Forest vs. Norwich City preview..

The Reds will be looking to turn performances into points against the Canaries at the City Ground on Saturday.  Despite moments of encouraging play in our opening three league games, Forest have yet to notch a win due to a melting pot of inconsistency, wasting chances and slight-too-wide goalposts.  Norwich have a had a decent start to their return to this league, so certainly won’t prove easy opponents – having notched wins in their last two league games against Scunthorpe and Swansea.

With the predictable complete lack of news relating to signings, I suspect Billy won’t have any new faces to factor in to his selection ahead of the game.  McKenna is still in some doubt after feeling a hamstring twinge at Reading, given that we’ll lose some players for International games soon I guess if there’s any doubts around him he’ll continue to be rested.  Gunter remains suspended thanks to the zealous FA, and of course McGoldrick remains on the long-term sick list.

Norwich are a bit short in defence with Whitbread and Nelson suffering injuries – although new loan signing Leon Barnett may well slot in for a debut at the City Ground.  Drury and Crofts were rested in their midweek defeat in the Carling Cup to Blackburn due to slight injury concerns – but both are likely to be fit and ready to face Forest.  Of course, there’s the ex-player factor here for both sides with Earnie likely to feature for us – and former striker (or right-winger in Smoulderwood’s befuddled mind) Grant Holt for Norwich who will both be eager to impress against former clubs.

Holt has made a real name for himself amongst Norwich fans – indeed, when he first arrived at Forest I really liked the bustling frontman – unfortunately he was marginalised when then manager Smoulderwood opted to play him wide right.  He’s certainly been amongst the goals for the Canaries though, and I’m sure he’ll be keen to give Wes and Kelvin plenty to think about at the back.

However, we are at home – and without being disrespectful should certainly be expecting to get the better of Norwich.  That’s not of course to say those expectations will be met – but that’s where I’m at.  I would like to see us get that first win, and get it reasonably comfortably too – however, Paul Lambert is a canny manager and won’t make it easy for us, so we need to be on our game preferably for more than the 20 minutes or so we managed against Leeds..

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  1. i for one really hope grant holt gets a good reception from the CG faithful,which he rightly should, ok he was’nt with us long but his performances in the reds team back then were good enough to earn him a hearty welcome back surely, sadly due to other commitments i wont be there saturday but i’d be applauding him,,,,prediction 2-1 forest and a certain mr holt to score 1st,,,wonder what odds i’d get on that ? surely got to be most popular bet inside the CG

  2. I think Norwich will prove a sterner test than most think and without a doubt grolt will play a blinder.

    Funny how hes improved leaps and bounds as a player since leaving us and is also the captain at Norwich.As far as signings go I think the AP is a joke they have no ambition and are totally inept at luring and negotiating with agents and clubs I have lost faith in them.

    No wonder Davies keeps having a pop at them I would also.They have acted exactly the same when Harty nearly got us up showed no bottle or ambition tossers.

  3. i think saturday will be a defeat for the reds , this will provoke the fans and will possibly be a call for the board to resign ( which will not happen). this will just show the true ambition of the club. it now seems that on one day or another a different player is speaking to the evening post saying that we can pull together and we can do this blah blah blah. the matter is that theyre just papering over the cracks . me personally thinks that although yes it is doughty’s money and yes he has pumped millions in , just shows NO AMBITION WHATOEVER . the club is a joke and a farce , even leeds are spending everybody is spending except us , which is so frustrating . i think billy davies will walk after a few more games , i KNOW THAT THE BOARD WANT HIM OUT !!! mark arthur has spoken to someone close to me and said that it is the biggest mistake that they have made in appointing billy as manager! . they are not backing him as they want to force his hand . forest do have the money to back him as doughty is one of the richest men in england , but the won’t be spending until he has gone . billy still has 2 years i beleive on his contract to run, so i think the situation is a double edged sword …personally i think billy is the man to take us forward but he just doesn’t get on with the AP ….please watch this space for more inside info

    • I’m sorry sudge but that sounds like bullshit. How can the board believe that BD is the biggest mistake they’ve made. Surely Platt, Megson and Kinear in that order have been the appointment nadirs for the club. (oh, Atkinson was an embarrassment as well) BD has saved us from a return to league 1 in the first half season he had and got us to our highest place finish in the league since 1998. I don’t care how much of a pain in the arse he is, that is delivering results. Because of that I think its only fair that he be given some more to take Forest that one step further.

    • Sounds as true as the ‘billy on the plane’ story….

  4. Wee billy and his team of staff are the best thing that has happened too us since cloughie was in charge no doubt.
    The issues lie with our bungling CE and characters like David Pleat.

    Mark Arthurs interview on BBC designed to destabilise pratley & wittingham was a complete farce.They are the characters that in my opinion are letting the club down.

    1 young under 21 signed since january with a squad that nearly got promoted is a complete FARCE.I feel for Davies he must be gutted having been so close to getting us up.

  5. Keep believing you Red’s fans; King Billy will deliver us to the promised land of the premiership whilst agent non-league will send the sheep back into the mire where they belong- You Reds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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