Big Norm: In his own words..

Anyone who’s been lucky enough to see Big Norm during his ‘Evening With..’ appearances will know what an awesome speaker he is.  Well, firstly – and this is remiss of me because I’d forgotten until now – if you haven’t had that experience you can remedy that by clicking here and booking tickets to see him and Paul Hart at The Approach on 17th February.

Just a tenner – which is well worth it, just for Norm, let alone Harty too.

One of the reasons why you’re likely to see more of Norm on the circuit though is because he’ll be promoting his forthcoming autobiography.  Anyone who was paying vague attention to the local media during his playing time at Forest probably knows about some of his antics from the Evening Post.  Some of the stories he told on previous ‘Evening with’ nights had the crowd howling with laughter.

He has promised it will be an honest account of his career spanning all his clubs and the characters he met along the way.  I wonder whether he’ll include the story he told us in The Approach about Paul Gascoigne, Mark Crossley’s testicles and some whisky?  I imagine so!

You can pre-order a special edition hardback release of the book now by clicking here – for £19.99 delivered, and your name printed in the front – and signed by the man himself.  A bargain, I’m sure you’ll agree – the book is due for release on 1st September and, even better, you get to ‘do the deal’ with the man himself and not just a publisher or book shop!

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  1. Bet he wonlt talk about his briother taking the rap and going to prison for him!

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