Snow-go for Bristol City game..

It’s just been confirmed that tomorrow’s match has been postponed due to the icy conditions around the ground.  In our health-and-safety obsessed culture and at a time when a bit of snow seems to grind the country to a halt, it was deemed that football fans approaching the ground would slip over and get a bit cold – so it was much easier to simply cancel the fixture to play at another time.

No date has been arranged yet for the rearrangement – but tickets will still be valid, and should it not be a convenient time then you will be able to get a refund from the City Ground ticket office.  All in all, very frustrating – hopefully not too many of you were travelling from distance and might have already invested in train tickets or hotel rooms…

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  1. Well thats a relief. Its ok for you who live near by but as a season ticket holder living 30 miles away getting there tomorrow was going to be a real problem. I’ve not got my car off the drive for 3 days and not likely to for a while. The trains from Worksop to Nottingham are also suspended today so don’t know whether they woudl be running tomorrow . At least I won’t miss the game now.

    • That’s a fair point Chris – as is Oli’s later one, it’s good they’ve made the call with plenty of time for further flung folks to find out about it…

  2. I echo what Chris said, I’m glad the club has made a decision early, me and my Dad live in Gloucestershire and have a season ticket so having a 12pm pitch inspection tomorrow would have been a nightmare!

  3. All very well sniggering about how ‘fans approaching the ground would slip over and get a bit cold’. Picture the actual scene behind the Trent End after the game – dark, slippy, thousands of fans, steep slope, river. No thanks. If that’s symptom of a ‘health and safety obsession’, count me in.

  4. It would never have happened at the Gamston Arena!

  5. Don’t want to incur any legal action!!

  6. Nottingham Forest are resigned to accepting a cut-price offer from Celtic for defender Kelvin Wilson in January rather than lose the 25-year-old for nothing when his contract expires in the summer. (News of the World)

    Not happy about this !

    Although he puts in the effort, with no competition for places, can we rely on Chambers for the rest of the season ?

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