An exhibition for football fans to check out..

Anyone into the local music scene in Nottingham might remember the criminally under-rated band Six by Seven.  Well, as well as being a talented musician, singer and songwriter, their singer – Chris Olley – is also a tremendously gifted photographer.  Not only this, I’m not being deliberately tenuous – this is of massive relevance to football fans!

In pursuing his skills from behind a lens, he’s been touring the 92 league football grounds with his camera – but this repositions such familiar venues by the stark removal of the crowds and the colour.  It shows us them in a different light, and invites a closer look at structures with which we may be unfamiliar – or indeed, those that we might take for granted every other week..

As well as checking out his website, you can pop along to the dark side of the A52 to check out an exhibition of both the photography and also diary recollections of the tour around the country he made on a vintage motorbike!  It promises to be a really fascinating exhibition, I think!  It opens on 13th November 2010 and will be on ’til 20th February 2011 in The Silk Mill, Derby.

The City Ground as perhaps we’re not used to viewing it…

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