The day when Jeremy Beadle scored against Forest..

Utterly childish, but it tickled me yesterday.  One of the awesome things about the evenings at The Approach (as well as being mildly depressing) is their habit of popping old Forest season reviews on the screens while we wait for the guest to arrive.  Last night they had the 1992/93 season which saw Frank Clark get Forest promoted at the first time of asking, as well as lots of Stan Collymore related excitement.

It brought back many happy memories – when the highlights rolled around to our away game with Millwall (I think this was televised – it finished 2-2, and featured a Millwall fan running on to the pitch to confront Stan Collymore for no particular reason!) – but a comment from a fellow fan in the crowd really made me chuckle.  Just prior to it happening, he turned to a companion and announced “Hey, look, this is where Jeremy Beadle scored against us!”.

Watch the video below – if you’re in a rush skip to around two minutes in, and see if you can spot the now sadly deceased TV prankster in an unexpected moment of prominence.  Sadly I couldn’t find a better quality clip on YouTube – but perhaps that adds to the likeness!  Indeed, if you click through to view the video on YouTube itself, a Millwall fan has commented on the said-same likeness!

Pictures from Billy night..

Apologies for yet another post on this, but my laptop is shut down so I’m back on the mobile (so can bombard you with new things, but not edit old ones easily!) – but I was excited to get these photographs emailed to me from a kind soul who took pity on my bemoaning of rubbish pictures from my poor abused phone camera!

Here are a couple of excellent shots taken by Lee Wallis of, who of course holds the copyright to these images and kindly gave me permission to use them. Thanks Lee! I think they’re brilliant, I only wish our timing was better to drop them into my summary, but won’t get much blogging time between now and the weekend.