A spoonful of sugar..

I’ve been away stuck in meetings during all the excitement today, indeed, perhaps lack of excitement. Still only on the mobile now in a grotty Travelodge. The timing of Mark Arthur’s announcement on the day the loan window opens offered some a glimmer of hope, only a faint glimmer though!

So, no opening-day loan signings – a bit of a slapped wrist and veiled threat about some quarters’ offence upon Nigel Doughty, and – which is welcome – an apology for his odd outburst over the Whittingham and Pratley. Clearly he thought it would seal the deal but alas, a bold move backfired spectacularly and made us look a little foolish.

So anyway, personally I don’t have much issue with the contents of the chief executives’ announcement. Whilst I’m not a basic-enough entity to be lured into the polarities of the Doughty saviour/destroyer debate, some of the anti-comments I’ve read on forums or sites leave me flabbergasted with their venom and twisted ‘facts’ and theories.

Not really got a problem with Arthur reminding some folks that, whilst nobody is above critique, if that criticism is unreasonable it could mean future generosity is curtailed. The timing, however, is rather interesting and a little paradoxical. It would have been much easier to deliver that message along with something more positive.

Which brings me on to what I will describe as nothing more than rumour-passing at this stage, but I’ve heard from two separate little birds now that the programme printers have been asked to hold off on printing – the general assumption being this is due to an imminent loan signing.

If that’s true, it could have been the spoonful of sugar that makes Arthur’s medicine go down in a much more delightful way. Which plants doubt in my mind because surely that must have occurred to the Forest high brass, surely? Wouldn’t it? So as ever with rumours this season don’t get too excited ’til something is confirmed.

You’d think a ‘hold the front page’ edict would suggest a signing of substance, though, wouldn’t you?

But anyway, back on to reality – hopefully some communication from the club has nipped in the bud any talk of protest before Millwall – not that I ever expected a great deal to come of that. It’s difficult to gauge the extent or balance of discontent online as the negative voices tend to ‘shout’ loudest, but my gut feel suggests whilst we were all disappointed with the summer dealings, most have retained a sense of perspective.

So not all the answers, and – in my view – not the best time to release a scolding of what I think is a relatively low number of malcontents – at least not with some positive news to ease the sting. Certainly with a regular workday ahead of me tomorrow I might just be checking the news feeds a little more regularly.

And probably end up disappointed come hometime! Keep the faith folks, and let’s put the support back into supporter to spur the lads on to getting those crucial first three points.