Pictures from Billy night..

Apologies for yet another post on this, but my laptop is shut down so I’m back on the mobile (so can bombard you with new things, but not edit old ones easily!) – but I was excited to get these photographs emailed to me from a kind soul who took pity on my bemoaning of rubbish pictures from my poor abused phone camera!

Here are a couple of excellent shots taken by Lee Wallis of, who of course holds the copyright to these images and kindly gave me permission to use them. Thanks Lee! I think they’re brilliant, I only wish our timing was better to drop them into my summary, but won’t get much blogging time between now and the weekend.

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  1. Very arty! I always thought Darren Fletcher was older than that, he must have been a nipper when he was on local radio. Ah, the memories of being back in the midlands.

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