Deadman walking..

Yesterday’s refereeing performance (which probably contributed heavily to the length of match report – sorry!) is still consuming my every waking moment.  I was infuriated during the game – and it seems that mostly people are thinking along similar lines.  Whilst I rarely have praise for match officials, I’m struggling to think of a poorer or less consistent performance for some time – so I decided to do some digging.

It would seem that Darren Deadman is a yearly affliction that strikes the City Ground every January or February – he officiated home games against Swansea in 2007/2008, Queens Park Rangers in 2008/2009, Reading in 2009/2010 and finally of course against Preston North End last night.  He has risen from the lower leagues, so it would seem that promotion is our only likely vaccine against getting another dose of the Deadman this time next year.

My main issue with him was his awarding of fictional fouls repeatedly, playing advantages for Forest where no advantage existed, and inconsistencies like booking Morgan for kicking the ball in the air after we scored, but ignoring the more devious kicking aways the likes of St. Ledger et al were performing throughout the game.  He didn’t clamp down on timewasting and, whilst this was to our benefit, he missed two cast-iron penalties for Preston in the second half (and one for us in the first half on Ando that I wasn’t so sure about).

Trawling through old match reports, he didn’t warrant much mention for our game with Swansea in 2007/2008, however by the time we reach the QPR game in 2008/2009 certainly I point out some issues with him.  He ignored an incident which saw Tyson withdrawn needing stitches to his head, he gave us a penalty – but didn’t red card the offender who was the last man – that man then went on to score both QPR goals.  He later booked Wes for a tackle in which he won the ball when operating as an emergency striker.

Against Reading in 2009/2010 we won 2-1, but were denied a penalty for a hand-ball in the area (that’ll sound familiar to Preston fans!), in this game he also sent off Nicky Shorey and gave a penalty to Reading when the offence looked outside the box (certainly Billy Davies thought so in his post-match comments).  Didn’t have much issue with the red card at the time, although other fans in the comments called it harsh.  Lee Camp saved the penalty.

So when next year’s fixtures are out, cast your eye for home games in January/February time and mentally steel yourself for the City Ground once again falling foul of a nasty case of Deadman.  Hopefully the assessor at the game last night saw enough of his nonsensical decisions to perhaps recommend he get bumped down a few leagues and we never have to see him again!

According to his profile page on RefWorld, Darren Deadman believes that to be a good referee requires man management and leadership skills.  I think perhaps a hasty refresher in these areas, as well as basic observation, the rules of the game, dealing with timewasting and spotting a dive are probably in order.  Am I being too over the top or was this refereeing performance one of the worst we’ve seen in ages? (And there’ve been some bad refereeing performances for us in recent years!!).

I’d be very interested to hear your collective thoughts too – indeed, those from any passing Preston fans too as I can’t imagine you guys were too happy with some of his decisions either!

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  1. Have to agree. A pathetic weak performance only topped by his changing a decision when all the Preston players disagreed with the linesman.
    The mans a joke !

  2. The referee lost the game very early on. There were a few blatent shoves in the box by PNE defenders that were ignored, which, set the tone. I understand refs not giving penalties for every push, but these were blatant and a word would have stamped his authority.

  3. I urge you (nffc) and all of my fellow Forest supporters not to pay any attention at all to refereeing. This is the huge mistake we have made here in Greece, and it has poisoned our football so much that right now the real stars of the game are the refs and not the players – everybody deals with their performance and mistakes on TV, the papers etc. to an extent that has made me and all football fans (who are not hooligan s*&theads) absolutely sick. Please leave the Deadman in his grave and let’s go forward. Up the Reds!

    • Agree with you in principle, Vas – but this guy really was *that* bad that it’s worthy of singling out…

      • I know you, nffc, and you know how much I respect you – but especially this season too much attention to refs is being paid around here I reckon. I’d hate to see English football fans deal with it as much as we do (and due to our overreacting about it we have come to have NO FOOTBALL). Just my humble opinion and forgive me about it – after all, it’s your blog, not mine. Cheers

  4. He looks like a fucking dick head aswell

  5. Quality observation!

  6. Is his Dad also his Uncle looks like it with those slighlty offset eyes.

  7. Awful ‘performance’ last night sumarised perfectly. The only worse refs I can think of maybe clattenberg?

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  9. Slightly off topic but did anyone notice Phil Brown’s slighlty pale(r) pallor in his post match interview???

    If spray tanning hasn’t reached Preston yet, I see a real business opportunity for some budding entrepreneur…..

  10. Just looking at the guy it suggests he couldn’t manage tea let alone a football match and its players. I certainly get the impression that he has difficulty lifting a soup spoon to his mouth without scalding his cheek.

    That said Vassillis is right. There is nothing we can do about refs and nffc your energies would be better spent on the superb match reports that you give us all:) The worst thing is its not the individual its the collective system of refereeing as a whole. Do you really think that in the prem it will be any better? Ask the Tottenham fans against Blackpool last night?

    I am no way condoning this refs performance but they do have a thankless task. The video replay is just another burden on their shoulders as it is never used to help them make the correct decision only to highlight their ineptitude. Its mad given the money that rests on games now and how the frailties of the ref are constantly exposed through replays that we aren’t using the technology that can give them the correct answer within 5 seconds.
    Is refereeing not a service that all football clubs pay for? If so it will get to the stage that in a playoff final which is worth 80-100m now and the ref makes a mistake that is so bad and blatant that clubs will look into taking legal action against the referee association because they have failed in their only remit which is to provide fair and correct refereeing. Its nuts I tell yer!

  11. you are right NFFC . This pillock ruined what 28000 people would have otherwise found a reasoanbly entertaining game . Both sides did try to play ( well for half an hour in Preston’s case) .So by reckoning at £15 a pop thats 420k worth of customer receipts he short changed . The bit that left me absolutley fuming was playing 6 minutes of overtime to until Preston had had enough chances to finally score , thereby favouring the team who had persistently time wasted through out ! i still haven’t recovered !
    with a bit more digging it should become clear he is the undoubted lovechild of Tom Finney .

  12. sorry to go on but Ive just got the statistical proof on this git !. which means we can take out a private summons under the filth and degradation act 1898.
    League games this season at the Fortress have averaged 20 fouls a game .
    last night wait for it 31 ! 55% above average
    enough said .

  13. It was a bad night for Forest, made worse by a bad ref. But Deadman wasn’t the reason we lost 2 points – a poor team performance was.

    As you pointed out last night nffc, there’s the beginings of a “we’ve been here before” ~ like last season. A poor start > great new year > injuries > unexpected tailling off at the season’s end. Nobody wants history to repeat itself this year but BD’s ‘big squad’ of a few weeks ago looks all of a sudden to be anything but big.
    Can’t help but feel sorry for BD . . . he’s worked wonders and I feel sure he’ll not let us down.
    Bigger worry must be his likely departure during the summer if we don’t make the Prem this time.

    AD_BC (above) makes many good points and altho’ there are a lot of crap refs, it’s a job not many of us could do well.

    Never mind though, let’s rejoice that those shouting for us to appoint Non-League Nigel after Calderwood’s exit didn’t get their way !
    How long now before NLN gets the boot from the muttons ?

    • Agree he didn’t cost us the game, but he ruined it as a spectacle and who knows what might’ve occurred if he’d been competent (worryingly Preston could’ve won!).

      I’d be an awful referee!

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  15. i absolutley agree,im still seething at the referee and his decisions.preston were obviously out to frustrate and spoil forest from the off and them getting the early goal played straight into their hands,compounded by the ref it just didnt get any better,and just when i thought cheats never prosper as we took the lead in the added time,we lost concentration and we were punished.he was an absolute idiot,and i hope we dont get him ever again

  16. The biggest joke was when McKenna made a good clean sliding tackle in the 2nd half infront of the linesman , linesman didn’t wave for for foul but the ref felt it was 20yards away.

    The ref was joke but that seems to be the trend with referees at the moment

  17. The guy is the most incompetent referee on the circuit. On Saturday Sheff Wed vs Huddersfield, put up 5 mins injury time for no understandable reason. During this time we had no injuries, no goals and therefore no reason to extend it. Huddersfied scored 7m 45m. Obviously Sheff Wed kick off and he blows. This sort of stuff needs investigating…

    Not even mentioned a yellow card given to a defender when handballing when the Sheff Weds striker was through on goal.

    Him and Andy D’Urso are by far the two worst referees, both consistenty poor. PLEASE DO NOT COME BACK TO HILLSBOROUGH.

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