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I’ve been away stuck in meetings during all the excitement today, indeed, perhaps lack of excitement. Still only on the mobile now in a grotty Travelodge. The timing of Mark Arthur’s announcement on the day the loan window opens offered some a glimmer of hope, only a faint glimmer though!

So, no opening-day loan signings – a bit of a slapped wrist and veiled threat about some quarters’ offence upon Nigel Doughty, and – which is welcome – an apology for his odd outburst over the Whittingham and Pratley. Clearly he thought it would seal the deal but alas, a bold move backfired spectacularly and made us look a little foolish.

So anyway, personally I don’t have much issue with the contents of the chief executives’ announcement. Whilst I’m not a basic-enough entity to be lured into the polarities of the Doughty saviour/destroyer debate, some of the anti-comments I’ve read on forums or sites leave me flabbergasted with their venom and twisted ‘facts’ and theories.

Not really got a problem with Arthur reminding some folks that, whilst nobody is above critique, if that criticism is unreasonable it could mean future generosity is curtailed. The timing, however, is rather interesting and a little paradoxical. It would have been much easier to deliver that message along with something more positive.

Which brings me on to what I will describe as nothing more than rumour-passing at this stage, but I’ve heard from two separate little birds now that the programme printers have been asked to hold off on printing – the general assumption being this is due to an imminent loan signing.

If that’s true, it could have been the spoonful of sugar that makes Arthur’s medicine go down in a much more delightful way. Which plants doubt in my mind because surely that must have occurred to the Forest high brass, surely? Wouldn’t it? So as ever with rumours this season don’t get too excited ’til something is confirmed.

You’d think a ‘hold the front page’ edict would suggest a signing of substance, though, wouldn’t you?

But anyway, back on to reality – hopefully some communication from the club has nipped in the bud any talk of protest before Millwall – not that I ever expected a great deal to come of that. It’s difficult to gauge the extent or balance of discontent online as the negative voices tend to ‘shout’ loudest, but my gut feel suggests whilst we were all disappointed with the summer dealings, most have retained a sense of perspective.

So not all the answers, and – in my view – not the best time to release a scolding of what I think is a relatively low number of malcontents – at least not with some positive news to ease the sting. Certainly with a regular workday ahead of me tomorrow I might just be checking the news feeds a little more regularly.

And probably end up disappointed come hometime! Keep the faith folks, and let’s put the support back into supporter to spur the lads on to getting those crucial first three points.

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  1. I hope we all get behind everyone associated with Forest, including the Chairman, Mark Arthur, Billy, the players etc. We all want the best for Forest, be positive everyone. I genuinely feel all decisions are being made with the best interests of Forest in mind, although some may disagree with me, please put all efforts and emotion to get behind the team and with 3 points on Saturday things will be a lot brighter. Its a very long season and with all our support Forest will be in a better place than without it.
    Come on u Reds

  2. Well said NFFC. Getting fed up of the moaners now, it’s time to focus on the games again. If we win two on the bounce this will all quieten down (until January at least hopefully). Come on you Reds!! Let’s smash those cockney tw*ts!

  3. I agree any protest would be ridiculous & Forest fans should try supporting there team positively & stop sulking like spoilt brats. Out sung by Leeds/Norwich, come on Red’s fans get a grip.
    I’m as frustrated as anyone by what I perceive as the club’s inate ability to turn positives’s into negatives with regards to failing to strengthen the team again, but I’ll be there on saturday getting behind the team & the manager. A slight tip to transfer committee though; there’s a world full of footballers don’t just concentrate on two- You REDS!!!!!!!!!

  4. That is why there are only 3 comments on your article prior to mine all Doughty sypathisers must be the only three,You say you stay on nutural ground doesnt read that way to me you have had a go at the people that pay there hard earnt money week in week out year in year out, are you so blind to see under the wing of Nigel Doughty we are going nowhere 11 years speak for them selves. Remember at the end of the day Doughty hasnt given anything to this club it is a loan that he is being rewarded for with a very favourable interest rate. I am a very reasonable guy but have a good memory and saw the writing on the wall a long time ago with him in charge. I was often called up by a local redio station to voice my comments on Forest and viewed my oppinions with many ex forest players such as Gerry Birtles and Kenny Burns amongst others I can now see they are singing from the same hymm sheet as i was years ago. Doughty is not our saviour he cannot run a football club look for yourself and our club is £50 to 60 million in the red Terry Forest supporter long before you i am sure

    • I reckon the fact the piece has just aired might have mire bearing on comments 🙂

      I never said I stood on neutral ground, just that I don’t stand at any polarity.

      I of course welcome you guys to comment whether you agree with my views or not. As for the old loans debate, that’s a business necessity although perhaps a revenue stream.

      And congratulations on the ‘length of service’ – I’m not sure where that comes into anything…

  5. Eloquently put Terry.

  6. Yawn Terry. Must be such a burden to you having such amazing foresight and don’t start with the name dropping and ‘I’ve been a fan longer than you’ bullshit. Not everyone has to have the same opinion as you.

  7. …and well replied NFFC.

  8. I came across this excellent post on the talk forest website and I hope the author doesn’t mind me sharing it with you (as it offers a different view to yours, based on reading the above, and one I’m inclined to agree with).

    “My response to The response:

    Eight days after Forest fans realised they were getting nothing to improve their hopes for the new season, the club finally issue a response to the criticism they have, rightfully in my opinion, received. But rather than Mark Arthur apologise for his public naming of targets and making the clubs “Acquisitions Panel” look like the amateurs that they are, he prefers to treat the fans with contempt and an air of arrogance that suggests he thinks we will keep on paying up and walking through the gates regardless of what they do.

    I don’t try to hide my contempt for Arthur or Doughty, my view is very one sided I admit that. For the most part of the early years I gave Doughty the benefit of the doubt and took comfort in the fact that he was a fan and making mistakes was part of the process. However after years of failure and the financial position only getting worse under his leadership my faith in him rapidly burnt out. Last season was the only year I felt we’d finally made some strides forward as we’d got a manager with a track record of getting clubs into the top 6 and he duly did so for Forest. But soon enough, true to form, Doughty failed to back his manager at the right time and get us over the final hurdle into the Premier league.

    Instead of making up for that failing, the summer actually saw the squad weakened in terms of quantity at least. Arthur had upset Swansea and Cardiff by publically pursuing their players, claiming “they want to come to us”. However he quickly inserted his get out clause by saying we would wait until next year if necessary…..how convenient. Then he wonders why the club are accused of trying to do things on the cheap.

    As he stated in the very carefully questioned video, the AP worked last year when we signed 9 players. Yes indeed it did. But the majority of those players were available for sale at reasonable prices. Blackstock and Camp had fallen out with QPR – easy deals. Gunter loved his time at Forest and wasn’t getting a look in for Spurs – easy deal. Adebola was free after we had failed to offer enough cash for him in the previous January – easy deal. McKenna knew this was his last chance of a big wage deal and although I can’t prove it I have no doubt that he would have said to the PNE manager that he was in fact interested in moving on for a new challenge – relatively easy deal. McGoldrick, a Nottingham boy we had chased for a number of seasons, was at Southampton a club just relegated and in dire need of cash – easy deal. I think you get the picture. It seems buying things that others want rid of is an easy task. Buying things that people would really like to keep, despite fairly shady tactics, seems a bridge to far for the club and its infamous AP.

    I’m not entirely sure why the club has taken 8 days to come up with an interview that most fans could have guessed at and probably pre-emptively written themselves. I find no warmth or redeeming features within Mark Arthur. He comes across as a cold politician type. Giving little away whilst trying to claim he’s been too honest in the local media over the summer. If you were honest Mark you would have said you just weren’t good enough to get a deal done for Pratley or Whittingham. You’d have been honest and used the usual “not willing to pay above the odds” line. Your response to fans has actually told us very very little about what specifically went wrong and why you ultimately failed to strengthen, or even maintain, last season’s squad.

    As if I wasn’t annoyed enough by the clubs apparent lack of ambition and the continuing failure to explain why Doughty claimed “we will make the 2-3 quality signings we need by the end of August”. Mark Arthur seemingly decided that the fans probably aren’t annoyed enough; he perhaps thought he should probably try and threaten them a little. A thinly veiled remark that if Doughty continues to receive abuse then he would have to consider his financial backing of the club. I’m sorry Mark but where has his financial backing got us exactly? £50+ Million in debt to him and no better on the field than we were when he arrived, not to mention the 3 years spent at a considerably lower level.

    Somebody kindly provided me some details of the clubs position when Eric Barnes managed to persuade Doughty to come on board. The club had £700k in the bank when Harry Bassett left and on top of that we sold Stone, Van Hooijdonk and Armstrong. Further to that were £3m worth of Parachute payments. I’d say that was pretty healthy despite the unpopularity of Wray, Scholar, Markham and co. Ten years down the line we are no longer even a yo-yo club and are apparently more than £50million in debt to a venture capitalist. Now, I’m no financial whizz but I’d say somewhere along the lines something has gone very very wrong. I can’t say Doughty isn’t committed to the club if he is putting £5m in a year but I have to question why, after 10 years he hasn’t managed to make the club self sufficient. There are many clubs in the same division who aren’t being LOANED £5m a year to not even break even. At best I’d say somebody is making mistakes in getting this club back on its feet. At worst they have a completely different agenda to the fans or what they publically claim to be aiming for. I however am not brave, or stupid, enough to start accusing the club of things I have absolutely no tangible evidence of.

    Threaten away though Mr Arthur because I will be supporting this club long after you are gone. Whether the club will get my financial support next season I will also have to reconsider next summer! Let’s face it, if Doughty left and called in his loans without a buyer then we would be in admin. But at least in admin we would know why the manager isn’t being backed……no wonder Billy doesn’t want to be at Forest! ALLEGEDLY.

    I know my views aren’t shared by all, I know plenty of people still think Doughty is the only reason we are still around. I will never buy into that theory but there is only one way to find out! If my information is wrong then as always I welcome comments, facts and opinions alike. I will never fall out with other Forest fans for having different opinions. Ultimately we all want success for the club. However, I firmly believe that the best way of achieving that is to get in a new owner and new CEO who understand football and can do a damn site better job on whatever budget they have. I don’t know anything more about an alleged takeover than the next man but I did note that Arthur didn’t categorically deny Doughty is selling the club, just he hadn’t discussed it with him. Maybe I’m reading way too much into that, purely through hope!

    This response from the club, in my opinion, clearly demonstrates all that is wrong with Nottingham Forest and the lack of respect and empathy it has for fans. The PR from the club is shambolic and the community club feel of Forest has all but gone. For me, it’s them against us. Board against fans. As I said, I will still be here when theyve gone, I take comfort in that fact.

    Thanks for reading. And no you can’t have the 5 minutes of your life back!”

  9. Terry – completely agree with you, people should wake up and smell the coffee. He has failed and there’s only way he us going to take us and it’s not the premiership! He is a businessman and there’s no such thing as a free lunch. We are hugely in debt to him and he charges us interest on that debt. I fail to see anything Doughty has implemented to run more efficiently and the figures prove we’ve gone backwards.As for Arthurs comments today I can’t believe he has the arrogance to say if we don’t back him he take his ball in, frankly if you can’t stand the heat get out the kitchen! will fully support the team and I don’t boo because that doesn’t help the team but

  10. Why do people who offer genuine and Insightful comment against the current regime get labled as moaners. Please, those who are still defending Doughty and Co look at the facts. Read the post put up by DarkDaysofRed.

    Don’t boo the team, however change can only happen by not accepting what we have and not being blinked to the obvious serious issues facing this club. Together we can effect change.

  11. I will fully support the team as I always do and I don’t boo the team because my issue is with these arrogant t****rs that run our club! I don’t want people to think I’m someone that just moans for moaning sake but in my opinion we have huge problems with the way our club is being run and Arthurs interview albeit staged will have a crippling effect with us fans for suggesting Doughty could(if he wanted) hold us to ransom. I find it amazing that people can’t see through Doughty and Arthur.

  12. To convince me of change I need to see the alternative. I’ve yet to find anyone who has offered this .

    I make no apologies for the current regime, really – and the ‘facts’ I see bandied about vary tremendously…

    The problems people see are well documented – show us some solutions, beyond simply ‘sell up Nige

  13. If your sources are correct about holding back from printing the programme’s, my concern is that it’s not to do with bringing in a loan player but with regards to our managers note, as we may not have one by Saturday……!? I think that would be more realistic with the current situation between manager and board.

    • It’s a possibility!

      Not that the ‘situation’ is anything other than a rumour denied by both parties. Even I don’t fully believe that, though!

      • Good point but I think you’d have to be deaf and blind not to see there are huge problems with Billy and the board.

        • That would imply everyone has literally *seen* and/or *heard* tangible evidence of this. I haven’t!

          Can’t imagine Billy is happy with the transfer debacle but that doesn’t necessarily equate to rifts…

  14. marthur is a fool , everyone one must know this by now he is a liability. the chairman must be questioning his ability by now, i really hope so anyway. however i cannot bring myself to dislike a forest fan who has spent so much of his own money on our club. you can discuss the pro’s and con’s all day long but the real thing to bear in mind is “BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR” I would take our chairman before anyone else all day long. funny thing is, if we would have finished mid table last year we would not be bitching and moaning at the moment like we are. it was not that long ago is was driving from scotland for crewe away !!!

  15. Firstly a comment. I believe MA & the make up and operation of the AP are totally useless and holding back this club.
    Secondly a question. Do any of you honestly believe that Cloughie would have put up with this lot for over 10 mins? Cos I know I dont!!!!

  16. My guess is that most of these people getting on a Doughty and Arthur are the same people who think England have a divine right to win the World Cup and anything short of this is a disaster and something must be terribly wrong.

    Let’s be frank, football has changed vastly and whilst we could have a club that goes hell for leather in spending money, we would probably end up like Bradford, Hull, Leeds etc. Spending money does not always equate to success!

    Who else is going to take over at Forest? I don’t see a long line of people queuing up to buy us and give us something new. Nor do I see all these whingers who are complaining readily remortgaging their homes to be able to put their money where their mouths are.

    And lastly, are these whingers the same people who start booing and moaning when heaven forbid we pass the ball backwards at any given point during the game when we’re not winning.

    The truth is football and Forest would be better off if people were required to complete an IQ test to be a fan because then we wouldn’t have to listen to all this short sighted rubbish!

  17. Well said thinkingRed

  18. I’ve just read what Billy has said on the evening post website that we will not be challenging for promotion this year and how he is stunned that we have not strengthened the team.

    I’ll wager one English pound he is not the Forest manager by the end of this month!

  19. I think the reason there is no long line of people queing up to buy the Reds is because they are not for sale ,so we will never no who is intrested,if the chairman sticks the for sale board up we can then get the true intrest ,simple………….

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