Derby’s Clough and Taylor statue..

It looks great – much better in person than the pictures I’ve seen online. I can’t help but have the impression that Clough looks a bit older than he should for his time at Derby, but just as at Middlesbrough and Nottingham the likeness is unmistakable.

Peter Taylor stands beside him, and with their arms about each others’ shoulders they hold the Division One Trophy between them – elevated on a nine foot plinth in Unity Plaza. With a compass style arrangement beneath pointing to notable football landmarks including our very own City Ground.

Definitely worth popping down Brian Clough Way to see – it’s just the kind of effigy Forest should have commissioned – obviously both men a little older and holding a different trophy. Huge congratulations to everyone involved in making it happen, it’s a monument to be proud of.

I don’t imagine the attached pictures do it justice, but they’re there for what it’s worth – now back to Nottingham we go to hopefully see off the Canaries!

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  1. Nice im sure and well worthy of both men. But this whole thing smacks of “oneupmanship” to me. Sorry but it does.

  2. Having chatted with the chap who initiated it I couldn’t disagree more. Both men are pivotal figures for both our clubs. Certainly the Derby fans have done a great job at exploiting a board eager to win hearts and minds, but thus is their (very fitting) tribute to two great men – not a two fingers up at Nottingham. Indeed, there’s a plaque pointing to the City Ground on the base around the statue.

  3. I agree with NFFC.
    The plaques pointing to City Ground (and to the great stages of Forest’s triumphs, like Bernabeu) are really moving, in my humble opinion.

    But I’m not from Nottingham, I’m not even English, so I can’t have the same feeling a true Nottingham Red has about the Forest-Derby County fierce rivalry.

  4. Yeh, i dont agree at all with the two fingers up etc comment
    This statue is a fitting tribute to a pair that put derby on the map in the early 70′s.

    The fact is they should have done it years ago, guilt maybe? or the simple fact that like Forest, derby will never win anything of note again so why not celebrate what has been?

    Obviously as Forest fans we would love to say we could be at the top again in world football, but lets face it, we share alot in common with these mutton molestors, that is, We dont have dirty oil, money from arabs investing in our club, and by default we don’t stand a chance anymore

    Well done to derby for putting Forest’s acheviements there as well (it could have been empty otherwise…..) only joking well done Ram fans for getting this sorted!

  5. morcambe and wise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. they’ll always be our biggest rivals down the brian clough way weather in the same division or three divisions apart,,,,putting that aside for a short while,,,,great to see Derby County have come up with a very fine piece of art in recognition of two equally fine gentlemen, hats of to em……

  7. Oneupmanship.

    Spurs fan here.

  8. Terrible statue – looks nothing like Clough and they coudn’t even get the unveiling ceremony right – did you see how the cloth got caught over Clough’s head? Rank amateurs. Fans can’t have their photos with it cos it is so high up. badly thought out and designed. dcfc were shamed into doing it by Middlesbrough & Nottingham. And they couldn’t even get one big unveiling with fans and famly. Very poor effort.

  9. I went to look at it yesterday as Pride Park Stadium is spitting distance (I’ve tried) from my office.

    It is actually really good, especially on a nice day as you can sit by it and take a proper look.

    It’s what we should have done and got Peter Taylor sorted too.

    Maybe we will do something when we move.

    “Clough and Taylor Stadium”


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