Big Norm’s impression of Frank Clark..

After Forest had a disappointing defeat at the hands of Manchester United in the 95/96 season (I think), Big Norm does a killer impression of Frank Clark’s post-match talk – one of the few occasions when he saw our mild-mannered former manager angry.  It had us in stitches on the night!

Thanks to @petercollison for making the video available and letting me post it – it was recorded at a rakish portrait angle so he could sneak his camera between a few shoulders, it works quite well, though!  Should Norm do ‘Evening With’ gigs in the future I can’t recommend highly enough making the effort to attend.  He’s a funny guy!

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  1. A star appearance from my right ear too!

  2. Quality its been a while since i was at one good on big Norm hes a legend.

  3. Awesome, just absolutely awesome!!

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