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I must admit I’ve been a little less engaged with our summer activities this season compared to usual for a number of reasons, so the season starting tomorrow has snuck up on me rather.  It’s good to think we’ll be back to regular jaunts to the City Ground and around the country after that long summer break and all the incessant clamour and nonsense that goes with it in terms of people spreading outlandish rumours and whatnot.

Steve McClaren’s first competitive game comes at a time where he’s both disappointed and happy with how transfers have gone – depending on which papers you read.  It’s fair to say though I don’t think we’ve done quite as much business as we’d have liked once again in the summer – although people doing the simple arithmetic assessment of “nine out, there in” are missing the point a little I feel.

Certainly I’m expecting to see debuts for Greening, Boateng and a second debut for Reid – and we might even see a full debut for Robbie Findley who’s only appeared as a substitute so far.  It seems that Chris Cohen will fill the troublesome left-back spot (I bet Mark Arthur is regretting that preseason interview relating to left-backs now!), with Chambers sporting the captain’s armband – a surprise for me, I was expecting Greening to get it.

Chambo is a good candidate though – he’s vocal, passionate and does have leadership qualities.  I do think he has room for improvement but he has time to do that too, and I offer him hearty congratulations on being handed the armband.  Wes will be alongside him, Gunter at rightback, Anderson seems to have impressed preseason – maybe he’ll feature, or maybe McGugan – leaving the likes of McGoldrick, Garner and Tudgay to fight out the place up front.  I’m sure my guessing will be completely wrong – maybe Lewis switching to number 10 is a signal that he might be being considered as a more overt striker?

The Tykes have a few new signings too – Perkins, Davies, Addison, Done, Wiseman, McNulty and Edwards replenish Barnsley who finished a disappointing seventeenth last season.  That said, aside from the half season loan of injury-prone Miles Addison from Derby I must admit none are particularly well-known to me.  Not that my knowledge of players is any kind of precursor for how effective they may be, admittedly.

It’s a new era for Barnsley under manager Keith Hill, who replaced Mark Robins after he’d resigned over ‘differences with the board’ at the end of last season.  It was initially confusing for me, as I’d mixed up his name in my head with a local hairdressing chain called Keith Hall!  Anyway, I digress.

The dawning of Steve McClaren’s era as Forest boss hasn’t been exactly smooth with the apparent difficulties in securing the players he wanted.  That said, I’m pretty pleased with the ones he has secured – I’m sure he’ll see it as important as we do to get off to a good start against – on paper – an opponent we ought to be beating at the City Ground.  Of course, I’m sure Barnsley will have ideas of their own about how to go about getting off to a good start of their own!

One thing’s for sure, I’ll be mighty glad to take my seat at the City Ground again at the weekend and start to refocus on football and Forest-related discussions being based on what happens on the pitch and not off it!  I really can’t wait!

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  1. Welcome back nffc good to see you online again and hope all fellow reds had a good preseason.Our side looks more balanced with the experienced trio and looking forward to seeing Findley unleashed.

    We lack depth as we all know I expect a few loans to come in and bolster the squad we are going to need them in the days ahead.I still think we are trying to get promoted on the cheap thats why we havent gone up yet.

    All the best to Shteve hes got a tough job ahead.

    U reds

  2. Really good to be reading a preview from yourself again and mirrors my feelings greatly.
    McGugan switched to 10 at his own request as he said that’s the number he played in as a kid and prefers it (according to his twitter a few days ago).
    I was chuffed to see Chambers as captain and he would have been my choice. He’s obviously very passionate and vocal on the pitch and seems popular with staff and players.

  3. I have faith in Schteeve and I’m really interested to see the team sheet tomorrow, in particular who starts between the Moose and Boateng, personally i think they are to similar to start together, at home anyway. I think we will see McGugan playing a more advanced role this season which I think he will relish & I’ve got faith in Findlay to be our surprise 20+ goal machine this season!

    Team selection prediction:


    Morgan Chambers (c)

    Gunter Cohen



    Anderson Reid





  4. NFFC is back, the new season starts tomorrow and I don’t have to read those crappy NEP articles with their ludicrous responses anymore. Happy days.

    That team Pineapple looks pretty good to me. But it seems that Raddy has been forgotten about. I think with the quality of Reid and Greening plus Boateng we may have more footballers on his wavelength. His pass to Earnie in the playoffs just highlights that this guy is quality he just needs the runs from other players. Can Findley make them? We have got to have one of the strongest midfields in the champ if not THE strongest, surely they’ll be plenty for the likes of Tudgay, Garner and McGoldrick to feed on. Here’s hoping.

    • RADDY!

      I knew I’d overlooked someone – I actually think that Schteve will see the value of Majewski more than Billy did too.

      Right, I officially give up on trying to predict the starting eleven!

  5. I must admit, despite the fact I’m in my mid forties and entering my 31st year as a season ticket holder, I’m so excited about the start of the season. My love for Forest shows no sign of slowing down and 3.00pm tomorrow cannot come quick enough. Let’s just hope that our time has come and we get the promotion we all crave. You Reds!

  6. I agree about midfield. I dont think we have the forward line in place yet to play 4-3-3 which i think schteve will prefer at home. If we play 4-2-3-1 we just about have a chance of using our midfield riches.

    Boateng looks a cut above moose – he was holding off psv players for fun – they couldnt get the ball off him. Good for moose to have to compete for a place.

    If we go 4-2-3-1 i expect he will play camp, gunts/wes/chambo/cohen, greening/boateng, reid/google/ando, then one of either findlay or garner. Expect radi on as an impact player, as well as tudgay.

    Cant wait

  7. I can see boateng being used more than the moose but its good to have options.

    Im expecting a lot from Greening this season.

    Also whats thoughts on forest in talks with Ishmael Miller. A battering ram for 2million is a bit steep but at least it shows we have some cash to spend.

    Think sven will get him tho as he played at man city under sven and they smash our wage structure to bits!

    2-0 forest

  8. Yes, I concur, its great to be back. As usual, the first day ot any new season excites and fills me with anticipation. Top that with a new manager and a new decent midfield trio and Im fit to burst!!!

    Reidy could be pivotal for me as he looked class against PSV and if (big IF) we can keep him fit and focused, then he will add some much needed creativity to the midfleld.

    And finally, I’ve never been Chambo’s biggest fan, but credit where credit is due, he had a great season last season and congrats to him landing the captains armband. I hope the responsibility brings his game on even more.

    So one more sleep and thats it. Game on……

    U REDS

  9. Once again our first 11 and bench looks as strong as most in this league but beyond that we’ve got little. Having seen boateng in pre season he still looks to have something about him, i’d expect mousse to be first choice though or he’ll soon be regretting not following Tyson down the 52!
    Having seen him struggle against lincoln defence the other week i’m not expecting much from Findley, i knows its early days but he didnt look particularly quick to me. I’d expect to see Mgugs playing off a central striker more this season now we’ve got reid to play left but ando needs competition to keep him on his toes. Does anyone know what happened to Macleary? He’s listed as injured but i’ve not seen anything else, i was hoping a new manager might give him a proper chance

  10. Welcome back NFFC. I’m sure Doughty said that Schteve has widened the pitch again (after Billy had narrowed it) and that is a positive sign.

    But doesn’t Schteve play a 4-3-3? If so, where do the wide men fit into that? If it is either side of the lone striker then whoever that is will be all on his own.

    For me, I’d stick with 4-4-2, let Moussi sweat it on the bench for taking so long to re-sign and missing half of pre-season! Lewis a free role behind Tudgay.


    Radi, Finlay and Garner as impact subs. COYR!

  11. camp, gunter, chambers, morgan, cohen, anderson, greening, boateng, reid, mcgugan, garner, in a 4231 formation but would sooner us play a 442 with findley and tudgay upfront taking boateng out midfield

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