Reidy returns, Skipper and Dele depart..

It’s always exciting when we make a signing, and the return of Andy Reid to Forest is a great coup I think.  Those people making jibes about his fluctuating weight overlook his undoubted talent on the ball, delivery and passing ability – not to mention the fact that he appears to be in good shape too.

Whether McClaren sees him as the left winger that most Forest fans will remember him as or a more central playmaker remains to be seen – certainly we have had a long-standing vacancy on the left wing, most recently filled by the departed Nathan Tyson who – whilst full of endeavour – lacked a certain amount of guile in that role, just as he lacked the ability to finish when in his preferred position up front.

So a huge welcome aboard to Reidy – a free transfer and a two year deal signed.  Obviously if that’s the full extent of our incoming activity then it will be disappointing, but it’s a good start.  Rumours persist that Giles Barnes has also agreed a deal in principle but is undergoing an extended fitness test – he’s certainly a player that could be a snip if he fulfils his potential.  Big if, of course.

McKenna celebrates his goal of the season contender (sic) against Leicester City last season..

As well as an incoming we’ve had confirmation of the worst-kept two outgoings – last season’s skipper Paul McKenna and Dele Adebola both head to Hull on free transfers.  McKenna has been a good pro for us, and – as is usually the case with defensive midfielders and Forest fans – not always as valued as he deserves to be, having said that, he was starting to show signs of wear and tear, and a move was probably right.

Dele too should go with good wishes – personally I never quite got the affection and belief some fans seemed to have in him, but I don’t doubt he was a decent pro who was good to have around our younger players – even if his contribution on the pitch was, in my opinion, less than overwhelming.  That said, he played his part in some late cameos and caused a degree of havoc in opponent defences.

Best of luck to both of them in their future careers – I’m sure each of them can look forward to a decent reception from Forest fans when we next encounter them.

The lack of news around Earnshaw and Moussi would suggest to me that neither are likely to be with us next season – which is a pity in both cases, particularly Moussi.  Que sera sera though – we really should have looked to get these players on a longer term contract if we had intended to keep them.  It does rather mean that McClaren needs to be thinking about holding midfielders, though.

As for whether Smoulderwood deigns to return or not – that too remains in the balance.  I do hope so though, not just because I want to childishly pick up with the silly nickname again, but clearly he’s the choice that the club want to bring in.  I’m (possibly over-optimistically) looking forward to further news over the next week or so…

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  1. Seeing Reidy come in has cursed me with hope, optimisim and, worst of all, expectiation for further signings over the next couple of weeks…no doubt I’ll be back here lamenting a lack of activity in august though.

  2. sadly , despite the arrival of Schteve at the helm , we still see the implications of having Marthur a the helm in terms of transfers .
    to slow again at gettting the deals we needed done. Marhtur.
    get your finger out before we are again playing catch up and disrupting pre season . We’ ve all paid our umpteen quid for new season tickets and so far youve paid out didley squat

  3. Lets hope a few more players follow Reidy thru the door,can anyone see the point of bringing DEADWOOD back, the man did not have a positive idea in his body,the football played under that man was some of the most dire i have seen in my 36 years watching the reds,even if his job is coaching the kids what the hell will they learn from Mr one man upfront at home…………….

    • Calderwood would be a good coup as assistant but cant really see he’d wanna come come back. Half the squad we have now were brought in by Calderwood; as the famous banner said, he did know what he was doing. I also dont remember the football being that poor under him either,and we were playing league one defences, it was certainly a vast improvement on megson’s efforts.

      • We were in the third season in Div one and if my memory serves me well we went up on the last day only because the two teams that needed points self destucted,what about the mans tactics in the play off semi 2-0 up from the first leg then,then winning in the second then thinking he needed to change it,then he says judge me after 10 games,we did we were bottom,enter Billy………………………

        • when Billy was appointed we weren’t in the relegation zone,albeit it mostly down to Pemberton, and he presided over the worst performance of the season when we got trounced at Burnley. Tactics mean nothing when players bottle it, like we did against Blackpool years later.

          • +Fair point mate,why would the same board bring back a man that a few years ago they sacked,i dont think he has improved a great deal if results at Hibs are anything to go on,the thing is in football no matter how shit you are as a manager,as soon as you are sacked with your pay off some other club will take you on,………………

  4. overall I cant believe that the board would make the same mistakes again and not have a deep enough squad. Theres no way Macclaren would have agreed to join if he wasn’t given guarantees about a good number of signings. I can see us getting as many in as Billy did in his first summer. If Earnie and the Mousse go the squad will be tiny, and we’ll need to get in 6-10 payers to have any chance next season.
    Reid could be a class act, and he’s got a point to prove, he was ace for Sunderland a couple of years ago and with a decent run he can be a top top player again.

  5. I certainly have some fond memories of Reidy and personally welcome the move back although I am not sure its necessarily good when judged against other old boys returning like in the case of Prutton.

    Not that you could compare the two players in terms of natural skill.

    As for Calderwood, another potential returner. Well I was a season ticket holder when he was around and I don’t remember it all being bad, given the league we were in. But would he really want to return….he was sacked after all.

    Glad to say I am back in the UK in August so at least I will get to see a few games.

  6. good point Siggsy – this is my main worry as well – the squad is simply not strong enough to challenge and Doughty didn’t get rid of Billy for nothing – he clearly disagreed with the approach and policy on transfers . Schteve I suspect put no conditions on getting back into English football – and we remain under the incompetent guidancena of MARTHUR whose ten year track record speaks for itself

  7. I don’t have any problem with CC return. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Reid return is a good move, def a very good champ level player, and the two year deal represents the kind of timescale we expect for this guy to help get us in the prem.
    Moose, never sure about him, strong, powerful, yes. But his problem is woeful passing, that part of his game is a real let down, so if he leaves so what? Maybe Raddy can get more time on the pitch

    I’m more disappointed about loosing Earnshaw, a quality player.

  8. Shouldn’t it now be Schmoulderwood??

  9. I think every Schteve act should be hollandised. So our new signing would be Andy ‘how do you say’ Reid.

  10. Glad Reids back and I’m sure Steve has a few more players lined up,mark arthur permitting….We certainly need a bigger squad !!! Here’s hoping !!

  11. Calderwood was absolutely useless and still is-look at the Hibs fans blogs. His football at Forest was rubbish and like the banner said he was clueless, sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, only Arthur and Doughty could construct such a mess. To cap it all we will probably pay compensation to Hibs, what a farce this club is turning into!!
    Its a joke he is wanted back, he played a centre forward who got 20+ goals for Norwich( in the Championship )on the wing??

    ‘As for whether Smoulderwood deigns to return or not – that too remains in the balance. I do hope so though, not just because I want to childishly pick up with the silly nickname again, but clearly he’s the choice that the club want to bring in. I’m (possibly over-optimistically) looking forward to further news over the next week or so…’

    Come on NFFC sounds to me like you are getting too ‘nice’ towards the likes of Arthur/ Doughty etc,

    I dont think signing Reid shows any indication of ‘intent’, he couldnt get in the Blackpool team which were relegated
    If he is premiership quality he wouldnt have gone from Spurs to Sunderland to Blackpool, bit of a downward slope me thinks.

    • I agree. Im dubious aboit Reid – in fact Im always dubious about “returning heroes”. Think back to Birtles and Fat Wallet Webb. They really didnt do the business for me 2nd time around.

      I admit he’s got one of the sweetest left foots in the game but his work rate was always suspect and if its a choice of him or 3 lungs Cohen, its a no brainer.

      It will be interesting to see where Schteve wants him to play.

  12. Whats with the negativity of the forest fans all the time. Reid is a quality player and would improve any championship side. Ask sheffied united fans. he went there and was player of the month. He has quality which is all I care about.

    Reids finest moment for forest in my opinion was his volley at the back post away at Sheff Utd to make it 2-0 and send the forest fans into raptures. The rest as you know was history.

    Lets not complain about the board all the time, about Davies( who i rated very highly or keep having a go at McClaren. Lets be positive.

    Theres a sense that as soon as McClaren has a couple of bad games that the knifes will be out.


  13. First day back at training no Moose no Earnshaw,not so good news……………….

  14. Still publicity regarding getting Clueless c here.
    Can someone tell Steve that we had a certain John Pemberton,who is Forest through and through and had a virtually unbeaten reserve side and a team of players and youngsters who expected to win every time they played !
    Also a little matter of our win over Man City !
    Bring Pembo Back now,Steve !!!!!

  15. No Mousse, no Earnshaw for sure, and no sign of Smithy or Garner either.
    Really gotta get some players in soon or there will be no point getting new coaches as there’ll be no one to coach!
    hopefully by the end of the week Steve will know exactly what he needs to add to the squad and get it done!

  16. Getting a bit concerned now. It looks like Earnie is heading out the door, following Bennetts recent departure, and I doubt Moussi will stay with Premiership clubs hovering. We already had a depleted squad and we are now done to bare bones with McKenna and Adebola off. There are not many rumours of new players and all the time and effort seems to be going into the battle for Calderwood’s signature.

    Hope we hear some positive news soon.

  17. Good point Siggsy. Where is Garner? Checked out the player profiles on the official site and his name is not there. Any ideas NFFC?

    Ps. We must be saving a shedload on wages at the minute!

  18. I think we are all getting apprehensive,especially watching Sven grab another forward and on a 25,000 a week contract…It will be interesting to see if we finish above Leicester this season..If we do ,its hats off to Steve !!

  19. Steve has now found the millstone around our necks at the City Ground!
    Mark Arthur,the non football man,Doughty’s lapdog and protecter of Doughty’s money !
    After Gibson at Middlesborough gving Steve the money needed to get the players he wanted,it must be a shock for him here!
    Billy Davis must be laughing his head off !
    Get more investors in and get rid of Arthur !!
    Steve is NOT David Platt !!
    Where is our left back ??? Frustrated !!

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