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When you fall off a bike, the best thing to do is get back on it.  I remember that life lesson whilst picking bits of glass from my leg whilst attempting to extract myself from the greenhouse I’d crashed into during my fledgling attempts at getting around on two wheels.  That’s the opportunity Forest have now, after an undeniably dire run of form.

Despite this recent run, culminating in successive league defeats, we’re still only four points from second thanks to our competitors also having a less than ideal run of results.  Of course we should also be aware of what’s going on just over our shoulders too, as a glut of clubs are looking to put a run together to gatecrash the play-offs.  In sixth place we’re right in the firing line for being supplanted.

It’s not a bad time to be playing Doncaster on paper (I know, I know).  They have had a monumental injury crisis, and this is further compounded by the likelihood that Billy Sharp will be missing for them – needing a hernia operation.  Much as I wouldn’t wish injury on a player, he’s a big miss for them and does have a bit of a habit of doing well against us.  They’re also missing ‘keeper Neil Sullivan.

As for us, we of course have the prospect of Kris Boyd making a home debut – but may have the welcome boost of Nathan Tyson’s involvement in the matchday squad too.  Joel Lynch too is apparently okay to resume duties – leaving us without the longer term injured list – Dexter, Moose and Robbie Findley.

After a dire spell when Donny lost eight out of nine games they’ve stabilised somewhat without blowing anyone away.  Indeed, their only win in their last nine games came at Derby, which hardly counts anyway!  They’ve lost and drawn their last two against Leeds and Coventry respectively.

One thing you can usually count on from Donny is that they will at least come and try to play a bit of football, which will be welcome as it will hopefully encourage the same approach from us.  Too readily have we been drawn into closed off games in which we’ve struggled to break down dogged opponents.

It’s difficult to muster too much optimism because, well, we’ve not been getting results in games we really ought to be if we’re serious about challenging at the top end of the table again.  However, I do fancy our chances in this game – certainly a home crowd in good voice wouldn’t go amiss.  It can be tricky to achieve that on a kids for a quid game.

There’s only so long we can get respite from other results going our way – this weekend it seems likely Swansea will pick up all the points at Pride Park, Leeds face a tricky visitor in resurgent Ipswich Town, Burnley entertain Millwall, Hull travel to Coventry whilst Cardiff and Norwich play on Sunday and Monday against Barnsley and Bristol City – I fancy them to win those games.

Basically, we need to win.  I’m sure Billy thinks the same!

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  1. Dear Billy Davies,

    Stop tinkering you pr*ck.

    Play two wingers and two people up front, too.

    That is all.


  2. As you pointed out nffc, wouldn’t wish injury on someone but not seeing Billy Sharp in the pitch saturday could well be the deciding factor, having their ‘keeper out is helpful too. I feel a fair bit more optimistic for this game than i perhaps should after a poor display Tuesday.
    Maybe a bit off topic but does anyone think McGugan’s put a bit of weight back on? He hasn’t appeared to have the physical edge he had at the start of the season.

  3. Ian; I think Billy deserves a little more credit/respect than being labelled a pr*ck!!
    When the team’s going through a rough time it needs it’s supporters to help pick them up, although fellow Forest supporter’s seem more inclined to kick them when they’re down. Not necessarily an advocate of blind faith & I think there’s a place for constructive criticism, but stop sulking & get behind the Reds!!! I know before the Season started I’d have been happy with four points off second with ten matches to go. SUPPORT YOUR TEAM!

  4. I take it thats Ian well and truly told off.I hope the lads can gather themselves for last 2 games the confidence will be very low after recent games they look a tired side.

    I realise being optimistic needs to be the order of the day but its all about form now this couldnt have came at a worst time for us.

    We live in hope would love to see boydi get a goal or two.

    U reds

  5. Probably not a popular comment, but I expect Swansea to get a point at best on Saturday!
    Every game for us now is massive, come on Forest 3 points on Saturday please!!!!!

  6. Feeling slightly better than after the blunt game.

    Although the first post was harsh, i do think wingers and 2 strikers are the best way forward.

    Come on you reds.

  7. Ian does have a point though, the bench was a strong as the eleven on tuesday. please just play our best footballers… and that does not include mcgoaldrought, mccleary or dele !!!

  8. Camp

    Thats the team Id go for, attack minded against a team who are poor and there best player is a doubt(billy sharp).

    Lets send a message that Forest are back!

    Boyd to score anytime at 13/10 looks tasty!

  9. So long as Billy continues to chop-and-change he is well and truly a pr*ck. We aren’t Man United and it’s hardly as if the squad have the distractions of European or cups to tire them out. No wonder they aren’t gelling up front: neither would I if my workmates changed every 20 minutes. What a total t8sser he is.

  10. Have you lost it Ian ? Are you talking about the same manager that saved our club from relegation and the following season took us to 3rd. ?

    Are you talking about the same manager who has got us playing attractive football again and has broken records for home wins and 36 games unbeaten at home.20 ODD UNBEATEN AWAY

    You must also remember the guy is human also and makes mistakes from time to time.My message to you is GET YOUR HEAD OUT THE LAUGHING GAS AND INTO REALITY OR GO AND SUPPORT LIVERPOOL.

  11. 3 points today is obviously what we want but look at the next 6 fixtures after Donny.
    These 6 games will define our season in my opinion as they are all rivals for the automatic and playoff spots. Taking points off our nearest rivals starts to put daylight between us and them and gives the players belief that they can beat anyone.

    Going into this run with a win today would make a massive difference to the frame of mind of the players and get them back into good habits.

    • Shit I missed out Reading in between Leeds and Burnley.

      So we are pretty much playing out of the last 10 games all the people we need to lose so we can get promoted. It is completely in our hands. We don’t have to rely other people beating them in order to climb the table. We have to rely on Forest beating them.

      • Those are some real tough games coming up for Forest. To begin with ,the players need to score 3-4 goals past Donny and hope for another winless day for the top 6. That will put Forest right back in to it and, give the team some confidence. That and a week’s rest, can hopefully get the players pumped and ready for the those 6 do-or-die games. They should take each game one by one, and treat every game like a World Cup Final. If they do come out with maximum points in those 6 games, then all there is to worry is the last 3, because the Reds have had a bit of a habit to struggle against lesser teams. I hope, they finish them off, though.
        That’s why, each of these 10 games must be taken one at a time and treated like a World Cup Final!

  12. THIS is the most crucial point of the season for Forest, if they are serious about promotion! Forget about Dec, forget about Jan, forget about Feb, THIS is the time, the players have to pick themselves up and go for every match like a world cup final. The fans must play their part really well by showing their support to the players and the manager, instead of throwing all the blame on them, and should always be there in every condition. They should try their level best to make it to as many away games as possible, and make the players feel like they’re playing at home, by putting up a massive support, to ignite their players’ confidence. That’s why they call it the 12th man.
    THIS is the time, the Reds have to grind out maximum points and show that Nottingham Forest are back in the mix for auto promotion!!
    If all goes well, I’m hope to see a Reds vs Reds match next season in the Barclays Premier League!!

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