Wanted: Your memories of meeting Brian Clough

Do you have a great story of a meeting with Brian Clough?  If so you could contribute your tale to help a great cause, and see your name in print!

If you were lucky enough to have met the great man then your story could be featured in a forthcoming charity book being compiled to raise money for the Brian Clough Memorial Fund.  The book has the support of Mrs Clough, and will include fond memories from fans and more well-known names alike.

Should you have a story you’d like to share then what were the circumstances?  What did he say?  Did he make you laugh?  Were you nervous?  What made it special for you?

The author’s royalties are going to the Brian Clough Memorial Fund which is run by his family, and helps the types of good causes that he supported actively (but usually not overly-publicly).  For an example of some of the fantastic work done by the fund, check out this link.

If you can help, please see www.brianclough.com/memories.htm for more details, or drop an email to youngman@brianclough.com