We got the Konch!

Anybody with a rudimentary knowledge of William Golding’s excellent novel ‘The Lord of the Flies’ will know that – initially at least – the person that holds the conch has the right to speech.  It feels like a good analogy, as now Forest have loaned Konchesky for 93 days we have addressed the imbalance in our side since Ryan Bertrand’s loan from Chelsea ended.

That’s not to belittle the efforts of Joel Lynch, who has been covering the left back spot since then – however, we are now roundly sure that his future lies as a centreback rather than a fullback.  It’s been a great relief to see Forest unusually acting on the deadline day to bring in a player of confirmed quality to cover that most troublesome of spots.

The rumours started breaking last night, and even when Terry the Kitman offered hints on Twitter I as always remained dubious.  It sort of makes sense – Konchesky has had a miserable time since joining Liverpool and once a loan back to Fulham fell through his only option for escape was an emergency loan to a Football League team due to the two-clubs-in-a-season rule.

Konchesky signed for Liverpool from Fulham, following his former manager Roy Hodgson, after the start of the season.  He played for the Cottagers against Manchester United back in August which – in hindsight – has been the factor to severely limit his options in trying to escape from Merseyside.  Made all the more pressing as his Mum posted a few ill-thought comments about Liverpool fans on her Facebook page!

Since Kenny Dalglish took the reins at Anfield the 29 year old hasn’t featured for them – having been generally regarded as a bit of a scapegoat as Liverpool adjust to an era of not automatically falling in to the top four of the Premier League.  His past performances for Fulham in the top flight however show him to certainly be capable of operating in the top flight – and have netted him a couple of England caps.

Given his need to gain a fresh start elsewhere, and our – as ever – dire need of securing the services of a specialist left back it’s a match made in heaven for me.  Whilst I’d held on to the hope that we might just lure Ryan Bertrand back from Chelsea, this is the kind of signing I really wanted to see us make.  He should be eligible to play as soon as Tuesday when we visit Coventry City.

Welcome aboard Paul!  It’s good to have you.  Paul Konchesky is a red, is a red, is a red, Paul Konchesky is a red, his Mum hates Scousers!

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  1. Does the loan period cover the playoffs? If not, it could be a major oversight..

    • The loan is 93 days, which is the maximum length under the emergency loan rules: that takes it to 4 May, so he will not be here for the playoffs or indeed for the final league game at Palace.

      • Correct – so we’d best go for securing automatic before then! Palace might need the points to put Derby in the relegation zone!

  2. Joel Lynch will be pleased, not to mention Jules!

    But seriously, it seems a good signing and just what we needed to hear today.

  3. “It feels like a good analogy” – you mean you saw the opportunity for a pun? 😉

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  5. Cracking signing and song 🙂 🙂

  6. Superb hes got a lovely left foot and is solid in the challenge welcome Paul.I think his contribution along with Robbie Findley could be very exciting.

    Well done to the powers that be.

    U reds

  7. And im already a huge fan if he hates scousers .

    U reds

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