Is McClaren the right man for the job? What do YOU think?

A simple question – it’s interesting hearing people who are prepared to post comments, many in favour of Schteve, many against.

Without reading into my own thoughts, without taking influence from other commenters – what do you think?  It will be interesting to see the differences in opinion.  I’ve chosen the question carefully, because surely promotion has to be our aim – and anything below that is no better than what Billy achieved.

You have 24 hours to answer… go!  Thank you to whoever it was who suggested I do this, I’ve had so many contacts and conversation streams via different forms of social media I’ve lost track of you!  My apologies!

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  1. The bigger question is this…..

    Can Forest’s new manager get them promoted at the first attempt before the UEFA style ‘fair play’ system comes in – once our wage bill is linked to the club’s Turnover, the poor performance of Nigel’s directors will be in the spotlight: Failure to get season ticket holders and non match day revenues up will be our big limitation. (Compare how we perform to Norwich, Swansea, QPR, Reading….)

  2. I think yes fella hes not a hugely popular appointment if he comes ? but he has worked in a lot more focused and professional clubs than Forest.

    Any ex England coach has to be worth a punt plus he has a good club record with a provincial club like boro.Hes a good coach I believe but I agree with posts he is a yes man me thinks.

  3. No. This is the begining of a new downfall for Forest.
    Why not Martin o’niel?

  4. for one think this is wrong Billy is a great manager but cant keep his mouth shut,which is why he has been sacked.He never got on with David pleat either.He would have got to us promoted if the chairman had made funds available which if they where made available the acquisition committee always said no.
    That said the club is in a mess because of this and good players have left,so installing a new manager with plenty of time before the season starts could be a shrewd move,new players will defo come in,and maybe others will stay who otherwise may have left.
    Is Steve McClaren the right man,well as a club manager he hasn’t got a bad record,but at international level we all know the disaster,(which we all know Forest fans are very fickle) with england may be a massive a problem for the fans.I still love the club,but ask your selfs this if we are really serious about premiership football money should have always been available.My own twisted view is that we are actually frightened at playing at the very highest level.And i believe this is the real reason Billy was sacked because of his ambition and his drive to succeed.

  5. I have to say i am a little shocked that with so many experianced and “proven” managers out there we would turn to Mclaren, who lets be honest prior to England had a great reputation. Has done a fantastic job in holland, so maybe we should give him a chance…. he is well known so should get us some decent players….. but how good is he working to a very tight budget? Is he going to move us forward or just keep us in the same league achieving no more than we already are….. I suspect the 2nd…

  6. why sack Bily he was a god manager.Mclaren what a load of rubbish,if anyone should go there is ex forest man o neil.i think mclaren will bring forset down hes done nothing.

    • Chris

      Billy was good NOT god. In my opinion he had taken us as far as he could.He was making the same tactical mistakes again and again. How many games over the last two seasons did we go a goal up and then drop deep inviting the opposition to attack? However I’d like to thank WMD for turning the club around.

      As for the rest listen Billy was never going to encourage youth. Last summer he turned down Sinclair from Chelski and Lansbury from Arsenal cos they would have added to the youth/inexperience in the squad? Where did they go? How many goals did they contribute to their new clubs. Under Billy would Lascelles be given a go next season? Why wasn’t Jules given a go at LB towards the end of the season? Rotation of the strikers? Stubbornness over Kelvin and Celtic?

      Lets not forget that he has won everything as a coach, PL FA Cup and the Champions League. Give him a bit of respect. Rodgers wasn’t great at Reading not done bad at Swansea?

  7. Cautious optimism here. He did very well with Twente, effectively taking a club like Hearts to the SPL title, he did well with Boro and had two hospital passes with England and Wolfsburg. He’s worked under Fergie too, so no mug. For a middling championship team who haven’t been in the top flight for over a decade, it’s a coup and a big one. I hope people give him a chance…

    • Hearts? You mean Aberdeen given that they hadn’t been champs since the 70s! lol

  8. But hes no better than Billy who was building a good team who wanted the board on his side but never were.Mclaren will wreck what Bily was building and knock us back 3 years

  9. Great “how you say pic-tu-re!”
    We have to give him a chance! Would prefer the obvious and wish we were a contender for MON!
    We are at this present moment a championship club with huge ambitions. I agree with many others a coup at this level!
    Come On You Reds!!!!!!!!!

  10. After recovering from the initial surprise, I approve. Like most fans I grew to love Billy but there really wasn’t anything left for him to do. His relationship with the board couldn’t have survived another season and I wasn’t expecting a top 6 finish next season if he had stayed.

    He gave us some great days and wonderful performances but ultimately I think it was time for a change.

    Now McClaren has the whole summer to build the team how he wants it and. with his contacts I’m hoping he can bring in a few gems that maybe were perhaps out of reach of Billy.

    And I see people are already setting up anti-McClaren groups on Facebook.

    • The usual fickle fans… Forest or Villa ones. In Greece we have a proverb: “Before even seeing him we named him John”. People are so impatient… Remember there were people that didn’t want BD because he was an ex-Derby manager? (I’m sure there were some back then that were against Brian Clough for the same reason!)

      • Exactly!

        People are saying he’s done nothing of note. Well he won the League Cup with Middlesbrough, took them to the UEFA Cup Final and won the Dutch League with FC Twente.

        The England job was a step too far admittedly but people really can’t judge him on that and that alone.

        • Two lucky cup runs which ended in a poxy win over the mighty Bolton to win silverware (with the likes of Juninio in the side)

          We have no Juninio – Lewis is gud, but not THAT gud.

          McClanren is pap and I will be proved right

          • “Blah blah blah, I’m a sulky child.” Dan, if or should I say when McLaren signs, there will be nothing you can do about it. At least SM got the chance to win silverware and his achievements at Twente were quite amazing. Billy was good and I’m sad to see him go, but McLaren is better and has proven it.

            N.B. Twente won the league after losing some of their best players and replacing them with unknowns, spending little money and SM getting the best out of what he had. Sound familiar?

            Even if Forest signed Dave Jones, I’d continue to support them. Up the reds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Stay excellent! ★

  12. I am well chuffed, i think he will do a good job. He will not be everyone’s cup of tea but we need to get behind him and support him now. I hope he does see the benefit of mcgugan and majewski in the same team. i hope he also does not think they will be tired after 2 games. if not i will start moaning again !!

  13. Whatever you think about Billy, Maclaren has far more experience and has won things in his own right as well as learning his trade with the best at Man Utd. He is an outstanding coach as most professional pundits will tell you. All in all I think its a great coup for this club at the present time. Give him a chance there is a rebuilding job to do at htis club now the squad had been depleted and as good as time as any to birng in a new man to do it. Chris Philp

  14. Not a prayer, Billy might have upset a few folk but he was just telling the board what they needed to get promoted.

    McClaren’s a yes man who, let’s be honest, hasn’t achieved owt and really hasn’t that much experience. The UEFA cup (or whatever its called now) is won by whoever can be bothered. Frank Clark got us to the Quarters and that side was relegated soon after – its a noddy cup that the big sides aint bothered about. Birmingham won a cup this year – how have they done in the league? ANYONE CAN END UP IN A CUP FINAL NOW COZ NO-ONE CARES ABOUT EM NOW DAYS!!!

    Regardless of McClaren’s appointment, Forest fans must have THE most out of touch and ignorent board any club has ever had. How many teams sack a manager with barely a grumble from the fans? And how many back constant faliures (Platt, Megson, Kinnear, Calderwood etc.) when the fans are screaming for their heads?

    For someone to put £6m of their own money into the club each year just to keep it ticking over is unreal, so for that same someone to make so many wrong decisions which in turn makes me despise them and resent their £6m/year is even more unbelieveable.

    It reaks of a scenario similar to Curbishly at Charlton, O Neil at Villa, Jol at Spurs, etc. etc. – Billy to Birmingham, Burm to win the league, us to be 10th at Xmas with 1/2 the squad deciding to leave and then relegated next season.

    • Well done! Quite optimistic about the club you say you love. I’m sure you will start moaning in the stands from the friendly against Burton, determined not to give the guy a chance. A Cup is always a Cup, as the Great Man would say (btw, the first trophy he won with Forest was the mighty Anglo-Scottish Cup). Trying so hard to play down someone’s achievements is beyond me. I don’t know if you follow Dutch football at all, but Twente were NOBODIES before he got there. Then they finished second, then champions. Says something about the man methinks.

  15. What Billy Davies gave NFFC was not just good football but some BALLS infront of the camera. A team need a manager who does not shy away from the press, who despite all holds his own.

    During the bad run BD held it together I dun think McLaren would or could for that matter…

    Also BD became a RED. Is A RED. Will always be a RED!
    I don’t see McLaren as a RED, a willing manager looking to get back in the game sure, but not a RED.

    A Bad decision this… in PLATT proportions…

    But in the end, you could put Mourinho or Ferguson in the seat but if he is not backed by the board it means nothing…

  16. Remove his name and look at his CV and you’d say yes, 100% he’ll be the man.

    With his name everyone just remembers months and months of media attention and scapegoating on what is considered to be the worlds most challenging job. One which only in recent weeks have had people questioning the current holder of that role, Mr Capello, a man who’s got one of the best track records in Europe so lets not focus too much on that being a negative for him.

    Consider maybe the four things people like managers to have… motivation, ability, good with the media, and a proven track record and you’ll see he’s got 3 and a half out of four in my opinion!!

    When I first saw that SkyBet had slashed his odds yesterday to become favourite I remember saying to someone that even if we were to get rid of Billy Davies then I doubt we could afford McClaren! Since it would seem that the reports are that he could earn three times as much in Holland therefore you’ve got to say that he’s motivated by the right means – a chance to prove himself once and for all regardless of the initial financial sacrifices.

    Like many I’ve read that his ability to “coach” is second to none. Apply the fact that “this team is young and naive” according to some (ahem) he could be just the solution they need.

    Compare his record to every other manager in the league (exc. Sven) and who can you think of that has…

    1. Won the league title of the top division in a European country in the last 2 years.
    2. Reached a League Cup in the last 7 years.
    3. Reached a UEFA Cup in the last 5 years.
    4. Managed England – no real success there but he’s dealt with and coached the finest players England had at the time.
    5. Kept a team in the Premiership… nevermind managing more than 14 games!

    Personally I’m looking forward to the fact that like Sven he may just be able to open a few more doors and get access to players we wouldn’t have been able to previously. Doughty has publically praised the fact that Pleat opened doors previously slammed shut so I’m thinking with McClaren too we’ll benefit certainly in terms of loans if they are needed.

    The elephant in the room… sure he’s experienced at being in front of the media but he doesn’t appear to have the personality to keep them off his back nor have fans singing his praises. The half point comes in the fact that unlike Billy Davies we should at least feel that everyone is trying their best for Forest from the players to the board and the club’s owner. Everyone liked Billy for some of his more reserved outbursts but only because they felt that all his was doing is laying down the gauntlet to the board and saying “i’m doing my bit, make sure you’re doing yours”, but then of course the long it went on the worse it became and it only served to divide the opinions of fans and make the club look unstable to the rest of the football world.

    All in all i’ll be right behind him as with any manager we’ve had and I think that it’ll only take a few signings and a decent start to have people saying “Billy who?!” and we’ll be back on the rollercoaster looking up and not down!

    Billy gave us plenty of highs over the last two and a half years and I was hopeful he’d be the man but you’ve got to admit that the guy doesn’t help himself at times and now it time for someone else to give it a go, soooo…


  17. Long before McClaren’s England debacle he was making a mess out of Boro – despite that fluke of a euro run. Talk to real Boro fans and they’ll tell you that there was no one happier in the country than them when he got the England job. Why? Because he is so thick skinned that he won’t walk away…. just a note of caution.

    Hey is does well I’ll be the first to say well Schteve and maybe drink one of those schmall beers with lostsch of foam on dem…. but for now I think it’s a terrible idea.

  18. I can’t quite believe this? How much have they spent on paying Davies off and how much will they be giving McClaren? Is this some kind of recruitment drive to have everyone in our team with a Mc prefix to their name?

    Looking at it objectively it would seem Davies position at the club had become untenable. I think the volatile little man had pushed his luck too far. His constant criticism and no promotion has finally bitten.

    What I think about most is how much we don’t know. The club now surely needs to come out and explain themselves. Do fans not deserve that? I would say they ought say something to before Billy wades in kicking and screaming.

    McClaren, I can’t help feeling is just going to make us a laughing stock. Especially if results aren’t good. Is he going to work with the AP? He did well for Boro but they were quite happy to see the back of him. To be fair winning the Dutch league with FC Twente is the equivalent of winning the SPL with Kilmarnock so he can do something right. But I’m not feeling this. How much time will he get? How much money will he get? If he comes do you think Earnshaw/Moussi will stay? Will he have a stronger chance of attracting better players? So many questions. I guess we’ll have to see how pre season goes in terms of player recruitment and how we play in friendlies…. Interesting times. (I have a feeling though in 6 months time you can replace interesting with shit)

  19. As usual there are many different reactions to change. There are those who like the status quo and hate the fact that things will be different and there are the restless others who may be said like change for changes sake. I myself just want what’s best for the club. There are many arguments as to why we should still have the wee man in charge and as a fellow Glaswegian I understand his constant sniping as all he wanted was to be the best which meant that Forest had to be the best they could be, however, the club owner and management team obviously have a different vision and so we end up with a divorce which are always painful.
    Regardless of which manager takes up our particularily poisened chalice there are some people at Forest who will possibly be quietly pleased at the oppurtunities that are now possible under a new management team. Ispeak of the forgotten or forsaken squad members messr’s Bennett, Garner but to mention two that I can think of off the top of my head. There are also a few youngsters who now might fell they have a chance and so through the club there are different factions who will be lifted by a new man at the helm.
    Whether this new man is McLaren or not the club will get a feeling of something new happening and provide a lift this will not let the owners/board get away with not giving him the best tools they can for the team to do better than they have over the last 2 seasons.Earnshaw needs re-signing and non rotation and maybe the moose will stay.

    I say watch this space get behind whoever it is they have in mind and move on with the team. Promotion is the goal and we can do our bit.

    I am coming home from New Zealand in October and will be taking my youngest son who is 5 to the City Ground for his first match ever he wont care who the manager is as long as the men in red win. Should We!!!!!

  20. WE know He was a good manager with Middlesbrough,but now he has come to England and would have to deal with Pleat and arthur and trawl the lower divisions for players.
    Will he bring in players like Billy Sharp ?
    I presume if he gets the job,which seems sure,he will have convinced Doughty he can get the players to get us up !
    I liked Billy,but was doubtful about his team selections some times.
    We now have to be optomistic and back him !
    It’s certainly going to be interesting to see who he signs !!

  21. What? No one complaining he’s a sheep sh*gger? Amazing.

    I’m pretty gutted Billy has gone as he was a proper character in an increasingly sanitised sport. Under him, I reckon that we’ve thrown away two promotions in a row due to a lack of relatively minor investment at key times, but I was never really sure if this was due to a lack of funds (Doughty’s fault) or a lack of realism (Billy’s fault), and so never knew which side to take with that issue. What can’t be disputed is that Billy got Forest playing their best stuff for a decade.

    Of course, condescending New Labour-ite that he is, Doughty needs a sh*t-eating politician to run his front of house, and ultimately it looks like Billy’s refusal to tow the party line, either now or previously, has done for him before any footballing reason. Can’t blame Doughty as he’s bankrolling the club, but typically arrogant of him to believe he could “control” Billy in the first place. Now he has the highest profile Yes Man in football he’ll hopefully feel comfortable enough to start splashing the cash again.

    As for McLaren, anyone who automatically writes off someone with his club track record is an idiot, and when compared to the other available options I think we could have done much worse. However, anything less than promotion in his first season and you would have to consider it a failure, and to do that he’s going to need at least 4 new players…

  22. Just remembered McLarens treatment of Beckham for England, when he decided to ‘go in another direction’. Ridiculously poor management.

    Oh dear, what has Mr Doughty done?!

  23. I think the crucial factor will be whether he can learn the lingo so he can level with the fans. I mean, anyone can pull off a bit of Dutch or German when required but I look forward to seeing whether he can throw a few “bogga’s” , “messen’s” and “mi’duck’s” into his interviews to wow up all with. Then I’d truly know he’s the man’

  24. Its stupid to try and judge Mclaren without giving him a chance. Remember how everyone reacted to Billy when he was appointed back in 2007.

  25. Dave (the) Jackal is right. I’ve several friends on Teeside who reckon he was one of the worst things ever to befall their team. Remember he had then a big chairman (Gibson) who sanctioned tens of millions of pounds for players during the 3+ years McClaren was there.
    When I saw the news he was to replace BD my expletive could have been heard down the road. Doughty has been prepared – we assume – to waste half a million on sacking BD but not sanction player purchases.
    This has got to be one of our worst managerial appointments since . . .well, let me think . . . Platt or Ron Saunders or Joe Kinnear or Calderwood or Megson or . .OK then, other than BD we make crap managerial appointments and this one is another.
    I only hope BD now spills the beans cos I think his problem was, and ours is, David Pleat.

    Words like ~ up, piss, brewery, couldn’t and organise, spring to mind.

  26. I am not surprised Davies has finally gone, and I am delighted he has gone. Now we have a bloke used to working abroad (ticket) and highly rated by Alex Ferguson (tick) who has won things (tick). For me, Schteve ticks all the boxes – and more. Instead of having a moaner who is delivering relentless play-off failure we have a bloke who will build a proper side. Rack open the bubbly, the good times are coming back! WELL DONE FOREST! (ps don’t mention picking Scott Carson for the Croatia game)

  27. I really can’t make my mind up on this one. On one side McClaren has a good track record with less-than-huge clubs (Wolfsburg aside) and Billy has no doubt put noses out of joint on the board.


    I was more enthusiastic about Billy taking over than I am now. I think the board screwed him regarding signings – the ongoing ‘left back’ farce, and Billy totally changed the mentality of the club – he turned them into winners. Ok the tail-end of seasons dropped off but given the right signings?

    Time will tell, but for me the BIG question mark is over the board, not Billy. I wish him nothing but the best (except against us). Now, will they at least sign a decent LB and stop letting players contracts expire (cannot for life of me see the commercial sense unless they are ‘surplus to requirements’ a la Tyson)

    • If you follow German football, Wolfsburg are hardly a big club, despite the fact that they are largely sponsored by Volkswagen. Some years ago they were still in Division II. Then they enjoyed the presence of some damn good players and took advantage of Bayern’s fall to win the League, only to dismantle their team, fail in Europe and start slipping back down (they just avoided relegation this season thanks to an away win on the last day).

  28. Well whether we like it or are totally disgusted in our board, their treatment of Davies, their blatent disgregard for the fans and our opinions, we’re stuck with Stevie Mac.

    So can I please suggest that for him to function at 100% his first signing needs to be either a Hair Surgeon so that he can get plugs ala Giggs/Rooney, or (being on a Forest budget) a student barber to
    whip that God-awful red island off his bonce.

    Reason he had that brolly? Vanity – simply as 🙂

  29. It’s a tough one, I’m sorry to see Billy go as I think he installed a good fighting mentality at the club – it’s been good to see us coming back to win games after going behind. I think his sacking was a little harsh (as it was at Derby) but, although he was trying his best for the club, it’s never wise to criticise your bosses publicly too much. However I think McClaren is a decent manager, certainly good enough for us at this level, and he has a point to prove so there’s no doubting his desire to win promotion – let’s get behind him and help him prove it!

  30. A lot of the ire directed at McLaren can only be as a result of his time in charge of England (cos his record elsewhere is excellent) so can anyone remind me of a living manager who has had success with England?

  31. I’ve slept on this and had a bit of time to think.
    I think BD worked it such a way that it was impossible to keep him at Forest. Publicly he will always look out for number one while cleverly masquerading it as looking out for the team. Because he didn’t get what he wanted he goes spouting it off in the press. Not very professional. And then he fails at what he was employed to do. Why could BD not of tried Bennet for 2-3 games at left back instead of saying we don’t have a left back? + many other tactical decisions that seemed, well… daft.

    I am shocked BD has gone. Because despite his faults he did get Forest playing with belief and quality. He did save us from relegation and turned us into a top 6 team. He brought back a much better brand of football that we hadn’t seen since Paul Hart. For that I thank him and wish him well. But we are ‘just’ fans, what do we know about what goes on behind the gates at the City Ground? We are just going on the bullshit that the NEP and any other blog site says. He’s gone now and there is nothing we can say/do will change that…. so what choice have we got? Give the new manager no chance and start booing him from the off? I won’t be doing that, as I want to give him a chance, he deserves a chance and for the sake of Forest I want him to succeed.

    He has a proven record on working with younger players. This is good as we have quite a few young players coming through and given Doughty has spent x millions on the youth set up and I think he’s entitled to see some results. (Probably another reason why BD was shown the door, as he wouldn’t play them). One of our youth defenders I believe has been the subject of an Arsenal bid. I also think it is the reason why we haven’t replaced Kelvin.

    Regardless of his England mess he will have a better connections and a better chance of attracting players than Billy ever would. How are we to know that the reason Pratley, Whittingham and a load of others didn’t want to come was because of BD?

    I have Boro friends too and they said “we didn’t like him but he did actually win our only trophy, kept us in the prem and got us to a UEFA cup final”. So they couldn’t knock him too much. How can he be the worst thing to happen to boro when they spent most of last season fighting relegation to League 1, 3 years after he left?

    So he royally messed up with England, I think God would mess up with that job and Capello isn’t doing too good at the moment. Quite frankly the last world cup was England’s worst ever performance (play wise) in a finals. That had nothing to do with our new manager.

    He went to Holland, learnt a new language 🙂 and won the league with an unfashionable side. That is pretty good going in my book as its not like going to Scotland and winning with Rangers/Celtic.

    He got a chance at a top German side. This appointment stinks of the Hodgeson to Liverpool type of appointment. Right manager, wrong time or just wrong manager, wrong time, it can happen and Hodgeson immediately went on to West Brom after he got the boot in similar circumstances and secured their top flight status with ease.

    I’m trying to be positive and see beyond the Wally with the Brolly and the Shuper Shteve press conference. We should all try being positive… at least for 5-6 games.

    • Spot on mate, I couldn’t agree more if I had written this myself. The great thing about SMC is that apart from Fergie’s right-hand man at MU he has never been to an enormously rich club with plenty to spend. Both Twente and Wolfsburg could easily be compared to Blackburn or Stoke in the Prem (for people not familiar with Dutch and German leagues). He’s well known to get good things out of young players, which is what our “young and naive” squad needs. I was also shocked to see Billy go, but in my book, hiring SMC reveals some ambition from the part of our owner.

  32. Mark Arthur stated today that 25m has gone into the club via the chairman over the last 2 years. He was then pushed on the same question and he said which manager wouldnt be grateful of 25m.

    the only thing is unless majewski cost 25m i dont understand where hes coming from. If he means into the club as a whole then thats got nothing to do with the first team which is where the question was directed at.

    Lets stop this nonsense about McClaren. Hes a good manager. Capello has done awful as England coach too but doesnt make him a bad club manager does it?

    However i expect some exciting games under mcClaren as remember quite a few boro games being high scoring ones. Dont think my nerves could handle it though!

    • I imagine the £25m will include the Camp/Dex era signings too – as well as loan fees, wages et al. Boyd (both of them!), Konch, Shorey, Bertie, Ramsey and whatnot won’t have come cheap…

      But yep, we should be behind him now he’s signed and sealed. I was just interested in gauging the mood of my readers 🙂

  33. wasnt the camp/dex signings 3 years ago though?

    I do believe as much as i liked davies that he moaned too much. Teams like norwich and swansea just went for it and i think if davies was a bit more ambitious away from home i think we would of done it.

    At least mark arthur has even addressed thatn we havent solved the left back spot since Stuart Pearce left. A 1m-2m signing in this position would go down well for me.

    Maybe macca knows some good dutch players 🙂

  34. I realise that most people think McClaren was a failure with England, but then so is every manager. He was actually rather brave with England – dropping Becks after 2006 W Cup when everyone wanted the end to the Sven Circus. Then bringing Becks back – again, at the time, a brave thing to do. Even braver was bringing Big Em back to play up front with Owen. McClaren faced ridicule but it was the right decision at the time and for a couple of games the press were queuing up to praise both Big Em and Schteve. The only one unforgiveable decision he actually made was playing Carson in that rain-drenched 2-3 game at Wembley.

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