Forest vs. Leicester City preview..

Another Friday night game, another late preview.  An opportunity for the Reds to steal a march on Leeds – a win would put us back in the play-off places, with Leeds to play in-form Reading later in the evening.  Of course, that requires us getting a win – and that’s not something that’s not going to be something the Foxes will want to hand over too easily to us.

The latest East Midlands team the Swedish Leech has involved himself with are only five points adrift of the play-offs themselves, and will certainly be looking to avoid any further slip-ups to keep that aspiration alive.  Their unpredictable results of late make the pessimist in me fear one of their good days rather than a bad one.

On the team front the welcome return of Chris Cohen following his suspension, a welcome return indeed to give our midfield its’ engine back.  Of course, as one door opens, another closes – we lose Paul Konchesky to suspension after he picked up two bookings against Norwich last week.  With Lynch and Bennett potentially injured I’m expecting to see Gunts or Moloney covering left back.

Boyd has recovered from his ankle injury sustained at Norwich, whilst Robbie Findley is a possibility having completed a week of training, although in the pre-match press conference Ned Kelly suggested he was some way off being ready (leading to inevitable speculation as to why Billy wasn’t there after further snipes at the board on Sky last week).

That leaves longer term injury victims Blackstock, Anderson and Wilson unavailable to us.  Leicester have cult hero Bamba missing after injuring his hamstring last week against Reading.  Their form has been indifferent of late, but then, ours has been something approximating horse-shit, so it’s a pretty unpredictable game with plenty at stake for both sides.

There’s likely to be a decent following from Leicester to cheer them on too, which should hopefully stir the home crowd into a decent performance too.  On the pitch certainly we owe Leicester a solid game, having put in a thoroughly disappointing shift at the Walkers Stadium – deservedly losing to a solitary Andy King strike.  Again with Sky cameras present.

To compound the supposed curse of Sky cameras (which of course, we use to suit our purposes – Sky were there when we beat West Brom so convincingly afterall!), there’s the small matter of the referee for the game being Mark ‘OMG I must send a Forest player off! LOLZ‘ Clattenberg is refereeing the match.  So at least we’ll know who will be centre of attention, aside from Sven.

I’m finding this one too tough to call – both sides have players capable of inflicting damage on the other, but equally both have struggled to find form of late.  Given our recent record I’m tempted to predict disappointment.  Both sides really need a win retain much hope of snagging a play-off spot, and my concern is that when the chips are down like this, Forest tend to fold.

Oh, and apparently we turned down a £5m bid from Arsenal for one of our youth team centrebacks.  What the hell?!

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  1. If Arsenal are after Lascelles he must be good. I look forward to watching him in a read shirt soon, preferably without white sleeves.

    5.15 kick off on a bank holiday, in the sunshine against a local rival. Absolute madness, expect trouble.

    And £32 a ticket on Easter weekend and when the game is also on in the pub? Expect empty seats.

  2. The swede also has to decide which of his SEVEN loan players to pick in the squad. Unbelievable how the max squad size has changed the game. “The financial equivalent of doping” is what how one commentator put it.

    That you could have half your outfield team comprising players you could never afford the fees or wages for, is scandalous. I dont blame Leicester or Cardiff – they are just exploiting the rules to get the best advantage for their club. But the rules are madness.

    It should be…..
    One loan player – must pay at least 25% of their wages
    2 loan players – must be paying at least 33% of all their wages
    3 loan players – must be paying at least 50% of all their wages
    4+ loan players – must be paying at least 75% of all their wages.

    Anyhow, back to tomorrow. Bad feeling about Clattenburg. (Please God not a Clattenburg Cock-up to go with the Halsey Howler)
    Time our back five got back to previous form and stopped leaking goals. Hoping for….

    Boyd Earnshaw

    Knowing Billy, we’ll probably get 4-5-1 with McGoldrick on his own up front!

    Come the evening we could be 1 point ahead or five points behind Leeds. In my opinion, we have to close the gap tomorrow – the other games are ones Leeds could do well in.

    Last roll of the dice?

  3. Last roll of the dice in the last chance saloon as the lady with the weight management problem clears her throat and warms up her soprano tones……

  4. Husky Red, I like the look of your team.
    Lets hope that Finley is in the squad. it would give us all a lift even if it was only for the last ten minutes. Tyson, I’m sure will get on at some stage !! I expect us to win this one !!!!!!

  5. Hi from Australia
    Just learnt that my boss here used to coach young Moloney years ago. And now on to more important things, if we end up not making promotion or worse yet, not even qualify for the play offs, what’s the news on Billy? Surely we must be after a coach who can take us further ….

  6. Swedish leech I like it ! Both teams need a win draws are no good I expect some EPIC at some point.

    All I ask is that we go out and give 100% and our strikers try to get on the end of things.I expect 1 win out of the last 4 games and know in my heart of hearts were not good enough even for the play offs .

    Cant see billy picking the moose This is how I think we will start.

    Camp ,Moloney,Wes ,Chambo,Gunts
    Mcleary Kenna,Cohen ,Mcgugan
    Earnie, Boyd

    With tyson and findley to come on

  7. The very least I expect is a win. Leicester are awful away from home, although I expect the Yak to score past us.

    Findley to get the winner?

    Come on Forest, a win would put pressure on DIRTY LEEDS!

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