A signing and, brace yourself – a LEFT BACK!!

Ryan Bertrand: A lesser-crested left back!

I wondered whether I’d posted too early on the subject of Ryan Bertrand – but it turns out it was right, because he’s signed a six month loan agreement today, which is also his 21st birthday.  Despite his tender years, he’s had plenty of experience at this level and in League One with long term loan spells at Norwich and Reading in the past.  And he makes a most welcome addition to the mighty Reds squad.

He’s recently graduated from the England U19 side to be included in the U21s under Stuart Pearce, and Reds fans will be pleased to know his single solitary professional goal came against Derby when he was at Reading.  Indeed, more pleasing is that it was the game where Savage had ended up in goal for the Rams!

He was converted from playing on the wing when younger, so whilst obviously his principle job is defending he’s known for his ability to get forward and support the attackers – which, given our typically narrow midfield formations, will be something that we would need ideally in any fullback – something Gunter does very well.  I’m really rather excited by this news, hopefully the six months is precautionary to give Chelsea an option to look at their 25 man squad in the window and hopefully extend the deal.

Welcome aboard, Ryan!  In being handed the number 3 shirt, I’m hoping you can do it justice!

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  1. Brings a bit of balance to the side we defo needed cohen can now drop back into midfield and drive things forward.Davenport is also a decent player I hope he rises to the challenge and he has played at a decent level would be great if we could nail whittingham I live in hope.

    U reds

  2. Good news. Seen this as well? The Mirror seems confident and if true all pre-season nerves and frustrations to the panel brushed aside at once.


  3. So far so good. Remember tho Wee Billy wants 5 “stellar” signings for his promotion push. Lets hope this is the first of a few…

  4. Well I never…. That mirror article if true would be fantastic.

    What I find a little disturbing though is that Callum Davenport is training with us. This man is a vile creature. He got stabbed in the legs by the boyfriend of his sister because he beat her up. (while her dad watched and condoned his son’s actions) Family of scum. Do you know why he beat her up? Because her boyfriend was black. Honestly, the guy is utter scum, up there with the Joey Barton’s of football, we don’t need that kind of person representing this club.
    (Of course, I HAVE to say that this is all allegedly.)

  5. AD_BC

    Give him the benefit of the doubt…..as indeed did the jury? He was proven innocent.

    He was also about to join us after that fateful weekend-allegedly!!!

    I’m sure that WMD is looking at all aspect of Mr Davenport?

  6. Ok, I’ll give him the same benefit of doubt that OJ Simpson got.

  7. If what you say is true AD_BC then getting stabbed twice in the legs and nearly dying is justice in itself dont you think ?

    Only he knows ? but he was cleared and everyone deserves a second chance .??

    Wee Billys a wide boy from Glasgow he wont be fooled.

    I tell you what he cant be any dodgier than John Terry and his family and he was England captain work that one out if you can ????

    U reds

  8. Red Ric you’re right he got what he deserved and a pretty good punishment for a pro footballer if we’re going by the Old Testament. That doesn’t make everything ok now though does it? What are you doing that for in the first place? It still makes him a nasty piece of work regardless.

    Its the football disease. Stupid people with too much money and not enough good advise. We’ve all talked about this before, I love football but I hate (a lot of) footballers. Think of all the worse people you went to school with, then give them 100k a week and see what kind of unbearable b@st@rds they become. Oh wait… we can see this already in the form of so many prancing tits around the football grounds up and down the country. They take no responsibility for their actions, or shoulder any of the consequence. Some are brought to book but most get away with it. They live in this bubble of football and that is all they know. No lessons in life or how to treat people with civility etc etc. Its why fans have less and less in common with the people we cheer on every Saturday. Look at England in the last world cup. A set of players so stupid that they think they have a divine right to win it. A set of players so stupid, so wrapped up in their own selfish life and belief in their own hype it probably caused such a dischord in team performance. A set of players so stupid that they probably believe that they’ll be picked for the next world cup. C•NTS.

    Yaaaaaay. And God said to Abraham you will kill your son Isaac. And Abraham said,”I can’t hear you, you’ll have to speak into the microphone”. And God said, “Oh I’m sorry is this better?”. Check Check…Check Jerry, pull the high end out I’m still getting some hiss back here…. Rant over….

  9. Welcome to Ryan and his very pointy haircut (or is his head shaped like that?)

  10. Thats a fair rant matey but I cant argue with what your saying.Football has lost it no doubt and all down to MONEY AND GREED.

    In defense of our great club we have been quite good at keeping pond life away from the CG in the form of players.Cloughie made sure of that in his day its amazing how money corrupts people though ie young men.

    I used to play semi pro and loved it got some money at the end of the month if we had won games and expenses.I moved to a better club towards the end of my playing career and the the pay was much better guess what ???

    The arrogance and ego in some young players was incredible so I can well imagine what its like in todays crazy world.

  11. AC_BC…you were in the court room were you? Just wondering what evidence it was that was ignored that led to Mr Davenport being found NOT GUILTY?

    Has the legal system now become irrelevant as you seem to think you are judge, jury and executioner?

    Why don’t you keep your own opinions to yourself until you think about what it is you are saying…

    Nottingham Forest would be much better off without fans like you, mindless!

    Once again i’ll spell it out for you…N-O-T G-U-I-L-T-Y

    • steady on fella – he’s entitled to his opinion,,,and this is a friendly site,,,,

      • too add to the callum davenport forgiveness/defence,,,got into a discussion with a notts county fan today in builders merchant about it and gracious as he was, he said if we can give lee hughes a chance then CD deserves a second go at it,,,just something to compare against me thinks

        • Not having a go, just making sure people are aware that their are ‘opinions’ and ‘judgements’, this poster appears to have judged the Davenport family with little or no knowledge on what happened that night..

          ps..cheers for the inside info, all looks promising!!

          • if he comes to forest and makes an impact,,,i for one dont care if he beat his sister up (allegedly) and got stabbed in the legs as a way of retaliation (one again allegedly) – we’re forest, in it together with one aim….

            • agreed, i couldn’t care less if he beat uphis sister, as long as he plays well. its not like im gonna go for a pint with him is it. there is usually no smoke without fire so im sure he is a racist prat, and got what was coming to him, but i dont care. im sure the moose will put him straight if he gobs off in the dressing room, lol.

    • Ooooh, touched a nerve there. Excellent. Its called a blog site EMA. Its one of the wonders of the internet that in a democratic society I CAN air my views. I’ve thought exactly about what I’ve said and I defend the right to say it… And guess what? You can’t stop me. The Davenport thing is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the problem with modern pro footballers. Are you going to disagree with that as well?

      Guilty or not, footballers constantly find themselves in compromised positions. Why? Because they are arrogant, thick twats who genuinely believe they can get away with what they like. Yes he was found not guilty. My point about footballers in general is that most get off scott free and here we have a case in point.

      • Don’t disagree with your opinion on modern footballers, and in many cases you are correct…however i do believe your attack on the davenport family differs from this opinion…you called them scum yet know nothing about them? I’m not here to stop you expressing your entitled opinion, just to let you know it is an unfound, thoughtless one with regards to your lack of knowledge on the case in question

        • You’ve presumed i know nothing about it. I don’t don’t spout this shot for fun.

          • It’s quite possible that you know more about the case than I do, but he was found innocent by a jury, and I think that counts for something when players like Lee Hughes have had a second chance, and Marlon King (with a string of violent offences) looks for another chance as a pro footballer.

            • Rish second chances are fine but are you telling me you’d want Marlon King back here? Or even Lee Hughes? I’m sure the victim’s familiy are just fine with the fact that he’s been able to carry on his life?? Here’s a man who’s killed someone and you see him dancing around on a football pitch having his name chanted by fans. That doesn’t strike me as justice. By your second chance rationale, what if Ian Huntley or Jon Venebles was good at football? Do they deserve a second chance? Where do you draw the line? Is it ok to be a racist woman beater and someone whose killed by dangerous driving? Cos thats a message that gets sent out. I find it leaves a bad taste in my mouth especially when so many prisoners have done their time and they come out and no one will touch them employment wise. Anyway this is a much bigger debate, my point is I’d just prefer the club had nothing to do with em.

  12. Well, is Bertrand’s loan season long or six months long?

    • six month vittorio, and we’ve landed a highly rated centre half from finland 21yr old jani tanska according to a source at the city ground,,,,keep you posted

      • Ok, many thanks, Seany. I guessed so, but I’ve read about a full season loan in the Mirror’s article.

      • Read something about Tanska on forums, looks like he’s a good one.
        He got a spell at Charlton in 2004-2007, according to Wikipedia: that means he had a try when he was 15 yo. Not bad.
        Good. Things are moving on.

  13. sorry nffc for keep throwing little bits of info into this thread but if true think we should all know,,,,just had a txt that suggests the whittingham deal all hangs on the jason koumas – wigan-cardiff deal being done and dusted and us reaching cardiff’s valuation,,,along with the player agreeing personel terms which he cant agree to with cardiff city,,,maybe we’ll end up losing him for £500 a week !!!!! once again sorry nffc

  14. Great news to have a talented LB, and more importantly I can stop preying that Shorey will put pen to paper. Maybe he has something to think about now.
    Go for it you Reds because you are in good shape for a big push this year. Looking forward to your match reports NFFC…Happy New Season to all of you!

  15. optimism, for the first time all summer. a signing or two is just what thedoctor ordered.
    wittingham next please….

  16. AD_BC (it won’t let me continue the same thread): I think you misunderstand me, as I cannot stand the fact King and Hughes have been allowed to get on with their careers (I find it particularly abhorrent that Hughes, who to my mind should have been convicted of murder, has been hailed as a hero across the river).

    The point I was trying to make is that these convicted criminals, whose actions have damaged the lives of others, are able to continue; and that to my mind brings into focus the fact that Davenport was acquitted of the charges against him.

    Maybe I haven’t expressed it very well, but if Davenport is truly racist I don’t think he would last very long at a club like Forest, with a tight-knit dressing room and many black and mixed-race players. Like you (and for obvious reasons if you know me personally), I find racism abhorrent.

    Finally, some food for thought: would you refer to Dave Jones as a paedophile or Robin van Persie as a rapist?

    • You’re right Rish. And I hope that is the case if we do take him on. I did misunderstand a little. I thought you were sticking up for Hughes, King and asking me to give them a second chance.

      Unfortunately you know as well as I do that being acquitted makes him innocent in the court of law but the law can be fallible, its naive to think it isn’t… (I’m not calling you naive). They have video evidence of Gerard fighting in that night club and he got aquitted. Yes he is ‘officially’ innocent and perhaps I shouldn’t of said anything given that a jury has found this verdict. But I feel pretty strongly about this and wanted to have a voice. What I’ve said I know isn’t my ‘mindless opinion’.

      With regards to Dave Jones and Van Persie, I won’t comment because I don’t know enough.

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