We’re only gonna go and sign a left back!

If, and it’s a big if, the Evening Post website is to be believed.  That said, it’s a name I’ve heard whispered from people who talk to the people who would know these things, so let’s hope it’s true.  It would suggest we’ve not made any progress on Billy Davies’ clear desire to land Nicky Shorey, however, Ryan Bertrand on a long-term loan from Chelsea isn’t a bad plan B, that’s for sure.

Bertrand is a pacey fullback as he was converted from a winger in his younger days – and has been spoken of as the successor to Ashley Cole.  Then again, I remember when Craig Armstrong was described as Psycho’s natural heir, so I might take that with a pinch of salt for now!  He started out at Gillingham where Chelsea signed him back in 2005 for £125k, with add-ons dependant on progression.

Since then it’s been a lot of loans, he’s been out to Bournemouth a couple of times, Oldham Athletic and then Norwich City in 2007/2008.  He proved a popular addition at struggling Norwich, featuring both as a fullback and a winger – and indeed, returned there for the first half of 2008/2009 before going to Reading for a season-long loan last season where he had a decent season – and, to endear him further, notched his first professional goal – against Derby – last March.

Given the changes to Premier League rules around squads of 25 having to be pre-named, I can see a fair few top flight youngsters and fringe players being made available for loan.  I dearly hope the Evening Post haven’t jumped the gun on this one as they have in the past – the recent past too, they were reporting that Brendan Moloney was going to Notts again for the season before a deal fell apart.  The next 24 hours should make things clear.

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  1. excited by this one – if true – mates a norwich regular and says he’s dead quick,,,,,,

  2. WOW! Blown away!

  3. Not before time nffc he seems good pedigree though and has played at every level U16,U17,U19 now under U21 for England.

    We looked poor against Swindon and seem low on confidence.My concern is that the AP bring in players Davis hasnt sanctioned i.e George Boyd nobody wins in these situations.

    But its a poor show considering we finished 3rd last term Im not fooled I think we are gonna struggle and so does billy.

    Lets see what develops !

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  5. Hmmmm. I’ll believe this when I see it. Apparently Tyson is off to Blackpool now!

    Can’t see either if I’m honest.

    This might be wishful thinking but do you think Forest are holding out for the Prem teams to name their 25 players. After that there will be quite a lot of fringe players, who are quality, going out on loan or even sold.

    Its a dangerous game if they are playing that one but it is pretty shrewd as most Prem league team’s first squad are well over 30 players. Lets say if they all had 30 players each then thats an extra 100 players knocking about, with their thumbs up their arse, hoping for a team mate to get injured so they can be included in the 1st team squad in January. It stands to reason that if there is a chance of getting someone to even pay part of their wages while they can’t play for their prem club then they will be off. This could be what Billy/AP are banking on for Shorey and maybe some more?? Then again this is wishful thinking.

    • The registration deadline is 24 hours after the close of the transfer window, so, working on your theory (which is a good one) we’re more likely to be awash with a ton of loans rather than permanent signings.

      I think you’ll be amazed just how many premier league players will happily sit doing nothing rather than take a 70% pay cut.

  6. Very positive comments from the Chairman in this evening NEP. Looks like we are in for a few arrivals late this week. Cannot wait.

  7. AD_BC,,,,good comment matey

  8. Well that headline seems a little premature, nffc!

    By the way, anyone else watched the interview with Nigel Doughty on Forest World?
    He comes across very well, imo.
    Certainly there are a few fans (who post cr*p on other message boards) who should be very grateful we have this particular Owner/Chairman.

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