Swansea City vs. Forest preview..

Here we go again, back with the ‘The Reds will be keen to put a poor run behind them..’ type comments.  It’s all a bit repetitive isn’t it?  Still true though, a run of six games without a win is a poor run by anyone’s standards, except maybe those down to A52.  Rather than seeking to cement our claim on second, our goalposts have shifted undeniably downward in maintaining a play-off place for now.

Having said all that, Swansea haven’t exactly been having it all their own way lately either – whilst they occupy third place at present, they’ve not won in three – and even lost to Derby in their last game.  They, like us, have been struggling to score goals in recent weeks – so for those of you travelling to the game there’s got to be a fear of a cagey encounter.  Having said that, it’s results that count for us now, much more so than performances.

On the injury front our list is a little longer thanks to Robbie Earnshaw picking up a hamstring injury against Doncaster.  Apparently Joel Lynch’s latest injury of the season should see him okay to claim a place in the squad, leaving us missing just Moussi, Blackstock, Findley and Wilson.  Nathan Tyson may be fit enough to play a part in this game, which could give us a different dimension going forward.

Swansea are hoping to be in a position to welcome back Garry Monk and Andrea Orlandi from injury, they’ve both featured in reserve games after lengthy lay-offs.

Earlier in the season we of course beat Swansea at the City Ground – back in the time when seemingly Lewis was scoring a screamer every week.  He put two past Dorus De Vries, one from the spot and one from close range – so not typical McGugan strikes at all.  I’ll tell you what, it would be good if he could hit a bit of goalscoring form at the weekend, that’s for sure.  Same for the other goalscorer that day, it was Majewski that finished off our scoring.

Depending on whether you’re a pessimist or an optimist – you could say that our recent run is worse than theirs, so they’ll win.  Or you could say we’re due a recovery from a dreadful run of results, and they’re just a few games into a disappointing run.  The truth, as ever with polarities, probably lies somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.  Given the small number of points between us, it’s clear we’re well matched.

Hopefully Billy allows for sufficient opportunity for the lads to get the win we need – if Kris Boyd is to make his starting debut for us, then it’s clear to me from the limited pitch time I’ve seen from him that he needs to be presented with opportunities.  We’ve really struggle with that lately – and we need the McGugans and Majewskis in the team to start getting creative.

A tough game undoubtedly, if I were having a bet I’d put it on a draw, which neither side will be happy with.  After this comes the blessed relief of the international break where hopefully Forest can patch up their walking wounded, get some rest into tired legs and get hearts and minds recharged for the final push – because whilst there’s still a way to go yet, the ‘games played’ column is looking quite hefty.

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  1. Tend to agree with your preview.Looking at league positions etc we seem to be evenly matched and therefore an unsatisfactory draw looks on the cards and as you say neither team at the minute seems to be firing on all cylinders.
    A draw away from home at Swansea 2 months ago would have been a good result but now there may be a touch of desperation setting in which will not be in our best interests to let it get out of hand. We can still hit that second spot but will need a lot of input and inspiration from the manager over the break to put a little of the belief and some energy back into tired legs which has been missing lately.
    The other teams in the mix have all hit a bit of a ropey patch with only Norwich really improving their claim to second however there are still a lot of tough matches for everybody to play so at this moment in time I am not to worried still enough games left for a good run to end of season hopefully finishing second.
    Hope everybody enjoys the match and that we get a result.

    Cmon U Redsss

  2. Spot on, as ever. I go to the liberty stadium with some trepidation. Have found myself looking more and more at Norwich (when optimistic) and Burnley (when pessimistic) results.

    Who is due a goal? Pretty much EVERYONE.

    Expect either a 4-5-1 boyd up front, or 4-4-1-1 Boyd, McGoldrick in the hole.

    Ando and Tyson on the wing. McGugan / Mckenna, and Madge if goldie doesn’t play.

    Swansea (or Cardiff B team as they are often known by away supporters) have the best home defence in the division with a mediocre mid table (13th) home attack. We have the 3rd best away defence with a relegation level away attack!!!! (22nd)

    Will be a stern test for our strikers – and theirs, although they seem to have shaken off the similarity to forest (Low scoring low conceding) in more recent weeks, looking like scoring a few more – which is not what we want to see from them at this point in the season.

    Their progress is impressive to see – not bad for an ikea flat packed stadium and, last time I was there last season, a sponsorship deal with…. swansea tourist board!

    Keeping the faith – just.

  3. Fabio Borini 😉

  4. At the moment I’m hardly filled with confidence! Boyd playing upfront on his own? That I think would be a disaster. At the moment we can’t buy a goal.

    Has our season finished?

  5. Billy will set his stall out again with his lone striker,in a nutshell tactics like this are costing us big time,a game of football played on a pitch in Nottingham is no different to a game of football played on any other pitch in the country,so why o why do we piss about chopping and changing,do todays managers think they come across as some football genius by telling us this formation works here ,that formation will work there.I was lucky to be around when a manager did not give a shit about what team he was up against he put his best 11 out and went on to rule Europe .

  6. If we are not at it 2morrow we will get turned over big time.We need as you said a creative spark and tyson and boydi to stretch them and finish well.

    U reds

  7. We need to play Majewski and McGugan. Enough is enough now, let’s get our best on the pitch from the start. It is imperative we keep the ball and ultimately find that killer ball when the opportunity arises. Unfortunately, we are thin on the ground with players able to pick those out.

    Regarding Boyd, it seems there is a general consensus amongst those who know his career that he offers very little in team play and is nothing more than a finisher. That may have been fine scoring for an Auld Firm team in the SPL, but on the whole the Championship is pretty strong physically and I truly hope he is up to it and won’t go missing. BIg gamble by Billy. Personally would have preferred a hungry kid such as Delfonueso, who is going to be top class, or the Italian lad who has just gone on loan to our matchday rivals, Borini. He is highly coveted in Italy.

    Huge game for the club. It will set the tone for the break ahead.

    Surely with so many players in our squad currently going to be leaving our club in the summer, it must be having an awful affect on the squad, they must be bitching?

  8. to be honest, i am fearing the worst this afternoon. i think if we try to defend we could be on the end of a big defeat. If so we can forget this season for sure. i really hope i am wrong and billy puts out an attacking team. good luck Forest……everything crossed!!

  9. I’ve been holed up for the last ten days with no internet connection in the middle of nowhere and only just catching up – think I might head back there and come back at the end of the season!

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