Reds make Derby-sure of latest signing..

It’s an unfortunate surname for a Forest striker to sport, but a few goals will soon see that ignored!  The move to sign Derbyshire from Olympiakos been widely speculated about for a couple of days now, culminating in sightings of him at the ground for the game yesterday.  Of course, the official website is yet to confirm the news, but a three year deal has been confirmed by the player himself on Twitter:

 Speculation from a few places (with the addition of a bit of common sense) suggest that the former-Blackburn man will don the number nine shirt for the Reds – of course, for those fans who want to honour the new player with shirt printing of their own Forest might need to get hold of some iron-on asterisks to take the sting out of having our neighbouring county on their shirts.

I jest, of course – the lad’s name is just an amusing diversion.  What is quite exciting is that we are picking up a striker with both Premier League and Champions League experience, whilst the stat purists will point to a less-than-impressive ratio of goals and games – but they are not allowing for substitute appearances and game time spent on the wing.

Certainly in Derbyshire we don’t have a lone striker or target man in him, from my sketchy knowledge, but he’s got an eye for goal and has been capped fourteen times at under 21 level for England.  I’m sure our signing of him will be causing envious glances from fellow Championship clubs.

After failing at an unexpected final hurdle to sign Verhoek (who has gone to another team in Holland today – tapped up? Much?) it’s welcome news that we have a reinforcement coming in.

So, a big welcome to Nottingham to Matt – I’m certainly looking forward to seeing him strut his stuff in the Garibaldi – and I’ll end with a fantastic idea for a chant that I just spotted on this thread in LTLF:

Derbyshire, Derbyshire,
Matty Derbyshire,
He’s not to blame
For his shit name
Matty Derbyshire!

(To the tune of the old classic ‘Stevie Stone’ song 🙂 )  Let’s make that one happen!  Of course, there’s always that niggling doubt until we see the picture on the Forest website – particularly in the light of the Verhoek nonsense – but surely this time it really is a (touches wood, rubs lucky rabbit’s foot etc etc) done deal?

Edit: Robin Chipperfield has just posted that this indeed isn’t quite a done deal, there’s a few things to iron out which is why there has been no official announcement – so the Matty himself was a little trigger-happy with his Tweet.  If that’s a sign of his eagerness to get stuck in with the Reds, then that’s no bad thing!

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  1. Oh god I hope that nothing fucks this one up…….

  2. Welcome Matty! Delighted you’ve come from my one club to the other!!!

  3. great chant lets hope he joins and gets us goals.

  4. Its now on the official site. Surely nothing can go wrog now. ? ???

  5. Very happy with this signing, wouldnt look twice if some Prem teams had snapped him up in fairness.

    One thing that does worry me now is that with the apparent signing of Ishmael Miller just days away from being completed, surely we’re doing the same thing we’ve done the past few seasons? We have the likes of Findley, Garner, McGoldrick and Blackstock and now with Derbyshire thats five front men (admittedly one is injured and one has become more of a winger) but still… surely the reported £2m for Miller would be better spent filling other areas i.e. the dreaded left back position.

    Nevertheless I think Derbyshire is a good buy, although there doesnt seem to be many reports on how much he cost, any ideas? I will now try and get used to the sight of ‘Derbyshire’ on the back of a Forest shirt!

  6. With that argument I completely forgot about Tudgay, Miller would be our 7th forward! Looking at the squad online its clear where our problems lie, we have 7/8 quality midielders 6/7 quality strikers and, well… 3 quality defenders with absolutely no cover except Brendan Moloney! Hopefully McClaren (well, the acquisitions panel) will realise this before the end of the window,

  7. well, clearly we are short of real experience up front after Earnshaw left, this is adding depth to the squad really. We all suspect that Garner has about 5 games left to prove his worth, Dex will need time

  8. I believe Tudgay and Mcgoldrick would be the forwards to sell (if possible). I still think Garner can do a job for us.
    Still cant forgive Tudgay for missing open goals last year at Leeds and against Swansea in play-offs-he is good in the air but offers little else.

  9. Great signing, very pleased.

    I agree that I think McGoldrick should maybe even go out on loan, he seems to lack confidence since he came to Forest. Remember the goals he WAS scoring for Southampton before he signed for Forest; what happened to that young man. Check his goals on Youtube if there still available. He did score a STONKING goal v Palace back end of last season if my memory serves me, if only he shot like that a few times each match but he seems to have lost his mojo… Damn shame!

    Can Findley play as a winger? Thought he was superb vs County. I’m still trying to find out why he wasn’t even on the bench vs Barnsley, his truly gifted pace would definitely have made a difference in a game of that nature. Well I think so anyway.

    Here’s hoping there’s a game on Saturday and this rioting/looting stops; it really is tragic.

  10. * they’re not there (shameful grammar)!

  11. Good signing as you state he has champions leage plus prem experience thats much better quality than we have at mo.Findley / Matt D / Dex / Garner will get us the goals this season along with Google and Reid .

    U reds

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