Rumour-ville and a new away kit..

Calum Davenport: In training with the Reds

The rumour-mill is going into meltdown as Forest leave squad-strengthening even later than we’ve become accustomed (indeed, in summer we seem to be more expedient in dealing with things usually).  With just a couple of days ’til the big kick off, Forest’s only signing has been the welcome addition of Raddy Majewski – and purportedly lots of approaches for numerous other targets.

Yesterday, against the backdrop of Cardiff City’s financial woes, the latest ‘sure thing’ that has been mooted is Forest’s move for highly rated winger Peter Whittingham.  In my view, exactly the kind of player we should be looking for (as well as a left back, obviously!).  Dangerous both from scoring and creating goals, and apparently in a position now where he won’t sign a new deal with his current club – who are in dire need of cash to balance their Risdale-riddled books.

Darren Pratley looks set to commit to Swansea despite the stories of ‘done deals’ that never quite rang true, and whilst I really do rate him very highly – if we were to sign him he’d enter a pool of players in central midfield which is perhaps where we are already well-stocked.  In a nutshell, I’d love to sign him, but not at the expense of positions that require more urgent attention such as left back, and a credible left or right winger (depending on how Billy chooses to deploy Ando next season).

The only bits of confirmed news are that fan-sightings of Calum Davenport training with the Reds are correct – Billy confirmed it, the defender is taking a chance to take a look at Forest, and vice versa.  The former West Ham and Tottenham defender has been out of action for some time after being attacked and stabbed in both legs, but certainly prior to this was an excellent Championship level defender and starting to show he could hack it in the top flight.

Of course, with that kind of lay-off there aren’t any guarantees but it could prove a shrewd move in attempting to acquire his services as he’s currently without a club.  Whilst the Wes/Wils combination worked well last season with good backup from Luke Chambers, I would like to see us have more competition for places at centreback (well, in every position, if I’m honest).  I wonder whether we’re looking to replace transfer-listed Paul Smith or go with a youngster to understudy Lee Camp?

Finally the Reds have unveiled their new away kit, which is – as predicted by many of you if my Twitter stream is anything to go by – white.  There’s a fair amount of red trim under the arms and around the collar and well, it’s okay I suppose.  It’s certainly an improvement on last season’s monstrosity, but I think I might just stick with a home kit this season, as I really liked that.  Particularly if it’s available without the Victor Chandler branding on the front.  You can check out the away kit by clicking here.

I have no inkling of what’s going on at the City Ground, but I have a feeling that surely… surely we must be looking to announce a signing today? (Mind you, if I happened to be writing a blog post most days this week I’d have probably said something similar!).

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  1. Hopefully the person who writes for the mirror is right and didn’t just take rumours from internet forums!

  2. Well a third of it is true, on the official site now that Ryan Bertrand has signed, he’s pictured in a Forest shirt and everything!

    Ladies and Gentleman, we have a left back!

  3. Alas a couple of bodies bloody left it late or should I be used to that now.Brilliant news though !

    U reds

  4. You might want to edit ‘their Risdale-fiddled books’ before you get sued for defamation. We all know what you mean, but we don’t want one of the web’s best forest blogs suddenly hauled into the high court do we now?!!

  5. yeh something in the water today tells me we will have one major signing, my money is on Whittingham
    if true, we have a phenomenal team capable of playoffs at least

  6. just heard of a young finn, 21, jani tanska, highly rated centre half signed today,,,,,

  7. Anyone know if the home shirt will be avalible to buy without the sponser on? I’m holding off buying one online just incase we can.

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