How a football parasite chooses his host..

Of course, whether or not loveable buffoon and cash-hoover Sven Goran Eriksson ends up resuming his trail of farcical interactions with midlands football teams remains to be seen. Paulo Sousa bit the bullet after an admittedly disappointing start to his Foxes stewardship, with City at the bottom of the Championship after nine games.

Martin O’Neill too inevitably features on the rumour mill as he does here too, shortly after he left Villa he was supposedly about to supplant Billy. Of course, many Reds fans harbour a desire to see him and Robbo return to the club – as for me, I’m quite happy with Billy, and stability.

I don’t trouble myself with goings on down the A46 very often but well, things might just be getting interesting at the Walkers Stadium…

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  1. stable with billy for me too nffc, can only see trouble for leicester if they appoint somebody like sven spend,spend,spend, goran walk away when it all goes tits up, eriksson.

  2. Billy is the boy for the reds despite being hampered by the board; how could anyone doubt it with his track record since he took over!! Circus @ Leicester is fantastic- Sven as he proved at Notts is a fool. An incredibly well paid fool, but nevertheless a fool!!

  3. i wish i knew his secret he must be loaded how did he ever con his way in to football god only knows

  4. When oh when will Marthur and doubtfire get behind billy and the players? – we need 2 decent loanees in pronto and we can definitely challenge …….Pies are hotter at CG lately, so Marthur cant have much else to be distract his attention.

  5. New Thai owners..Milan knows a thing about destroying the soul of a club, see Pompey. If I were a Fox I’d be disturbed at the total farce of appointing Sven.
    Watch the £’s dissolve foxes. Not that your club had any credibility in the first place after going bankrupt a few seasons ago without so much as a sorry to local businesses who are still owed thousands…..

    Be afraid Leicester fans

  6. @Martyn: we’ve been very afraid ever since Mandaric showed up, and with some justification. Seven managers now in just over three years (not counting caretakers) and the only decent one we had (Nigel Pearson) was made to feel so unwelcome he swapped us for Hull. Hull!

    Last Thursday morning Mandaric was quoted on several websites as saying “I am going to stand behind Paulo and the players and I ask the supporters the same thing.” This is the Paulo Sousa he fired later that day. Presumably, the websites in question were making it up as they went along, and doubtless Mandaric will soon issue writs against them for making him look like a dishonest, shifty git whose word is not to be trusted. Doubtless.

    Hang on to Billy Davies: he knows about getting to playoffs, as he proved with Preston, the Shaggers and you guys.

    Up the City… eventually.

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