Praise the Lord! Forest sign Greening!

It’s been talked about for some time, but the blessed relief (okay, I might stop with the tenuous Jesus references before I get started…) of Forest actually completing the signing of Jonathan Greening from Fulham arrived today.  After the departure of Paul McKenna he very much looks like the ‘experienced head’ in midfield – and, of course, a potential captain.

He joins Andy Reid as Steve McClaren’s second signing.  Starting out at York, he ended up at Manchester United where of course the gaffer was Ferguson’s assistant, before following Schteve to Middlesbrough in 2001, before leaving for West Brom where he ended up skipper and a popular figure – latterly being loaned and then sold to Fulham.

A big welcome to Jonathan – he’s got himself a three year contract and has signed for an undisclosed fee thought to be around £600k.  I’m quite pleased with the move – and not just because it’s a signing, any signing – I do think he’ll add the kind of experience and guile we need in midfield, but perhaps with a little more quality than former skipper Paul McKenna offered.

Rumours are also abounding that we have or are about to agree a three year contract with Guy Moussi, presumably after his agent failed to pimp him around all and sundry and had to resort to us (forgive my cynicism, the Moose will be a welcome sight in a Forest shirt again next season, but the delay naturally rankles a little bit!).

So with the midfield bolstered by potentially three now (admittedly with one rumoured re-signing) all eyes revert to that troublesome left-back position, and, well, the six or so more signings that Steve McClaren claimed he needed not so long ago.  It will be interesting to see how many of them he gets…!  As Kenny Burns says, Greening is a start, but it’s only a start…

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  1. The SPIRIT in the squad will be good with Jesus joining us. How long before his first red card is greeted with “HE’S NOT THE MESSIAH, HE’S A VERY NAUGHTY BOY!”

  2. Hopefully he’ll perform MIRACLES and we’ll be back up there in no time.

  3. Hes a good player good on Schteve thats 2 quality players in only another 6 to go .

    U reds

  4. Totally agree about Moussi – the delay in him making a decision, particularly if the rumours are true that Derby are one of the teams he is considering, really annoys me. That said, if he does sign, I will put my anger aside and welcome him back to the fold. We do need more than Greening though, quality signing that he is, as the squad is still dangerously thin and we definitely need to treat Swansea’s alleged interest in Camp with the same disgust their chairman and fans did when Mark Arthur tried to get Pratley last season.

  5. This can be viewed as a straight swap for McKenna as Reid can be for Tyson. I think we’ve got the better players here. Coupled to the news that Moussi has resigned. I think its pretty positive.

    I’ve been amazed at how many doom mongers are out there. (Especially on the NEP comments) I don’t know why I bother reading them?

    Lets look at it objectively. There were a lot of players at Forest that needed to move on for the good of the club and for themselves.
    1. Kelvin Wilson – Never played for us since he turned down the new contract. He effectively wasn’t there even though still registered at the club and we didn’t miss him. Jamaal Lascelles will take his place.
    2. Paul McKenna – past his best and in Greening we’ve got someone who will do his job but better.
    3. Nathan Tyson – Sad to see him leave, especially to Derby but I think he needed to go for his own career as he was never going to get played as Striker. Andy Reid comes in and we all know he is a better player.
    4. Julian Bennet – Never played and can’t be counted as missed. Another player that needed to move on for his own career as he was not going to get a look in. At best he was going to be substitute left back and I think Forest will use Kieran Freeman for this purpose.
    5. Rob Earnshaw – Expensive and had a bad season last year. Billy’s rotation policy probably didn’t help. This is one player I’d like to see replaced with real quality. Billy Sharpe/Nicky Maynard would be great.
    6. Nialle Rodney – C’mon, I can’t believe we are counting this guy as one of the 9 players who need to be replaced. Deemed surplus to requirements. Good luck to him.
    7. Matt Thornhill – Same as above.
    8. Dele Adebola – Game and could be effective but we have strikers that never played for us last season in Garner and Findlay who I feel will get more a chance this season and there is no reason why they won’t do better.
    9. Boyd – On loan so does it count that we don’t replace him? Too expensive and I’m pretty sure if he’d of fired us into the prem then he’d be signed by now.

    Forest still have a really good side. Defence: Camp, Gunter/Maloney, Wes, Chambers, with Lynch, Lascelles and Freeman as subs. Midfield: Anderson, McGougan, Majewski, Cohen, Reid, Moussi, Greening with the possibility of Routledge too. Attack: Garner, Findley, McGoldrick, Tudgay, McCleary and Blackstock to come back.

    When you look at the above I think we probably need 2-3 more players to make us stronger than last season, not 8-9. We STILL unbelievably need a left back. Rumours of Shorey are circulating but we’ve heard that before. I think with another striker and maybe another defender that’ll be enough to have a good go at it. The lack of faith shown by some sets of fans in the nucleus of the squad is pretty rotten and also their lack of faith in some youth to come in and bridge the gap. Which is also probably one of the reasons Billy isn’t here anymore, he didn’t want to even give them a chance. I’m looking forward to what happens this week as I don’t think our signings are over yet.

    • I don’t see the point in moaning about a lack of transfers either mate, especially when there’s still time left in the window. I also don’t think we need a full 8 new players to make us better than last season, in fact, with a fit Blackstock in for Earnie, Greening in for McKenna and Reid in for Tyson, plus a fit Findley, we’re already in better shape than how we ended last season.

      Unfortunately, “better than last season” is still a million miles (or another 4 or 5 players) away from what it will take to get 2nd or 1st, and people are afraid that we’ll be stuck with another gallant attempt that dies off towards the end. That’s why most people are getting upset, because they think they’ve seen it all before.

      Meanwhile, Camp going, even if he asks to, will cause a riot against the board.

  6. AD-BC is Spot on with his observations. I watched the highlights of the Spurs game and in the short clip(on Forest world) Joe Garner looked the Biz. He did well at Scunny lets hope he is like a new signing for us under Steve.

  7. Totally agree AD_BC but whereas I don’t think we necessarily need 8 or 9 new players, 4 or 5 quality players, including Reid and Greening, will see us avoid the embarrassing scenario of injuries and a small squad robbing us of a full bench in some games towards the end of the season. That said, it might just have been Billy making a statement against the board, rather than a lack of players.

  8. Excellent news regarding the signing of Greening. I think whats important about this signing is like he says, he hardly ever gets injured. will be good to have his experience with the likes of mcgugan and majewski ahead of him.

    Id like Forest to sign 4 players (a couple a prob no goers)

    Barry Ferguson- like greening his experience would be great. surely if we tried to hijack the blackpool deal he would want to come to us?!

    Ricardo Fuller- Strong frontman with premiership experience.

    Wayne Routledge- Quick, direct and has 3 promotions behind him (Palace, QPR and Newcastle)

    Left Back- I would like someone quick like bertrand who can attack with pace . Surely McClaren may know someone from Holland or Germany that could have these attributes.

    Welcome to the City Ground Jonathan Greening….

    He died for our sins
    He died for our sins
    He died for our sins

  9. I personally think Greening will be a great addition to the team.A mate of mine lives in Birmingham and supports West Brom (rates him highly from his days there) he also said there is no rumours at the club or amongst West Brom fans about Shorey going anywhere so I wouldn’t look into that to much.

  10. I recon another 4 quality players in who have played in the Prem and we are good to go.Im going to stick my neck out and predict Joe Garner will blossom under Schteve and his red and white army.

    Left Back
    Right wing
    Defensive cover

    U reds

  11. I am another who doesnt understand all this talk of needing 8 or 9 signings. I also disagree that our squad was too thin last year – our real problem last year was that our squad was woefully unbalanced (we had 10 strikers on our books at the end, so dont worry about Rodney, Dele and Boyd leaving) and the back-up wasnt good enough. Numbers-wise I think we were fine.

    By my count, we played most of the season with 3 keepers (Camp, Smith, Darlow), 2 left-backs (Bertie/Konch and Bennett), two right-backs (Gunter and Moloney), 4 centre-backs (Wes, Chambo, Wilson, Lynch), 5 central midfielders (Moose, Skip, Mcguagn, Raddi, Cohen), 2 and a half wingers (Ando, Mcleary, Tys), and 4 centre-forwards (Adebola, Earnie, Mcgoldrick, Dex/Tudgay). In addition to those, we had Garner out on loan, and Boyd and Findley come in for the run-in, plus Thornhill, Byrne and Rodney.

    Just in terms of numbers, I think thats nearly enough – maybe two short. Our problem was quality.

    GK no probs, we got 3 good ones
    LB we need a top one (Lynch can cover)
    CB we have a top-class pair who play 43 games+ a year. We also have Lynch, Lascelles and Watson. Depending on the latter two’s progress, we may need one more here, although could probably start the season without and use the loan market to cover short-term injuries and suspensions. As we saw from the amount of games that Wilson played last year, 4th choice CBs dont get much game time unless there is an injury crisis.
    RB We have two good options, + Freeman, no problems
    CM Cohen, Greening, Moose, Raddi and Mmcgugan. Fine here, maybe another body if we play 5 in midfield.
    RM Ando, Mcleary. OK for numbers but could do with a quality upgrade as neither of these convince me as starters. Routledge would be ideal.
    LM Reid with Greening, Cohen or Mcgugan filling in (far from ideal, could really use another real winger, maybe Barnes?)
    ST Findley, Garner, Mcgoldrick, Tudgay, Blackstock. Numbers-wise we are fine here, even if we play two up top. We also have Lewis to play in behind if need be. The real issue here is QUALITY. Who will score 17-25 goals?

    So as you can see, in terms of BODIES, Id say we definitely need a left-back and another winger to be competitive. Beyond that, Id like another good winger and a cheap center-half who can provide decent cover for Wes, Luke and Lynchy. THEN WE WILL HAVE THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF BODIES IN THE RIGHT POSITIONS. A top striker in, and one of Tuds, Garner or Goldie out, and we will be sorted for squad depth.

    THE KEY IS QUALITY, NOT NUMBERS. WE HAVE SIGNED QUALITY, NOT NUMBERS. 4 more of the calibre of Greening and Reid and we will be set.
    Shorey, Routledge, Barnes and Maynard and I honestly think we would go up.

    Yooooooou reds

  12. AD-BC has got it spot on there, if we can get a bloody left back in, Routledge & possibly a striker with Prem experience I will be happy & believe the squad will be good to go. COYR’s !!!

  13. I would be worried about losing Camp.

    • Forest have accepted a bid of 1.2 mil for Campy.That has come from his dad this morning.Hope he’s bloody wrong cause that is a steel if correct.

  14. I like everybody else am pleased with progress so far and and have never subscribed to the 8 or 9 player requirement. With Moose back Reid and Greeneing who I think is our best signing so far we have the basics of a good team. a left back now has to be our priority. We will have new strikers in the shape of Garner and Findlay creative midfielders in Raddy and Laschelles to back up chambers and Wes. In my opinion we have the midfield covered a £3million pound striker to come back this side of christmas and our only real weakness is as it has been for ages at left back. I will be coming home in October from New Zealand and am really looking forward to taking my young sons to the city ground. The first match will be against Hull so will get to see McKenna live even though he will be on wrong side. Progress is steady and in the right direction and we need to be positive and get off to a good start unlike previous seasons and if we do that we will definetly be in the mix at the business end of season.Forget what all the other teams are doing and concentrate on the Reds.

    Cmon steve looking forward to your new season.
    Optimism abounds in the southern hemisphere.

  15. I also think Garner will have a good season,providing he steers clear of the yellow cards.
    .Steves ex players obviously have a lot of respect for him so lets go !!!!

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