Rest in peace, Trevor Brown..

I picked up an email from a fellow fan about his friend, Trevor Brown. I never had the pleasure of his acquaintance, but checking the forums and doing a bit of research it seems Trevor was a very popular Forest fan – it’s very sad to hear he passed away on Wednesday at the far-too-young age of 49 years.

He’d been an A Block stalwart since before it became the vogue, and will be missed by a great many Forest fans – which you can see for yourselves by reading these tributes on the website for The Poets Corner – the pub in the Meadows where he was clearly as well known as at the City Ground.

It’s always sad to hear that one of the ranks of trickies has departed us – so for what they’re worth I pass my condolences on to Trevor’s family and many friends.  Rest in peace, Trev – let’s hope the Red can deliver us a season fitting to honour the memories so many people clearly cherish.

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  1. can anybody tell me which school Trev went to.I knew a Trev Brown at school would have been about same age.Can’t tell from the photo if it’s him or not

    • Trev was a family friend and fellow trickie for many years, we both went to Ellis Guilford School Basford

    • Trev went to whitemoore junior school then Ellis guilford escondary

  2. R .I .P Trev always sad to see a fellow red pass away nice tribute nffc and lets hope the reds can honour you this season.

  3. RIP Trev

  4. message jo john buck… john you are wayne’s brother i presume ??…trev used to go to ellis guidford school along with my mate gaz warbrick…maybe you remember them both????????????

  5. trev was a great freind and a true forest legend, the first time that i ever heard the name trev brown , was when i was a kid at school (annie holgate secondary school in HUCKNALL)…the older lads at school used to go down forest as well as me and my mates (we used to get free tickets being as we were at school from our PE teatcher bob donnison.. it was either the reds or notts county )..anyway we used to hear about the forest mad squad and about PAUL SCARROTT SENNY & JOEY TOSSOON and all the usual crew…but our older mates used to come back with tales and stories about …the forest mad squad (who in the early 70’s till late 80’s had one of the best firms in england… my mates used to come back with tales about senny chopping some asian gentlemans ear off…we had tales about babs chelsea;s top guy who only had one arm ..we had tales about scarrott R.I.P …we had tales about the arsenal fans and the derby fans being thown off trent bridge……but the best of them all was a story about TREV ” THE HOT DOG MAN” BROWN….i won’t go into anymore detail …but for those that know him and knew of him will know what i;m on about …………anyway god bless to trev and his family …from the HUCKNALL F.E.C DIVISION….R.I.P MATE…….and as jimmy cliff / joe strummer says..” THE HARDER THEY COME THE HARDER THEY FALL..ONE AND ALL!!!)

  6. Ah… so it is was the Trev Brown I went to school with!
    Looking at the photo I find it hard to believe it is the same little guy I went to school with.Had a head full of hair then!
    Havn’t seen him since but remember him well.I remember having a scrap with him.He blacked my eye and I gave him a nose bleed.
    Can you tell me how he died so prematurely?
    Havn’t got a brother Wayne tho mate,do you mean Terry?
    I also remember Gary warbrick & his mate Gary Brooks

  7. message to ..john buck.. apparently he died of a brain haemorage …not sure of the exact details and out of respect of trevs family …i won’t go into something that i’m not sure about ..can you remember him big curly ginger hair !!!!????

  8. a great servant to the club…as johnny thunders says …you can’t put your arms around a memory…a privelege to have known you trev ………….R.I.P.

  9. Always sad to see a Red go; make sure you say hello to BC Trevor!!

  10. Trev you were and still are a true gentleman. We at Hucknall will miss seeing you and having the banter,especially down at the bands, rock city the social and rescue rooms. Dont worry Trev your legend will run on and on. Wherever you are old mate keep on keeping on! Love JB and your old school mate Gaz Warbrick. xxxxxx

  11. Trev Brown was a Forest Legend and just an all round good bloke. His memory will live on at The City Ground forever. Will miss you pal.

  12. what a top bloke allways had alot of time for us young lads, then we grew up and nothing changed, he had time for everyone. so sudden, and so sad.

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  14. Known Trev since primary school at Whitemoor. Have a picture of us in the football team, he’s at the front with a cheeky grin and the mop of curly ginger hair. Saw him for the last time about 4 weeks ago in Bulwell and he was his usual self, full of the World Cup. We had our differences over the years but he was an Old School Gent and I was proud to know him for over 40 years. RIP Trev.

  15. Been told by a good friend of mine , of what a good lad Trev was and what a gentleman also. Thoughts to Trevs family from Shaun Davis, Davy and all the Belfast Reds from Northern Ireland

  16. worked with Trev for the last 5 years of his life . best 5 years i have had . god bless mate . good turn out 2 day . you would be proud .NFFC .

  17. I knew Trev from Aspley Boys Club. Years after, I met him again years later when he was in charge of a sunday morning footy team. He was just the same old Trev. A good lad without a doubt. RIP Trev.

  18. Sorry to hear of the sad loss of trev, went to shcool with him at ellis guilford,loved his football country and mad Forest fan thoughts to all of the family,chris.

  19. rip top bloke god bless

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