Billy: Ignore the bullshit, I’m here to stay..

First half of Billy Davies night is just over, and the gaffer has been on an impassioned charm offensive. He’s been at pains to rubbish the numerous stories circulating – he’s not quitting, he’s not been disciplined by the club and Kelvin Wilson is not on strike.

He’s been quite guarded, and reiterated his role in the acquisition and sale of players is solely as an advisor. People hoping for an explosive airing of dirty laundry in public are probably disappointed – but personally I’m impressed by his passion and clear appreciation of us, the fans.

Will post more later, but Billy ain’t quitting – and the press is full of – in his words – bollocks.

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  1. Cheers for the update! Billy is our king!

  2. Feel sorry for BD, took a lot of flack re: acquisitions commitee… Not something he can control! He said what he could, and fair play to him. The board have the power….

  3. As they say in glasgow ” the wee mans gaan nae where “

  4. Read up in the morning. Txs 4 the photo & quick update.

  5. i wish Billy and Mark Arthur would leave tomorrow, they are bad for the club, it is on a self distruct course with the fans the victims
    Billy always complaining and MA is bloody useless and always has been
    It has taken over a season to find a left back, i do not believe any of it, the place is full of bullshit

  6. […] two things were clear amidst all the ducking and diving: 1) Billy wanted to emphasise his commitment to the club, and 2) He wasn’t prepared to discuss boardroom business, and crucially this meant the […]

  7. Billy appears to have learnt his lesson and is now guarding his comments at these types of events. What we fans need is MArthur to release an official statement about the situation with regards to this Window’s transfer activity. I get the feeling again that there’s something going on behind closed doors and also that our transfer targets are too ambitious (again). When are we going to learn that London is the centre of the universe and we are not a big club – I am hoping that I have to eat my words here and we sign a “big” name. We must sign a left-back this week otherwise we are going to struggle – simple!

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