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I included a possibly foolish throwaway insight into my past in the Steve Hodge autobiography review, that as a child I’d draw pictures of the Forest squad and send them to him to get signed.  I’ve just had a rummage in the loft to see if I could find them, but alas was only able to unearth some more recent sketches, unsigned, from 1995.

The next stage of the search will be to see if the parents might have kept hold of this veritable treasure-trove of future embarrassments.  I have no idea how likely that is, although they do seem to have a worryingly large cache of my old school books stored away somewhere so there’s always the possibility.  So, for those of you that asked, here are some (slightly better I think) drawings from my youth.

That should help set your expectation levels for the even less technically gifted versions!  I’ll keep trying to get hold of the really shit ones!  Apologies for the dubious quality of the scan (which is really, rather blatantly, fairly hastily taken pictures with my phone’s camera!).

Sorry about the self-indulgence, but some of you did ask.

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  1. In the same way as a club will have an ‘Official Photographer’, perhaps you could become Forest’s ‘Official Artist’ or ‘Artist in Residence’ – either way, it should get you closer to the inside workings of our beloved club!!

    • Haha.. I think I’d require a modicum of talent to be able to pass myself off as an artist, official or otherwise! 🙂

      I could get some quality rumours going, though!

  2. Those are the only child’s drawings I’ve ever seen where the subjects’ hair is LESS ridiculous than in real life.

  3. Ah but. . . . . you’ve got an advantage over us lesser mortals in that we can’t post our characatures here !

    That’s not ‘pineapple head’ lower left is it ?!?!
    Is it……..

  4. I never knew Steve Stone looked like Alan Shearer?! haha. 😉

  5. Quality although top left could be a younger Gordon Ramsey before he hit big.

  6. Phase two of picture hunting failed too… I think I might know where they are though!

  7. I was wrong 😦 Last hope is parents knowing location when they return from holiday..

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