European cup challenge to come to Forest..

“I’m a firm believer that in life you are defined not by what happens to you, but how you react to it.  And in this respect, Angus is an inspiration”

I love stories like these – positivity in the face of life being a bit of a bastard sometimes, raising money for fantastic causes and – bearing in mind the subject matter I write about on here – it involves the mighty Nottingham Forest, and a few other notable clubs.  Have a read of this and click the links to find out more, I think it will leave you feeling good.

Angus is a seven year old lad, and he has a condition called microtia – which, amongst other issues means he only has one ear and a sub-mucous cleft palate which impacts his speech.  His dad, Robin, urges us not to feel sorry for him though – despite these setbacks Angus has faced these challenges with bravery and resilience that belie his tender years.

The positive way in which Angus has dealt with the hand life has given him has inspired his dad to take up a fairly epic challenge himself, and that’s where we come in.  This is his mission-statement of sorts:

“I want to show Angus that if you surround yourself with good people, approach things with the right attitude, and work hard you can achieve anything.  It is these principles that won the 21 clubs the European Cup; it is these principles which will see us succeed in the EuroChampsChallenge; and it and it is these principles that will allow him to be whatever he wants to be.”

So, the challenge.  Robin is going to travel with five friends 7,000 miles by road in a fortnight – this journey will take him to the stadium of every football club to have won the European Cup (or now Champion’s League).  That’s 21 clubs, 20 cities in 16 countries.  At each venue they want to meet a ‘Medallion Man’ – a winning player from one of the teams.

Robin has already made contact with Forest and they are helping him with the logistics of this part of his journey, which is fantastic.  The journey starts on 15th May at Celtic Park in Glasgow, from where he heads south to Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham and Birmingham before crossing to the continent to take in Holland, Germany, Romania, Serbia, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

The grand finale will be at Wembley Stadium on 28th May at 7pm in the evening, just before the 2011 Champions League final kicks off there.

The ultimate aim of this epic journey is to raise £100,000 to be split between two great causes that have been pivotal in giving Angus the opportunity for a fairer start in life.  The Sick Kids Hospital in Edinburgh, and Changing Faces – an organisation that assists with facial disfigurement.

I’ve found the whole story really moving – but more overwhelmingly inspiring too – what a tremendous way to take positives from adversity.  I hope you are inspired too and can find a few quid to sponsor the team on their mission.  Given the timing it’s only a shame we won’t see them at a game – but hopefully we can all show our support as representatives of one of the European Champions by making a donation.

For more information, please see, or for a direct link to donate to this fantastic project then please click here and make a difference to some fantastic causes.