Friendlies fired…

"Wolves and Burton? You're fired!"

I’m not sure if it’s just me, well, actually, I know it’s not just me from my emails – but is anyone else completely baffled by what’s happening with pre-season friendlies?  I realise in the midst of a regime change at the club we’re likely to encounter differences in ideas about suitable opponents and suchlike, but to cancel already agreed fixtures does seem a tad drastic.

Accepting that the new arrangements broadly featuring a higher standard of opponent, the communication of who we are playing and when has been a bit misleading at best.  Please don’t take anything written in here as gospel, I’m trying to get my head around it as best I can – and would certainly welcome anything I’ve missed out or got wrong being pointed out in the comments..!

As far as I’m aware we’ve cancelled plans to play against Burton Albion and Wolverhampton Wanderers – the Wolves game in particular makes sense as I was a bit concerned about how close that was ’til the start of the season proper.  Games against Lincoln City, Northampton Town and Tottenham Hotspur (the latter in Portugal) go ahead as planned, with more glamourous ties against PSV Eindhoven and Celtic added since McClaren’s arrival.

The Celtic game has been rumoured for a while, but after Lennon let slip about it there seems to be strong indications it will go ahead – most popular dates seem to be around the same time as the Northampton game.  So we’d best hope we make some signings if we’re expecting to be able to play two friendlies in one night as we have done a few times over the last few pre-seasons.  It will be interesting to say the least to see Wilson and particularly Commons return to the City Ground with the Bhoys.

Of course, aside from pre-season friendlies the most coveted information is that to do with transfers – the news today confirmed that McClaren is keen to speak to both Earnshaw and Moussi (and indeed has flown out to speak to the Moose in France) and get them both tied up, both of which would be welcome, but of course we also crave signings and aside from confirmation that we’ve had a chat with Giles Barnes there’s been little concrete on the rumour front.

I’m not panicking just yet, but it would be nice to get a few signings in the bag to get a full pre-season of preparations under their belts… also give the pubs of Nottingham an opportunity to order in extra stock if it’s true that we will be hosting Celtic for a pre-season friendly!

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  1. sang to the tune “all i want for christmas is my 2 front teeth”….a new terrace chant ….”all we want for christmas is a new left back!!”

  2. Id expect hostile receptions towards Commons and Wilson if we do play Celtic. I think earnshaw and moussi will both stay.

    I expect lascelles to come into the main squad in place of wilson too.

    We need a good start, something that we havent had under Billy Davies.

  3. Checking on the (excellent) News Now, 2 or 3 times a day
    [] for some clear understanding of what’s going on at the CG – I share your perplexity.
    I’ve had my rant about the managerial appt & still think it’ll be a fiasco but it’s time to be positive.
    We’ve done poorly with pre-season friendlies for the last few years and could be . . . maybe . . .that’s why we’ve started badly.
    We surely wouldn’t have a cat in hells chance of beating Celtic, Spurs or PSV and just playing push-over teams in order record a couple of wins is hardly going to energise a new (broken?) team.

    Best hope is that the CG start treating the supporters like adults and they provide some real comment on current issues, excepting transfers which we can all appreciate need some discretion.

  4. I’m an old fashioned sort. Clearly publishing a fixture list and selling tickets from the club website is no longer how it is done. Funny though, it seemed to work!!

  5. Does seem a bit odd regarding cancellations however pre season is all about getting fit and sharp results mean diddly.

    Would love to see us play Celtic last time I saw that game we beat them 2.1 at Parkhead with 70.000 at the game Cloughie genius.

    We will sign decent players im confident of that Mclaren wont sign muppets no chance just have to be patient.

    U reds

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  7. I’m confident Steve will get some decent players.
    He wants a premier league feel in the club so I imagine the players he signs will have some premier league experience.
    A few short weeks ago the new policy was only to sign players from lower leagues,as Norwich did.
    Ideas and club policies are changing,seemingly ,on a daily basis.
    I’m sure everything will turn out alright and hopefully we will get off to a good start and boost confidence all round !!

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  9. New manager – but the same idiot in charge of transfer negotiations
    so ….guess what

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