgan Lynch
      Moussi Cohen
      Anderson McGugan Majewski Findley


  7. Steve McClaren has delivered a stark message to the board of NFFC, by telling them he needs additions to his squad if he’s to mount a serious promotion campaign………………….Er ……didnt king Billy tell us all this …??? when we had lined up last summer whittingham and pratley …..the board and load of rollocks asylum commitee blew it ! BRING BACK KING BILLY !

  8. All the points above would seem to infer we had a great back four last year; I beg to differ. Yes the stats look good but I have always felt they flattered to deceive. The signs were often there to see with the back four prone to a lack of composure at times in many games that verged on occasions to shear panic. Many goals were down to self-inflicted errors and, if we are honest, we were lucky to survive a number of games especially in the last quarter of a match.

    We did due, I agree, probably because of the combination of BD’s coaching methods, a more solid (energetic) midfield cover and a central defensive triangle that worked as one most of the time with Chambo playing well above his skills to regain and keep his place; he rightly earning player of the season. But even last season we always had an unbalanced look with the LB position the most obvious factor once Bertie had been recalled by Chelski; neither Lynch nor Konch ever made it their own.

    Yet all we have done this year is weakened the back line-up with the departure of Wilson and Bennett (a recognised LB) with no replacements brought in – ok the former wanted out and the latter didn’t play much but surely he was a better option than nobody. As such we are even more unbalanced and now have no real options either. There is no competition for places at centre-half or goalkeeper and anyone who thinks Smithy is a better option than Camp, sulk or not, clearly didn’t see the Mudpies game (it is telling that no club took him on despite a number of trials). Add to this the opinion stated above and to which I concur, that Chambo has not reacted well to the Captain’s armband. Something does appear to be wrong with Camp but it is up to SMc to find that out and do something about it not let if fester. Morgan, bless him, is a great guy and always gives his best but he is no leader and he depends on the leadership of the the other 2 to function really well.

    What does irk me in all of the is the club management; none of this is rocket science and yet the club remains in denial – LB is not a priority remains the current policy and the likes of Marthur’s pre-match interview before the Barnsley game is typical of the bullshit feedback we keep getting on this issue. Even Doughty, whom I respect and am glad is our CEO before anyone accuses me of wanting him out, was guilty of trivializing this matter in some of his #nffc37 pre-season tweets. Bottom-line is I don’t believe the club has yet woken up, never mind smelling the coffee on this issue and I see little change despite McC sounding more like Billy with every interview. I will accept defence not a LB is ‘the’ priority but a LB must be some kind of priority!

    I am also well aware of the financial challenge to the club especially with the looming FFP rules which is why I am amazed that we bought some of the players in we did (not strikers I hasten to add) rather than concentrate on the one area that many fans would have, and did identify at the end of last season – the defence. Yes the attack was the best I’ve seen for a while and some really encouraging things are going on there but we cannot adopt the notion that we will score more than we concede, not with our defensive frailties.

    Bottom-line, was yesterdays defensive performance really such a surprise? I think it has been brewing for some time.

  9. dear oh dear Schteve. Did you not know to remit before you signed?

    Honestly, nativity seems a pre-requisite when apply for the manager’s job at Forest.

    Doughty has always stated money will be there. What he doesn’t want to here are excuses why you can’t motivate the players, surely an ex-England manager has more tools than that in his box? Or, could it be Schteve, that already, after only a few games, you are simply unaware of what talent we have at Nottingham Forest? The players are there, FECKIN use them correctly!

  10. this manager and board will take us backwards big time, Mclaren cannot motivate, Marthur is a joke, Doughty answers to no one, how many managerial mistakes has he made?
    we are a shambles, if Schteve and the board are feeling pressure, it will be huge amounts more if we perform like yesterday in the next few games.
    We should never have got rid of Billy Davies, I bet he is laughing when he hears Mclarens comments on more/stellar signings

  11. I still can’t see why the rock solid defence from last season act now as though they have never met. Is it our suspect midfield opening them up? Or Camp who’s mind is elsewhere?

    The fact remains that despite shipping 4 goals, this was our best show yet for the 2011-12 season.

  12. I really don’t want Schteve to sign anymore players!! Last season our midfield was totally in control & working 90% of the time. Now he’s trying to fix something that wasn’t broken. Greening, Boateng & Reid, despite “prem experience” have brought nothing to the team! We shouldn’t be talking about missing Mckenna with two holding midfielders in team!! Like it or not this is SMC’s fault! I was positive before the season started but lets be honest for a “quality coach”? we are moving backwards by the week!! There is a real issue with Camp also, looking at him, he’s pissed off & has lost all of his forest passion. I think he wanted that prem move!

  13. I think, like so many of you, this kind of result was just waiting to happen. And it needed to happen so it can bring even greater clarity to the board and management teams with regards to what needs to be done. SMC has already said that WH ‘exposed our weaknesses’. Well if he knows what our weaknesses are (which is half the battle) then I hope he knows how to fix it.

    The Leics game just papered over the cracks. And we’d of papered over some more if Miller/Lewis/Findley had taken their chances yesterday.

    Cohen has to play in midfield and Lynch should get the LB position right now. Raddy and Lewis are the best players technically at the club and Raddy is probably the best passer so he has to play. The team does pick itself right now and I can’t for the life of me see how some people who earn a living in the game can’t see this? The Wycombe game was the best team performance this season because the players knew what they were doing.

    I do not think our season is over though. We’ve seen it more than a few times in the championship that a team stuttering all the way up to christmas can still get promoted. Even Forest under Frank Clark got whacked a few times before we got going. (any one remember Millwall at home beating us 3-0?) And this was a team with Pearce/ Collymore/ Chettle/ Stone/ Woan who were a hell of a lot better than what we’ve got now.

    Also if we have a look at some of the teams around us. Leics are struggling and Ipswich have been smashed not once but twice by promoted teams and they were tipped to do well. And did anybody see any other weird football results yesterday? 8-2. 8-flucking 2! I would say our problems are a lot easier to deal with than some others. Its just a question of knowing them and addressing them correctly. That is what is going to make a difference to our season.

  14. Good report fella you hit most things bang on the nose.We are toiling and I noticed weeks ago that the balance was all wrong in the side Schteve is under pressure now big time.

    Typical Forest Board they are all chat and in my opinion incompetent behind the scenes YOU CANT GET PROMOTED ON THE CHEAP.

    Its going to be a long season so lets all lower our expectations Mclaren is way off the mark with some of his decisions and it damn well shows.

    U reds

    • Sorry, but Blackpool and Norwich did (get promoted on the cheap). On the other hand, Cardiff and Boro last season and QPR in the seasons before last did not get promoted by buying big.

      McClaren – 5 pts in 5 games with a new team in a new environment (Championship).
      Davies – 5 pts in 5 games (2010-11) and 3 in 5 games (2009-10) with an established team in an environment he knew like his back pocket.

      Nuff said.

  15. Just to reinforce some earlier comments. The difference between the way this ‘team’ performs now and the way they performed under Billy is the problem and this is down to tactics and motivation.

    I applaud McLaren for his belief in the passing game and the thought of ‘total football’ would be great if we had a team of Ajax (or FC Twente) players. BUT the reality is we fall far short of that.

    An earlier comment was that we enjoyed 57% possession yesterday, I wonder how much of that was in our own half and how much was passing between central defenders and central midfielders.

    Last season we moved the ball quickly out of defence via pacy full backs and wingers. Now we plod the ball through the middle with Boateng and Greening.

    The squad is the same on paper as last year, a few out, a few in, but the nucleus is the same. The difference is the manager and his tactics.

    It could be a long, painful season.

  16. Great report as usual but one inaccuracy. You credit the manager for substituting Boeteng. Sorry but Boeteng signalled to the bench he wanted to come off a good 5 minutes before he was substituted. My eagle eyed son spotted it. Can’t even give that one to the manager although he did substitute him with the right player.

  17. The manager has changed and we’ve got existing players who played very well under Billy Davies who are not performing very well now. Its the manager’s fault but I don’t “blame” him yet because he clearly needs time (although watching some videos on how Billy’s teams played well and not trying to shoe horn a new system on a already successful side in a league you have no experience of would have been a better way to approach things in my opinon).

    I do, HOWEVER, COMPLETELY “BLAME” Doherty and Arthur because we didn’t need to waste money on a new manager who needed TIME because we already had a very good manager who knew these palyers inside and out, and already knew exactly what he needed to improve the squad for promotion. I know we need to move on, but the ridiculousness of the decison to sack Billy Davies with what he had achieved and with a year left on his contract is unbelievable, and is one (combined with the other long trail of bad decisons taken by Doherty and Arthur) that I find very difficult to stomach.

    In some ways I feel sorry for McClaren as he’s clearly desperate to do well and i’m pretty sure he was not expecting Doherty and Arthur to be quite so inept at transfers, he’s holding on for some signings before Wednesday and I just know that they won’t make enough (if any) to live up to what McClaren originally thought he would get. In fact, I am just waiting for Arthur to pull out his old “We’ve still got the loan market excuse”….

    Without McClaren getting the players he wants we will not be as strong as last season as he needs the players to adapt to his system and I am doubtful that the current crop he has will be able to that with any great success for at least a season. Ultimately, we didn’t need to risk making expensive signings for a new manager or to be giving him the time to work things out, because we already had a very good one who was on the verge of delivering and just needed backing!! Time to move on as we have no other choice, but its very hard to not be completely frustrated with the way this club is run.

  18. Hate that goal music.

    • The West Ham fans seemed to love it, which I have to admit, made me smile. When’s the Moose coming back?

  19. I think we are all surprised at the performances of camp and Chambers. Camp must be frustrated by the incompetence shown in front of him. The new tactics are obviously not working. The midweek team should have stayed as it was !
    If Steve keeps making glaring mistakes like this and keeping Chambers as captain,I will be insuting him by calling him schteve as well.
    Come on Forest players !!
    Air your grievences and get your confidence back !!

  20. Just remember please, our worthies NG & MA decided to sack Billy Davies and pay him reportedly £0.5M in compensation. So during the summer break, we lose a good manager, half a million pounds, several reasonable players, McClaren’s bill from Pickfords and acquire a manager of Wolfsburg, Middlesboro’ and England notoriety.
    By Christmas at the latest we’ll be paying McClaren more £s to nove him on. What, or rather who, could BD have bought with that money had we kept him? Was his outspokenness & criticism that intolerable Messrs Doughty and Arthur?
    McLaren is the 11th manager we’ve had in 18 years, with Frank Clark being the longest in post at just under 3 seasons way back in ’93. Since then we’ve had such inspired managerial appointments as Ron Saunders, Kinnear, Platt, Megson & Calderwood. When we did get a half-decent manager in place e.g. Davies, Hart or Bassett they never seemed to get the support to do the job effectively.

    It’s all very sad and I’m reconciled to another chapter of disappointment and frustration – not just because of of our performance thus far or the absence of “big” money to spend but because there’s no evidence of any leadership. Oh yes – and because we’re still paying David Pleat to consult on something.

  21. Seems like the Chairman reads your tweets NFFC, perhaps you could tell him to get rid of the goal music?

  22. The reality is if you are letting 4 goals or 3 goal( Notts ) you are not going to be in th Premier League. In fact you are going to be fighting for survival. I would have thought the squad BD put together did well for such a young side and would have never let in so many goals. I was rather alarmed at the signing of Reid, Boatang and Greening all very capable players 3 years ago but really they have 1 -2 years left on them.

    While I thought Davis was a little inexpirenced for the Premier League , I still felt he did great things with the squad they were developing nicely. Obviously he did do himself any favours with the management. I wonder if the management is the problem, is there just ‘yes men’ who are more interested in keeping thier job than promoting the club.

    Manager need 3 years to develop a squad and they need the full support from the board. They are not always going to be given the player they want but that is the reality of football. I felt that if BD was incharge with 3 decent signings. I think Forest could go up and stay that way.

  23. PNE fan here reading your comments out of interest. Besides David Moyes, Billy Davies was the best manager we have had at our club in the last 20 years. Our club board did not back him financially at the critical times either and we missed out on promotion. You would probably already be in the prem if your board would have backed him properly. He did save you from certain relegation in his first season. Davies like Moyes was a master at getting the very best out of average players by keeping tactics simple, they all knew thier jobs. Add some quality players into the mix you get promoted.

    Good luck with the clown you now have in charge but i would be astonished if you finish above 15th this season. For your club it is a giant backwards step sacking Davies and letting McKenna go in my opinion but hey, you have to move on and deal with what you have. Good luck anyway

    • Good to get foreign confirmation of what many Trickies believe – that BD was a good, honest and outspoken manager. You’re right as well, we’ll need luck with the clown . . lots of it.

  24. Monday 12:30pm: apparently Schteve is now claiming he hasn’t been backed enough. W-w-w-what? You’ve brought in FIVE new players, mate!!!! Taxi for Schteve

  25. PNE supporter absolutely spot on; Billy would have got us promoted but he just lacked the backing to get us over the line. He’s not the first and like another comments Bassett & Hart were both let down by the club. Bring in another manager and you bring in another philsophy and one which clearly cannot get as much as from the players who are not perhaps as good as Billy made them look. McClaren is the polar opposite of a driven, aggressive, organised and pragmatic Scot; so like it or not but it’s back to the drawing board to an extent. We all know the transfer committee under MA is flawed so welcome to the party Mr McClaren.

    Do find some of the comments on here amusing though those who as I remember it used to slaughter Billy forgetting the way he progressed the club so quickly- You know who you are!!!!!!!!!!

    • Please anyone tell me where you buy your crystall balls from…?
      You’re bound to have one since you’re so sure we would have been up by now if the board was spending more…
      What I saw is that even with the squad King Moaner was slating all the time we were a non-given penalty and three shots hitting the woodwork away from Wembley.

  26. The fact is, regardless of who we are trying to sign, Steve Mclaren is neither a good enough coach or manager to take us up. Most people have the ability to drive a car, but if your instructor is useless then you will never learn. Despite the fact that we have changed our car from a noisy fiesta to a new 106, the instructor remains the same so we will never learn.

  27. schteve …taxi for schteve …hes useless …looking at other clubs on the bench substitute useless players …waste of money schteve deal can ever be done on deadline day ..should have been sorted in the summer …with KING BILLY …….the asylum board should go..pleat ….taxi for pleat an schteve ..HAIL KING BILLY WE NEED HIM BACK !!

  28. Deals can be done on deadline day. There are loads of deals done by other clubs its just that this club is incapable of acting quick enough to get them done.

    The same problems exist with SMC as it did with BD. They are going for players there is little or no chance of signing. Gradel! No chance! Leeds would never let him come to us. If there were other teams from the prem and top leagues in Europe interested then why would he choose to go to Forest? Simply unrealistic transfer targets I thought was BD’s MO. If I was a conspiracy theorist I would say that the board and the managers agree to release names that they know they can’t possibly sign to try and keep fans quiet and use the excuse of ‘well we tried to sign a number of players but down to circumstances beyond our control blah, blah ,blah’.

    The ineptitude all round regarding the most simple of tasks, ie sign a left back, is quite shocking when you think about it. A combination of misplaced faith in other players to deliver in a position they don’t play, lack of faith in players that did/do play in that position (Bennett/Freeman) and the simple failure to recognise the importance of a balanced defence is borderline sub mental. I don’t think I’d trust these guys to get a soup spoon to their mouth without scalding their cheek.

    The saddest thing is after 2 years of building a good squad and getting somewhere we are back to square one again. I know its too early to say that but looking at the performances compared to last season its pretty easy to see why I think that.

    • Garner’s gone to Watford. Where he’ll probably do well. Classic Forest. I bet we end up getting rid of 2-3 players and get no one in.

  29. If he plays every week Garner will get 15 goals this season for Watford. Shame about his awful body language, but wish him well (ish). Never really given a chance at Forest.

  30. listen to radio 5 pleats on now saying clubs need a strong chairman who won’t bow down to managers requesting three players etc etc. Tosser

  31. well said sudge..pleats an absolute arrghsole ! ..and players can be signed on deadline day ..give me a break ..the only players available are players that dont get a game or are out of sorts ! wake up ad- bc ! all deals should be done in close season ..more realistic and better for the club and players…we are just fart arghsing around with this excuse for a manager ..a board thats just init for themselves and a person who puts money in..or should i say LOANS money in our club which is slowly but surely being bled dry ! I travel from Italy to forest games mostly away ones because the city ground wont let you sing or shout your team on ..without some twaat in a yellow coat telling you to sit down an shut up !! ..bring back .oh bring back ..bring back our Billy to us .to us !!!!

  32. Sisco, I was pointing out that Forest signing players on deadline day will never happen even if there were any good players to go for. You’re right, its all been left too late and should of been sorted when SMC first came in, now he’s got the excuse that BIlly had. Except I suspect he’ll do worse than Billy. But get real, we are never going to get BD back are we? They kicked him out FFS! And the board aren’t going anywhere either so where does that leave the us?

  33. yes ad bc ………..i know we are not gonna get KING BILLY back …..which is a real shame ..a manager with passion ..god ..he would never have sat in that dug out on sunday rubbing his head in his hands like our schteve was ..hed have been spitting and blowing , farting and kicking ..yelling and growling ! might not have got us much better …but it would have shown the players that they have to up the game a bit ! …its all a shambles at our great club ..whats the answer ? for me ..we need the consortium Tony woodcock once had …some investor that really loves the club for what it is ..not a bunch of parasites living off the blood of our club ..but its all down to us the supporters to demonstrate ..instead of sitting in our seats being told what we can sing or cant sing about …but its never gonna happen …we will just have to hope schteve resigns …and we finish mid table ..and hope we get rid of the parasites ..but ..its just a dream ! …hang on ..just heard weve signed pret withe . unkanny burns and barry loyd and a young man by the name of stiart pearce ! ..the futures bright ..the futures …………………………..?????????????????????

  34. Leicester have got Beckford,Birmingham have got Elliot and Forest have got…mark arthur……………………………………..We couldn’t risk 4 million for Bertrand !!!!!!

  35. After Pleats comments on the radio ,there has to be a demonstration to get him out.
    Steve has to be informed of Pleats anti manager attitude so one of them leaves NOW before too many more points are lost !!!

  36. Grab your scarf,take your seat,and make some noise,just reading the front of my season ticket,my investment for this season is over 800 quid for 3 tickets,a lot of cash out of my yearly wage,ND multi millionair has shown his ambition yet again,i am now watching a team that is a fookin shambles compared to the PLAY OFF team under Billy,12 years now under this chairman,1 top 3 finish,3 years in Div 1,countless shite managers,the bloke can make money,but when crowds wont pay the 30+ quid to get in to watch this shit he might do something about it…………………….

  37. So Steve looks like he is going ! Can’t blame him…
    Would Billy come back if Pleat was thrown out ???
    It’s still his squad !
    I’m sure most Forest supporters would be happy.
    I can’t see any other manager coming into a club with no ambition !!
    I can’t believe what’s happening, but should have known as Arthur and Pleat are still with the club !!!
    Doughty now has to make some serious changes with OUR club IF he wants to keep it !!!
    It’s make your mind up time Nigel !!!!!

  38. They sacked Billy because they said he could take the club no further,what the fuck do they no about the playing side of the game ,all i here is ND saved the club,blah blah blah ,the debt has not gone its him thats got the club by the bollox,its him thats holding the club back,if Steve walks who would want to work for the lying faceless bastards that run this club.why get a manager in at all if you dont let him manage,let MA pick the team as i am not sure what that bloke is payed to do…

  39. Absolutely cringing from Mclaren. Hate this man -with a passion – please leave ASAP. I always stick up for Doughty, however seeing as has hired managers such as Megson, Platt and now Mclaren, my sympathy has all but gone. This club seems to be stuck in time, look at how clubs such as Swansea, Brighton, Stoke, Wigan have all gone past us. We are no longer a big club.

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