Ten man Reds swept aside by fourteen man Leeds..

Mark Halsey - man of the match for Leeds this afternoon...

Leeds United – 4
Nottingham Forest – 1

With cash-flow a little stagnated at nffcblog towers, I decided to opt to take advantage of the Leeds United documentary that the BBC televised that happened to feature our match against them as an afterthought, rather than go for a pricey trip to Elland Road.  It sounds a bit embittered, but good lord it was certainly the Leeds United Show and make no mistake about it!

I know that we should try to avoid banging out about officials – but I hope this ‘performance’ from Mark Halsey is seriously examined by the powers-that-be, because it was pathetic.  Not just in Cohen’s sending off, the crowning turd on a cess-pit of a performance, but missing fouls on Camp and Morgan for the second and third Leeds goal, for booking our players and not even punishing theirs.  It was awful.

The headline for this game, and probably the decisive factor was the ridiculous sending off of Chris Cohen, who – after Marcus Tudgay had missed probably our best chance of the game – executed a brilliant tackle on George McCartney, unfortunately the shameful reaction of him, the Leeds United bench, the fans and the linesman who ultimately gave the decision resulted in the unfair dismissal of Cohen.

I would hope Forest will appeal the decision, but knowing the authorities track record they would probably uphold the decision and increase the suspension – and of course they won’t do anything about the disgraceful conduct of Simon Grayson, his staff – and indeed his players.  Meh.  I suppose that we all know that life isn’t fair!  With injuries still a problem, Billy went for the following formation:

Gunter   Morgan    Chambers    Lynch
Majewski   Cohen    McGugan
Tudgay   Boyd   Anderson

Sort of, it looked more like a 4-5-1 than a 4-3-3 much of the time.  Leeds United lined up with a similar formation, with a few notable differences..

Lichaj   O’Brien   Bromby   McCartney
Bannan  Howson  Johnson
Linesman   Referee   Linesman
Gradel   Becchio   Snodgrass

A little bit of bitterness perhaps, but certainly the ‘balance’ of the coverage from the supposedly unbiased BBC made me wish I had forked out to travel up to Yorkshire instead!  I stand by the fact that for key decisions we were let down big time by the officials who let the home crowd and Leeds United bench influence them.  I don’t tend to get drawn into the ‘dirty Leeds’ chatter too much, but boy did they live up to that moniker today.

As the players prepared to get into position in the line-up I noticed one of the Leeds players had a bit of a cuddle with the referee rather than just the handshake his team-mates had with him.  It didn’t really mean much at the time, but maybe there was more to it? (I don’t actually think so, I’m just joking, I simply think that Halsey is a gutless and clueless official ‘assisted’ by two similarly hopeless linesmen).

The very early stages of the game saw the home side mounting a bit of pressure on us – Bradley Johnson fluffed his lines a bit when through, allowing Camp to make the save.  Despite failing to take the advantage after an earlier foul by Morgan on Becchio, the referee decided to bring play back regardless to give the home side another opportunity.  Gradel spannered the resulting freekick over the bar.

Forest started to come more into the game though, a foul by George McCartney on Anderson gave us a freekick of our own, which Lewis McGugan struck powerfully, but straight into the wall.  At the other end Aston Villa loanee Barry Bannan struck a powerful shot which bounced awkwardly just infront of Camp, who spilled it but gathered comfortably with Leeds players opting not to gamble, fortunately for us.

Another piece of refereeing buffoonery saw him see, but discount a blatant handball in the penalty area by Robert Snodgrass, bizarrely giving Leeds a freekick for a push by a Forest player that existed only in his imagination.  In the interests of balance, we were probably awarded two or three throw-ins that looked like they were actually Leeds throw-ins.  Real key decisions went our way, eh?

We really started to play more positively now – although in that typical Forest style of a lot of play but not too much by way of chances.  A Majewski effort deflected and curled wickedly towards the top corner, but was just wide and out for a corner, a little later a great run down the left from Lynch saw him put the ball across the goal, finding Tudgay at the back stick who had a difficult chance, but really should’ve done better than to miss the target.

Leeds too were still proving a threat – Snodgrass did really well to trick his way in the box – indeed, it looked like Chambers clipped him to me but he stayed on his feet, and ultimately his shot was a tame effort straight at Lee Camp.  Shortly after Anderson took a knee in the ribs, which funnily enough the referee didn’t notice, after a lengthy spell of treatment he did return to the pitch but was substituted for Garath McCleary on around the half hour mark.

The half hour mark was to be a pivotal moment for the match.  Majewski picked up the ball on the left and tricked his way brilliantly past two defenders and into the area, Tudgay peeled back to space and Raddy picked him out perfectly.  Tuds really should’ve done a lot better than to take a snap shot which was cleared off the line – he had time to look up and pick his spot.  Very frustrating.

Not as frustrating as what was to come though – as the ball broke from Forest’s last attack George McCartney raced towards the ball as did the covering Chris Cohen.  With the ball bouncing Chris Cohen dived in excellently winning the ball, George McCartney ended up standing on the ball, falling over and clattering Cohen – if anything, it was a foul by the Leeds defender (in reality, it was a good tackle and Leeds throw).

After a massive tantrum from Simon Grayson and his bench, soon joined by the players on the pitch, the referee consulted the linesman who clearly saw the same fictitious foul that the Leeds United bench did.  The red card was produced and Forest were reduced to ten men most unfairly, even Danny ‘Dark Satanic’ Mills who was as Leeds-biased as you like conceded it only warranted a yellow – the general consensus was it shouldn’t have even been a foul.

Despite the setback, it was Forest who continued to have the better of the half – a freekick from a challenging angle was well struck by Lewis McGugan and punched away by Schmeichel, and at the death of the half Garath McCleary had a decent effort which brought a diving save from the Leeds keeper.  As the whistle went, Billy did his best to gee up the Forest supporters who’d been in decent voice.

The second half didn’t quite go according to plan – just six minutes on the clock and Leeds skipper Jonny Howson had despatched a decent ball into the box from Lichaj past Lee Camp.  A real blow, a certainly I can’t think that quite such a gap would have been present for Lichaj to run into had we got a full quota of players on the pitch, certainly Cohen’s ability to operate defensively was sorely missed.

Billy took off the largely ineffective Kris Boyd and introduced Nathan Tyson to give us a different attacking dimension, however, it still wasn’t really going our way.  A decent corner in found Bromby whose header struck the post and fell for Becchio who – fresh from pushing Lee Camp over – basically had an empty goal to head into.  Of course, the referee didn’t see the push.

The home side really had their tails up now, and were threatening regularly – and Snodgrass was really unlucky to see an excellently taken effort which dipped viciously, having Camp totally beaten, but struck the bar and went over.  Then, out of nowhere, Garath McCleary cut inside and from inside the box unleashed an excellent curling left-footed shot right into the top corner.

Shortly after this from a Majewski corner the Leeds keeper Schmeichel misjudged his jump, but he adjusted really well to block a slightly unconventional attempt on goal from Wes Morgan.  Alas, there was a sucker-punch from this good work at a comeback from the Reds, and Leeds increased their lead – Snodgrass looked to have fouled Wes for me, which was ignored (of course), and the latter’s clearance fell for Gradel who finished smartly from the edge of the area.

The final change for Billy was probably really the only sensible choice he had open to him, to introduce Earnshaw for Tudgay.  It wasn’t really happening for us though, Chambers knocked one down in the area and Tys was only able to put a powerful effort just wide.  The final kick in the knackers came at the end, Camp saved well from Becchio, then even saved a follow-up, but couldn’t prevent the third attempt from Gradel into the goal.

At some point after this Gunts took a tumble in the box, whilst Martin Keown seemed sure he’d taken a dive I thought there was contact.  Either way, there’s no way the referee was going to give it (I suppose, really, we should be grateful that he didn’t opt to book Gunts too).  The game finished with five Forest bookings to Leeds one, one red card, two penalty appeals denied, two fouls on Forest players before Leeds goals – and one bloody awful performance from the officials.

On the plus side, we did probably get awarded three throw-ins that probably should have gone to the home side.

In fairness the BBC did actually see fit to reflect that 4-1 was flattering to Leeds, and indeed the general consensus was that the red card was both wrong, and a pivotal moment of the game.  They even found time to interview the Leeds United captain, and two-goal-scorer Gradel and the graceless Leeds United manager, Simon Grayson.  Of course, they didn’t bothering their arse wasting any time on interviewing a Nottingham Forest player, or the manager.

This was, after all, the Leeds United show.  It would have been interesting to see how the game would have panned out if we had eleven men (and indeed, if Leeds didn’t have fourteen), because we looked good in the first half.  With ten men they were too strong for us though, and it’s no surprise they finished up with a convincing scoreline.

It’s a real blow in promotion campaign terms – hopefully the injustice of events this afternoon combined with players returning from injury will help to galvanise the boys to at least attempt what will have to be a fairly momentous turnaround in form if we are to retain any hope of pushing for second spot.  Indeed, we will need some kind of turnaround in form to retain a play-off spot.

Thanks a lot, Mark Halsey.

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  1. Brilliant report, got the Leeds team sheet spot on.

    • Spot on!

      Not a Forest or Leeds fan, neutral watching the game, thought Forest was all over them until the sending off, which was the greatest tackle ever!

      • i play football myself and i am a leeds supporter . it was definitely a straight red card as cohen was not in control of the tackle once he left the ground with both feet. had 1 foot still been on the ground he would of got a yellow card at the most.

    • Just typical of losinhg football fans the whole country wide. Find someone else to take the blame rather than Blithering Billy. As he once said in the past I think. Job done! Ha ha

    • lol i have just spat my tea alover you have to be the funiest man alive aswell as bitterest lieing and sad grow up and get a life your acounts shit your teams shit your fans are shit

  2. Would love to have seen 11 v 11 for the full match as Forest were well on top until the red card. A great game ruined by the unpunishable ref. If I was crap at my job I’d be spoken to, demoted or worse. Refs should be no different.

  3. You come out with more bullshit than that odd ball brian clough used to do,you were beaten get over it !!

    • Over it Kev, cheers for visiting!

    • you wanker, your team are full of scum, see u in the play offs 11 v 11…. forest all day long.

    • At least oddball Cloughie wasnt a judas Bastard like money talks Revie, if you look closley to the badge on our shirt you will see 2 stars Munich and Madrid thanks BRIAN…………………….

      • honestly are you talking shit?? apart from the sending off what can you complain about? the sending off is red, as its

        a) using excessive force
        b) both feel off the ground
        c) stretches both legs out just as he gets near the ball making it 2 footed,

        what the fuck can you all complain about? you were beaten, put up a good fight with 10 men, but beaten. get over it.

        • It was NOT two footed. His right leg is under his body and is just off the floor and actually ON the floor when the Leeds player falls into him.

          Excessive force is not applicable because there was zero impact from the challenge on the Leeds player, as he didn’t go at him but in front of him and the ball.

          Off the ground. Again, doesn’t matter as both the ball and the Leeds player were off the ground.

          If anything, it’s the Leeds players studs who come down towards our player.

          Please do watch things before you make wrong comments.

          • honestly, seen the replay? his leg isnt under him when he gets to the ball, he has streched it back out, the tackle is excessive force as it always was going to be when you fly into a tackle like that, the rules state you can be sent off if you attempt to use too much force as it can injure a player. and off the floor is relevent as that also makes a dangerous tackle. please learn the rules of the game before you start making wrong comments, you put up a good fight with 10 men, but lost, so stop blaming everybody else and just look towards your next games.

      • I think you’ll find that despite all the scum that came crawling out from under their stones after he had died to sell stories to the press for a few quid Don Revie none of the allegations were proven.

        You will also find that it was proven that Clough received bungs.

        Nuff said!

    • That’s how most of the people watching saw it. Hopefully we’ll be able to see who comes out on top in the play offs. Cos from what I saw I wouldn’t be worried if we played again tomorrow.

  4. Boo Hoo Hoo , perhaps if your strikers weren’t as one-eyed as you then matters may have been different . My heart bleeds piss for you and Billy “Job done” Davies . Ciao for now .

    • Thanks for your comments – agreed our strikers lack a killer instinct, not sure any of them are missing an eye…

      Hope your heart is better soon!

    • if i had your name i would not use on a website for christ sake. wait until the play offs, we showed more than enough today to convince me we will batter the leeds scum again this season.

      • Yeah, like you’re going to make the play offs. Shame to see your boys get a kicking outside yates (the wine lodge) too.

    • PS: Is that Jim Pooley as inspired by the Robert Rankin books? If so, top work!

  5. Couldn’t agree more. Nice to see my impressions were not a mere figment of my fevered imagination. Claridge especially got on my nerves (even more than normal)

  6. Leeds fans, come back when you’ve won a European cup. Or two.

  7. on my way back from elland road. At one stage, halsey actually tackled one of our players, also, the free kicks in the build up to the 3rd and 4th goal shouldnt have been one. Players got a standing evation and deservedly so. Dirty dirty leeds

    • dirty leeds? from what i seen yesterday forest were the dirtiest team ive ever witnessed,,

      • Maybe you weren’t born when the Revy scum were playing their infuriating game… Go watch some tapes…

      • are you mental? your manager is an absolute disgrace

  8. oh dear, sounds awfully like sour grapes – lets have a Leeds version on this shall we?

    No it wasnt a sending off and yes without doubt forest were the better side for 40 minutes.

    If you take a look at the view that Grayson and the Leeds bench had of the incident, you can see why they were so incensed with the tackle, it looked like a dreasful challenge! Having seen it from the other angle, it looked very different. You can balme the Leeds bench for reacting the way hey did when you see the view that they had!

    You wonder how the “graceful” Billy Davies would have reacted to a similar sort of incident with the same sort of view at the City Ground – i think e all know the answer to that one dont we!

    Yes the referee was awful today but i thought he was awful all round and certainly not biased.

    4 -1 flattered us today no doubt and i dont think we deserve to go to up.

    I do take umbridge when i hear Simon Grayson being called graceless when you consider who the Forest manager is and what he is about

    Nasty little scottish twat

    Good luck and i hope you make the play offs again, your a good side, fire power was the only difference between us today

    • Thanks for taking the time out to not just post abuse 🙂

      There’s no excuse for a manager to encroach the pitch like that – whether it’s Billy Davies or Simon Grayson I’d say the same.

      I still say biased – accepting Gunts went down a bit easily, referee ignored Snodgrass’s handball in the box, gave three soft freekicks leading to your goals, ignored fouls on Morgan and Camp in the lead up to two of them, and of course got the sending off horribly wrong.

      Five bookings and a red card to Forest, one booking to Leeds…

      He was a homer, that’s for sure.

      Similarly I wish you well for the season – anyone but Cardiff to go up for me at the moment!

      • the leeds keeper should have been booked for his little tantrum throwing ther ball away after boyd had blocked him off, and got booked for it, but the ref who was so keen to play things by the letter forgot that rule it seems

      • You forget bechio made a complete dive for their second goal, morgan just laughed it off and depressingly they scored from it. Also saw boyd about to go 1 on 1 but completly blocked off inside the box by a player not attempting to go for the ball. And then there was the player having a fight with tyson, right after that pulled tyson completly o the ground.

        I’m a tad bitter an’ all

    • Simon u do ur club proud – someone who can actually see what happened! I disagree with your views on the managers but Forest have been lucky before (the Watford save for example) and today our luck was out and Leeds was in.

      All round awful is right with the ref and, although Forest were the main team to feel that, what riles me the most is that this was a really enjoyable game until the sending off, and a head-line grabbing man in black ruined it for everyone. To be fair it’s not even fair on Leeds as they need to be aware far they are from a Prem team – results like this just mask it n don’t help their cause.

      The ref and his team are quite simply the biggest bunch of c*nts this side of Derby – simples. Regardless of pressure from fans or managers they should have the bottle to make the right decisions.

      Hopefully will get a re-match in the playoffs and a fair game of footy not marred by a pussy of a ref.

  9. Sour grapes! u sound like weirdo davies!! 🙂

    • Thanks for your considered analysis, Adam, much appreciated.

    • Forest were dirty all game although the red card offence was harsh. the table does’nt lie Leeds are were they deserve to be and im sure whatever the BBC said during the footage was spot on as everyone wants Leeds United back in the premiership because we deserve to be there, thanks.

      • I see a stint in League One taught you a lot of humility! 🙂

        If you go up, you’ll certainly have deserved it though.

        • are you now remembering that you only went up because the league docked us 15 points?

          • And deservedly so, I’d add (this goes both to our going up and you being docked points).

            • well if leeds deserved it surly qpr deserve to be docked this season and maybe stay down

          • thay actualy docked us 21 points 6 befor we went down for going in to admin and then 15

  10. I did not see a penalty, but that is football.
    Forest were physically very strong and the ref let the game flow as much as he could.
    Indeed Forest had the run of the ball with many decisions going in their favour.
    I think Forest will get back into the playoffs if they keep battling, but where is the great football they were playing earlier in the season?
    Leeds can score goals while Forest struggle.
    Billy does wind his players up, but 100% effort may not be enough.

    • We really do struggle to turn possession into meaningful attempts – and when those chances come the end up like Tudgay’s two efforts, off target or too soft – frustrating.

      As for many decisions going in our favour – the only ones that were lucky from my memory were a few throw-ins that looked like they should’ve gone to Leeds.

  11. i watched the game live on tele… the referee was truly awful! i love my nottingham forest but our defending was pathetic at times in the second half! i reckon we should just take it on the chin.. these referee things happen! unfortunately for us too bloody often! next 3 games will tell us where we will end up this season! especially as reading are winning right now.
    p.s magewski was wonderful today! hope he carries on till the end of season no matter where we finish!

    • Gud point, regardless of the ref Leeds made our defence look pants – the midfield just let players run at them – come back Moussie!!

  12. Of course the BBC concentrated on Leeds – they are the big team and it is what the majority of the viewers will have wanted.

  13. Although the ref was poor, Forest cant blame the officials, I think NFFC are you generous to say Tudgay should have done a lot better, it was a shocking miss, and what happened straight after…. we get a player sent off! Yes its all if’s and but’s and maybe’s but that miss cost us big time today.
    Our strikers have been very poor of late. Yes we have had injuries but that happens every season, Lewis is our top scorer with 11, that speaks volumes.
    I think we will make the play-offs (just) and then we know its a lottery and who has the bottle to handle the pressure, which doesnt point in our favour.
    Billy talks about about of luck, we all know the saying ‘the harder I work the luckier I get’.
    Forest were desperate for the 2 week break, we can moan about officials but it looks like Forest have not been refreshed.
    I dont think Leeds were dirty good luck to them I can think of a lot more teams who I would sooner lose to and maybe if we meet them in the play offs it will be a different result, but we have to get strikers to take their chances otherwise we will be in this division next year.
    Come on you reds!!

  14. What utter tosh some of that is but for the record, I though Forest looked stronger than us and was very unlucky with the sending off, I actually thought it was a superb challenge.

    Lets get this straight: It was the linesman who told the ref Cohen left the ground hence why Halsey went and asked him. The supposed Knee in the ribs to Anderson was when Johnson was in the air heading the ball away, Have you ever tried to knee someone while in midflight with your eye on the ball? The foul on Camp? was this when he looked for a free kick and tried running into Becchio who wasnt even looking at him. I thought the ref and linos were poor although the ref was consistant with his advantages and bringing it back.

    Today summoned up the championship, We (Leeds) looked average but got the rub of the green with the sending off and ultimatley took our chances, not a true reflection on the game but that is this league all over, to be honest we should had won at your place after the first 20 minute onslaught where second half we dominated. Overall you have proberly seen two teams that definatly wont be playing in the Premiership next season but then again were never expected to and by all accounts its the be all and end all for Billy “Job Done” Davies

  15. your opinion is in no way valid. those free kicks you mentioned in the build ups to the second and third goals would have been incredibly soft to give, and would have incensed the Leeds fans.

    also, in regards to the red card, Cohen must know that if he goes over the ball with his cleat showing he is going to walk. in the modern game, no matter if you like it or not, it is a reality. if mccartney hadnt jumped out of the way I would fear for his career.
    he booked more of your players because our players weren’t tripping your players from behind or blocking them off in midfield.

    forest are a decent side and I wish you well but you cant put the whole blame of this defeat on the referee. leeds were just too strong when you went down to ten. and our fans were the 12th man. 🙂

    • snoddy you are a complete tosser and you know fuck all about football.
      Cohen did not go over the ball…fact
      maccartney was not even there when cohen got there so he did not “jump out of the way”. get your facts straight dickhead before you come on here

      • now now redash keep it clean there might be children watching

        • mcartney fouls cohen in truth when he needlessly brings his second foot in and onto cohens shin. the dive and writhing around by him certainly helped sway the ref, as well as grayson. incidentally, why wasnt he sent to the stands? if the ref is so keen on sticking to the rules, surely invading the pitch is worthy of that punishment?

  16. Another Leeds perspective.
    The first half was horrible, watching from the kop was painful. You had the better chances, we started very slowly and it looked as if you might walk it.

    The sending off, looked a bad one from where I was stood in the kop, it looked like he had gone in high and took him out. After seeing the replay he did win the ball. But the linesmen gave the decision and it is clear to see why Grayson lost his head.
    This is the problem with no video footage, it could have been looked at quickly on video and decided by a second opinion in 5secs max.

    The goals were touch and go, I think we have got a little lucky but that is football. At times this season we haven’t had any luck but today made a change.

    I still think anything can happen just because we won today doesn’t mean we will go up, seven hard games to go yet. And the same for yourselves you are win less in eight, but you could win the next seven so who knows.

  17. A little bit biased? You reckon?!

    Poor blog, filled with blinkered views. We get it – it probably wasn’t a sending off. Aside from the admittedly dubious red card, I genuinely don’t know what you can complain about – Camp literally threw himself to the ground for the seine goal. Funny, how you don’t seem to have an issue with the trip on Snoddy in the box – he stayed on his feet, but it was still a penalty. I suppose you also feel that Gunter’s dive at the end warranted a penalty?

    Even I’d it wasn’t a red card (haven’t seen further replays – I actually attended today…), it’s
    ultimately fair – remember Gunter’s stamp back in August? (No? What a surprise.)

    Based on today, Forest are a dirty cynical
    side – all yellow cards were completely warranted. If I were you, I’d stop trying to
    blame the officials, who – based on their overall performance and understanding of advantage – had a decent game, and start asking why your side is now winless in 8. It couldn’t just be that we were dominant in the second half and took our chances, could it?

    PS – a sizeable sections of morons were singing Galatasaray songs outside the ground – whilst behind police, obviously. Hope you’re proud, and it’s a bit of a shame that they were virtually silent in the ground. Stick to Derby County and Notts, we couldn’t give a toss about your club – chanting those sorts of songs just adds you to the list of small clubs desperate to have a rivalry with United.

    • We’re all biased, it’s our nature.

      Why would Camp jump out the way when the ball is in play? I mentioned Snodgrass being fouled in the box – it’s to his credit he tried to score, and you’re right, it should’ve been a penalty. I think there was contact on Gunts but he did himself no favours going to ground like that.

      Gunter’s “stamp” in August was retailiation for behaviour in kind from Leeds players – he was booked for it at the time, and then – unprecedentedly – hit with a further ban despite the incident being dealt with in the game….

      Based on today you should perhaps watch a re-run of the game now you’re home – I take the “I was there” dig in good spirits, but that means I had a better view complete with replays. If you still think the same post-watching the that, then fair play – we’ll have to agree to differ.

      PS: Not at all proud. A despicable thing to chant about – much like the clearly audible anti Brian Clough chants and usual shite about the miner’s strike, I imagine that makes you proud too… as for rivalry, aside from a league placing I don’t see nor want one, thanks!

      • As a blogger, you should probably aim at being less subjective. Surely even you realised what a lopsided view you were presenting as you relayed the information?

        Having seen the replay on the big screen several times, it literally seems Camp dives to the floor. If there’s any contact, it’s minimal, and unintentional. He was lucky enough in the first half to get away with failing to deal with a corner by claiming he was fouled – perhaps he hoped the same would occur? The fact that your official website – which makes for hilarious reading by the way, so amateurish is its match report – doesn’t mention anything untoward about the second or third suggest that they were fine, and that you may be being a tad hypersensitive.

        It was indeed tongue-in-cheek, and obviously you have the benefit of further analysis (granted though, from an anti-Leeds United BBC), but all yellows seemed warranted.

        Fair enough, I won’t lose any sleep about the Clough chants after hearing Revie described in less than admirable terms at your place, just felt the chanting about two fathers
        murdered was completely out of order, from a club who I don’t have any real issue with (well, OK, you seem to think that 4 years of success makes you a big club but let’s forget that for now…)

        Ps Job Done is referring to Davies stating that after drawing at ER in the first leg of the PO’s vs PNE, it was almost “job done”. Cue us beating them 2 0 at Deepdale and our players leaving abuse in the dressing room for him. 🙂

        • I make no apologies for being biased, just as the Leeds fans (at least the ones such as yourself who’ve been civilised) shouldn’t either – that’s what we’re like… whilst you say biased, that’s how I saw the game…

          Chants like that are out of order, and wouldn’t have been from many of our fans – as for what we think about our relative size, it’s immaterial to me, I wasn’t alive during our mere four years of success… I don’t think it’s Forest fans who have delusions of grandeur round here – personally I learned a lot of humility during our three years in League One… something I’m not seeing much of from your good selves.

          Ah, I see why Leeds have a special place in their hearts for Wee Billy now!

    • gunter, who retaliated to having his foot stamped on, or have you too forget what actually happened?

    The fact is that you were beaten by leeds, alright as i was at the game i didn’t have the benefit of the replays ,it was the lino that sent him off ,but they picked up plenty of bookings along the way too so that’s that really,.
    the sending off did give us more space in 2nd half but how did tudgay miss that ????you should have been in front before that sending off ,and by the way plenty of teams win with 10 men ,.
    we were better than you in second half alright man to the good but all the same better ,good goal by your lad worthy of more than zero points .

    but the one thing that must inspire any team and it is everyone else s secret weapon against you is the umpalumpa from north of the border billy “JOB DONE ” Davies what a horrible little twot he is ,

    • Thanks mate – I probably saw more than the match than you. Cash permitting I would have been there, but alas it wasn’t so I must prioritise games that aren’t being covered by TV.

      As you note yourself, I have the benefit of replays and seeing things from multiple angles which I would suggest offers more perhaps more credibility than you…

      Cheers for your comments though – it seems like Billy Davies has really made an impression on Leeds fans – where does the ‘Job Done’ reference come from? Seen it in a few places now…

      • nffc- research your recent history fella.
        The job done by Davies is back to his Preston days when he got a 1-1 draw in play-offs at ER.
        He thought he had beaten us but forgot the 2nd leg where we stuffed em at Deepdale.
        He’s a good manager at this level but you gotta admit a Robbie Savage of the managerial world. Love him when hes associated with your club-hate him otherwise!

        • Sounds like it’s your history and not mine! I think I can be excused for not knowing the dialogue from a manager of Preston after a game against Leeds!

          Cheers for the update though… and yes, Billy does seem to have a certain affect on opposing fans, that said, even when he was in charge at Derby I can’t honestly say I ever hated him…

      • when he was at preston in the playoffs they manage a draw at elland road in the 1st semi he put “job done posters up in dressing room .we beat em in second leg to go to to final
        might of even been a win .either way we beat em overall cheers pal cant beat the banter

  19. your players made several two footed rash challenges and you got what you deserved. Comedy moment your lads backing off from leeds’s scarfers; have ago at real lads not shirt wearing fans you cowards, but then again as they backed you off probably a good job you meet the leeds lads

  20. Leeds United supporter here. I’m not going to get involved in all the bullshit crap between the two sets of fans here but simply point out two facts.
    Fact 1 11v11 would have been more of a game, & certainly in the poorest first 45 mins from a Leeds United side I’ve seen for a while now I have no doubt Forest would have been a very stern test for us over the 90. However your player fouled ours & in the sanitised game, (to which LUFC fall foul of more times than they benefit from), was nailed on to be red carded. Be honest other way round would you not have been howling for a Mighty Leeds player to be sent off?? You were screaming for such action to be taken as the game progressed for FAR less incidents weren’t you??
    Fact 2 We finished our chances, you didn’t! Its ok bleating about being a man short but in set pieces/corners most teams these days, (inc you today), get everyone back regardless of position. This kinda nullifies the missing man. Its only in open play that it stretches teams. Fair play to your lot even at 10 men you still tried to get forward, but thats not our fault it then it left you opened up is it? Equally you could have sat tighter & absorbed pressure & hoped for a set piece to get back in it. Your choice not ours & it back fired spectaculary, end of!
    Whats the moan on the Leeds United bench? I haven’t watched the TV footage yet as I attended the match so can’t comment on some claims SG & bench did anything wrong? I’d be very suprised if Grayson has done anything for you lot to whinge about as hes a level headed guy. If its for complaining about the foul then all I can say is take those red tinted specs off-your scottish jerk does nowt but bleat & you know it!
    Have to say also as a middle aged guy now remembering your past stature in the game I had nothing but respect before today for Forest as a club, (I can’t even dislike Clough anymore-he was just an odd ball of his day & we should never have been daft enough to associate him with our great club). However the knob head “supporters” trying to goad the likes of me, (with child at side), into a fight-when clearly if your into that sorta thing doing under the gaze of plod is stupid-as we passed your sad lot at the coaches showed your club up.
    Overall to sum the game up Forest, good team, terrible foul & deserved sending off. Poor tactical decisions by your manager after that leading to a thumping. Crap support from your lot that bothered to come, (shame you couldn’t fill your allocation?? Why?), as plenty of noise when nowt was pivotel in game then sat on their hands when your side needed you. Found your voice when the goal was scored but then looked for the exit doors there on in.
    Shame is fellas the PL cries out for both our clubs not the likes of Swansea or Cardiff-no history or fanbase for them to build upon. Likewise Norwich & QPR

    • some fair points “mighty leeds” !! but it was not a red, it was not a yellow, it was not a foul it was a tackle. he got there first, he won the ball. we did not finish our chances well enough today. But I hope our boys take the positives from today as there were quiet a few. To be perfectly honest I would take leeds in the play offs at wembley or the semi’s and fancy our chances, just not the ref or the lino’s!!!!

      • redash, in todays game it WAS a Red fella. Debate, (I, don’t know your age), about days gone by by all means but its the game now that matters & how its reffed. I mean my club gets crucified for being the best at the physical game in an era when it WAS a physical encounter. Yet we were “dirty” by all accounts from supporters of clubs who employed similar tactics but not as good as us!
        I mean 1973 & Stokoes Sunderland hacked us off the park to win the FA Cup but that was the game in the day.
        Today its not two footed challenges, tackling from behind or even bloody tackling at times, full stop!! But be honest, in the game of this time can any Forest fan say they wouldn’t have been screaming for a sending off if it had been a Leeds United player hacking down your man?

        • It wasn’t a two footed challenge, he had two feet off the ground, one under him, it wasn’t a red card – even Danny Mills agreed in the studio that it wasn’t, and he wasn’t giving Forest any credit for anything at all!

        • mighty leeds, i’m 38 and i know the game has changed. but is was not late, it was not 2 footed, it was not over the the ball, it was not man then ball. in fact he hardly touched the lad. it was comitted ( not against the law ) it was fast, and yes his foot off the ground but so was the ball. look at it again. 70’s 80’s or 2011 it was not a red, for me it was a tackle. To be honest mate not bothered about 1973, just Forest getting up and after todays games ( strangely enough given the result ) i think we will get into the playoffs. Then you never know. One more thing, like most leeds fans I am not a big fan of davies, so we do have that in common 🙂

        • Never a red. Every football fan i have spoke to today, says the same. Even the commentators, who loved leeds by the way.

    • The two facts are fair enough – deserved sending off, well, we’ll have to disagree there…

  21. As a Leeds fan I would like to say this. At full speed it looked a nailed on Red Card. Watching the replays Cohen was unlucky and it will be overturned. He used his foot as a block rather than a studs first challenge and McCartney effectively hurt himsel by tripping over the outstretched foot but as I said at full speed it looked a bad challenge and the officials can be excused.

    As for the rest of the game, you were better but not particularly threatening in the first half but looked excusably dodgy in the 2nd. I did think Forest were cynical, most if not all of the yellows were for blocks/fouls committed where our player would have been away had they not been made rather than being dangerous.

    We got lucky with the way the game went but luck has been in very short supply for us this season and I think we have deserved some.

    forest look a better team than in the first game we played them and I wish them good luck for the rest of the season bar the inevitable play-of game against us.

    • Cheers mate… bear in mind a lot of the match report was written straight after the match when wounds are more raw.. although I still stand by most of it!

      You make a fair point about the seeing it at full speed (and obviously only once for the officials), it did look worse than it was from certain angles… I bet that the decision is NOT overturned though, they never seem to be for us!

      I reckon we might drop out of the play-offs now, hopefully Leeds can make sure Cardiff don’t go up.

  22. Right, firstly as Leeds fan I am going to admit I think the red card was a tad harsh, but the ref decided it was fair. Although before this all decisions had been going wrong, the bloke who wrote this article was watching the BBC and knows this so instead of being so bitter why not represent both sides of the argument. Its fair to say the ref had a shocker but at the end of the day it was an inevitable result the bigger team was always going to win! MOT

    • I did admit both sides – we got some throw-ins that should’ve been given to Leeds, Snodgrass was fouled in our area (he didn’t go down and had a tame shot – but still a foul really), and Gunter probably dived… I still think the balance of decisions was outrageously in your favour :o)

      As for bigger team, meh, I’m not really interested in ‘big team’ cock waving – so if you like, yes you are.

  23. First half was awful . Head tennis in midfield both teams lacked quality. Forest edged it due to slightly more physical players.

    Challenge for sending off looked bad from the Leeds end but heard TV said he won ball. Makes up for Gunter at City Ground though!

    2nd half Leeds stepped it up and exploited the extra space. Forest still a danger when they went long but they were not the footballing side I was expecting. Lad out wide did well mind.

    Leeds took their chances well. Forest didn’t make their corners count.

    Verdict : even game, two poor sides playing little football. Neither will go up.

    • Think that’s certainly right – although my (rather good) view of the Gunter incident was that he was responding to treatment in kind from a Leeds player. He was booked at the time by the referee, and then subsequently banned – which normally doesn’t happen (has it ever happened other than this time?) as usually if a referee has dealt with an incident then it’s dealt with.

      So Gunts certainly got what you feel he deserved for that incident – so I’d say that Cohen can consider himself wholly unfortunate for a nonsense red card.

  24. nffc – Take the rose coloured glasses off and try to take another (Neutral) look at the tackle. Yes, of course he got the ball but check the rules. They are quite clear.

    1) If both your feet leave the ground like Cohen’s did, then it’s a red card.

    2) If you commit a two footed tackle like Cohen did, then it’s a red card.

    Cohen was guilty of both offenses so whether or not he got the ball is irrelavant. Yes the sending off changed the game but to say the ref was playing for us with some of the decision he wasnt giving in our favour is just sour grapes. At least two of you players could have been sent off for two bookings, and why didnt the referree (who hated all that was NFFC) book the Forest player who decided to practise his formation high diving technique, trying to con a penalty?

    You were slightly the better team until the sending off but you werent creating many chances and it’s not like you were pounding us. If anything, we had probably had as many chances as you.

    Halsey is a crap ref….that is without doubt. We have suffered at his hands before, but the sending off decision, while harsh, was the correct decision based on the rules. Grayson was right when he said that Cohen could have broken McCartney’s leg if he had been a tenth of a second later.

    So, drop the sour grapes. You fell victim to a harsh but correct decision and Leeds went about demolishing you in a very professional second half performance. Get over it and look forward to your next game.

    • 1 – seen it many times, wasn’t a two-footed tackle, one foot extended – both off the floor. Ball off the floor, Cohen blocks ball, McCartney (who has both his feet off the floor too) stands on it, then falls on Cohen.

      If two feet off the floor going for the ball = red card then you think McCartney too should have gone, yes? If not, then you haven’t watched it carefully enough.

      2. See above.

      No sour grapes, the decision was wrong – and I’m over it, part of the reason for the website is an outlet for that immediate post-match bile :o)

    • Your an idiot.
      That was never a red, and i think that for a change it will be over turned.

      • ConnexIV – You call me an idiot when the best arguement you can come up with is “You’re an idiot”. Maybe when you have gone through puberty and attended at least one school, you will be able to respond with a constructive comment (They do have schools down in Nottingham dont they?)

        As for the debate as to whether or not it is a two footed challenge or not, I have three screen prints of the tackle, which I am happy to email to nffc for him to put on the blog, which prove conclusively that it was a two footed lunge and therefore makes the fact that he got the ball totally irrelavant.

  25. It happened to us a couple of seasons back.

    Beckford was booked for a challenge on a Norwich defender which was reviewed and he was banned (correctly) for an elbow even though the ref had dealt with it at the time.

    What was particularly galling was that the replay (which the FA based the sending off on) clearly showed the Keeper deliberately elbowing Beckford (to which he reacted by swinging his own elbow) while he was waiting for the corner to be taken. No action was taken on the keeper even though it happened barely half a second earlier.

    • Sounds like we’ve both been bitten on the arse by that, then! Yet Rooney can do what he wants with no recompense… *sigh*

  26. adeydale@yahoo.co.uk – That was Millwall not Norwich 😉 You are right though.

    Question for Forest fans – are you disappointed in the style of football you play under Davies? You hoofed it just as bad as we do! Was expecting more – especially as our defence is woeful.

    • Disappointedish, but we’re missing a holding man to keep midfield together which precipitates the more direct style… we really missed McKenna and/or Moussi today – the only midfielder we have fit who offers that ability unfortunately was sent off after 30 minutes today…

      On our day we play decent football, although more direct this season than last, admittedly.

    • The football we have played under Davies has been beautiful on the whole. At the minute we seem to be lacking and i don’t know why. But no, in answer to your question.

  27. Not going to get into all the slagging off here!! As a Leeds fan I have a long dislike of Mr Davies, and I’m afraid that tends to colour my view of any game involving his teams ….!!! Let’s just say that Forest today lived up to all my expecatations.

    However – just so you don’t feel too picked-on, Jermaine Beckford had a similar expeirience to Gunter. He got a booking in a televised game against Millwall a couple of seasons ago after a clash with their ‘keeper at a corner. The Sky pundits made a real song and dance about how it should have been a red; and sure enough the FA spoke to the ref who then decided he’d booked Beckford for some other unspecified crime, and he got a 3 game ban. Don’t often see that happening to the Liverpools (Gerrard, anyone?) or Man U’s of this world …… and don’t even get me started on Shearer!!

    Sorry, got a bit off-topic there …..

  28. Fair play. I loved our tussles in the late 70s in the League and League Cups – you had a hell of a team then.

    Better luck with the rest of the season.

  29. I thought this was an isolated opinion – it turns out all Forest fans on the Internet now actually think Grayson is Satan’s right hand man, and that both the second and third goals should have been fouled for virtually nothing.


  30. Well the game is over and we are ALL in for plenty more agony, before the season ends!!
    I have been a Leeds fan for a long time and I loved Brian Clough.
    I remember the last time he came to Elland Road with Forest. You were on your way out of the top league, and Brian had stayed too long.
    He was a proud man and wanted to save the club.
    Forest lost but the feeling for Brian, in the ground, from both sets of fans was incredible.
    Some time after the game finished I wandered out into the car park, and there was Mr Clough surrounded by Leeds fans.
    He was kissing them and signing autographs, and I stood back to watch.
    You could see he was not very well, and the thought that we would never see his like again was heart-breaking!
    You have plenty to be proud of at Forest.

    • Cheers Henry – BC’s last season or two were two too many really.

      Will always remember our last home game against the Blades and their fans were similarly top drawer, such a pity his career had to end on such a low note, but well, that’s the way things go.

  31. These things even themselves out the Cohen red card just made up for the one that gunter should have got at your place. Also you don’t come across as bitter at all mate.

    • Gunter was suspended after the ‘stamping’ (which was retaliation to one of your lads, who wasn’t punished at the time nor retrospectively), so that’s slightly tainted logic :o)

      And yes, I do get a bit bitter when we’ve been treated unfairly..

  32. The ref hugging a Leeds player at the start had to be a bad omen! (what was he thinking?)

    Spot on with the report. I particularly liked the ref ducking down to “dummy” in the build up to a Leeds goal. Especially after he had blocked a forest attack earlier and got the ball to the Leeds players to break away.

    The BBC summariser got it right. “good goal. Ref gets an assist”

    I can’t see how the rules can end up red carding someone for a challenge that did not make content on the basis that “it was forceful so if it had, it would have caused injury”. That’s the whole point of tackles – if you get your timing and judgment right you get the ball and don’t make contact!! Duh!!

    Hopefully this clown won’t get any more gigs when forest are playing. Just our luck if we get to the playoffs and see his incompetent face all over again.

    Still, gotta hand it to Leeds. 3 players with 50 goals between them. Our three top strikers can’t reach half that.

  33. stop moanin,scabs…..

  34. Well done for totally deflecting the fact you are on a shit run, your managers shit & your strikers are erm…shit, oh & your defence, they’re shit!! We’re shit aswell but somehow keep managing to grind out results, especially against shit like you

  35. Not match related but check out youtube,IM a Barnsley lad,i think it covers most of the shithole which is Yorkshire.

    • Yorkshire a shithole? Are you fucking blind? One of or is the most beautiful countys in England. Barnsley horrible horrible place. Jump on a train or a bus and venture out of the shithole that is Barnsley and head up into North Yorkshire and OPEN your fucking eyes.

  36. Cheating is cheating
    Let’s hope football wins thru and Grayson gets his come upance … rather support a scot than an englishman who sells his soul.

  37. NFFC; I wouldn’t even bother entering into a debate with these muppets, you expect one/two idiots but judging from the comments Elland Road is full of them. I’ve got no problem with two different viewpoints because let’s face it we all can all be a little one-eyed when watching our team. But; I cannot believe why/how Leeds fans can be so arrogant & treat opposing supporters with such disdain. You are a big city with one team, hence large support; so have a little respect for a team with a proud history from a small city servicing two teams!!
    With the comments on here you’ve achieved the impossible you’ve actually made me lean towards your so-called rivals from across the Pennines if you two ever meet again. Mind you as you seriously consider MUFC as rivals then I suppose your arrogance shouldn’t be so suprising.
    Little bit of humility; please you never know you might meet little forest in the play offs- YOU REDS!!

    • Graham, just read through most of ConnexIV’s comments and then reconsider what you are saying here mate. ALL teams have thier own element of cockhead support, and yes, Leeds have a large section of them but they dont represent Leeds United. The dont represent ANY team. They just represent being a wanker.

    • Don’t fall for the hype that the rivalry is one way pal. They sing about us at every single game. I work in Manchester quite a lot and in all honesty the older lads hate us with a passion. If they didn’t mention us at all I could see your point but that isn’t the case, they’ve even changed the words to one of their songs to remind us.

  38. Ha ha. Is this actually real. If you think this ref was bad you should have watched more Leeds games this season. Today was one of the better refereeing displays of the entire season from a Leeds perspective. He was more or less…fair.

  39. “he free kicks in the build up to the 3rd and 4th goal shouldnt have been one.”

    For the 3rd, Morgan’s back elbow was something that hulk hogan would have been proud of! Just re-watched it again on bbc – 72 mins – you should too!

  40. Brilliant report nffc my sentiments exactly shocking ref and the leeds bench got cohen sent off no doubt.

    However we had more than enough chances to have been 2 up by that point our forwards have cost us at least a play off place they are crap.

    We need to regroup at the end of the season and bring in real experience and quality It wont happen this season we have lost our way and i suppose bottled it really.

    I comment on this site because there are real football fans who come on hear and I enjoy it.What a shock to come on tonight and find loads of mindless tossers gobbing off cos you got a homer ref I WOULD LOVE IT IF WE TURN IT ROUND AND MEET YOU IN THE PLAY OFFS NUMBSKULLS.

    U reds

  41. I had a bad feeling about today when I got up, there’s nothing worse than a Leeds Utd fan with something to gloat about – they’re such a bunch of loud mouth twats – fact! I’ve often wondered what Leeds would be like if the city had another team to support like other big English cities?

  42. ” Shame you’re lads got a good kicking ”.

    What a fucking moron you really are my duck (y)

  43. NFFC, Good report as usual!

    Same old leeds fans, loud mouth twats.

    I sleep safely tonight in the knowledge that they’ll all be waking up in leeds tommorow.

    Fucking hell hole.

    ” Leeds service crew” haha, Fuck off!!

  44. Dirty Forest scabs

  45. What a load of shit, get over it forest fans, you LOST, the same outcome of three of your last four games. Yes the ref was poor, tell us something new, at the start of the game you got many throw ins and corners that were the wrong decisions. the sending off was harsh, but the view from the touchline looked like a definate sending off, you need to get over it and concentrate on your remaining games, as you probably wont even make the play-offs now, cant see either of us going up to be honest, but hope we get you in the play offs, will only be the same outcome…. MOT

    • We are doing, thanks. Yes, I think the fact we won a few throw-ins (the corners were correct) really made up for the penalty we were denied and losing a midfielder…

    • I REALLY hope we get you in the playoffs, with 11 men, we will smash you all over the park. Did for most of the match with 10.

  46. I’ve just 1 observation as a Leeds fan, had the sitter not been missed directly before the sending off, it wouldn’t have happened & your players would have been celebrating in front of your fans, the game woul’ve probably swung more into your favour & if our indifferent home form this season is anything to go by, an away win, however, sitter missed.

    • Absolutely… a really bad miss by Tudgay, who didn’t seem to look up and see where best to put the ball… but well, it’s all ifs and buts now…

  47. Im sure you all have been going over the same points.

    1. It wasnt a red card. Cohen didnt go in two footed, he went in and got the ball cleanly. In the words of martin keown who said ” Id be very annoyed if I got sent off for that”. What got him sent off was the reaction of GRAYSON and the players from both sides.
    The player stayed down as if he was hurt but he wasnt too.

    2. Leeds are more clinical than us in front of goal and we have to give them credit for that. I thought Morgan was poor today, looked slow at reacting for first two goals.

    3. How Bad are the leeds fans. It was well noticed that the atmosphere was poor til you scored and then when mccleary scored you went silent again haha. I went when we drew 1-1 when we were both in league one and your fans were shite then.

    4. I really hope we meet you in the playoffs. We can beat your team.

    Other than that enjoy your win !

  48. Ex pat living in Australia. watched it live. As an ex ref, any tackle that leaves both feet off the ground is a red. Sounds like most of the NF fans on here are kids. Not a dig, just a reminder that you are in this league by default. If Leeds had not been deducted those points you would not have been auto promoted. Most teams that are deducted points get relegated so this was first time in the history that a team nearly won promotion.

    • What’s the relevance of the point deduction? Those are the rules.. and Leeds do deserve (and got from these pages) great credit for their rallying when given that deduction…

      … as for your assertion, please show me the law of the game that specifies that… it wasn’t a tackle, it was a perfectly executed block. In fact, McCartney – not in control of the ball – had both feet off the floor too… should he have been red carded too? When Majewski laid the ball back to Tudgay to miss our best chance, Schmeichel dived in with two feet off the deck… no contact, but intent – red card?

  49. Same time next year.

  50. Well I think the majority of the Leeds Utd fans who have posted on this FOREST blog site have showed themselves to be as arrogant as Liverpool fans. Even Derby fans don’t have the neck to put some of the comments that I’ve read on here. Get a life and write comments about your own team – personally I couldn’t give two hoots about writing comments on another team’s website, as I support Forest.

    Anyway, I think today’s game proves that Forest are going to miss out on the playoffs because we have no luck at the moment, and haven’t had any for quite some time. The scoreline flattered Leeds, but well done to them and their fans for creating the luck they enjoyed today.

    I wish Leeds all the best and if they do go up, but I do wonder how well they will do in the Premiership if they can’t include 4+ loanees in their starting eleven…?

    • We’ll be fine, seeing as how we only had 3 loanees in the starting XI today – Lichaj, McCartney & Bannan. Only McCartney has been here long term so it’s not because of them that we are where we are. Very much doubt we’ll go up though and I think it would be way too soon for us this season if we did.

      I thought Forest were the slightly better team in what was a very low quality first half, the red card looked justified at full speed and certainly would have looked a horror tackle from the view the Leeds bench had of the incident. Having seen it again at full speed it still looks horrific, it’s only when you see the replays that it looks a harsh sending off. Halsey at least took his time and spoke with the lino before making his decision – I’ve seen refs this season almost fall over themselves trying to get the red card out. Overall I thought the officials were far from excellent, but I thought they were incompetent rather than crooked. Sadly, I can’t remember the last time I saw a decent ref at ER. We got one or two decisions today, but you can guarantee it won’t be long before we’re on the wrong end of them again.

      As for the second half, sorry lads but really naive tactics from the Scottish midget – many teams held on to grab 1 or all 3 points with 10 men but to stay on the offensive against a team that’s scored as many as we have this season with a man disadvantage…… well, as you saw, it was footballing suicide.

      For what it’s worth, I’ve always liked Forest and was a big fan of Clough. He may well have been a wanker, but he knew he was and revelled in it. I kinda liked that about him. Good luck for the rest of the season, hope we’re both back up where we belong in the not too distant.

      • Cheers Ian… I don’t think it was really tactical suicide from Billy, he had very limited options to play with. I suppose he could’ve packed defence but that would’ve unbalanced us.

        • I don’t think packing the defence would have been the answer. We have a lot of creative players and we’ve unlocked a lot of tight defences this season. The reason you were on top in the first half was that you had the edge in midfield and it denied our creative players the space and possession. Once you went a man down and Davies decided to leave two up top you were overrun in midfield and that’s where we exploited you. In this case, I believe it wasn’t that you were a man down that was the problem – as I said before, plenty of times tough it out with 10 men and squeeze out a result – it was WHERE you were a man down that was the problem. You effectively went 4-3-2 with McGugan still roaming as one of your 3. Against a 5 man midfield that meant we got more than our share of possession and once our middle 3 got on top our wide players were able to get at your full backs.

          I won’t pretend to know your team better than you, but if you had anyone on the bench that could have gone into midfield and evened up the battle I think we would have struggled to break you down. It’s not as if any 2 of the strikers that you had on the field were in anyway clinical. For that reason, I think Davies was naive.

          • In your last paragraph you have hit upon the problem for us – in losing Chrissy, we were down to our last three midfielders (and McCleary is actually a winger/striker). If the red card is not overturned, the suspension could do us more damage than yesterday’s result.

  51. Emotions run high because we have 2 teams and fans wanting to get promoted, we should not allow this to become an over exaggeratted Forest and Leeds vendetta,I could never have the same negative opinions for Simon Grayson as Warnock or Jones of Cardiff (remember Dexter).
    If ( and a big if) Tudgay had scored, and let’s be honest he should be f****** ashamed of himself for missing!! then there would be no blogs about sending off of Chris Cohen etc
    As I said before Forest strikers have really underperformed this season.
    We had a centre forward who could score goals-he scored a hat trick for Norwich today,( how many this season??) but the manager at the time played him on the wing, do we ever learn at Nottingham Forest ?

  52. Well played Forest !.
    Not another swansea performance and will give us some hope.
    Our last 4 matches look winable with what should be a full squad.
    These next matches will certainly show who has the bottle for the fight.
    Well done the supporters who made the trip !!!! We need you now !!!

  53. I am an unbiased forest fan,but the bbc and mark halsey were all leeds from the off.I jusr hope now the fa show some bottle and overturn the red card as it was an awful decision which changed the game.dirty leeds have never and will never win fa fairly and that is why everyone in this country hates leeds scum and grayson summed this up today with his over reaction to influence the match officials the cheating c##t.

  54. Leeds chop down Forest.
    Grape Forest Sour.

  55. Like two bald men fighting over a comb. In two years, it’ll still say 4-1. Clough chants disrespectful.

  56. FrustratedRed, I don’t wish to appear rude but you don’t sound totally unbiased.

  57. I’d like to ask actually why the hell footballer’s take media jobs? Has Martin Keown got a qualification in football comentrary or anything media related? No. Has Danny Mills or Steve Claridge got a football pundit’s qualification? No. Being a media student at uni, they would be dream jobs for me, instead filled by biased individuals with no grasp on presenting. That’s why there’s so many unemployed students in journalism and media, the bloody sportsmen and women get the jobs… As for the match itself, unjust doesn’t even begin to approach the subject, tv technology is needed urgently.

    • In my opinion, football coverage in this country could do with a few LESS media “graduates”.

  58. A good performance in the first half. The red card turned the game and leeds made the extra man count in the second. I saw enough to expect a play off place and am hoping to meet leeds there.

  59. Biased to the point of inaccurate this time nffc, which is only made disappointing due to your usually high standards!

    Leeds only ever looked average and some of their player conduct was irritating, but seen in real time I thought (incorrectly of course) Cohen had properly put one on McCartney and I would have reacted the same. Massive dive from Gunter at the end too, which I always find embarrassing.

    BBC Sport are tabloid trash that are only biased towards hyperbole – they bummed Leeds purely because they won. In anything, I thought they overplayed slightly how much difference that red card made, especially seeing as we had only managed to carve out one clear chance with 11 men anyway.

    btw I live and work in Leeds and so will be facing the gleeful, chubby faces of 30 or so squinty-eyed Yorkshiremen come Monday morning, all waiting for a “chat”, so don’t think I’m not pissed off at what happened!

  60. Leeds fan here.
    IMHO, Leeds did well today but Forest, quite literally lost it. Forest were their own worst enemy. Why didn’t you just play football – if you did, you probably would have won.
    There was no need for Cohen to make that challenge. Was it a good challenge/bad challenge? We could debate this for hours. Just ask yourself this – if a Leeds player had made that challenge on a Forest player, would you want the Leeds player to be sent off? The answer is Yes, so let’s put that to bed.

    Forest just seemed to come to Elland Road for a fight – and that’s a bad idea – it only makes Leeds work harder. What was with the roughing up of Schmeichel by Boyd, the bodychecking of Howson when Leeds are on a counter attack etc etc. That just turns the Ref against you.

    I think Billy Davies set Forest up the wrong way. Elland Road is a good pitch with lots of opportunity to play great football. You just seemed to be a bit rough and that might work at other grounds but not at ER and not with a Premier League ref.

    Forest and Leeds don’t deserve to be in this league. They should both be doing their stuff in the Premier League. Hopefully we’ll both be there shortly.

    I lived in West Bridgford for 4 years and loved it. I obviously love Leeds, but I like Forest too.

    • I think leeds diving fooled you. There wasn’t roughing up going on, and second half forest were playing the football with leeds on the counter most of the time. Between 10mins to sending off there looked like no way leeds could be in it forest were playing them off the park

  61. Firstly I’d like to apologise for the idiot minority of Leeds fans for their less than savoury responses…. but with the title given to your report you know that the idiots are usually the most likely to respond, whereas the decent fans will usually have a quick read nothing more.
    I do agree it wasn’t a red card…. and I hope it will be overturned (probably stand a better chance than we would). Too many times do we see poor refereeing decisions but I feel in this case, from the linesman view it must have look worse i’m not going to go into the politics of what is a clear sending off. It’s just unfortunate that video replays haven’t been brought into the game yet. I think with the amount of poor decisions per game of late (we have suffered more than our fair share) something seriously needs to happen.
    I can understand how Forrest fans feel I’m still aggrieved by the Jay Bothroyd possibly leg breaking tackle on Becchio in the Cardiff game going unpunished after being reviewed by the Welsh FA (erm your playing in the English league why does the Welsh FA get involved?). Any way I’m waffling had a few beverages lol…. just want to wish you well for the rest of the season unless we meet in the play off’s then I want us to beat you 11v11 with a decent ref (like that will ever happen)

  62. Colin
    I was at the game and no I wouldn’t have wanted the Leeds player who made a similar tackle to Cohen to Walk because it WASNT A RED.
    Referees are starting to kill the game by making it noncontact and if we carry on with this trend what on earth will we we watching in years to come.Its bad enough NOW!
    just to sum up Leeds I live in Wakefield and went to the match in a car with another Wakefield resident. Between us NONE of our Leeds Utd ‘supporting’ friends could be bothered attending the match! One actually said he didnt want to put money in Bates pocket.

    • Mate, I know loads and loads of lads that will not attend while Bates is here. Personally I think thats a case of biting your nose off to spite your face. But we’re talking about a bloke that was boss of one of our old rivals, so I do see their point. But personally the love of my team far outweighs any petty vendetta I have.

  63. in response to the it wasnt a sending off sure he won the ball no doubt about it but not through skill through pure blind luck had it been a split second earlier or later or had McCartneys foot been on the ground or a million other tiny little things been different we wouldnt be talking about one game changing due to an OTT response we’d be talking about a young mans career being ended and that is the reason its a sending off not for the tackle itself but because there is simply no way to say there was no intent to do damage to player you lose that argument the moment u leap in the air and come in two footed

    • By that logic should a mis-hit goal been disallowed?

      And he didn’t have two feet extended when he made contact (with the ball).

    • In any tackle if little tiny things are different it could be a leg breaker. He perfectly executed the tackle, are you going to stop goal keepers punching because if a player was there when he punched he could have knocked him out. It’s just a bizzare arguament that he might have done damage if he didn’t do the tackle right when he did execute it right.

  64. This league is all about luck – which teams generate by being attacking and pressing! Last season Forest did this, for about 90% of their fixtures and managed to finish very high in the league. This season the team have lacked the same spark (think about it we have) and our attacking flair has only come out when playing Derby! The teams that embody the attacking dynamism I’m talking about are: Leeds, Reading, Norwich, Swansea and possibly Leicester. QPR are set-up in a similar fashion to Forest and they have a solid back-line which they aim to build from. Unfortunately for Forest, rather than enable the team to win (like with QPR) it has meant that they get the odd 1-0 win, lots of draws, or we lose!

    The only thing I can put my finger on to explain what has changed is the amount of players that are (1) out of contract at the end of the season and (2) the high number of injuries that our small squad has had to endure during this campaign. This has contributed to our lack of luck, as players are distracted by off the field issues, they are desperate to do well as their contact is about to expire, they are “tired” from playing games = thus make poor split-second decisions. Two good examples of this are the Raddy red card at QPR (deserved) and yesterday’s red card for Cohen (deserved when seen live, but slo-mo changes the perception). A good example of our bad luck with injuries and squad size are: Findley signs and gets injured during his first training session; Moussi begins to play the best football of his career and becomes a first-choice pick then gets injured; Lynch is similar to the Moussi story… We are not generating our own luck, which is costing us dear!

    Some of the blame lies with Billy Davies for his tactics and training methods in my opinion, but before anyone jumps on me I am a fan of Billy! I am hopeful that Forest can at least sneak a play-off position this season just for the experience; however my head tells me that we won’t get promoted this season. I just pray that the board manage to provide whatever is required during the close-season to build on the foundations that have already been laid, to enable Forest to have a serious challenge for automatic promotion next season!

    I’m trying the be “glass half empty” in the vain hope that my reverse-psychology will back-fire on me and Forest get promoted. COME ON YOU REDS!!!

  65. You must have been watching the game with red tinted glasses on mate. The red card was deserved and inspire of that forest were still the better team. We were better innthe second half because of two reasons. A. We couldn’t have played any worse as we couldn’t get possession and when we did we lost it too much. B. Grayson dud what he does best at halftime in motivating the players. You’re not the only team to have decisions go against them. We have it regularly and it makes avrefreshing change for the officials to do their job right. It’s a real case of sour grapes and bitterness. Then again your manager is one of the most bitter managers in football. It’s had an effect on the fans as it dud with Preston fans when he was manager. He’s do bitter it affects your teams progress. Strange a month ago you was second now you’re out the playoffs and in freefall. As for Leeds being labelled dirty Leeds, I suggest the title to be handed over to forest as in both games we’ve played you thus season you’re a team of cheating bullying dirty players. Gunter and tudgay spring to mind.
    Finally I’d like to remind you the match was live and wasn’t edited or unbalanced as you put it.

    • Sorry mate, but the general consensus from every one apart from some leeds fans is that it wasn’t a red card. Fact.
      The red card massively changed the game, but with 10 men the best from of defence could have been attack in that match as forest were all over leeds in parts of the game . Even with 10. The difference today was the finishing. Leeds finished well, we didn’t.
      Hmmmmm. Dirty forest just doesn’t ring true mate, that’s why we don’t carry that label. The standard of football at forest is usually some of the best in the league, so i don’t think the label would be accurate.
      As for the coverage being biased…. please, how can you even deny it.

      • “Fact.”

        How anyone can honestly defend that tackle is beyond me. If McCartney hadn’t slowed down slightly, that would have been his leg. Anyone saying it wasn’t two footed is wrong, as I’ve seen numerous acreenshots showing it was, and he left the floor. It doesn’t matter if the ball was in the air, if you throw yourself like that, you
        can easily end a career. Just lucky that we’re discussing this as opposed to McCartney’s broken leg.

        I’d be amazed if Forest appealed, mainly because it’s clear to anyone who’s played football at any sort of level that tackles like that cannot go unpunished. I’d stop questioning a decision which was correct, and instead ask why Cohen made the tackle. If you want to play your game, going by the rules of the game, it’s a “fact” that he should have been red carded. The BBC displaying typical anti-united bias doesn’t change that.

        And another thing – why the fool would the BBC have some sort of agenda against Forest? Small midlands club who hate Derby with a
        passion, and yet your fans seen to be convinced that the BBC favoured “dirty Leeds” – interestingly, a phrase helped into existence by media outlets such as the beeb.

        Forest fans are probably the worst for having a huge chip on their shoulder – a couple of years is success yet your fans seem to think you’re a
        massive club, and the beeb should centre it’s coverage around you, as opposed to the home team who are 4 1 up, are the main reason why so many will be watching, and are internationally recognised.

        I expect some poorly written 3 word response, hopefully with “your” used incorrectly (again). Maybe mention the European cups, I’m not sure if anyone knows about that?

        • Blah blah, Leeds big club meh, feh, whatever.. in my experience Reds fans have a pretty good idea what we are – a provincial club who got lucky, we have had humbleness-inspiring time in League One recently, something your fans don’t seem to have taken on board.

          When were Leeds last a massive club? A blip league win in 1991, then it was the early 70s under Revie. Well done… we are probably at something approximating our natural level… generally in the league you’re where you deserve to be.

          As for arguing the Cohen incident, you’re not going to change your mind, I’m not going to change mine – let’s leave it at that.

          • At least their’s one Forest fan who can see where their club stands in the scheme of things.

            Champions league semi final and competing for the league for a few seasons (OK, quite poorly..) – I’d say we were still massive 7 years ago. In fact, i’d still say we’re in the top 5 “biggest” clubs in the country. Not that it matters much at the moment – I’ll have to wait for us to win the playoffs this summer before I can dream of us returning back to the top of the game.

            • Not that it matters much, but i can speak with authority on this as i have lived in Europe for several years. Forest are internationally known, and known well.
              You will have to excuse my grammar, I’m not that bothered about it in this context.

        • Your grammar is appalling. What is more annoying than an idiot is a person who thinks they can score cheap points by being a condescending pedantic prick, yet in reality they’re the idiot.

          This is football talk, leave the airs of grandeur in your snobbish middle class existence please

  66. Rearrange these words into a well known saying
    ” A get life”

  67. sounds like sour grapes !!! marching on and on

  68. Lets all move on; Leeds are a successful side and even got to the European Cup Final under Jimmy Armfield, indeed didn’t they even appear in a semi-final a few years ago. As for small-town Forest under that “odd ball” Clough what did they ever win…

  69. thankfully not living in yorkshire it doesn’t apply !!!!

  70. Sore Loser?

    Watch the sending off live and then think what the ref and linesman saw. It looked horrible at angles and full speed. Yeah looking at the replay it wasn’t as bad, luckily! Had mcartney been faster he could have had a broken leg. You were the better side but never really looked like scoring like we did. Also the fowl on ur keeper? I have watched that a few times. Your keeper walks into becchio then falls to the floor like a sack of spuds! Give the clough impressions a rest and be gracious in defeat. Afterall the aim in football is to score more than ur opponent.

    • Thanks for your insights, Ben – I don’t like to feel cheated, just as I’m sure you don’t… I would like to have contested the game 11 v 11 and seen what occurred…

      But anyway, you’re commenting a day later on things I wrote yesterday quite in the heat of the moment, I think you need to learn to let go 😉

  71. Where you the clown in the Jester Hat…… oh no, you didn’t go !


  72. The sending off wasn’t a sending off, but without video technology then it was always going to be a red card. But with everybody saying that it was the pivotal moment is wrong IMO. Even after Howson scored the commentary on the bbc said that it was very hard to tell which team had 11 men and which had 10. We just had the firepower that forest seemed to lack. We stopped trying to do long balls after half time and actually played a bit which worked in our favour. We’re not going to go up, and if we do it will be to soon i reckon. 4.1 definitely flattered us and it will probably be a different score if we meet you in the play offs. But i agree with th fact for some reason the beeb were very pro-leeds today which they generally don’t seem to be.

  73. Very amusing write up, sense a little bitterness. SUPER LEEDS

  74. I’d love to smack these leeds cunts that are posting on here. The facts are you could only beat us with that fucking wank ref in your side. Fuck you leeds cunts

    • I feel your pain.
      It’s funny.

    • That what I like to see a well educated , lucid response.
      As for nffc, keep going mate passion for our teams is what makes us what we are.
      Unfortunately a family wedding stopped me being at Elland Road yesterday so only saw highlights later.
      Last time I was at your place they had a fire which sort of gives my age away a bit.
      Best of luck for the rest of the season Forest, unless you play us of course, hope to to see you with us back in the top flight before long.

  75. Splendid report.

    We were not good yesterday, but the ref was even worse. This was really shocking for us, because I can’t remember since we last had such a homer for a ref. And Halsey of all!

    We are Leeds!

  76. I honestly thought Forest were the better side in the first half. It can be argued the sending off was a bit harsh, and I do agree the reaction of our manager Grayson was awful, however, I think it was a sending off. Although one footed, it was still a lunge and in the air which is nowadays construed as dangerous play. If it was like the olden days it would have been an excellent challenge. This is a very biased article however, the referee was crap and did make odd decisions for both teams. I wasn’t aware of the fouls in the build up to the goals, but I think 4-1 completely flattered us. As long as you guys can get over it, I think you will get back into the play offs, good luck and all the best, hope you get to the Premier League where you belong again soon!

  77. u really should watch leeds more often because we have had worse refs all season that cost us points all the time.

    • So that justifies a refereeing performance blatantly in your favour by what means, exactly?

      I would rather not watch Leeds any more often than they happen to play my team, thanks!

  78. “Off the ground. Again, doesn’t matter as both the ball and the Leeds player were off the ground.”

    self preservation. if I had been in mccartney`s boots and seen cohen launch studs-up from that far away, I`d have made damn sure I was off the ground too. one step quicker and mccartney would now be in plaster.
    have read some gash on this thread,…….
    red card every time.
    sly cynical team got what sly cynical teams deserve.

  79. Dear o dear o dear, what a spitful man you really are i too the the ref was crap but at one stage i thought we were playing Norwich City for the amount of fouls that were being commited on our players. No it was not a sending off and yes you should have had a penalty near the end of the game, just take the rough with the smooth and im sure you’ll get along fine. Thats football and the world we live in still if you dont go up this season you can always look forward to going BUST. HAHAHAHA

    • Go bust? We manage our finances properly.. not going up wouldn’t be a disaster.

      The penalty we should’ve had was in the first half, Gunter’s over-reaction to whatever minimal contact Gradel made from him meant really he should’ve been booked for the dive.. Gradel should too though for asking the ref to book him.

  80. Fortunately a few of the contributions here have been from people who actually know the current rules of the game regarding what constitutes a red card in a tackling situation.It was without a shadow of a doubt a red card offense.Did it change the game?Absolutely but this juvenile ranting about it is nothing more than mildly amusing i thought Forest looked a good organized team and would expect them to make the play-offs.Leeds United have never been media darlings so i find the opinion that we were some how given unfair positive media coverage ridiculous.BTW loved the Forest players comical attempt at conning the ref with the blatant dive late on.As has already been pointed out you,re in this league by default anyway so don,t be too down heartened,just think of all those years of mediocraty you have to look forward to.Look forward to playing you in some cup competition as we move back to our rightful place in the higher echelons of European football.

  81. There’s nowt so blinkered as a loyal football fan.

    I admire your commitment to the casue, I really do. I also agree that Forest held the greater menace in the first half but there were reasons behind that. One reason was that Leeds were clearly playing with nerves and the pressure of the occaision was getting to them. You were dealing with it better. The second reason is that Becchio was being nullified. He is pivitol for Leeds attacking momentum as he brings the attacking midfielders into play which moves us into the attacking third. Every time he got the ball in the first half, he was clattered. Sometimes fairly but often unfairly. It curtailed our attacking verve massively.

    This will not be a popular opinion here but i’m afraid that Forest are becoming a less attractive club under that truly dispicable character you have in charge. It was like watching the Wimbledon of the 1990’s yesterday, a blend of cynical tackles, brutish force and long ball misery. Coupled with the post-match attitude and lack of grace in defeat, the whole Forest experience now does not match up to your historical image. It’s a great pity and I mean that sincerely.

    I also think you take some credit away from Leeds. Matches are, of course, easier when 10 v 11 but how often do team hold out or even win games with 10 men? Leeds were vastly improved second half and even if it was 11 v 11, I would have expected a big improvement second half anyway. The first half was far from the4 standard we’d been used to. All i’m trying to say is that the sending off did not lose you the game. If your players had not clearly been sent out with the instruction to rough Leeds up, maybe we would have been given the chance to beat you with your fullo quota. Que sara….

    But here’s the thing, it was 10 v 11 not because of Grayson (who really shouldn’t have been on the pitch but passions run high in football), not because of the home crowd and certainly not because of the officials (who also gave Forest and abundance of decisions incorrectly throughout the game). It was 11 v 10 because one of your players decided to spring at a player, jump into the air and extend his legs with his studs out at the player. Whether they get a bit of, all of or none of the ball is irrelevant. That tackle has been outlawed. Whether rightly or wrongly is not the debate, there is no debate. The law is quite clear and I promise you now, it will not be overturned. I 100% assure you of that.

    A terrible, potentially leg breaking challenge and a punishment absolutely spot on as per the laws of the game. You were handicaped because of the brutish way your players were directed to play. If you want to blame anyone, blame Cohen. Truthfully though, you should probably be blaming the man who is dragging the good name of Nottingham Forest through the mud. Billy Davies

  82. Oh and regarding McCartney being off the ground, I fail to see why it is mentioned as a factor. He was not lunging, he was upright. If you watch the slow-mo, he is grounded until Cohen begins his flying assault. Only when he sees what’s coming does he begin to raise his feet away from the contact area. It’s only relevant in the fact that he managed to remove a broken leg from Cohen’s conscience.

    • How about Schmeichel on Majewski just before *the* incident? I suppose that’s irrelevant too.

      We’ll have to agree to disagree mate, Cohen had ONE foot extended, by the time contact was made (with the ball), his other foot – curled under him – was on the ground.

      It was a perfectly timed and executed block tackle.

      As I said though, agree to disagree, no hard feelings…

  83. For the record, I’m over it now – but everyone else feel free to keep arguing! 🙂

    • Lol! You don’t sound like you are over it mate!

      If the appeal isn’t overturned (which it will not be), even with the benefit of a careful decision taken with slo-motion replays from all angles, will you update your blog and admit you were wrong?

      Because, ya know, surely it’ll be overturned if it was so blatently a bad decision…….

      For the record, I was pleased when you had our second spot, more so than any of the other clubs around the top 6 that season and i’ve always liked Forest. I genuinely find it a shame that Davies is besmirching your rep. You surely can’t be enjoying his brand of football/thuggery?

      • I won’t admit I’m wrong no, because I too don’t think it will be overturned, not because the decision was correct, but because the FA will stick by their referee as we’ve seen (and I’m sure you’ve seen) time and time again….

        If you’re judging our football based on that one game you have a fair point, but generally we aren’t like that at all (more so away from home). I think he did get that wrong at Elland Road, we did better earlier in the game when playing it on the deck..

      • PS: I only keep replying because I get emails each time there’s a comment posted – and wanted to give the courtesy of replying to people who’d taken the time out to post something other than abuse, because it’s appreciated :o)

        But there’s no point in getting wound up – a lovely day outside, just been to see my Mum and got the lawn mowed, there’s not much point in dwelling on what happened yesterday!

        • Agreed, best of luck for the remainder of the season.

          Sooner Forest go up than Swansea, Cardiff or Norwich.

  84. What a load of rubbish! There was the one decision of the sending off that was controversial but to be fair at full speed it looked bad and he did launch himself a but recklessly! Other than that there wasn’t much to complain about and how many times have we seen that it can be harder to play against ten men? QPR couldn’t do it. The reality is Leeds scored 4 and Forest only got 1. Game over, enough said!

  85. haing spent what feels like hours reading these comments its seems that every forest fan agrees it wasnt a red, and a smattering of leeds fans agree.

    the simple facts are he won the ball; and up till then there was only one team in the game so without doubt it changed the course of the match. for me the challenge didnt even warrant a free kick, let alone a foul. sadly grayson and mcartney’s reaction swayed the linesman and he caved.

    the arguement that he shouldnt have done it is a non starter, what sort of player doesnt go into a tackle when the ball is clearly there to be won?

    talk of him being a split second away from hurting mcartney is irrelevant too otherwise you’d have to stop the game every time someone volleyed the ball as if there happened to be another player nearby he might kick him? ditto overhead kicks and diving headers would be gone from the game too!

    scandalous decision but forest should have competed more, and i thought Camp simply fell over in the build up to the bechio goal.and should have done better with the first save leading to the last goal. whilst gradel should have been closed down much quicker before he scored the third.

    we’ll never know how the game would have turned out had cohen not done it but we do now need to take stock, remember we played very well up till then and push on for the rest of the season.

    You reds!

  86. NFFC your points are bang on!

    I hate leeds fans with a passion now. they are the new sheffield united regarding hatred now.

    There points are utter shite. have you seen there own fan blogging site calling your site and saying that forest dont have striker options. we have striking options just there injured!

    They also said that Davies said we would fall short of the playoffs when he infact said we would fall short of automatics!

    Roll on Reading!

    I would like nothing more than a forest v leeds playoff final!

  87. Oh dear, I got a bit bored after two paragraphs… I’m not interested in the ramblings of a 12 year old 🙂

    • Although I’ll fix the Becchio spelling.. although amusingly that’s how I thought it should be, but ‘corrected’ it after reading a Leeds site!

  88. I don’t honestly understand how you can complain about the sending off, in the modern game you CANNOT tackle like that and expect to stay on the pitch, its alright saying he got the ball but what if he didn’t? the full-back’s leg could have been broken in two. And you can’t use that he only went in with one leg out as an excuse, if you watch it in real time no one could have possibly seen that. Its a straight red card and there’s no arguing about it.

    • you are wrong. simple as that!
      i’ve not heard a single person, who isnt a leeds fan, say he deserved to go.
      talk of him being a split second away from hurting mcartney is irrelevant, otherwise you’d have to stop the game every time someone volleyed the ball as if there happened to be another player nearby he might kick him? ditto overhead kicks and diving headers would be gone from the game too!

      • I don’t make the rules its just a shame most of you don’t seem to understand them, you can’t tackle while jumping with two feet in the air, simple as that

        • i understand them. so where were macartney’s feet exactly? on the ground? or crashing down onto cohen’s shin? red card for him then?

          • McCartney did not leave the ground until Cohen launched into his hong kong fuey act. Watch the replay.

            Totally instinctive, evasive action and thank God he had those instincts otherwise he’d probably have a broken leg right now.

            Still cannot believe you lot think you’ve been hard done by. It’s the damn rules of football, you just can’t make that challenge any more. Get over it you terribly sore and bitter losers.

            • absolute tosh. cohen cleanly takes the ball, your man makes a meal of it hoping to get a fellow proofessional sent off. the only contact is macartney landing both feet on cohen. therefore macartney is one thing and one thing only, a cheat!

            • so as you see the rules you cant tackle any longer? as in most tackles the player will move to avoid getting hurt? thats how the game works? when a keeper comes out and smothers the ball at a players feet the player jumps over the keeper and doesnt just clatter in to them. likewise cohen gets to the ball first and macartney should hurdle it, as he sort of does, this is fact is it not?

        • Please quote the rule you’re citing… 🙂

          And how many feet off the ground does McCartney have?

  89. McCartney wasn’t tackling he was being tackled..

  90. so he wasnt going for the ball? what is he doing with his feet then?

  91. […] this one by now, and there are many match reports that you can read; for a Forest-tinged one, try NFFCblog – I don’t agree with absolutely everything he says but I think most Reds will […]

  92. im a leeds fan and im going to start by saying the bbc are shit.. Martin keown commentator… Jesus.. The ref was shit but at least he was shit all game… You have to admit that at full speed it did look like a red card… I know it shouldnt have been… Looking at it on replays tells you a different story.. I did think the first half was shit.. You were on top and were looking good… Your goal was a hell of a finish… Came out of nowhere… Have you always lacked firepower?.. I still cant understand how boyd is playing so badly He use to be amazing… Still Wish it was 11 vs 11 though would of been interesting… Good luck for the rest of the season anyway 🙂 mot!


  94. Brilliant blog again NFFC, i think you have ruffeled a few feathers in the inbred capital of the UK……..YOU REDS.

  95. Crikey! There aren’t half some silly comments on here.

    Cohen was always going to get sent off for that sort of challenge. It was a perfectly timed blocking tackle – but the lino had to make a split second decision on what he saw from his angle and there was only ever going to be one outcome. Hopefully the red card will be overturned though. The whole Leeds team & bench hardly covered themselves with glory for their reaction to this incident (I think Ned was wrong for biting too!) – but this is typical of the sort of ‘sportsmanship’ that is allowed to go on by the FA/FL in games without reprisal.

    Halsey was hapless. But no worse than many of the referees we have witnessed this season. It just happened that his haplessness worked in Leeds favour on this occasion.

    Leeds took their chances well – even if the first two goals had a large degree of fortune about them. In fact the 3rd took a lucky bounce too – but an excellent finish by Gradel. 4-1 was very flattering. Hopefully we can put the record straight in the play-offs (fingers crossed we reach them)

    Leeds fans may well come on here & criticise Billy for his tactics, but those tactics are enforced by the quality of players at his disposal. Cohen was the nearest thing we had to a holding midfielder with Moussi & McKenna being injured. Of course, they won’t care about that. They hate Billy because he once did something to annoy them. Not like a Leeds fans to hold a grudge is it? 😉

    I feel I’ve been very rational in this post. I’m sure I’ll still get some abusive responses from some though.

    What is it they say?:

    “You can always tell a Yorkshireman because you can’t tell him” 😀

    • Hi Timmy, I’m a Yorkshireman ……..

      Your summary is pretty fair in my eyes …. the main difference in the game was that we took our chances (luck or no), and you didn’t. I suspect we’d still have had a couple of chances in the second half, even if it had been 11v11 – but we’ll never know that …..

      Moving on to Billy Davies, I can only speak for myself, but I’ve grown to dislike him because every Davies team I’ve seen at Elland Road has shown the same tendencies – niggly, time-wasting and with a lot of off-the-ball stuff. Nothing to do with him once doing something to annoy me! Forest on Saturday were by far the best footballing Billy Davies team I’ve seen, even with 10 men – but at least 3 of the yellow cards were stupid and unnecessary (Boyd on Schmeichel at the end of the first half, and Morgan blocking Howson off the ball when Leeds were trying to break being cases in point). I’ve read your fans say that Saturday’s display wasn’t typical, and I’m prepared to accept that – I haven’t seen enough of Forest to judge.

      I actually thought Davies was quite funny on Saturday – he was winding up the Leeds crowd, and they were biting every time! I still wouldn’t particularly want to watch one of his sides every week, though, whether it was Forest or anyone else …..

      I do wish Forest well for the rest of the season – I’d far rather see you lot progress than Swansea, Cardiff, Burnley or Millwall. I’ve only ever felt any ill-will towards your club once – when I went to a seminar held at the City Ground a few years back. Got there to be told it was being held in the Trophy Room, and I had to spend the entire day sitting looking at those two bloody great replicas of the European Cup that you’ve got in there …… Galling!

      • Hey Paul,

        I was just fishing – no real bites yet..

        We’ve been playing the best football under Davies than we have played since we were last in the Premiership. We’ve not been so fluent this year as we were last season for some reason though.

        Davies is a ‘marmite’ manager. I’ll love him for as long as he’s Forest Manager & when he’s not I’ll then base my judgement upon the manner in which he returns to inevitably beat us in charge of someone else. He does seem to care passionately about his group of players though, and admits that anything he says to the media should be taken with a large pinch of salt.

        Good luck in your future fixtures. I’d rather it were Leeds than anyone else in the top 6 – especially those teams from another country 😉

  96. did you see how far his feet were off the ground leeds are lucky he didnt get McCartney otherwise that would have broke his leg and cohen didnt really do too much complaining to be honest and you say you was on top which you were but you didn’t take any of your chances and leeds did forest had the best chances of the game forest outplayed first half leeds outplayed second half.

    • Did you see where he was at the point of impact? (Impact being your man landing on him studs first by the way) It was daft risk making that tackle – but it was a bloody good tackle with no luck involved.

      • & it was really a block – not a tackle, hence Cohen not actually touching your player

  97. 237 comments!?

    Your blog is just THAT good, nffc.

    • It’s definitely a record…

      • Start a new thread for christ’s sake will you! This is boring me. Nothing is going to change the result. To be honest I’m more pissed off with us not being able to beat Scunthorpe + Sheff Utd not to mention Tudgay for not blasting his chance before this bullshit started.

        Honestly, lets gets some fucking perspective here. Given our form it would of been quite feasible for us to of lost at Leeds regardless of the ref’s decision. Ref’s make bad decisions but by no means has this cost us promotion, its the bullshit form of the last 8-9 games that’s cost us.

        • If Boyd could score on an open net you wouldn’t be in this position. Made the bed, now lie in it.

    • To be fair, it’d probably be in double
      figures if it wasn’t for someone posting it on WACCOE.

      And surprise surprise, the red has not been overturned. IT WAS A CLEAR RED. MOVE ON.

      • I think you need to move on fella… I already have, the FA were never going to overturn the decision…

        Toodle pip!

  98. I don’t remember Boyd facing any open goals?

  99. WACCOE?

  100. Getting very fed up with this lot,maybe they will go back to their own blogs when they have played some one else. Hope so.Just looked at Reading result and was hoping it would stay a draw no such luck. That means when we play and if we win we will still be 7th there are some interesting loseable games for the sides above us, millwall will be as proven hard to beat and have a good record against the so called top teams swansea against norwich looks as if it will be the game of the weekend so looking forward to then. It si concievable that we could catch up with that big team a little and I am still confident that we can be in the final shake up.

    With regards to team selection with Cohen now suspended we could put Konch on wing with Lynch behind him and still have as near a formation as we had on Saturday where I felt we played well if a little niavely maybe our strikers will come to the party and start to score some goals to give us that final push.Watching here in New Zealand it is difficult to get an idea of the atmoshere at the match and this one in particular has generated a lot of that or is it hot air. We must move on for our own good and leave all this c—p behind.

    Have faith

    Cmon you Reds

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