Tell me mam, me mam, I’ll have me tea after all..

Swansea City – 3
Nottingham Forest – 1

A frustrating evening – a cracking start, the woodwork rattled, penalty calls denied – all compounded by some clown defending and deadly finishing from our hosts.  An improbably comeback denied by a foolhardy decision by Lee Camp to go up for corners with too long remaining on the clock. The end result? A customary exit from the play-offs for Forest at the semi-final stage!

Unusually though we did go out with a bang rather than a whimper – which is some kind of scant relief and sign of progress.  We had chances, we fluffed them or went desperately close, and we had an absolutely shocking referee – I’m not going to dwell on him though.  Congratulations to Swansea City – we gave ’em a run for their money but ultimately they go to Wembley to face either Reading or Cardiff.

It’s pretty customary for Forest to serve up a game that’s good for the neutrals (or indeed, our opponents) in the play-offs, and this was no exception.  Billy mixed things up to a level that even I wasn’t expecting – recalling the Moose, McGoldrick, Tudgay and Tyson into an unusual looking line-up:

Moloney    Morgan    Chambers    Gunter
McGugan    Cohen
Tudgay   Tyson

And you know what, it looked like a blinding move early doors – although it was the hosts who threatened first with danger man Nathan Dyer having an early effort that Wes Morgan put a block on.  The rebound found Borini who was blocked in turn by Chambers.  A great counter attack from Forest gave the first indication that this wasn’t quite going to be Forest’s night.

Tys used his pace to blast down the right wing and beat his fullback, teeing up the ball into the centre for McGoldrick who’d made up a tremendous amount of ground too – he left-footed strike was pretty powerful and had the beating of De Vries, but rose a little too much and struck the crossbar.  It would have been one hell of a start from the Reds.

It was starting as a real end-to-end game – at the other end Scott Sinclair couldn’t seem to make his mind up between crossing and shooting from a tight angle and achieved something between the two – hitting the ball powerfully across goal but too far infront of Borini to make contact, eventually going right through to give Forest a throw-in by the corner flag.

Meanwhile the pendulum swung in the other direction, Lewis McGugan flighted a decent freekick into the box where McGoldrick perhaps got too much on it and headed it straight at De Vries rather than glancing it past him in one direction or planting it the other side.  Again, at the other end Rangel chipped it goalward but not quite finding the target.

Swansea then rattled our crossbar – Borini got on the end of a cross from Sinclair and blasted goalward, a last-gap block from Wes Morgan deflected the ball over Lee Camp and mercifully off the bar and eventually cleared to safety.  The home side were starting to build some dominance though, and sure enough were the ones to break the deadlock shortly after.

Leon Britton made a bit of a monkey out of Marcus Tudgay on the edge of the area, cutting inside him, taking a touch before stroking a well flighted shot inside the far post giving Lee Camp little option but to stand and watch it go in.  A cracking finish, although we certainly should have been doing more to close him down in such a dangerous position.

Just after we’d been denied what looked a fairly obvious penalty when David McGoldrick was being roundly undressed by two or three Swansea defenders there was a doubly-cruel suckerpunch when previous playoff-thorn-in-the-side doubled the home side’s advantage.  I for one now no longer feel upset seeing Dobbie dying in Harry Potter!

It was a cracking goal by the Swansea midfielder though – our defenders should be doing better than this, and there was a bit of luck in the nutmeg on Chambers, but the quick shot gave Camp no chance to get down fast enough as the ball fizzed under his hand and into the bottom corner – a really well taken goal.  It was looking worryingly like game over.

I might have lost my chronology slightly, but Tyson was wrestled onto the deck in the penalty area at some point, and again appeals were denied by Mr Marriner – who moments later booked Gunter for, well, could someone tell me what for?  From what I saw he ran past Dyer and picked up the ball which was in open play.  A shocking decision. (checking the stats Gunts was booked before either goal – so I’ve probably got everything in the wrong order!!).

Just before half time it could really have been out of sight – Sinclair broke and found Borini who ended up in the area at a tight angle, his powerful shot at Camp’s near post was saved.  A gloomy half time – Moussi had been shocking in possession, our fullbacks were looking dangerously exposed and the rest of midfield were struggling to get a foothold.

Billy made no changes during the break – and certainly we can’t blame luck or the referee for what happened with the first chance of the half.  More excellent work by Tyson down the left saw him get past a couple of clumsy challenges and pulling back to Marcus Tudgay, who was wonderfully place, sent De Vries the wrong way, but spannered the ball over with his left foot.  A bloody awful miss.

The Reds had their tails up though, clearly having Billy’s words still ringing in their ears – Tyson was felled on the edge of the area, just to the left of the D.  Lewis McGugan lined it up and struck it powerfully toward the top corner but it just kept rising and thundered against the crossbar and threatened to snap it in two.  Swansea 2, Crossbar 2, Forest 0.  Frustrating isn’t the word!

That’s not to say we didn’t ride our luck at the other end – Darren Pratley, on as a sub for Swansea, had time to bring the ball down, settle into an armchair, fill and then light a pipe, smoke it to the dregs and then pour himself a nice glass of Port before calmly slotting the ball into the net.  Instead he headed it wide completely unmarked and about 3-4 yards out.

Tys was withdrawn for forgotten-man Majewski, seemed a strange move to me as Nathan had been pretty pivotal to many of our better moments, but he may have been feeling a knock or just knackered – he’s not had much game time of late.  The tide was still in Swansea’s favour though, and only a well-timed last-gap tackle from Chambers in the area denied Borini a scoring chance.

Billy introduced Boyd for Tudgay, and whilst Forest built up possession and some degree of pressure, the hard-working home side stifled us brilliantly leaving us with little by the way of chances on goal.  To make matters worse for us their pace made them very threatening on the break – with Sinclair denied by Camp, and Borini blocked by Morgan.

The final change for us was McGoldrick to come off for Robbie Earnshaw, who made a pretty immediate impact – putting it in the net within two minutes of his introduction.  A delicious throughball from Majewski found his perfectly timed run and he made no mistake smashing it powerfully and low just inside De Vries’ near post.  It was quite cathartic!

As the Reds pressed further Gunts will probably wonder why he didn’t go for goal instead of try to cross to Earnie inside the area – he overhit it with his left foot regardless and eventually it was cleared from the dangerzone.  In stoppage time Earnie again was causing the danger – a well placed shot hit the post to make the woodwork once again confound us.

Another penalty appeal, this time for hand-ball, was ignored by both linesman and referee – it didn’t feel like much of a surprise any longer, but presumably having seen footage of his howlers in the first half there was a glimmer of hope the referee might have been a little more kind to us.  If anything he spent the second half being even more rubbish.

Continued pressure saw a couple of late corners – I’m not really sure what Lee Camp thought he was doing coming up for it, I suppose I’d not even think twice if he’d headed in the equaliser, but as it was the ball cleared, Pratley took it toward the half-way line before putting the game beyond down with a long-range and well-placed shot into the empty goal thanks to Camp’s wanderings.

Despite the penalty claims that the referee denied (in both legs!), the woodwork interventions and all that guff I still think we were beaten by the better team over two legs.  Whilst I’m naturally gutted we didn’t manage to get a result I wish them well in the final – despite the sizeable number of neanderthals who decided it would be more fun to goad the Forest players, staff and fans rather than celebrate a great victory for themselves.

Of course, we mustn’t judge the whole because of a few idiots – but it does leave a sour taste.  My attitude towards the play-offs has always been if-not-Forest-than-anyone-but-Cardiff.  I don’t see any reason to change that stance – I do think over the course of the season and certainly the play-offs that Swansea are worthy promotion contenders.  Best of luck to them at Wembley.

As for us, another season of regrouping after play-off heartbreak.  With key players out of contract, continual speculation regarding the future of the manager (although he’s apparently looking forward to next year already!) and all the usual uncertainty I’m looking forward to taking some time out away from the blog to recuperate and recharge.  Thanks for all your support this season – it’s appreciated!

I noted this above, but I think it’s worth re-iterating.  We gave it a good go tonight, I’m proud of the lads and their effort.  We contested a game against a very good team, and it means a great deal that we at least didn’t succumb to some kind of ridiculous embarrassing collapse that I’ve been mentally preparing myself for ever since a play-off place was confirmed.

Well done lads, unlucky tonight – you’ve done us proud.  The final word goes to our defeaters – if it comes to it, please please please do your damnedest to make sure those scurrilous bastards that are your countrymen don’t ascend to the top flight.  Good luck at Wembley.  Best of luck to Reading too in the other semi-final.

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52 Responses

  1. watched it on telly- gutted but i’d been bracing myself for it all day….

    Thanks to Billy for a good season again and we don’t need too much more for automatic next year! thanks also to nffc for a great blog as ever.

  2. At least we gave it a go, rather than our customary second leg collapse. We can argue about referees decisions all night but ultimately we weren’t clinical enough, over both legs, we had 90 mins against ten men but couldnt make it count. I can see quite a few changes over the summer and hopefully all for the best. Bring on West Ham in August!

  3. Proud to be a red tonight. Just no luck at all when we needed it.

    Looking forward already to next season. A few signings in key areas and maybe we can push for automatic. Let’s face it, we are never going to go up via the play offs!

    Finally good luck to Swansea! You deserve promotion.

    • Oh……and by the way, great blog as always!

      Enjoy the summer – look forward to visiting you again next season!

  4. Our finishing this season has been the reason we’re not going up. Far too many chances missed. That said, I couldn’t be more proud of how we played in the second half but, like you nffc, I feel we lost to the better side and wish them well in the final (numpties aside of course). Keep the faith everyone.

  5. If one of those chances had gone in to make it 2-2 we would have beat them no doubt ! bloody unlucky .

    Cheers for the blog I too need a break from football .

    U reds

  6. “An improbably comeback denied by a foolhardy decision by Lee Camp to go up for corners with too long remaining on the clock”.


    It’s the 3rd out of 4 minutes additional time, your team are giving their all for a late equalizer, and you don’t expect your goalkeeper to come forward??????

    Sorry nffc, I completely disagree. Maybe you are right for the first time he left his goal (although we already were into injury time), but on the second occasion he did the right thing. The 3rd goal was gifted by Lewis slipping and not Camp.

    Besides that, with the second half appearance we showed we are no losers. But as usual, luck was not on our side. Three times hitting the woodwork??!! If Earnie’s had gone in, I am sure we’d cruise in extra time and wouldn’t even need penalties, that’s how terrified the home team looked.

    You can say I’m biased, but no, I don’t think the better team qualified. Apart from the fact that Mr Bean (sorry, Mr Dean!) should be ashamed for not awarding such a blatant penalty in the first leg, I thought they were just the luckier side.

    Gutted that another play-off campaign ended in tears, but at least comforted by the fact that Billy looks like he means business about next season, the last of his contract. Now it’s up to the board to prove they are “serious about promotion” by keeping the likes of Camp, McGugan and Earnie at the City Ground and strengthen the squad with the players we all know we need (left back, creative midfielder, left winger).

    (P.S. for doubters about that last one: I hope tonight you saw once and for all how lethal Earnie can be and what an impact he can have on this team.)

  7. gutted, but proud
    we lost this semi final due to not making the most of the home leg, not finishing well and a poor ref. 89mins at home against 10 men and 3 stone wall penalties. great to see Radi back. would love to see him, mcgugan, earnie and findlay in the same team. i honestly think the best team lost, we should be really proud tonight. I hope the players and management use tonight to make sure we do not fail next year. If we play our best players in the right positions, stop changing formations, then we could be flying next year. we have a lot of quality running through the team. blood some younger players in awell. ( cant see billy do that to be fair !! ).
    Billy if you do read this please please please play Radi !!!. NFFC thanks for your efforts this season, best Forest site by far.

  8. Next season could be interesting. Out of contract players most likely leaving but I think we will buy in players plus we have mr robbie Findley who I think could maybe make a lethal partnership with Boyd if we purchase.

  9. There’s a classic line from John Cleese’s film ‘Clockwise’ which sums up our play off adventures for me. ‘It’s not the despair. I can take the despair. It’s the hope I can’t stand!’. Someone should start an internet campaign to have them scrapped for the sanity of all Forest supporters!

    Well done and good luck to Swansea in the final. An exciting team that play football the right way.

  10. Just a final, end of season, thanks for maintaining the best Forest forum yet again. I’m sure, to paraphrase BD “there’s no doubting your energy for another campaign”.

    I’m proud of them tonight despite the desperate disappointment 😦

  11. nffc, as ever, thanks for all your blog efforts – enjoy the restful(?) Forest-free break and we all look forward to next season.

    (By the way, Tys went off injured and he has just tweeted this: “Would like to say a BIG thank you to all you fans don’t know where I go from here,but big love to you all,your the best!!” – I guess we have seen the last of him in the Garibaldi Red.

  12. Headline of the year!

  13. Just couldn’t catch a break when we needed one. I was sitting in the dark watching at 445am in Sydney. They’re prob a better side but they weren’t better tonight.

    Improbably bold from Billy. If only he’d been bolder at home (watching radi u realized how badly we missed him as creative playmaker).

    Like u say, at least we went out with a bang but scant consolation right now. Finishing this way (instead of petering out to mid table as it seemed it might) also gives us a better chance of hanging onto players in offseason).

    But WHEN r we going to catch a break and win one of these!?!

  14. We missed our chance when we didn’t win our games in hand to keep the second spot !
    As usual we wake up in the second half…
    Very disappointed !!.
    Who will stay on new contracts and who will go ??? Lets see !!!
    Thanks for your great blog and keep the news coming.
    Best wishes to All Forest supporters worldwide !!! Alan, Venezuela

  15. Similar feelings. I only wish Billy had given our sub trio the full second half instead of the last quarter of an hour. And gutted that Findley was again absent. I hope he is worth waiting for.

    Now for a break followed by frantic speculation and a series of near misses in the transfer Market! Have a good summer all!

  16. Gutted today but agree that Swansea are and have been the better team, don’t have the same bad taste in my mouth that Yeovil and Blackpool left.

    Tyson’s pace is always a threat but no idea how the Tudgay/McGoldrick axis is meant to work… lull the opponents in to a false sense of security before bringing the proper players on maybe? Think Billy might have got that one wrong tonight, but he made the changes he had to and got the lads up for it at half time.

    Looking forward to next season already but with so many contracts up; will I recognise anyone?

    Thanks for another great season NFFC, and have a great summer.

  17. Have a great summer all of you. My advise is strap into your seat belt sit’s going to be a momentus close season 😉

  18. Top effort lads! Like most I’m gutted but proud, and when all said and done I don’t think we’re ready to go up anyway to be honest, the players still need to mature a bit and the board needs to realise that when Billy asks for player – i.e. A LEFT BACK! – then aquiring them WHEN he asks for them will give us a FAR better chance of promotion.

    Really think we need a replacement for McKenna next season as well as a Left Back, will hopefully unearth a new Roy Keane and Stuart Pearce! Will genuinely miss any of the lads who leave close season as well, this past few years have been the most settled and genuine Forest side I can remember since the Prem days, all of the boys have done the Garibaldi proud. U REDS!

  19. Could not ask for more second half last nite,the trouble is that kind of performance is not a common thing with the Reds,to finish 3rd last term then 6th in my eyes not playing the football of last season is not much of an improvement,ok we reached the playoffs,but to be in 2nd with games in hand?….I think tactics away from the city ground have been a major problem constant chopping and changing,playing players out of position,not playing key players when fit,Billy can keep having his dig at the board which is fine ,but always put your best 11 out no matter who you are facing,i now await my season ticket renewal with the words we are serious about promotion are you,yes as a matter of fact ,still not sure about the board tho,we will see what the summer brings,fantastic blog all season NFFC have a good break……………..

  20. Thought we started well despite The Moose looking out of sorts (almost didn’t look fit to me) and but for two very poor bits of defending which left us shell shocked for 20 minutes or so we were the better team for most of the game. We forced De Vries to kick long, kept Sinclair and Dyer pretty quiet and even when the game became stretched limited Swansea’s chances due to Chambers and Morgan being immense once again. As for Marriner, he was appalling. Even Warnock slated him and his assistant for bottling two clear penalties.

    In the end though really we paid for our 1st leg performance. Yet again BD has shown himself the master of self preservation by shifting the blame onto the players for their performance in the 1st half last night when in truth his tactics and team selection in the first game are what really cost us. How were we able to press and stop Swansea playing last night at their ground against 11 men when we couldn’t even get the ball off their 10 men for half the game at our ground?! BD, unlike Rodgers, failed to adapt to the situation on Thursday night. The formation, the tactics, the introduction of Majewski, all came one game too late. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and unfortunately I’m just not convinced BD has the foresight to be a top, top manager at this level. I’m already praying he proves me wrong next season though !

    Great performance from the lads last night. Very proud.

  21. I echo the thoughts of most fans with a proud battle near the end.
    I thought the following were our downfall:

    1. failure to take a lead from Leg 1 into this game.
    2. Moussi was shocking first half, like norwich game.
    3. i wasnt happy with the full back choices for both legs, although they were solid, we need balance going forward.
    4. if tudgay scores earlier in 2nd half it was game on.

    all ifs and buts, however what forest must do in the summer is…

    1. offer Billy Davies a new contract, this club needs stability and hes the right man to lead this club forward.
    2. renew earnshaw, and moussi contract and sign boyd. release tyson, bennett and adebola.
    3. buy a left back, il be fuming if we dont or we get a loan left back again.

    can someone tell me why majewski hasnt been playing too?im only logical answer is that davies was pissed off with him after his QPR sending off but hes quality and id like a midfield 3 of Majewski, mcgugan and moussi holding as balance.

    U reds!

  22. Not been on for a while but have to say good on the lads they made us proud to wear the Garibaldi red.Going to be a lot of coming and goings in the pre season thats for sure.My prediction for next season is AUTOMATIC PROMOTION.Well they better do now i’ve said that,but no seriously thats how I feel we will get there (the promised land).To all reds supporters forget about whats happened no matter how hard it may be and get behind the lads come the new season. U reds.

  23. Earnies finish was quality, but i think it makes it 9 in a season?
    He is paid too much for such a poor return, where was he in the first leg?
    gunter-morgan-chambo(Captain)-New left back
    Cohen to shield the back 4
    Mc Gugan and Raddy central
    Fidlay(if he ever gets fit) left
    Ando right
    Maynard(or another quick and prolific striker) upfront.
    Endless pace, creativity and movement in that side, with Dex and tudgay on the bench as alternatives.
    What say you trickies??
    Next season will be OUR SEASON

  24. Alright i forgot the “N” in Findlay, i am still depressed you know, and we have hardly seen him so far, give us a break!!!!

    • Thats already a worry for next season,is Findley going to be another earnie (gets a run of a few games then injured then plays then injured and so on?).

  25. Best team won by a mile – see you next season red dogs!! Ha hah ha

    • Sorry, forgot to add COM ON U RAMS!!!

      • Ah Rammie, if that’s all you’ve got to smile about over the course of a season then the joke’s really on you and your pub-league manager 🙂

        If you troubled to read the match report, I surmised similarly to you that Swansea were/are a better side than us. Probably why they finished 3rd, and we finished 6th.

        Where did you finish?

        • He/she would probably like to forget (they ought to have play-offs for the last relegation place cause the sheep would of been in that for the last 2 seasons,correct me if i’m wrong cause I really couldn’t give a shit what they do).What is it with these sheep shaggers & fester fans coming on our sites,small minded or what.

        • I watched both legs actually as lover of football (even though we have been dire this season so not much in the way of football at PP, but you stick with your team, right?) and Swans did deserve to go through. Yes, lady luck deserted you but we’ve all been there!

          It would be nice if you showed NG a bit more respect. You dont need me to tell you that he and especially you know how, did for nffc. Yes he’s learning but I dont hear other teams have silly sideway jabs at Fergie’s lad! Maybe thats just football and the ‘modern’ fan?

          I will stick my neck out and say that he will be a better manager than BD will ever be, over time and if we let him go – like we did his Dad – we will always regret it.

          Joking and ribbing aside, I hope to see all midlands teams in the same, ans was in fact rooting for the reds (don’t tell my Son!) top division as I hate all the london clubs grabbing the spoils. I hope we have a better season next time:

          1. Derby
          2. Forest
          3. Leicester

          That’ll do for me!!


          • Cheers fella – don’t disagree with much of that, although ol’ Nige hasn’t exactly endeared himself since taking the reigns down there. Of course I wouldn’t forget what an important player he was for us – but that’s in the past!

            He showed some potential at Burton, but was being pretty well bankrolled, and whilst he’s not exactly had pots of cash at Derby he’s not exactly been given nothing – and doesn’t seem to get the best out of player he’s signed.

            That said, I do expect him to improve, and think Derby will have a better season next year now the influence of a certain Mr Savage is no longer lingering…

            • He’s probably no more endeared himself to you guys as BD has to the Rams. At least NG didn’t come out after winning the playoffs & say ‘He wishes it was with Preston”!! What a smack in the face for fans and his employers!

              We were ‘warned’ about BD from Preston fans when he came here – personally, I never liked him and the football we played under him was shite. I was glad when he talked himself out of a job and trust me, he’ll do the same for you lads.

              There will of course, always be rivalry between clubs non more so than when player/managers cross to the other side. But when I look at the City Ground and see the Brian Clough stand it makes me feel proud – even as a rams fan – of what the great man achieved. You guys should feel the same at that fabulous statue of him and Peter at our place – not chant “you’ll never be your father”. Would you do that if Brain was still around – I do hope not!!

              Couldn’t agree more about Savage either, by the way. Glad he’s gone too. I hear noises that tyson is being lined up to come here. Think not? No me neither, but then again, i thought that about Commons!

              As for being in the past – that’s all we have to hang our hats on sometimes. You know, in the way you lot keep bangin on about those 2 wins all those yrs ago with our manager 😉

              Have a good summer – see you next season.

            • I love the Clough/Taylor statue – if you search the site you’ll find pics from when I went to the unveiling of it….

              As for Billy, I only judge him on what I’ve witnessed, he’s never said anything to annoy me and has delivered decent football for the most part so I’m pretty content.

              Who knows what Nige would say after the play-offs, he’d have to get there first! 🙂 I do still like him, though – he’s a nice young man, with a lovely smile…..

          • Actually thats a very good point, I’d much sooner see all the midland clubs in the Prem than watch dross + chracterless clubs like Fulham, Brum, Stoke, Bolton and the likes play bore-draws week-in-week out as they try to scrape enough points together to stay up.

            Here’s to sum more exciting derby’s next season!

            U REDS!!

            • Here, here Dan. Two 4-4 draws and auto promotion for both teams. I’d be happy with that!

  26. For a man who played for Forest all his good yrs and he was damn good for us I see no respect or love in NLN for us.

    In fact I put him in the same bracket as Commons a traitor not welcome at the city ground in my book.I actually find him quite boring and not a patch on his old man so crack on Rammie your welcome to him and welcome to another spannering next season .

    U reds

    • That’s because you’re just a moron Red Ric & not a proper football fan. I don’t know of a single Rams fan who called his father a traitor for going down the A52.

      Commons a traiter? You’d probably have him shot at dawn if you could, right? I suppose you’d line Tyson up next to him too now as well?

      Grow up up you idiot.

      • Hey RedRic…

        Didn’t take Ty long to pledge himself to the Rams, look at that tattoo!!

        • You just can’t let it drop can you? :o)

          Personally have no malice toward Tys, he served us well (and gave us Flag-gate which), but wasn’t quite good enough – you boys offered him more money, he didn’t want to uproot his family. Sensible move.

          If he can avoid injury he’ll do reasonably well I think.

          • Ha I like that nffc…flag-gate!

            Lots of fans will have a bigger struggle with Ty than they did with Savage, but then thats fans for you. I personally don’t care who goes where or to which club, I only care that a player tries his best for the people that pay his wages while he’s there.

            As for offering more money than the reds, is that not how any club gets any player these days? Your signings will be no different, including the current crop of Earnshaw, Camp and Tuggy who all trudged up the 52 to the city ground – and Campy is a Derby lad!!

            There is not loyalty much these days – not even for rival clubs. Look at that saga goin on down the road at Birmingham and their ex manager!

            • Loyalty definitely lacking these days, mind you – if a rival employer offered me more money I can’t say I’d not at least sound ’em out.

              I think Tys will win the Derby fans over – from my limited viewing of you in recent years you’ve lacked a player with that kind of blistering pace and it is exciting watching him run onto a throughball. It’s just when he touches the ball it more often than not goes to pot!

  27. Old Trafford 1986. My first ever away game. It’s 2-2 in the 89th minute and Forest win a corner. Webby (I think) swings it in and our Nigel leaps like a salmon at the far post nods in the winner! 50k plus noisy mancs are silenced and the small Forest contingent, go absolutely ballistic. A special moment that I will never forget and one of many involving our second highest scorer of all time.

    We’re all entitled to our opinions but don’t let current employment status blur your memory of a great servant to our club. Nigel Clough = Forest legend!

    • Nigel was a joy to watch and will always be a legend in my eyes.

    • Well said Aylesbury Red & Rednash. Obviously proper football fans you 2!

      Hope you have a good season next time round. Obviously , not quite as good as the Rams, but a good season nevertheless.


  28. Just playing catch up with some of the post.s..does Rammie know who his/her/i’s manger is? Who the fuck is NG???? As for respect FUCK that.That ran out the day he was appointed manager of you lot!!!!!!

    Hope that makes it clear IF NOT HE’S A FIRST CLASS CUNT is that clear?????? I don’t care about his surname, or what he did here anymore! Leg

    • Oh dear… another ignorant so called football fan. So you you don’t care about the name anymore ‘eh? So why do you keep banging on about 2 wins all those years ago under him? You probably sit… on the occasion you can get your fat arse out the armchair to watch a game, in the Brian Clough Stand.
      Grow up.

  29. Legends do not sign for your most bitter rivals, unless your Robbo or Kenny ;:0!

    Coming the other way your is acceptable though especially if the score goals for us!

  30. Clearly the transfer window will be very important to us (again). Here’s my shopping list of Free transfers from the Prem, that I think are in Forest’s reach:

    1. Isaiah Osbourne (5 Nov 1987) Midfielder – Aston Villa
    2. Nigel Reo-Coker (14 May 1984) Midfielder – Aston Villa
    3. Sebastian Larsson (6 Jun 1985) Midfielder – Birmingham City
    4. James McFadden (14 Apr 1983) Midfielder – Birmingham City
    5. Jason Roberts (25 Jan 1978) Striker – Blackburn Rovers
    6. Tamir Cohen (4 Mar 1984) Defender – Bolton Wanders
    7. Patrick Vieira (23 Jun1976) Midfielder – Manchester City
    8. Abdoulaye Faye (26 Feb 1978) Defender – Stoke
    9. Giles Barnes (5 Aug 1988) Midfielder – West Brom (replace Lewis and back to his original club)
    10. Daniel Gabbidon (8 Aug 1979) Defender – West Ham

  31. “Swansea then rattled our crossbar – Borini got on the end of a cross from Borini”

    He’s done well to manage that!

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