If you can keep your head…

I didn’t really like this video much when Forest released it, it had more than a faint whiff of cheese about it in my head – but it did set the tone for a rather splendid affair at the City Ground.

It is a bloody great poem.

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  1. My favourite poem ever, I’ve got it on my wall. But I thought pretty much the same thing about the cheesiness, it felt like something Derby would do whilst all the fans had their ram masks on. But looking back it was pretty epic to hear it at the City Ground.

  2. Lee Camp’s a legend. I work in Derby and the boss is a Ram of sorts (doesn’t really follow them anymore) and is mates with Campy. He has posted the video to ALL his derby mates on facebook for a laugh and he’s had £20 on Forest to beat Derby. The Derby lads at work are well pissed off with him, i’m sat here pissing myself laughing. Personally I like the vid, inspiring is the word i’d use.

  3. Campy is a born leader – he will be needed on the morrow !
    Red ones !!!!!!!

  4. I first heard this poem when I was in elementary school. I was really impressed. Of course I couldn’t ever imagine that it would be used in something like this. But then, why not? It is not offensive to our opponents (MAJOR factor for me), it does not lead to violence, it’s all about pride, self control and concentration to the chosen path. No, I certainly liked it, and its use was a very pleasant surprise. Plus, as an actor I can tell Campy’s got stage skills… 😉

  5. I don’t blame you NFFC sleep that hangover off… What a day yesterday; the Moose & Tys absolutely awesome. If Tys would start believing in his own ability we may have re-discovered (ala McGugan) another new signing. “Derbys a Shithole, I just wanna go home”

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