Don’t stop believing.. and is Warnock gonna get his comeuppance?

Same old Warnock, always cheating?

I was grumpy yesterday after the match, still am a bit.  A few have commented on the unusually negative match report – well, it was negative, second half at least – but I’m not about to join the doom-mongers just yet.  As Billy himself said, ten games to go, plenty of twists and turns to come in this season – inconceivably we’re still only four points from the automatic places despite an awful run.

Of course to have failed to capitalise on games in hand, on games against struggling teams – to not have made a more convincing bid to keep hold of that second spot and keep pushing QPR, all these things are hair-tearingly-out annoying.  But we have to keep a sense of perspective – other teams around us are dropping points left-right-and-centre too.

So with that sense of perspective in mind let’s not get carried away with the negativity and – whilst I have no problem with people (including me!) venting their spleens in writing, let’s not let it affect the backing we give the boys at the weekend and beyond.  They need our support now more than ever, and hopefully we can play our part in delivering a much needed morale-booster against Doncaster at the weekend.

One unexpected twist-and-turn which has yet to twist-and-turn its’ way to resolution is the revelation that QPR have been accused of fielding an ineligible player (Faurlin).  More information is here – an interesting development for sure, and one that could result in a points deduction (unlikely, since the football powers-that-be are spineless as demonstrated with their dealing with Cardiff City).

If he is deemed ineligible according to FA rules, then this could result in a three point deduction per game he’s played in – which apparently is six games.  Eighteen points.  It could be certainly ironic that Neil Warnock – someone who had a massive tantrum about similar conduct by West Ham – proves to be the man at the helm of a club found guilty of the same thing.

Certainly I’ll be keeping tabs on that story with increasing levels of interest, as I’m sure will the clubs around us!  Of course, pending the findings this is something that has the potential to blow the race for promotion even more wide-open than it already is!

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  1. I hear the acquisitions panel have given up on a left winger and are looking to sign an investigative journalist to look at
    Barnett / Norwich
    Vassell / Festa

    … worth a try!

  2. Altrincham (my 2nd team) got 18 points docked for fielding an ineligible player a few seasons ago- i think they were all the points that had won when he was on the pitch (it would have consigned them to relegation but Canvey Island went bust and they got reprieved)- it will be interesting to see if the footballing authorities are as strict with a rich club as they were with a little club….

    The player in question was ineligible as he didn;t have international clearance as he was registered to play in iceland, but nobody at alty had checked (well would it occur to you if you signed a player from Accrington Stanley?)

  3. if we get back to winning ways on Saturday
    and get Tys back – maybe we are still in the hunt .
    lets get behind the boys ……ureds!

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