Forest vs. Notts County preview..

With more Notts County fans in the City Ground than they would’ve averaged at home last season, and Forest only reluctantly opening the upper tiers for the home areas – it underlines the danger that Forest might not be taking this fixture too seriously.  Or at least the fans certainly aren’t – not that the early rounds of the League Cup generally do engender massive interest.

It’s true we’ve not faced our city rivals in a competitive fixture for 17 years, that day still celebrated as ‘Sir Charlie Palmer Day’ when a header from the aforementioned Charlie Palmer earned the Magpies a 2-1 victory over Forest at Meadow Lane.  That season the Reds were to ascend to the Premier League in second place, whilst Notts County just missed out on the play-offs.

Times change for both sides since then, and that’s for sure – although Forest of course remain in the second tier.  After a lengthy stay in the basement division Notts County sensationally underwent the Munto Finance ridiculousness – but the legacy of that most amusing of con-jobs has at least given them a leg-up to League One where with Martin Allen installed at the helm may give them enough to get up another league.

Are you Derby in disguise? County captain Bishop greets the travelling Notts fans at Carlisle..

An opening day trip to Carlisle and a comfortable victory secured with three first half goals and no reply would suggest he has his side in confident mood.  Certainly ol’ ‘Mad Dog’ will recognise the invincibility a win over Forest would deliver for him in the eyes of Notts County supporters – and as such, I’m anticipating them to provide a stern test for the Reds, who endured a less emphatic start to the season yesterday.

Whilst much of the County squad might be unfamiliar aside from perhaps names that Colin Slater mentions quite a bit, there’s a few recognisable names in there for Reds fans.  Controversial front-man Lee Hughes undeniably knows where the net is, whilst Forest youth-team cast-offs Bencherif and Westcarr will undoubtedly be keen to impress.  Ravenhill and Bishop too could prove a threat from midfield.

As for us, certainly a more attacking display is required from the boys in Red.  Steve McClaren will hopefully have taken on board that neither McGoldrick nor Garner are suited to the lone striker role if your entire midfield is going to withdraw to the extent that ours did.  I’m expecting him to mix things up a bit – although it’s too early in the career of the Reds manager for us to hope to predict matters!

A chance for the likes of Findley and Moussi who didn’t even merit a place on the bench could inject a bit more enthusiasm into the lacklustre showing on Saturday.  Whilst the cup isn’t the priority, and there’s no real glory in defeating Notts County, a win would be a welcome boost for manager, squad and fans alike.  I don’t think it will be easy though, certainly County will be more up for it than Barnsley were.

If nothing else a victory for the Reds will prevent what will seem like a lifetime of gloating from Colin Slater on Radio Nottingham.  For that alone it’s got to be worth making the effort!!  For Reds fans, their latest kit looks like a Derby shirt, so we could always pretend they’re the real enemy in order to muster up a bit of excitement for the fixture?

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  1. oh colin slater – what is the deal with his accent? where is he from? “leey yooos scores a gole”. ive always wondered what he looks like. itd be amusing if he read the news(nyooos), although perhaps hed have to stop commentating on county(cowwwn’teh)

    • Here he is: Link

      He’s actually from Bradford, but I’m not sure you’d call his manner of speaking a traditional Bradford accent – probably more of a traditional BBC accent back from the days of standard English and received pronunciation!

  2. were ever he is from he is a boring c**t to listen to always turn the radio down when he comes on…..

  3. Of course he is biggaz, he’s a Notts County fan.

  4. Banana skin territory this we will have to be up for it no complacent nonsense Forest please ……..

    U reds

  5. Millar and Verhoek in Nottingham for medicals,a bit of good news at last……………

  6. I actually think Robbie Findley would be a good addition as a sub. As an American I am no great fan of his, but he’s very fast and gets into the box and can create chances, even if his finishing is poor

  7. Super slick Forest cock up another transfer deal in Wesley from Holland im starting to feel sorry for Mclaren.They are just not on the ball no matter what way you view them ……… very very poor again !

  8. You’d think maybe Jimmy-Floyd and George Boateng might have been able to help him and counsel him, be a bit more familiar for the lad. Not there job I suppose, just a thought.

    I am absolutely gutted Verhoek’s not signing, having seen him in action , he could’ve been a legend in the making.

    Anyone remember late 80’s, early 90’s when derby played at the baseball ground and a Gypsy woman went there to “lift a curse”; it was on central news I recall. Well I’m beginning to think Forest could use some spiritual help/hocus pocus whatever, ‘cos things just seem unbelievable at this club sometimes!

    Let’s see what other irons McClaren has in the fire, to quote him.

    3-1 Forest win tonight, onwards and upwards.

  9. What a great match (only spoilt by the totally negative Wally behind me who kept saying that Forest “lacked composure” and that we will have a “relegation battle on our hands this season” – even when we won!). I’m sure most Forest fans thought that Lee Hughes was going to score that penalty – what a terrible finish. I thought Finlay took his goal(s) well and we looked better when we changed to 4-4-2. Our defensive issues are being caused at full-back in my opinion and although Cohen is clearly giving it a real go, he will cause Chambo and Morgan some real issues this season – we need a proper left-back!

    The Verhoek saga appears to be a very odd one to me and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him move to another English club before the end of the season – maybe we could have another go in January? Anyway, strong rumours are circulating that Matt Derbyshire is signing with Miller this week – these guys will make a difference and help the team play how McClaren wants to. Although I want him to do well I think McGoldrick needs to move on and maybe Garner or Tudgay should follow him out of the door – they really are lacking in confidence at this level and it shows.

    I’m sure things will start to fit into place under Schteve, but we really do need to be patient as he is definitely going to try to revolutionise the way the team has played for the past 2.5 seasons. It struck me last night that despite his obvious faults, Billy got his team playing at least 50% better than any other manager would. In hindsight, he would’ve struggled to harness that nervous energy again for another season so he had to go. Schteve is a completely different character and he will need time to get things changed around. The fans need to be patient!

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