Mark Arthur – unites Cardiff and Swansea..

Mark Arthur: Blessed are the peace-makers?

Aside from the cartoonish anti-English fanbases (which admittedly is met with interest by the English fans hosting them), it’s not often you hear of harmony between the two biggest Welsh clubs playing in the English leagues.  Very much like ourselves and our dear neighbours down the A52, there may be the odd notable exception upon which they can agree – but, for the most part, they just don’t like one another very much.

Step forward Mark Arthur, whose extraordinary outburst on Radio Nottingham in the build-up to the Burnley game (being en route to Burnley, this means I missed it) has given the two clubs some common ground of aggrievance.  The Reds chief executive basically stated that Cardiff’s Peter Whittingham and Swansea’s Darren Pratley wanted to sign for the Reds – a peculiar reversal to Forest’s usual policy of keeping transfer business frustratingly quiet, and questionable both on professional and moral grounds.

The local media are reporting that both players have yet to sign new contracts with their respective clubs – which might lend some credence to Mark Arthur’s claims – but even if it’s true, it suggests that Forest have been in contact with either players or their representatives, which sounds very much like the ‘tapping up’ accusations being led by Dave Jones in particular.  Whilst I would really like us to sign both players, it has left me rather uncomfortable with this latest development.

Of course, given their debt-dodging/delaying antics over the summer it’s difficult to take a representative of Cardiff City taking any moral highground over professional conduct, admittedly in different circumstances.   However, two wrongs don’t make a right and I’m still left wondering what on earth has gotten into Arthur to have gone so far against the usual Forest policy when pursuing players.  Certainly it will prove interesting to see what happens over coming weeks because you can bet that both the Welsh clubs will be very reticent to deal with Forest now.

Reports from Radio Nottingham suggest that – if Kelvin Wilson is fit to play – Tuesdays trip to Bradford will see us only have 13 outfield players available due to international call-ups.  That, if nothing else, underlines our need for reinforcements in a transfer window that has so far seen an equilibrium of incomings and outgoings (if we include Raddy on the incomings).  Perhaps it’s those desperation stakes that have lead to this dramatic change in tack from Mark Arthur.  I hope he doesn’t make a habit of it, though.

Perhaps we could send him to the Gaza strip to see if he can broker some kind of peace deal there, too?

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  1. I think MArthur has become as frustrated as the rest of us with these transfers and the players’ respective clubs!

    I think his boss may have had a quiet word with him yesterday, asking him to explain himself! LOL

    Let’s hope that it all works in our favour and we finally sign them!

  2. We wouldnt like it at all if was the chairmain of another club saying that about one of our players.

    It seems completely out of order but it would not surprise me at all if it actually works and they both end up signing for us!

  3. I couldn’t give two hoots what MA says in the press to be honest. If it gets us the signings we so desperately need then I would say that all is fair in love and transfer windows..

  4. yeah i agree. its quite refreshing to hear SOMETHING coming outof the board room, and the fact that itis positive is great.
    i would also suggest that the comments are probably not a million miles from the truth, the welsh clubs are being stubborn as mules trying to hang on to players that obviously want to leave, that of course is there right, and they are, of course under contract. it just seems that marther and the board are getting fed up with the silly money being asked for. leaveit till the end of the window, they will flap and accept reasonable offers. if not they will lose them for free, serve them right, haha

  5. This can go one of either two ways….

    The way MA wants it to go….. ie create a situation whereby by planting the seed, the unrest causes the eventual sale of the said players to us.


    Both Welsh clubs become that p*ssed off they refuse to deal with Forest and sell thier assets onto other interested parties.

    When I first heard MA’s comments i was impressed by his honesty but on reflection, Im not so sure it was a clever move. Even more so after the furore it appears to have caused.

    Either way. as you rightly say NFFC, its an odd and surprising change in tactics!!

  6. QPR have now en-quired about Whittingham.
    So if we’re serious about signing him we need to move fast.

  7. Erm, isn’t this the same as Barcelona chasing Fabregas?! All summer long, Cesc wants to join, his heart is at Barca… blah blah… wouldn’t that be classed as influencing a player through the media? OK they put a bid in, Arsenal refused, but they still kept at it.

    The only difference is that Arsenal haven’t complained, as for them, am sure they were confident he would stay (or just as guilty in getting youngsters to their club!)

    Anyhow, going back to point, it is about time we showed some courage from the board room, and if MA is to get into trouble, what’s the worst that can happen – note Egor’s comments.

    Still confident of a good season… :o)

    • Yes, definitively is the same thing. Real and Barça are the Tapping Up Masters of Universe. But Real and Barça enjoy some sort of magical impunity. So, if you tap-up being Barça or Real, you’re a winning arrongant side, but if you tap-up being Forest, in all probablity you’re gonna be a stupid loser. As in the real world, in fooball success is often a mere size matter.

  8. Martin O’Neill has just quit Villa! Could be an option if Billy has a dire start to the season?

    And Shorey has gone to West Brom, no brainer than one to be fair.

  9. i think MA was out of order and has put at risk our chances of signing these two players. i was painting my bathroom at the time and felt really uneasy at what he was saying on the radio. if the situation is as MA says then why say anything ? just play game and get them signed in the next couple of weeks. Cardiff need to sell whittingham, they cannot afford for him to go on a bosman, MA says he wants to come to Forest, MA says he has refused a new deal. So why go public on the situation ??????? STFU and concentrate on the pies..

  10. BTW, One million pounds says Billy Davies will not rule himself out of the Villa job……..

  11. I like the sound of BD going to Villa with suitable compensation and Mr O’Neill heading back to forest…..We could be sitting in the Trent End come September chanting Martin O’Neill’s red and white army……Stranger things have happened…

  12. The more agitated everyone gets over this story the more I love it. What we need to remember is that all the other chairmen hate us anyway so it doesn’t matter if we put a couple of noses out of joint.

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