Rest in peace, Trevor Brown..

I picked up an email from a fellow fan about his friend, Trevor Brown. I never had the pleasure of his acquaintance, but checking the forums and doing a bit of research it seems Trevor was a very popular Forest fan – it’s very sad to hear he passed away on Wednesday at the far-too-young age of 49 years.

He’d been an A Block stalwart since before it became the vogue, and will be missed by a great many Forest fans – which you can see for yourselves by reading these tributes on the website for The Poets Corner – the pub in the Meadows where he was clearly as well known as at the City Ground.

It’s always sad to hear that one of the ranks of trickies has departed us – so for what they’re worth I pass my condolences on to Trevor’s family and many friends.  Rest in peace, Trev – let’s hope the Red can deliver us a season fitting to honour the memories so many people clearly cherish.