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So Sunday’s pain-in-the-arse kick off time enables Championship TV coverage to continue its love affair with West Ham United.  Despite the inconvenience factor I’m quite looking forward to it – I quite like the Hammers for a couple of reasons, firstly my first away game was against them, at Villa Park in 1991.  We won 4-0 but my abiding memory is the West Ham fans never stopped singing despite getting a shoeing after Tony Gale’s harsh sending off.

The second reason is that West Ham were our first league visitors after Brian Clough passed away – an emotional occasion for us, and the fans who travelled up from London that day were absolutely immaculate in their observation of the minute silence and joining in our plethora of Clough related chants.  I’m not sure what that has to do with previewing the match, but there you go!

Forest will hopefully be heartened by a fortunate-but-spirited fightback after an awful start against Leicester, followed by a fluid and impressive attacking display against Wycombe.  Unfortuantely, Sam Allardyce teams aren’t famous for the open and free-flowing style that Wycombe opted for that allowed us the opportunities to keep attacking them repeatedly.

Our visitors are generally regarded as hot favourites to go back up, retaining plenty of top notch players for this level as well as adding the likes of Kevin Nolan to their ranks.  Having said that, it’s been a sluggish start for them – particularly at Upton Park.  Unfortunately for us they’ve fared better away from home, winning at Doncaster and Watford already.

Whilst only Dex is still not training – Ando, Reidy and McCleary are still out with injuries – the slight knock Derbyshire picked up to keep him out of the squad for Wycombe has cleared up so he may well feature too.  Guy Moussi has stepped up his return to action with a run out in the reserves against Burton Albion.

Big Sam opted to make big changes against Aldershot in the cup midweek, which led to them being knocked out.  It’s likely a return to a full strength line-up is on the cards which will certainly pose a big challenge for the Reds.  The only player missing for them is McNaughton who is suspended following a red card in the Carling Cup.

The leader of the opposition? Fnar!

They’ve just signed Sam Baldock from the MK Dons, who looks uncannily like Ed Milliband – he was apparently highly sought after, although I must admit I’ve not heard about him before – and Leicester haven’t bid for him yet – so he can’t have been that much in demand!

The future of Scott Parker remains unclear but is subject to strong interest from Tottenham Hotspur – who are apparently in talks with the Hammers over securing his services.  Hopefully those talks are fruitful – I’d be happy to not see him in the starting line-up!  Not that he is the only player they have to be worried about, of course.

A spectacularly difficult one to call.  If we play like we did against Leicester from the off, then we’ll get annihilated.  Hopefully we can take something from the subsequent cup game to show some attacking impetus but retain some defensive steel to cope with what I would expect to be a more challenging attacking display by West Ham.

I’m afraid I fear another bad result, folks.  Then again, I am a bit of a pessimist these days.

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  1. Good comments,but I’m expecting a draw here !
    It[s 7.45 in the morning on P2Pfor me and am really looking forward to this one .
    A good test to see where we are ,and a win for us would really boost confidence before the Southampton visit !
    A loss will get Steve trying to persuade Nigel to get his cheque book out again before wednesday !!

  2. I think Schteve will be really up for this one as it’s on the telly. I’m hoping that he’s learnt that you have to play Cohen in midfield and two defensive midfielders simply doesn’t work at the moment. My guess is that Moussi could start and Derbyshire will be on the bench:

    Camp, Gunter, Morgan, Chambers, Lynch, Greening, Moussi, Cohen, McGugan, Miller, Findley.

    I want to play Majevski, but I think Schteve won’t risk him against West Ham as their midfield is rather impressive. It should be a great game and atmosphere….

  3. I hope mcclaren sticks to the same team as he played vs wycombe.

    Lynch should always be played at left back. cohens engine is so important for us.

    And i hope moussi doesnt play. whenever he just comes back from an injury hes dreadful. remember the matches last year?20 mins at best for him. no boateng! lets be attack minded!

  4. I agree with these comments. Schteve must stop Billy-style tinkering. He must start the same team that started against Wycombe. End of. PS Radi is a genius and must start each game.


  6. For all the huff and puff up front still no end product,yet due to sunday league defending we get a good f@@kin drubbing and it could have been more,Mclaren tells radio Nottm left back is not to much of a problem,after today i would say the whole back line is a problem and its not just today,i have made all 4 home games so far and to be honest its been f@@@in dire,i hope the board back the man in charge but i just have no faith in the wankers that run this once great club…………………..

  7. 4 goals? who are we, arsenal? let’s shore up the back line please. jesus.

  8. I don’t think Steve McClaren was at the Wycombe game because if he was watching that game, he would surely have known that we need Cohen’s engine in midfield and that Lynch is very useful at left back. A very worrying failure to note the bleedin’ obvious!

  9. This game was a “wake-up call” for everyone at the club. If the current team face any side that clinically put away their chances they will be punished. The last time I saw such clinic finishing was when the Dalglish Blackburn team beat Forest 4-0 after having only five shots – Sutton and Shearer were amazing that day. McClaren, Marthur and ND need to take a good long hard look at this game and sort things out! I said to my mate that we had been “Allardyced” at half-time.

    The back five (or even seven) are not working and something is seriously wrong. We are missing a leader (sorry Chambo), an organiser (hello Campy?) and a left-back with aerial presence and the ability to do the simple things (this isn’t Cohen). Finally, playing Boateng and ‘Jesus’ in the same team simply doesn’t work as they are too similar. My son is jokingly saying that we should write to George Boateng and take him up on his offer of a season-ticket refund!

    Lynch came on and looked one of our best players and even set up our goal, yet he cannot get into a team that doesn’t have a specialist left-back! Camp has obviously converted to Catholicism over the summer and taken a vow of silence! And giving Chambers the Captaincy appears to have been a massive mistake – the weight of responsibility is clearly affecting the lad’s performances. Meanwhile Wes and Gunts run-around like headless chickens filling all the gaps!

    Going forwards we are starting to look like we mean business, but we MUST put our chances away otherwise teams will just roll us over… The stats paint a rather worrying picture, because without the scoreline a casual observer would say that Forest would’ve edged it:

    Poss’n: NFFC 57% WH 43%
    Shots on: NFFC 9 WH 6
    Shots off: NFFC 6 WH 4
    Corners: NFFC 10 WH 9
    Offsides: NFFC 2 WH 0
    Fouls: NFFC 5 WH 10

    It is time for McClaren to show all of that “world-class” coaching expertise and drill these lads into the well-oiled machine that the Forest faithful became used to seeing under WM Davies. This is your time Schteve to show us that you ARE a good manager…

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