Derby County’s next manager waiting in the wings..

Simply known as 'Barry from Burton', nobody knows the identity of Clough's heir apparent..

It’s a bit childish, hell, it’s a lot childish.  But it’s funny.  Have a listen to the link below, it’s basically Derby’s equivalent to Matchtalk on their local BBC radio station.  Of course, it’s a completely sadistic and slightly mean spirited thing to sit and listen to them in their darkest hour, trying to understand what just happened to them down the A5-2…

.. but it is really funny, and it’s unveiled Derby’s self-styled successor to Nigel Clough.  Barry from Burton is not only a qualified PE teacher and Sports Psychologist, but he’s also been working on sport reporting for some notable newspaper publications for the last decade or so.  Despite this he thought Nigel Clough (or ‘the number 9’ to his Dad) was a midfielder as a player.

Y’know, that fella who holds the number two spot in the Nottingham Forest all time scoring charts, played for England, up front!  I would urge you all to click on this link and have a listen – if you get impatient listening to Nigel’s moaning then fast forward to 18 minutes or so and listen from there, however, I do think there’s value in the full hour (sad songs aside).

Colin Bloomfield, I salute you for a tremendous show.  Thank you!  Listen while you can, it’ll only be there for a week or so!

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  1. Owd NLN just couldn’t say Forest were better on the day. Always “them” and “places like this” can’t us the names Forest & City Ground.

    Love it…..just love it.

    Happy New Year Red Dogs.

  2. Nigel “No respect” Clough slagging his own players off on BBC local radio! What a total prat and a managerial disaster of biblical proportions.
    As for the sheep fans?
    It’s all about Derby being poor, not one mention that they were totally out played! Deluded bleating from delusional football idiots.

  3. He has a lot to learn about respect.
    It will be interesting how many mobile phone contracts they can shift next season.

    They must be in the crap, because they really miss the talents of their star man savage. Savage, is their greatest talent…LOL

  4. If you’re refering to the buy mobiles offer with a free season ticket – less than 200 of them deals have been processed.

    If you look at the deal and the handset you get its not much of a deal. You are actually paying more for your season ticket.

    Derby sold just under 21k season tickets prior to the season starting and thats SOLD.

    Will say that as a Rams fan of 40 years, that was the biggest spanking we have ever suffered to you. Full credit to your lot, you dominated from start to finish.

    Full credit to Tudgay as well for not celebrating and showing some class.

    See you on the 22nd.

  5. But your not stating the facts are you Andy

    Look a little deeper into who owns this certain mobile phone company…even someone with even the slightest amount of intelligence would understand just how successful they have been.

    8000+ season tickets have been obtained “free”
    Here’s a tip, next time you visit prideless park listen to the ring tones around you… remarkably similar.

    Best of luck on the 22nd, you will need it.

  6. Sorry but you’re miles wide of the mark.

    8k season tickets free? Less than 200 is the correct figure.

  7. who’s the director Andy? seriously, you sheep need a reality check.

    Please just check the company details for that mobile phone company, Sherlock, you have at least 8000 people claiming free season tickets..terrible home and away support from derby this season as always.

    Your actual home attendance minus away supporters is about 17k this year, not bad really considering…..

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