Shouldn’t we be pleased as Bellamy joins Cardiff?

Bellamy: Certainly a talking point!

I for one am thrilled.  As a taxpayer in the UK I feed in lots of my income to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs – which means that, given Cardiff City’s status as a major debtor to the said same organisation, I’m contributing to £90,000 a week striker Craig Bellamy being able to play in the Championship whilst they continue to strengthen their squad and hold on to their players.

Bitter?  Certainly a little.  I wouldn’t join in the vitriol to be directed towards the club – a lot of people seem to be taking that road.  It’s the authorities supposedly in charge of the league that deserve scrutiny for allowing this ridiculous merry-go-round to continue.  Just as when Leicester City wiped away their debts through Administration, they’re allowing Cardiff to stick two fingers up at the clubs who pay their way throughout the leagues.

The moral highground is all well and good (although perhaps a tricky stance for us to claim after Mark Arthur’s recent increasingly laughable plays for Peter Whittingham and Darren Pratley) but it becomes apparent that under the current ways of working in the football league, cheating does prosper – and part of me can’t help but admire Cardiff’s brass neck in pushing the flimsy rules to stretching point.

Who wouldn’t want a player of Craig Bellamy’s capability in our league – he’d walk into most Premier League teams let alone Championship ones, and if the powers-that-be are happy to sit by and let a club with debts outstanding profit from the situation, then it is they that deserve our outrage.  Although I am enjoying the activities of the Motherwell chairman in response to today’s news.

On a sensible not though it’s a sad state of affairs – a club with one transfer embargo recently lifted and another likely in the future – have been able to add the likes of Jason Koumas, Tom Heaton, Danny Drinkwater, Seyi Olofinyana, Martin John and Craig Bellamy to their ranks – and still talk of adding more – defies belief.

I’ll admit that’s tinged with jealousy as our manouvring and posturing supposedly with cash to spend has yielded a much smaller haul of – um – Ryan Bertrand on loan (a signing I’m most happy with!) and, if we’re scraping the barrel, Raddy on a permanent move right at the start of the summer.  It’s mighty frustrating, and certainly doesn’t feel like much of a level playing field – although our own methods of securing signings does contribute to our lack of movement, that’s for sure.

For all that I do prefer that – Mark Arthur’s strange behaviour recently aside – we generally conduct our business in a fair fashion.  I wouldn’t want to be bending rules and flaunting debts, and I suppose having a rich owner gives us that luxury.  However, we’ve paid a heavy price over the last few seasons for the sins of our fathers – and it’s frustrating watching other clubs seemingly able to wantonly get away with fiscal mismanagement without any comeback.

If Peter Whittingham was stalling on his Cardiff future based on them showing some ambition then well, they’re certainly showing that I’d say.  How Forest go from here remains to be seen, but my gosh we could use some happy transfer news couldn’t we?  Maybe we should stop paying taxes and put the cash towards some better offers for our targets…