A profitable week as the Reds get 7 of 9 points..

Ipswich Town – 0
Nottingham Forest – 1

I couldn’t resist the geeky Star Trek reference, I’m afraid!  As the Reds travelled to East Anglia I was confined to my laptop with an illicit but good quality stream of the match, which is always a bonus when you can’t make the trip in person.  A team selection out of left-field from Billy delivered the goods as Forest battled out a perhaps at least marginally fortunate win.

An own goal from Delaney – freshly into his ‘Mr Bump’ costume – was enough to seal the three points after great work from surprise inclusion David McGoldrick chased what looked like a lost cause, winning the ball and planting a cross into the centre where the unfortunate defender bundled it into his own net.

Once again the team defied prediction – with McGoldrick back from his knee injury and forgotten-man Joel Lynch straight back into the starting eleven which boasted five changes from our last game:

Gunter    Morgan    Chambers    Lynch
Cohen   Ramsey    Moussi
Tyson    McGoldrick    Anderson

There was a degree of flexibility in there, Moussi tended to be the more defensive of the central midfielders – Anderson and Tyson both were in numerous locations, with Ramsey and Cohen patrolling more centrally.  So the formation above probably denotes simply a moment in time rather than exactly how the players were planned to be lined up.

It was a scrappy start – the ball pinging around midfield and both sides very sloppy in possession.  Connor Wickham was responsible for the first moment of danger, getting clear of Luke Chambers on the right, but the number 4 recovered well and put in a last gap challenge to concede a corner rather than let the striker get his cross in.

A full twenty minutes had passed before either keeper had had their palms stinged.  Indeed, literally speaking it was a pretty routine gathering-up for Lee Camp to carry out after Jack Colback had a shot from twenty five yards with little or no bite to it.

Forest’s first chance was a decent inswinging cross-shot from Chris Cohen, it got the most marginal of touches from McGoldrick, and that was almost enough to evade the diving Fulop, who did well to make the save with his legs (as an aside, it would be ace if he was called Phillip – Phillip Fulop!… okay, I’ll get my coat)..

At the other end Wickham again was posing problems for us, the powerful striker popping a lovely cross straight onto Rory Fallon’s head – and he’s got to be disappointed to have headed it straight to Lee Camp.  Moments later Brown got away from Tyson and had a great opportunity to head in from eight yards out, bringing a cracking save from Lee Camp to deny him.

Moussi was denied by a good save from Fulop after good work by McGoldrick to chest the ball down to him, but a diving save by the big ‘keeper prevent it sneaking it in.  This lead into probably Forest’s best spell, although without any direct chances – indeed, it was punctuated by a drive from range by Leadbitter from a good 35 yards which was just over (although Camp had it covered).

Stoppage time in the first half saw Forest get the lead.  A long ball from Cohen had looked like a forlorn hope for David McGoldrick to be chasing – but the striker got hold of the ball by the line to the left of the goal and put it hopefully into the six yard box.  Delaney – who’d just been off to have his head bandaged – stumbled into the ball diverting it into his own goal.  The kind of thing that hardly ever happens for us on our travels!

As the second half got underway it should perhaps have been two – or at least Fulop should’ve had something to do.  Anderson got himself forward well and in space, he held it up to await reinforcements and found Cohen on the edge of the area, but the midfielder lacked composure with his finish and scooped it over.

Anderson again was posing a threat after being released by a nice pass from Ramsey, it looked like he was impeded but tried to toe-poke it goalward to no avail.  At the other end Tyson was alert enough to foil a quick break by Carlos Edwards before the home side could pose any further threat to the Reds goal.

David McGoldrick’s last action of a very productive game was to ping a shot to Fulop’s near post – the ‘keeper alert enough to keep it out.  Billy replaced him with Marcus Tudgay who’d been getting ready for some time.  A good return for Goldie, hardworking and industrious in a game where the service to him wasn’t the best!

Moments later Lynch planted the ball into Norris’ face from point blank range – the Ipswich midfielder was left needing treatment whilst it must have been a stretch too far for Lynch who was substituted for Kelvin Wilson.  Decent enough from Lynch, he lost possession a fair amount but defensively did well enough considering his lack of game time recently.

Kelv was quickly called into action as Ipswich piled pressure onto Forest, but the defence held firm and there was little by way of direct chances for the home side.  Forest however were creating opportunities on the break – Tudgay worked hard to win the ball on the right, his deep cross to Anderson gave him little option but to head it back centrally where he found Tyson who could only head wide with a tricky chance (he should’ve done better, though!).

At the other end Leadbitter did get a shot on target which Camp kept out, and Billy made his final change by putting Adebola on for Tyson.  The pressure was all by Ipswich, Camp punched a cross clear and Norris came close to chipping it over him and the defence into the goal (although Gunts looked to have it covered jumping under the bar just in case).

Further forward Leadbitter lost control of the ball after Tudgay brushed past him, it fell to Anderson who was greeted with a studs-up horror tackle from the Ipswich midfielder.  Luckily Ando got his feet off the ground to avoid a potential broken leg, amazingly the referee actually gave the red card.  Of course, he then restarted the game with an Ipswich freekick for Tudgay brushing against Leadbitter before the foul.

There had been five minutes of stoppage time announced already, so by the time the sending off and Anderson’s treatment time was factored in there was around seven minutes after the ninety to play, which basically consisted of Ipswich launching it forward hopefully and Forest defending it reasonably comfortably.

A very good three points, and now a long awaited break from league action for a while with Preston in the cup up next week, and then a full week off before Portsmouth come to town.  With any luck we’ll have some transfer or work-permit related news in that time, but personally I’m looking forward to a rest from the near daily updates to the site in the last few days!

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  1. A couple of things I forgot…

    McGoldrick accidentally smacked the ball against the bar from a drop-ball… Billy has said since had it dropped in we’d have ‘done something about it’ and had a word with Roy Keane straight after.

    And farewell to Aaron Ramsey – it’s gutting that the weather and an injury to another lad has cut short his gametime with us, but what a talented young lad. Big thanks to him and Arsenal for his short spell with us.

    • Excellent result for the mighty reds! Just wondered where you got your stream of the match? I can never seem to find them when away from the game and always listen to Radio Nottingham. Whilst I do feel they provide some excellent commentary, it would be nice to follow the game visually rather than feel a goal was imminent through every raised voice and crowd gasp!!

      • Hi Ashley – I searched on Google for streams for the game… as it was being broadcast in Scandinavia oddly… so not every game is available in this way 🙂

        Plus you can watch the stream and listen to Colin Fray and co.. although generally the streams are a little behind in time so it can spoil what’s about to come!

      • Myp2p.eu is the website to visit . If it’s screened anywhere , it will be listed and direct links to the stream are provided .
        It was screened live here in Australia . Well worth the 2am wake up when you don’t get to see Forest very often . Except for the commentary which was ridiculously biased towards Ipswich (annoying) .

  2. Did anyone hear Billy Davies interview with Radio 5 after the game today? He was asked about taking over again at Preston. I don’t know why he would, but his answer was “no comment” not something like “no chance” etc I’m now getting worrried – is he just trying to play hardball with the board over transfer policy or will he really walk away.

    • No, don’t worry Jason – some Preston fans went a bit silly and lots of them seemed to bet on him causing his odds to plummet. The Preston chairman has confirmed that he hasn’t approached Billy nor vice versa.

      I guess Billy is just treating the question with the contempt it deserves..

  3. 7 from 9 is a great tally, well chuffed – this’ll be the springboard into the second part of the season! I just now need to find a reliable stream so I can watch from afar!!

  4. As you say NFFC the next couple of weeks are
    when the spotlight moves from Billy and his squad (who have worked incredibly hard since the Palace demolition ) to ‘our man at the top’ M’Arthur and the
    secretive acquisitions commitee .
    to be fair they have made a reasonable fist of things recently getting Tudgay and Ramsey loans in, and now Findlay (assume he can get his permit !) .
    But there are now some really key tasks to execute in no paticular order …. ( oh except the first one ) !
    1 Betrand permenant or at least a loan to the end of season
    2 repel all boarders over Lewis !
    3 tie up Tudders
    4 get earny and tyce to extend say for two years each – both are making good contributions .
    5 cultivate our relationship with Arsenal as a
    place to give loan experience to their young stars
    6 sign another significant attacking midfielder
    ( Pratley !?) and dont **** about – pay what is needed
    6 decide what to do with Jules and Garner subject to the above .
    7 keep up the good work on the pies – they are now generally hot when purchased
    8 make a public comment to the fans on how things are going and that ther board do support Billy
    ps thanks for the excellent reporting once more !

  5. Have to disagree with your formation NFFC. I think we played 4-5-1 : well it would have been that with any other strilker, but as McGoldrick has all the positional sense of a tea bag, and kept dropping into his “in the hole” position to link up with a non existent second striker it was more like 4-6-0.

    I had just said to my son that I couldn’t see a goal coming from the forest front line, and a couple of minutes later Mr Bump let us off the hook.

    We were VERY fortunate to go in 1-0 up, but did a good job shutting out a pretty tame ipswich side for the second half.

    Glad to get 3 points without really posing any kind of threat – a draw would have been fairer, but its nice to get the luck (2 games in a row if you count the Gunter penalty against Barnsley)

    Still – it we win our games in hand we could be second as the welshies continue their nose dive (!!)

    • Aye, it was generally a 4-5-1 or a lop-sided 4-4-2 but I think the above is what Billy had in mind.

      Plus it looks messy on the page squeezing five in one place 😀

  6. I have just got home from Ipswich. Observations:
    1) Bizarre formation from Billy, particularly in playing Anderson and Tyson mostly on the ‘wrong’ wings
    2) What has happened to Anderson? i.e. his form has been poor for weeks/months.
    3) Ditto (largely) Cohen
    4) Why can neither Anderson nor Cohen finish when in front of goal?
    5) Moussi has been player of the month
    6) Ramsey has been more a hindrance than a boon so far, repeatedly backing out of challenges and giving the ball away because of his bizarre preference for scoop-kicking and flicking when a simple pass will suffice (still, I think it’s a coup to have him here)
    7) Amazing that Forest are so high in the league considering we are yet to even begin to reach peformance levels of last season
    8) Tudgay seems excellent
    9) Love Chambers.


  7. As above. I actually don’t think we are playing as well as we did last season

    Coming to the boil at just the right time this time could be good thing. Need some more away wins though!

    I dont give a f and the FA Cup, Billy time to play some young lads.
    Then a win against Pompey and silly little direby

    • We might not be playing as well as last year, but half way through the season we are only 3pts ‘worse-off’ than at the same stage last year. Although our home form was great until the end of the season (play-offs excepted), we only won once more away all season (at WBA).

      I reckon it’s a good time to have a bet on us getting promoted!!

      U Reds!!

  8. billy to preston, no comment !!! wtf. always the same never rules himself out of a job. same with celtic and they did not want him. preston have said they have not approached forest re billy. why can he just for once just rule himself out of a job ?? does he really think he is plaing hardball with nigel ? i really dont think nigel is shitting himself and will call billy a say how much do you want for players please dont go to preston…also bbc radio nottm need to grow a pair of balls. they get told not to ask billy re preston so they they dont. christ sake this is piss poor journalism. anyway 7 points from 9 is great, team today was a bit worrying but we got away with it. hate to see mcgugan, raddy and earnshaw on the bench, it’s such a waste.

    • Why should he comment? It’s a ridiculous rumour… I imagine Radio Nottingham have an inkling about how Billy will respond to such questioning and opted not to bother… there’s no need for them to play antagonists about such an absurd idea…

  9. I use P2p too,but downloaded uusee and it made my computer crash so avoid that one. As I’m here in Venezuela,I’m always interested in any other sources of streams.
    A lot of good competition for the 3 promotion places and more squad additions could be vital. I hate to rely on david pleat,,,,,

  10. Great to get 3 points … but lucky really. It’s one thing for panel to get players, but surely billy has to change approach away from home to get promoted. The numbers (and contrast with home form) don’t lie.

    Ps why does no-one ever list a centre-back in their wish-lists? Wilson is the only backup and he seems certain to leave

  11. Good point by Losrojas above re centre backs, especially if Wilson is leaving us as seems likely. It strikes me that forgotten man Lynch, who sometimes cant even make the 18, is very useful to have around given his ability to play at both centre back and left back.

  12. I personally only used to watch star trek to see 7 of 9 her sister 5 of 2 was’nt bad either. Just like to wish all red supporters a happy new year and also to you for keeping us exiles up to date with what’s happening at matches and in and around the club. Your persona opinions are very useful in setting the tone to what is going on.

  13. Im a happy man with the points haul too we are in a great position now.If they back billy with the quality needed Im confident we will push on this time.

    We just need to be steady and keep the home form tight exciting times.

    U reds

  14. i’d forgotten about seven of nine, i’m happy now i’ve googled a few images of her !!! 🙂

  15. Whats more pleasing than battering rams? Playing shite and getting 4 from 6. But 7 from 9 is much better to look at! Look at the end of the season, if we go up, will we care that we weren’t at our best against the professional yaarkshire men or the tractor boys?

    The best thing is we’ve started to win ugly and any successful side needs to do that during a season.

  16. Re; TV links

    I watched the whole of the Ipswich/Forest game via http://www.vipstand.net/sports/football.htm – it worked perfectly for the whole game and the commentary (in English) was exactly the same as used by the BBC’s Football League Show.

    Hope this helps?

  17. I watched the Ipswich/Forest game , it’s commentary (in English) was exactly the same as used by the BBC’s Football League Show.

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